Recovering yet still rather weak, but I expect to be fully functional at noon.

While SDP was trying to gain credit for the health care reform Loong made, I was watching the republicans trying to cut Obama’s supply lines… Trying to rebel against God isn’t a very nice thing to do. Considering the situation, I decided to let some others to dig out the shits and expose them instead of dirtying my hands. It won’t be before long daft Singaporeans realize that their insurance premiums are shooting to heavens, some won’t even get to claim and the medical expenses be still ridiculously high… and Singapore is pumping money to an endless hole elsewhere.

I see no need to do the storytelling because… what is important to me is the coming political cum economical tsunami.

Everything must go in accordance to the script. But everything is seemingly so unreal… because for decades, it has been too smooth, too… efficient to being rather fast. I am still quite unsure how long will the governments be so stupid, especially Singapore’s. But mortals are mortals…

This is the last mile before the Clash of the Titans.

WarOfBeasts2016Once even SDP fools wake up on the reality behind this ‘wayang’, that’d be the end of PAP.

But Obama’s resistance also shows North Korea and Iran the reality of the almighty USA military… …

They are just branded toys made of papers…  Washington is down.

Loong won’t have much choice in this, the cabinet’s caliber determines that he only has that much an option, so… …

As the saying goes… assets are slaves when cash is king…

What if both assets and cash become slaves?

Imagine Kate… worked happily for dog-years chasing after her sense of security, then wakes up and discovers her assets are worth junks, her cash depressed to nothingness… … because inflation shoots up but her savings and assets heavily devalued, and a global economy reorganized… global politics reorganized… and Singapore…

…left in the cold.

This is of course the best case scenario. #1

ItsastartRecently, I have also put up an article regarding having Nicole Seah as the next sec-gen at NSP. It’s definitely not expecting her to support my political venture later on, but if she’d have to take on those moronic world and the big shots, a cool title will help. As Reform Party, no matter what Kenneth does, Kenneth will never be his father, Nicole can never govern; and that’s provided Kenneth can do anything at all. Nicole is young, but we can’t expect to have her as sec-gen at Glenda Han‘s current age, that’d be too late. RP’s role is for crowd control, NSP’s would be a fail-safe if Low Thia Khiang were to be thinking too much… …

The oppositions need a new poster girl, Nicole baby can talk, she can handle the crowd well enough, she’d be able to draw in more young leaders-wannabes in this era of new generation of voters for NSP… She is like a castrated cat, she will be able to groom NSP to a viable force… just short of taking the leadership of the state. After all… she is young, and she’d be another auntie Glenda Han and housewife Lena Chiam… The perfect candidate to fight the war for me.

But the real reason why I ‘broadcast’ my view is because Loong is likely to pick it up… Nicole baby is a real election threat, having her at the helm of NSP can cause insomnia near election, what will Loong do about it?

WP should be able to field at least another two ace teams and some rojak teams for other GRCs, NSP will at least have one. If the oppositions can smash hard enough… PAP can lose 4~6 GRCs excluding those SMCs in one go. If situation is favorable, and since we know Loong’s ‘expertise’ in carefully selecting candidates, 2016 election could be a Waterloo for PAP. But I am wary of a complete collapse of PAP in local politics… when not only Chen Show Mao and his likes are useless and pretentious in my humble opinion, they have no capability to governing… Singapore will need a balance of power… in my best interest.

I rather PAP got 65% support with 5% trust and an increased public hostility or anger against PAP than to push situation into a complete PAP demise. In a way, it is better to have a majority population against UMNO while UMNO dangles in power.

GodIsWatchingUsIn short… I want political joints to meet with the coming economic tsunami making it much easier for me to make the entry right into cabinet… and control it. It’s hence best if Loong is left dangling… because if so, he’d still have some use before I take over power.

This is no longer the era when a powerful PM decides who will be political leaders… it’s the era of powerful personalities who will fight for the throne… and historically, such personalities usually came from nothingness… …

On my other side always stand the demons… …

If Singapore must survive, the angels will have to gather around me, the only archangel in Singapore, and follow my lead against the fuckers. Of course, God will provide the cover for the angelic push.

By that time, the showdown will be with the mortal morons… not really the brand PAP.

Kate will witness history as I address this state… of morons.

I don’t wish Kate to be involved… because I want her out of the mess; of course I want to protect her… …


…do I really want to be the Father of maggots… …?#2

Do Singaporeans deserve Heaven?

Do Singaporeans deserve my leadership?

Meanwhile, the war against PAP by the public is rolling on high gears, more and more usually submissive government-linked entities are speaking up against PAP, and PAP has started gradually and very quietly a ‘withdrawal’ process. On the one hand, PAP is seen going to the front asking “How are you, what do you think?”, on the other hand it is closing the doors subtly… … This is not change, it’s a knee-jerk attempt to protect the status quo. The calm before the tsunami helps many lower layers PAP members maintain an ignorance over the political undermining, but higher up… there is already jittery.

Most of the lower layers PAP members are mostly affected by their personal prospects. Many do not understand PAP’s risk at the political front…

And PAP MP Edwin Tong is still busy fighting for CHC’s ‘China Wine‘; his personal gain will be Loong’s disaster.

What will happen to Chok Tong‘s Inflexion Point?

So this is an Inflexion Point. Who the fuck in PAP will bother about it?

If nobody can be bothered, I’d be least concern.


…even if the entire parliament of PAP cadres will do anything…

…with their brains plus their souls, seriously what can they really do?

Of course, if Loong had properly and wisely selected the leaders, things might not have declined this far.

But Loong can’t time-travel, can he?

Back then Chok Tong might have thought I was long-winded… repeating the same old craps… … So would have Kate… So would have everyone.

As expected, some morons now claim I also don’t have the answers… …

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

Let them be.

The Excalibur is saved for the last, morons… …


[Population Rusty Records] Gilbert Goh organized yet another protest gathering at Hong Lim Park, still getting foreign media to observe and… failed big times.

He hailed it as the ‘biggest event’ of that day (5th Oct 2013)… … And spent time physically marketing it by giving out caps and such at locations hours before the event, but the turnout was bad news.

Worse… he reportedly suggested that was because Singaporeans were not angry anymore.#3

And he is a politician-wannabe.

He invited some companies to provide a job-fair… of jobs really not suitable for those jobless#4, and the companies are not affiliated with oppositions.

I already expressed doubts that the same theme should be used for the second protest, and I really found it ridiculous Gilbert was happily announcing the coming of foreign media to witness this third, then went on to blame Singaporeans for not been angry anymore to result in a failure.

There was this Royston Tan who made some success with a movie ‘881’, then somehow produced a similar movie ’12 Lotus’ and got the box office crushed. I have always marveled at such idiotic craziness… Especially in Singapore, if you have an initial success even without a solid basis or if it is even a complete mystery how the fuck the figures happened, they will just jump into the bandwagon and try to replicate another EVEN if this is the creativity industry.

But Royston was not the only joker… Hong Kong’s movie industry basically crushed itself thanks to such commercial madness adhering to an attitude that ‘success can be replicated’ as if movies are just some sort of models… systems, and everybody will just pay again and again for the same shit. After ‘The God of Gamble’ starring Chow Yun Fatt, tons of ‘deities’ of gambling were produced in Northern movies, and even Singapore caught the trend with a few low quality drama productions.

It was not until Stephen Chow came, that ‘Gambling’ movies got a boost, not because people liked to see superb gambling stories, but because Stephen Chow made a joke out of this theme… …

It was the same when the ‘Police’ movies made waves during Jackie Chan‘s time, then for a period, people got bombarded by the same theme; then the ‘Underworlds’, the ‘Ghosts’, the ‘Chinese Vampires’… …

Now Gilbert is doing the same… running a good trend into a broken record and blaming the people for not supporting his event.

It is very likely that not only the people won’t support the event, the people won’t vote for him during the election.

The people are still angry, and will be angrier and are more angry now than before. But if you are not a leader, you must have something new that catches fire, else people won’t come to you despite some will cheer for you and label you as this and that on stage in appreciation.#5

Look at Wonder Girls. They WERE hot and once internationally awarded, but if they have nothing new, they will be forgotten… unless they are truly attractive, super outstanding as compared to the new competitions. Which is… what dances Wonder Girls can do, Brown Eyed Girls can do, SNSD can also do, and even PSY can do… … And what will happen if Wondergirls were to try competing today with ‘Nobody’ against ‘Abracadra’ and ‘Gee’, then blame that the people are not interested in K-Pop anymore… …

Obviously, Gilbert wants the taste of success again… but Gilbert has lost touch as the PAP. He has become a victim of success which the success was never his because even right after the 5,000 gathered at Hong Lim Park and he were to stand for GE, the support for him won’t change much.

Which is the main reason why I have been excusing myself from all those events… … and distancing from these ‘trumpets’.

When the time comes, Dr Chee will be able to find himself waving hands and ‘leading’ a 10,000 strong protest down Orchard Road… But that doesn’t mean Dr Chee will see his election support be boosted by 10 times.

Know why?

[Fuck Chee-Bye Carefully] FCBC’s Lawrence Khong chap is going to raise his… mortal praying gang to ‘reach out’ to man-power led by Minister Tan Chuan Jin at the not-so-holy ground called High Court.

I don’t think I want to interfere…

I just hope people realize why the lady of the court (aka Lady Justice) is always blindfolded, and… what would have Jesus done if he were in Lawrence’s position?

You can say I don’t have the answers…

For fuck I need to have the answers when those Christians would be judged by God Himself, and I can lobo around… … in His big fuck name.#6

[Yoshi~ No, Yeah] Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-byeeeeeeeeeee~

Yoshinoya is reportedly going to sell products from Fukushima, the radiated zone!?

Remind me to siam (Singlish: Avoid, steer clear) far far.

So said that there will be stringent check for radioactivity… But I don’t define that stringency nor have I forgotten munching Melamine chocolates in Singapore when Singapore has had a great reputation for stringent check on edibles. Do you remember how those bastard supermarkets in Singapore tried to resist orders to remove affected products after Melamine was checked and found in Singapore days or weeks after news blew up big in China?

What if those news were suppressed successfully in China?

I’d rather masturbate at Kate’s photo than to trust corporate reports… …

Not to mention, I don’t even masturbate at Kate’s… …

[Toying With Debts] 17 Oct 2013, 10:48am. L informed me that the Republicans were going to ambush Obama at the House of Representatives voting a few days back… Honestly I have never bothered about this ‘show’ for the previous times, so I woke up this morning and tuned in to the live voting and fuck cared about the senates’ passing of bill and zoomed direct at the House of Reps.

In my humble understanding, looking at the Republican numbers at the house, I usually discounted about 20% ‘defects’, but if this is possible, then I didn’t want Kate to miss a good show. So I messaged her about it, and reserved this section for the show.

The result is interesting… about 80 over ‘traitors’ joined the Democrats.

The fiscal problem of the States is generally pushed to Bush Jnr’s reckless war efforts for his private returns; and as the debt level under Obama is approaching USA’s GDP indicating USA will be taking forever to pay back and money will be losing its value even if the House keeps passing the extensions of limits, it is not hard to understand Republicans’ inclination to push the whole fiscal collapse onto the Democrats.

After all, in such a move, you also score by historically preventing USA from total fiscal ruin at the hands of Democrats.

The pressure of increasing interest rates will be exponential as credit rating for US debts weakens and with gold still very much over-priced. There is only this much risk that the global banking system can tolerate. Which is, left or right, US currency is facing huge depreciating pressure.

And it is very interesting where comes the money to finance this round of debts issued? You have to borrow even more to merely service the interests… … It’s the beginning of the end. This is why I have been paying very much attention on our darling Temasek Holdings.

Basically… the way the two parties handle US economy is simply throwing the timed bomb from one to another and hopefully it’d blow up at the other side… … You can’t remake the economy, you can’t change anything. So Bush Jnr merely accelerated a problem, and Obama’s fumbling emptied the entire coffer and now struggling to survive…

To be honest… US economy will go the expected way and hence is no real issue to God, hence to me.

But the impact of ‘default’… or in my humble economic understanding, the impact of ‘hollowing out’ is only limited to my interest in Singapore’s political sphere. Only after becoming the next Father of Singapore will I be bothered to deal with global economic woes.

As calculated since as far back as during my JC days… before even I met Kate, this bomb should blow right when I am about to claim my deserved and rightful throne. By then Mr Lee Kuan Yew was still celebrating Golden Era and his beloved son’s opening up and relaxing rules which led to the subsequent infamous debt scandal…

“Nobody… however smart, could have seen it coming…”

no1couldseeitcummingThe old Father of Singapore knew a few years back I was already expecting the idiots to keep on feeding these two black holes… …

The real grand-master of this game is surprisingly… a seemingly nobody hiding in this blog waiting patiently for the injection point.

A lot of economists will be pondering what will happen next… …

I roughly know what those low IQ smarties are thinking.

In my private congrats to DPM Tharman, the honorable ex-comrade at PAP, for his recent award, I wrote “…the entire world is about now a huge Tulip economy waiting to be burst…”.

It seems that the show at Feb 2014 should be more interesting. But I don’t think Kate would understand at all even if she were to be even slightly interested.

Beyond a certain level of debts… the extension’d lose its purpose. The economy will still collapse, it now only is a matter of how hard the collapse will be. Not to mention… USA is approaching the end of this economic cycle… …

It is already too late to prepare the RMB for circulation. Not to mention… China’s economy is having its own hollowing out as well. There is now… only one thing to do to avert disaster for a very soft landing.

But this will be beyond mortal understanding. And do I desire a soft landing? LOL~



It took me some time to ‘endure’ the speeches made in the video for the 5th Oct 2013 Hong Lim Park gathering… This chap, Daryl Nihility, woke me up with his ‘shuts’. He made a pretty ‘courageous’ speech, pumped some life into the boring session… Not bad.

Powerful rally speech made.

Though… he is not a cheerleader, and while I can see he made an effort, he openly ‘accused the PAP leaders as corrupted’… …  This is… rather dangerous. His speech was too ‘ah beng’… directly accused PAP as tyranny, bombarding PAP on ‘assumptions’, and go direct on ‘Cronyism’ and ‘Gerrymandering’.

“There is no need to fear the lightning~”

“This is not rumor…”

“Their souls have been poisoned by greed and power… … they will do whatever to stay in power and to stay rich… … by whatever they do!”

“The thirst for domination and money has taken over their hearts…”

Even Gilbert seemed to realize something was wrong and commented after Daryl spoke… …

A good but truly powerful political speech has to be ‘smart’, while his is ‘rousing’, many people can make such war-cries, the problem is… is there really no need to fear the lightning? You go to those pubs and noisy clubs, you will see all those DJs making rousing calls and introductions to host the crowd but… …

This is politics, not partying… this is not a DJ making blood boils with loud musics and hot dances and blind shots.

Dr Chee made similar ‘heroic‘ speeches back then, and was sued to bankruptcy.

The reason why I am touching on Daryl’s speech is very simple… …

These people are the expendables.#7 There will be there to roar and challenge the mighty lion… … and to gather the zombies for the charge. Daryl is quite young and childish, more so than Nicole baby. PAP leaders have outright warned that if you’d accuse them of being corrupted… you must have more than assumptions.

In short… Daryl is somewhat a Dr Chee, the old Dr Chee whose politics was hot-blooded charging ahead, and ended up a joke.

Problem is… if this is USA or China, or even India, Daryl will have a crowd for power. But Singaporeans… … The reason why Dr Chee has become a joke is because Singaporeans are more ‘down-to-earth’; which is the reason why I need Loong to train them into biting dogs… …

Singaporeans are kiasu in general, they will like Dr Chee, Nicole baby and Daryl to say those ‘daring words’, but they will not want really to support Daryl or Nicole in election. Because in the smartalec minds of kiasu Singaporeans:

“Let those clowns shout and challenge PAP, we got the advantages by cheering and letting them fight… …” And usually elements such as Daryl ends up as clowns and those who had cheered for them will be nowhere to be found for support when PAP sues them upside-down because the crowd know who they will support…

…the smarter Low Thia Khiang, who has some brave words, but NEVER crossed the OB markers.#8

Which is… if the PAP lets Daryl off the hook this time, and if Daryl is really interested in politics… which is fine with me since like Nicole baby, he’d be merely another loud trumpet helping to push the doors open… for me, Daryl will have to start using his brains more to be useful.#9

Otherwise… …

With Loong pushing development, more and more Daryls and Nicole babies will rush in with the strong scent of blood, as more sheep become barking dogs, these elements will gain increasing popularity… forcing Loong to act. In turn, it’d become political instability… … the perfect condition for the rise of true heroes…

…like my very humble retarded self.

Remember Lim Chin Siong?

Daryl, this is not EDMW… … In politics, if you go ah beng and do not show respect for your opponents and is all aggressive…

…then make sure your punch is really that big as your mouth.

hotairheroesThis is goodwill… to every ‘child’ out there who wishes to meddle in politics.

This is power fight. If you think you can challenge Lee Kuan Yew’s hatchet so directly… …

Why the fuck has Scope been sitting on the cold icy bench for so long… shaking his legs and seeing the last-action-heroes fought?

Because I… am the next Father of Singapore. And I come not with a hatchet for the Lees… but a deal.

A real politician comes with a deal, not really an hatchet.

In time, the players will understand. But not now.

Nonetheless, watching Daryl… it reminds me that in a few years’ time, it’d be about time for me to address the state. In my humble calculation, that ‘innovation‘ should be ready by then. To be honest, I am not really someone who likes to submit so many papers to meet a crowd.

By then… PAP would have… …

What would then happen to PAP?

I don’t know.

Why should I know?

Tku4believingmeWhenever I thought of it… when I am addressing the state… … how will Kate see me? Will she laugh at me? Will she support me? Will she… appear at the crowd… and cheer for me?

How will I feel… when I see her… IF I see her?

I know I want to see her… so very much.


I am jobless. While it seems ‘impractical’…

But it is precisely because I am jobless under PAP governance… with the capability and talent… to handle those fucking publicity where the positions are filled by retards and shameless morons, that I’d have a job in time…

I’d become the Father of Singapore. Captain Obvious.

It doesn’t matter that the fortune teller made the prediction that I’d become a most powerful man… it’s pure logic that Loong crushes the game and the shit pours all over and nobody can clean it but me, Singapore’s future will be in my hands.

Everyone loves Singapore… at least on their mouths…

Everyone says change… at least on their mouths…

Everyone says “Let’s change the government”… …

They won’t even know what is coming, they are blind, but while they say they love Singapore, they will never give up power to people who can handle… like myself.

Hypocrites… …

But just because they don’t want to give up (power), doesn’t mean they will have it… …

Say whatever you want, assholes… …

I am not the next Father of Singapore because my Dad is Lee Kuan Yew… but I am the only dick who can plug the hole tight.

DefineGeniusOld Lee… he probably loves and hates me.#11 Every move I made looks so wrong but ends up so right, I have perseverance, determination… patience… and the wisdom, all which Loong doesn’t have for this ‘industry’. And I lust after power.

And he’d begin to realize I alone will decide the future for Singapore.

Seriously, even if ISD goes after Daryl, there will be more… and more and more, especially in such a development.

“Vote out the PAP!!!”

But vote in what?

A coalition of parties?

So that PM Low Thia Khiang will let Dr Chee take Ministry of Home Affairs and Hazel Pao take Finance Ministry and work together for Singaporeans…?

After I have taken over power, I will not have a queen, but I’d go to Moldova and Ukraine and Iran, find some babes to give me babies. Only an angel can be my queen. But there is no angel… only cunts. I know some morons will make noises.

But just because there is no sirloin I have to settle for a piece of shit?

Does it work that way?

Marriage101Those mothers won’t need to love me… I just need the babies. Kate doesn’t need to love me either. She just has to be selfish, one-sided, and love herself and her children… … They can make all the noises for fuck sake.

I am still your new Father of Singapore… not because you love me, but because I give you life.

I am a nice guy.

I believe in love…

…but I don’t believe in you, mortals.

[Not sure if this is real… But funny enough. I hate gold-diggers as well. But such girls are great for fuck-quests… fucked and go. If I have to marry one… Forget it. You can only marry a girl when you have nothing… When you have everything… fuck them for the babies, and ditch the holes.]

#1What do you think will those smarties who have flooded to Singapore do…?

#2 Emotion is strong that I should just abandon this cursed island to those monkeys and evacuate…

#3 Cited from:

Low turn-out at anti-immigration protest in Singapore
Saturday, 05 October, 2013, 8:34pm
Agence France-Presse in Singapore

Group fails to inspire after record rally in May

An anti-immigration rally in Singapore drew just 500 people on Saturday, eight months after a similar protest by the same group generated one of the city state’s largest protests since independence.

The peaceful three-hour rally, held at a park, was the third in a series of protests organised by a civic group after the government in January announced foreigners could account for nearly half of the densely packed island’s population by 2030.

Authorities have since clarified that the forecast is not a population target, and have phased in measures to tighten foreign worker inflows.

“The momentum from the protests earlier this year has gone off, and the anger and emotion among Singaporeans is maybe no longer there,” chief organiser Gilbert Goh said.

Goh estimated the crowd at 1,000 but an AFP reporter on the scene said around 500 people attended the event at Speakers’ Corner, a grassy park close to the central business district where protesters are allowed to address the public.

#4 And Daryl made a speech that talked about jobs which can’t feed sufficiently… LOL~ While the invited employers are claiming to hire only Singaporeans, it is really interesting to note what they were intending to do to groom and their intention to pay; which is the entire joke about insulting what PAP has been doing.

#5 An organizer, no matter how many times he organized SNSD concerts will never be regarded as a star of the show. Which is, the crowd will come no matter who the organizer may be. The theme or the star will always be SNSD. Which is why it is really not important Gilbert or SDP or even WP rallied a crowd, because the theme will always be ‘vote out PAP’, and once the theme is gone… … But for greed and power, parties are not formed to be sidelined. After PAP fell, the time for governance will cost the ‘alternative band’. Which explains why I have no issues supporting Nicole baby to be sec-gen and wanting Loong to continue his ‘good job’. Nicole may be a star, but her ‘trend’ will stop when the people need to be fed an Utopia. 

#6 It is suggested by netizens that both Kong Hee and Lawrence Khong, especially Lawrence, want to be dominant and feel strong enough to challenge the authority… … Real or not, it’s not an issue. 1. The archbishop is apparently wary of the government, 2. believing in God can’t fill stomachs, help afford medical care, and house 6.9m and manage their children’s future… When God is not around, archangel takes over. And I am the only archangel in Singapore… LOL~ Who really believe Lawrence can handle MND or MAS? Chill~

#7 There will always be such ‘heroes’… be it in the forums, in schools, and even in WordPress management who’d have strong belief and will that what should so what should be. In a power struggle, heroes such as Daryl are liabilities, hence expendables. You can’t follow them, lest you want to end up like Dr Chee; You can’t stop them, cos they will think they are cool; They are like children, you have to praise them, sayang (Singlish: Be nice to, as if towards babies) them to make them friendly; and when in a real tough critical fight, these kids may ignore orders and go solo thinking they are right… and even rebel. What he said MAY be correct, or what the public MAY already have in mind that explains the heavy push to vote out PAP, but such speeches are politically incorrect because in a power fight, blows are exchanged not unilateral… We can’t have such heroes who are too smart for their own good… gambling on PAP’s reaction, then gambling on the state’s fortune. Daryl can be a leader, however… if he bows before me. Which is, Daryl will need a wise leader whom he’d be inclined to follow to be a leader himself.

#8 There are reasons why I do certain things and outright won’t do certain things because the ‘market’ is different as those bombastic Americans would perceive. In Singapore, you have to understand how those peasants think to realize why after so many years, they suddenly become so ‘united’ in pushing against PAP… just as I expected decades ago. It’s not because Singaporeans are smart… … but because this is a compact society and when they need a start, they are waiting for everybody else… because they are kiasu. Which is, once WP were to stand in multi-corners fight, fearing (kiasu) that RP will stand no chance against PAP, they all crowd behind WP… … And once they realize everyone else has started pushing against PAP, everyone else starts doing the same… … It’s very different from China, India and USA where a small group can be around a few hundreds to few thousands for a viable ‘society’… In Singapore, a small group can be anything from 1~10 persons with an audience as few as 20~50 chaps. Hence, Singaporeans as one will mostly place the ‘safest’ bet… …

#9 Actually, I rather PAP goes after Daryl. If Daryl were to be any good in the coming war, he has to be ‘educated’ properly. A few ‘canes’ MAY make him mature thus useful. I always consider having a smartalec on the team a serious risk… … because every move in politics, at least for me, MUST be calculated. While I don’t expect much resistance, I am preparing for maximum resistance. For me, I don’t need tough guys, I need survivalists… On the other hand, if PAP doesn’t go after Daryl, PAP will be promoting a national verbal fire against PAP which may be too late to control and a public yelling PAP is corrupted to the core of their souls and hearts and spreading all sorts of similar slogans… Things will likely get out of hand. 

#10 … …

#11 If Mr Lee Snr were to be deciding what to do if he were to be in my shoes, he’d probably choose to follow what I am doing.