News just came in… … Slavyansk’s fight is still going on, but DNR’s casualties should be pretty steep. Half of the men have retreated… Can imagine what the DNR is currently facing… Probably the toughest fight ever…

Usually at this time, I’d be very excited… and worried for the defenders. And I am.

This seems like one major battle, and I am concerned about anything that could happen to the rear of Kiev forces… or the supply lines… … But so far from the battles, guerilla warfare isn’t what the DNR is much capable of. If two groups of snipers can make it to Kiev forces’ rear… what can happen?

At the beginning of this ‘war’, I had much concern about defense preparation with anticipation of the current showdown.

So far, DNR’s forces have been pushing on due to ‘reinforcements’ from across the borders.

This is to me as World Cup is to Kate

Mysteriously, Ukraine’s war actually affects Singapore’s political development. But there is no need for those morons to know… Not now.

Uwar2014jDuring which time when I have been attentive to the development in Ukraine, Nicole baby had a little incident… something that could have easily developed into something that could have destroyed her in the coming elections. I stepped in, and now no mood to talk too much about that.

Nicole baby is ok… for now.#1

She stepped into politics too early, capitalized on the anger against PAP, and now… stuck in a ‘support base’ who won’t take no for an answer. As an opposition leader, she is expected to be as mad as the madness PAP has successfully generated for everybody with decades of zombifying the population. I don’t think Nicole truly understood what she has gotten herself into… but she’d probably realize something about ‘leadership’ and ‘popularity’ from Roy’s madness.

Chuan-Jin was promoted to full minister… despite having done almost nothing for MOM. Perhaps he has done a lot, but as Heng… nothing much. Which is probably due to Emeritus Goh’s go-going-gone in the coming election. Chuan-Jin may be a full minister, but he is still a Mr Green for an anchor; while Tin Tin may be out to destroy Nicole, yet I have raised the FACT that with a much weakened Nicole baby, WP is likely to muscle in.

Only with a strong Nicole baby will a significant threat of diluting votes keep WP away from Marine Parade GRC…

In short… since I don’t think Tin Tin will like to face the strongest party of the opposition if they can’t even handle NSP, I am trading Marine Parade GRC for one Nicole baby…

There are many concerns for my move.

It may sound like an excuse to TS… …

But it’s still a fact that if Chuan-Jin can’t handle NSP, he can’t handle WP. And it’s a fact that Tin Tin wants to win…

Nicole Seah… …

Another article telling Nicole off appears… expecting her to join the madness to blindly fight PAP. I am not saying PAP is so ‘white’… but radical is radical is radical… And this madness must stop eventually.

I didn’t expect people to come in to cover her, despite of having what supporters, NSP folks, ex-boyfriends and so on. The new articles at such time won’t really have that much impact unless Nicole acts ‘abnormal’ again. It’s usually the critical period that intervention is needed. Of course…

…if the fire goes wild again, I’d have to step in again.

Moderate politics… is not for the faint-hearted, and least for rookies.

SillyboyRobert Teh called me a fence-sitter still… Roy’s supporters called me a coward…

So said, Roy has somehow ‘blocked’ me from his Facebook page against simple freedom of speech.

It doesn’t matter.

What matters… is what makes sense.

And some people have to suggest in their comments that I am infatuated with Nicole baby…


…the truth is… …

Honestly… …

No comment, busybodies.

Loong might think I wrote too long… but I have to… so that I can draw those morons to ‘hit at’ those points which their arguments won’t easily hold, and crush them direct. How can it be expected to be too short?#2

Simple psychology.

Uwar2014bDespite the mounting casualties in Ukraine, it has been calculated… In fact, everything has been going on pretty smoothly… almost to the dots. From the early days I looked at DNR’s defense preparation and videos of their fighting, I have already commented that once they meet the ‘real thing’, casualties will be pretty heavy. In fact…

I was surprised initially they could have held Slavyansk earlier on… and till today. The military struggle is only one small part of the major game…

But to be honest… with every difficulty DNR is facing, I feel heavy for them… …

I know what a real battlefield is like, the adrenaline rush, the need to stay sane… to feel for the many sent to the front against mercs who are usually retired specialized forces, and looking clueless at the tanks, and staring at a map of formations without experience to comprehend the next move… …

How many tattered corpses were I exposed to before I was allowed to train and sent to field back then…?

We were professionally trained… not the type of ‘qualification’ through skills-check and getting marks for shooting. There are a lot more to war… …

Without sufficient training, once the going gets tough… the first chicken leads to the demise of the entire pen.

I cannot expect the militias or conventional troops from Russia to do more… Mercs are mercs, and they are paid handsomely for good reasons.

If DNR is smart… their priority targets will be the mercs. The higher the casualties, the higher the fee per merc to be raised exponentially, and the faster Poroshenko will need to beg US for more money. Not to mention, the best equipment usually can be looted from the mercs… …

Eventually, Russia will win, it’s still the price of securing its important southern gate that matters, because this will affect more or less what is to come for Europe. May more innocent lives be spared… …

At which time… I really wish Kate would be around to watch the killing with me.#3

Anyway, this will lead to the true beginning of the Pacific show and the grand ‘war’ in Singapore can begin.

Nice… everything goes strictly in accordance to the script.


Hmmm… Siping dearie is leaving for Europe, and for six months. And it isn’t the part of Europe where I’d suggest her staying in for this period of European struggle. Despite whatever, she is still a good soul, and a few more months, the game in Europe will move into new gears… As Kate, she has been living in an unreal world… and the real world is approaching those stupid moronic Singaporeans… …#4

Yet on the other hand, her leaving this well of crazed fanatics could be better…  Like it or not, I am pretty worried about the way she got involved with Mr God. It’s not that ‘healthy’, but that’s still her freedom.

An uncle at Nicole Seah’s described me as a ‘youngling’ in his comment… obviously comparing me to 24yo Nicole.#5

Made me laughed till hair pain.

Age to me has somewhat lost its meaning…

before barberBMy bond with ole Siping is still based on our cordial friendship during teenage#6, and I really hate to see her praying to empty air like Kate. Though, it’d be only with the slightest thought of Kate that I’d feel a mysterious rage against churches, not others.

Hopefully, she’d be safe and sound.

After her return, it’d be about my time to do some travelling. The Pacific game would have started by then. USA might have become the number one player in energy, but by the time the nukes strike, many including Obama won’t be President. Their children will be happily reaping what their fathers sowed…

My ‘immediate’ concern is still this tiny well of crazy moronic toads…

Just read from TRE that DPM Teo suggested the economy cannot rely on increase in labor to grow… Beloved DPM Teo made a splash with his ‘What do you think?’, and I am famous for asking each and every politician cum wannabe:

“Yeah yeah, what are you going to do about it?”

It’s very similar to Nicole’s ‘she has nothing else to advise but direct the poor to the CDCs’…#7

While people lambasted her for her ‘outburst’ back then, I usually prefer working with such ‘honest’ people; If Nicole has been honest, ie.

DPM Teo has been years in the government, and had been photographed sleeping even in parliament, to be honest… with a lot of top ‘talents’ boasted even by PM himself will only make PAP even more desperately struggling to perform IF they called for ‘change’ but they are so apparently bloody stuck.

I have been on the cold bench for a while, and I am not on the bench happily all these years for nothing…

Without me in cabinet around this time, Loong is confirmed sinking with plenty of fails… situation is getting critically ‘dangerous’, and election year is closing in. And yes… #8

Tons of zombies are dying to skin the Lees alive.

Mr Lee never taught Loong that ‘in politics, you can lose everything’?

I know my importance in this game. And I hold my cards very very well.

The stakes are now higher and higher…

Global situation is changing drastically… fortune is going to go an about-turn.

I won’t go and curse Loong… or the Lees, I’d still be a fence-sitter as Robert Teh happily described me, and be the coward so many conveniently labelled me.

Why not?

I know what I want. I know who I am.

I am the only one in this known world who can reform everything in Singapore to normal; I am the next Father of Singapore.

Curse those zombies for making life hard for me, but without them… am I going to do the dirty jobs myself?

It is precisely because of people like Roy, Leong Sze Hian, Han Hui Hui… and those smarties in various parties that I can shake legs and smile at everyone… no matter how much insults they have for me. I know the figures… I can read. I am a finance honors, Roy… and I was with PAP folks almost all my life… You seriously think I don’t know the shits about CPF? LOL~

I read a joke recently, and laughed… It’s basically like this:


I have covered legal issues in this blog, I’d briefly talk about Roy’s case.


To be honest, Ravi is wasting his time in this current approach. Besides, Loong is no longer dealing with Roy… it’s with the crazed ‘supporters’. Letting Roy off now is a simple show of weakness and stupidity, those ‘supporters’ won’t support Loong for that but will cheer for Roy’s ‘success’ due to Loong’s stupidity; not to mention, Roy has made this world news by his own diligence, there is a global political standing Loong has to maintain.

While the court shouldn’t be used for political reasons… and true, internet has really no legal basis to begin with… but there is one thing not usually covered in domestic legal textbooks, which is… laws are really the items of sovereignty. There may be constitutions designed to prevent civil servants against suing the public for making complains, but this is not applicable for Roy’s case. And where sovereignty is concerned, the governance (and legal applications) will be in the hands of Loong…

Unless Roy can back his ‘attack’ reasonably, and explain how he had sincerely apologized… by doing a lot of ‘extra things’, he is likely to lose the case.#9

And Loong is likely to offer one of the most expensive lessons in recent years for the ‘supporters’.

Like I said… you can’t fend against defamation with assumptions alone.

Nonetheless… by taking ‘assumption’ of CPF management with that of CHC’s so seriously, it PROBABLY suggests PM’s ‘subtle judgement’ in CHC’s case that has been dragging real too long.

Churches… …

Steady… steady… …

Same old shit… across history. Being a moderate is not easy…

But I like to be myself. Because I just can’t stand nonsense.


4:30am… News came that DNR has managed to hold again, but I expected heavy casualties.

The other day, I had waited 12 hours… patiently, just for the news of Poltava’s pipe attack.

This morning, the arrogant cum pretty egoistic Lawrence Khong replied in Facebook private message, and blocked me… LOL~

  • Scope Guy

    Dear Mr Lawrence,

    I notice that you have deleted my msg.

    Now… if the PM deletes or bans me, that’s a mortal problem, despite he has the duty to serve and listen to the people and he’s not doing it.

    If you, as a pastor of a church, start doing such things, and people start making news of the way you communicate, instead of nicely enlightening the ‘lost’ or engage in a friendly discussion…

    FCBC is already a ‘famous’ entity online.

    There is nothing arrogant, Lawrence.

    If you cannot hold your grounds on your subjective judgement, if you are not prepared to face the world, if your ego takes too strong a hold onto you, you will shy more and more and more from the public.

    You can delete messages, you can ignore… but the world will still hold you responsible in various social media.

    And the world is going to change drastically very soon.

    I can’t be bothered about haters, because I know how to hold my grounds when they come. I seldom delete comments, even nonsensical ones, but only repetitive ones.

    As a pastor, I expect quality, Mr Lawrence.

    I do not know how much faith you have in Mr God… but Mr Jesus came for all.

    There is no need to be enemies.

    To be honest… my old valued friend is in FCBC… and I am very against her being part of the church. Christianity is not the problem, it’s always the mortals. But I shan’t stop her, not because she’d not listen.

    Mortal stupidity cannot be cured…

    She is a good soul. I feel very bad if her pastor can’t handle the faith.

    I can tell… you are not very ‘neutral’. Try to calm down and see the world as it is.

    You may go ahead and ban me. Choice… defines you, not me.

    No. I am not your enemy. I don’t see a need. We have no conflict of interests. And I have much bigger plans than such minute issues. To be honest, if that friend of mine isn’t in this church, I won’t really bother about Christianity.

    I was here in the first place due to an online ‘friend’s’ link to your… entry.

    Have a nice day, Lawrence.


    Lawrence Khong (FCBC)

  • This is my platform and I have every right to reject you

This chap’s ‘Mr Jesus’ is obviously an interesting variant to the usual version of ‘Mr Jesus’. I joined in the discussion on LGBT issues at his Facebook page… To be honest, he has been bombarded for hell a lot of issues by netizens, and the way he handled issues has been really… not-so-enlightening, so many netizens have also blasted him. And surprisingly, by nicely pointed out something in his legal pursue with MOM, he was ‘quick to judge’ that I am arrogant…


Yes, in what way was I arrogant? LOL~

Knowing that I’d have no end with this chap… I decided to ‘lure’ him in… And it usually works for hollow brains with too much ego to spare, and here we have. Pastor eh… …

sillypastorThis old chap is obviously a ‘one-way-communication’ expecting plenty of pampering, rejecting the world as he fancies, and preaching in his comfort zone… thanks to tons of mortal stupidity in the society. To be honest, he doesn’t wanna talk things nicely, I wasn’t the type who love to waste time with crackpots who can’t reason things properly as well, so…

And yes… I don’t like my friend/s to be exposed to such ‘enlightenment’ of his. This is ridiculous… because I have never come across a bible whereby Mr Jesus did things Lawrence did. And in the west, this is considered shameless, as in the recent story of those church-goers who simply rejected someone who appeared to be a dirty homeless, when the homeless turned out to be the one coming to take over the church.

Ok, fine… this is Singapore, the infamous cultural desert.

This reply is actually what I wanted, because… if she’d wake up, she’d wake up. If she can’t… there’s nothing much more I can do for her.

Mortal stupidity cannot be cured.

What is Lawrence the Great rejecting?

What is Lawrence the Great rejecting with the every right… given by God as a pastor? LOL~

My problem?

I have never the interest to join FCBC, despite I have visited it… and witnessed an aura of pretty skewed ‘holiness’… … It’s the same towards Roy and the other radical elements… I cannot shut doors on them, but I hate nonsense… I’d let them shut doors on me. Period.

I must… shut as many doors as possible in this manner… before the coming power race. It’d make things much easier.

Uwar2014fPeople like Kong Hee fatt cheuay, Lawrence the Great… they did a lot of things in the name of Mr God; imagine their followers in the political scene. Before the power race, there is a need to ‘clear things’ up before fanatics got too excited.

Indeed, it is his platform, and he has every right to… talk to himself, praise himself, and be his Mr Great. What a pastor. I care less about him if not for my ole friend. She is a good soul, but… easily misled since young.

Here’s hence my honest view about him, backed up by his own ‘behavior’.

And no… I am not what LGBT the FCBC has been known so against. I am 1001% straight, and I aim for the holes… those in the front, ie.

Politically speaking… as mentioned, I have never been that concerned about what super strong PAP, what rising WP, and what fuck popularity… … I am more concerned about such extremism in this cultural desert. The Old Father of Singapore has none-the-wiser zombified the population for years… which is why, Nicole has stepped in too early, and is now held hostage by her ‘support base’; meanwhile, I am busy picking out all those Kong Hee lah, Lawrence lah, Roy lah… and a whole bunch to let them distance themselves from me.

Before I step in eventually… plenty of things to deal with. And yes… I’d need to have a little chat with Loong after 2016, and… have a sweet date with Nicole baby… and some others.

Am I angry with Lawrence?

Nay. I am an archangel, he is merely a mortal… … It is expected that of a mortal, regardless what pastor or bishop or even the Pope… My priority is not about a few thousand haters generated by such mortal muddle-heads… Even if the world hates me… even if Kate were on the other side with the demons…

I do not need their love… I only need them to be selfish.

So… why should I be angry with Lawrence?#10

“Forgive men, they know not what they are doing…” It’s not actually about forgiving… Eventually, Christians have Judgement Day, so let Lawrence conduct his one-sided one-way-communication nonsense with Mr God on that day. I have much more important things on my list than to waste time on such stubborn mortal with a (self) blocked mentality and attitude.






其实要是他们都不来,那本座已经叫了,而且还会三顾茅庐去碰碰壁……日后不会理亏,然后就在2021以前召集一些其他人组织起来。到时行动党也差不多了……其实日后的局势,本座比任何人都清楚。Chun Sing七月有个CPF座谈会,到时本座打算去坐坐,但只是听着。主要目的就是看看这位Chun Sing傻乎乎的情况。




乌克兰战,俄罗斯军队却得到宝贵的实战经验,若能打下什么隐形轰炸机之类的,就能reverse engineer那些科技,把和美国战力的悬殊拉近距离。












美国要黑海的利益,进而巩固欧盟区的势力,对乌克兰的油管和Crimea对黑海的制海权自然是欲罢不能。但要全面封锁俄罗斯其第一障碍就是中国。如今中国直通中东,在泰国挖Kra Canal以摆脱马六甲海峡的依赖,要是此时和日本正面冲突,俄罗斯那里恐怕会吃紧。况且习总还在赶造他的巨型战舰……
































#1 Nicole baby is actually a political sad case… In my humble calculation about the rise of WP, it means that NSP must grow rapidly to counter WP’s competition… but Nicole’s ‘crowd’ at NSP isn’t much, and her support base is not ‘led’ by her but she is being led by the madness… and this madness will go on growing till PAP is destroyed since Loong won’t be able to handle, thanks to Meritocracy. Which is, Nicole is a talent… but very under-developed, and not easily to click with me due to her immaturity… and she is stuck unless WP wants her. But by now… WP is already loaded with ‘old timers’ and ready for the influx of ‘people of higher social status’ PAP has been trying to grab. So wasted… …

#2 It is also well known that high IQ people wrote novels out of molehills… Though Loong isn’t bright, but he is obviously not retarded.

#3 Kate is probably chasing World Cup, and I hate suckers (soccer). Not hard to know why a lot of women have been fucked by soccer players… …

#4 To islanders of this cosmopolitan… it’s all about blind pursue of money money and opening legs for more money… work work work to be poor. Even Hong Kong has mercs… But with the global situation changing and the start of the ‘Resource War’… Singapore inevitably will be implicated. Here comes the exciting era…

#5 The fuck I seriously look that young?!

#6 Like a brother… worrying over a little sister… … She is smarter and more exposed than Kate, but she is still just a mortal, and women are easily misled due to social influence. Her church is seriously bad influence. I have done as much, the rest will be up to her.

#7 Here is the lethal reality for local politics… Problems ain’t gonna solve by themselves. So… be patient.

#8 And super ‘lucky’ for Loong, a clueless Shamugam is placed in both Laws and Foreign Affairs ministries… LOL~ Lethal combination. Mr Lee Kuan Yew could be now having an headache…

#9 Roy is the ultimate epitome of stupidity… especially after Dr Chee exists. But he will be a good example to those ‘There is no need to fear the lightning’… Too many crazed fools won’t make things easy, because there will be much confusion among the supporters.

#10 I don’t really care about this Lawrence the Great whose many followers are as radical as his HOLY self. He ‘wars’ and ‘rejects’ with the right bestowed by Mr God while Mr Jesus engaged and embraced what sinners to offer salvation… From experience, there is no need to waste time with such egoistic muddle-head who happens to be stubborn to the core… The only problem I have with him is, I hate nonsensical influence from his church on my friend/s… We have enough nonsense on hand already. But without arrogant smarties like him… it’d be an Utopia, people living happily in acceptance of differences, and… there will be no opening to be the next Father of Singapore. LOL~ Irony irony… Talking to people like him is really a waste of time.

#11 Direct from Indonesia… it seems that the haze has returned, but the winds is sparing Singapore… for now. Pheeeew~