The glorious history of Scope’s blog can be traced right back to China and has been more or less blogged. This blog is Scope’s personal online diary, and yes… You MUST obey the terms and conditions stated if you choose to be kpo (a busybody) and peep in here.

Anyway, which diary writer writes to make everyone happy? You tell me.

This blog is also an experimental site doing… something. It is like a loose weather balloon out there for research cum discovery purposes. The style of writing is ‘inspired’ by Xiaxue, the infamous fucking bimbo queen because she ‘fucks’ alot in her blogging. Actually Rockson Takumi’s blog is also quite inspiring for style consideration. Nabei chee… … … LOL~

What a blogger.

This is not a commercially driven site. This is a piece of diary, my diary, made of frequencies, bytes and electricity, and it is packed with anything and everything you could or not imagine. The Creative Graphical Presentations* show it all. And don’t teach me how to scribble in my personal space. By the way, please do not move my CGPs around cyberspace or out of it without me permission, that goes the same for all the blog contents. Thanks!

Now about Scope.

Scope is a fiction… Actually the correct way to see this blog is like you see a movie, and Scope is the performer of various stories blogged. How you watch operas and such is up to you, how you perceive this blog is not my problem. I am not obliged to entertain mockeries or personal attacks or your kisses and hugs.

Of course, pretty girls might enjoy the privilege. LOL~

Hence also, there is no need to kpo with the blogger’s background and affiliation cum association.

All in all, Scope’s site was moved from China Sohu**, and if you want a physical nationality for Scope and blog… There is really none. WordPress may be a temporary host depending on how situation with the host is.

I doubt Singaporeans will understand this blog, so… those who can’t understand should jolly well*** get your eyes burnt elsewhere.

Nobody can blame Scope for not expecting people who don’t know what a movie or fantasy is and the nature of a movie or fantasy… in virtual reality to kpo in this blog.



*The CGPs here are sample editing works as an hobby on display; unless specified, all of them are mere samples which are not intended for sales.

**Current Statistics (25 April 10) on record: Hits 79,454 Comments 6046 Messages more than 1658.

***I am beginning to find the current blog name ‘Ministry Of Love & Justice’ more appropriate given the flammings with no respect to proper reasoning online. Let this blog be the oasis of the cultural desert and the messy cyberspace where many cyber-bullies and cyber-craps lurk. This blog now holds significance with its divine and noble direction amidst the chaos. -08 October 2008.