[S计划]After much consideration, Scope decides that if there is a need for a team, he’d have to personally scout around for the potential actors and actresses. In short, Scope is doing his talent search on the streets.

The name of this drama group will be fixed as [Project S]. This name originates from the nick ‘老S’ for Scope.

Three emails have been sent to Jurong Junior College (Singapore) regarding this project and there is no response since. A phone call to the college had been made after the second email. This is significant as it shows the reality of Singaporean environment. Which is why this project has never intended to be necessarily Singaporean-based.

Emailing to other colleges is not necessary.

[Involvement] Project S is looking for volunteers; during the shooting, there may be meals provided. There is no payment to Project S obliged for joining. Whether you have a job or not, it doesn’t matter since this is like some freelance activities.

[Background of Project S] Scope (and blog) is started in China amidst the entertainment environment. The plan is to start a movie production environment that will proceed on independently and from the main course of the current messed up entertainment industry.

In 2007, in the hope of starting a new Singaporean entertainment circle, a couple of foreign industry players came together and made a plan, and Scope encountered the ERC incident (Read Blog). The plan was subsequently dropped in disappointment and disgust of this Singaporean experience. Scope decided to leave for Beijing.

In 2008, a media personnel [Derrick] confirmed the minimum equipment needed, and Scope decided to proceed on with Project S by self-funding, albeit in a different and much scaled down fashion. In May, Jurong Junior College was first contacted, the nil-response helps confirm Scope’s idea about establishing this in Singapore. Thereby, it allows Scope to proceed on this project with the planned course.

In order to proceed on, the plan has to be modified, and it will expectedly be difficult. However, what must be done must be done.

If you are interested to be part of Project S, please email the followings to scopeofficex@yahoo.com :

1. 3 different photos of full body and 3 different face shots.
2. Particulars about yourself.
3. Your current vocation.
4. Tell us why you are interested and what can you do for Project S.

Scope will contact you shortly, via email.

You may also post at http://scopeland.forumotion.com/

*If anyone emailed anything to Scope on this one and is not receiving any reply from him in 2 weeks, kindly leave a comment in this page. Thank you!

[Objectives of Project S- Updates]

(08 Jun 2008 ) Scope decides to do talent search personally. So don’t be surprised if you are refered to this page. We need future stars and idols, and we need you.

(18 Jun 2008 ) Today, the search intensity increased tremendously as compared to the previous days. While it was still feeling ‘funny’ to seek prospects for the crew, the effort has to be stepped up inevitably, and Scope is getting used to it; it has to be. The development will be blogged because there are some thoughts on this. Well, Scope does not expect immediate success as the search is just beginning, hence the skill or attitude towards this task is still on the shaping, but there will have to be a start. In Chinese: 万事儿起头难. Finding people is not really hard, but finding people who know what is going on is. It’s all in the attitude, and this is regretably Singapore we are looking at. Things will definitely be easier, say, in China where people are hungry for opportunities and more ambitious. This starts as something freelance. Read https://scopettg.wordpress.com/2008/06/21/299/

 (7 Jul 2008 ) Recently, Q showed up and could be interested to ‘help’. Well wonderful~ If Q is able to get the basis going in Beijing, Project S can be relocated to China and Scope doesn’t need to work relentlessly with the mentality and attitude of Singapore, which is like mission impossible! The problem about Q is she knows B, and the director is in turn an old friend of F, and F was with Y, and Y was the problem. The guan xi was pretty complicated for Singaporeans to understand. Whether Q is really going to be helpful is really uncertain, but she as an actress herself should have an interest in such an opportunity as many aspiring Chinese. Then and again, Qun, another participant, was withdrawing from the standard circles. If realising Project S is a crucial movement, Q may really be motivated to help… So, I am observing. Because even if Q wants to help, and helps herself in the process, she will still need to find another 19~20 members; If Q is just bluffing, then engaging her could be disasterous for some reasons. There is a lot of politics going on in the north. It’s not like the recent silly happenings between Xiaxue and Don Yam (Dawn Yang).

(19 Jul 2008) No reply from the ITEs as well. Never mind. After much consideration, it might be better to just doing notices and check out possible human resources, then see how.

(14 Sep 2008) Low morale. Think maybe it is because I have over-stayed in this cultural desert and in barely a year, there are so many nosenses encountered. Decided to just do some callings at Ping.sg. Reluctance to work with Southerners grow. Project S is a visionary, and this is a grey cheap society… OMG~ Without large enough fundings, it would be wiser to discard the cultural desert for prospects in Europe. Besides, private situation is suggesting that I have indeed over-stayed. Project S goes where I go, so what’s the point? There is a history and thousands of performing art schools in China but with plenty of controls, and it is like a curse in Singapore with or without controls, and emm… Anyway, other than relocating this project, there is a new ‘insight’ in the approach of this project recently. In order to make things work, it seems that getting my ass out of Singapore is a renewed priority. Then we can talk about all the great things to come. Fuck, I hate to waste my bloody time idling in Singapore when there are so many things to do out there. Luckily, I got my health back. LOL~

(05 Nov 2008) Project S moving overseas 2009. There is an in-camp coming… You know how bad impression Scope has for NS… He is wondering if it might be better to defer. He is not interested to fly back just to waste 2 weeks in the army; is SAF paying the ticket to-n-fro and overseas installments for the two weeks? After I banked in the sponsors’ cheques overseas, I am using the money to start the office out there for more sponsors… LOL~ Then the ball will start to roll. But that depends largely on luck… Still, what has to be done has to be done. The ‘Genius’ is moving out of the island~ It means Scope production is becoming a reality. Great!

(22 Nov 2008) They can leave with me, or they can choose to stay. I don’t take blames. I am prepared to move out alone. Actually, it’s easier alone.

(12 June 2011) Given the the equipment prices have fallen to comfort zone, decided to try http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/showthread.php?t=3276478 . Well, not as if it’s going well… … Never mind, better try and know than otherwise. Thanks for those who sent regards, but it’s still a team I need to make things work. Will continue to explore channels…

(10 May 2012)Have try to engage in this Meetup.com group at http://www.meetup.com/Singapore-Filmmakers-Group/events/60638502/?a=ed1_l6. Sadly, the organizer couldn’t go beyond the box and was outright hostile. Absorbing viable members for the acting crew from that site is not possible. It’s very difficult to explain the concepts to newbie in this industry who also think she knows everything. Typical Singaporeans~ That’s probably why other crews are possible outside Singapore and it’s not possible in Singapore. Steven Lim is going somewhere, I doubt this group at Meetup.com will go anywhere. But of course… given the potential of Steven Lim… he can’t go further than what Jackass Neo can offer.