Managed to catch the important part of the current NEA-hawker ‘debate’ in parliament on TV as I dragged my coughing self to the other room…

It’s important because it is a relief to see Mr Low Thia Khiang’s blur or act-blur reaction to Minister Vivian’s pursues.

In this political game… one of the most crucial uncertainties lies in Low Thia Khiang’s hidden motive in WP’s direction. From Yaw… WP might take things very very very slowly when it comes to an all-out attack… to take over power. With Low’s confession that WP is not ready to govern, NSP will have to come in… and force Low to head a coalition and be PM.

Low’s sorry expression… his claim of unawareness as the head of WP and hence head of Aljunid GRC and the real in-charge of this hawkers’ matter showed he is on the defensive.

A desperate dog will jump walls… in Chinese idiom.

What I want… is a desperate Low Thia Khiang, pushed to the walls with such a minute issue, and realizes he has to make an all-out push in election 2016. The reality is beckoning, as WP expands its territory, as the number swells, things may happen, attacks can come from the least suspected direction, and Low may not be able to handle. The only way Low is left before WP be eventually bombarded into non-existence is absolute power.

I was hoping he can see that. Especially after Yaw’s thought of WP’s possible inclination to drag things…

So it was a delight to see Low’s stuck face after Sylvia’s attempt to fend against Dr Vivian.

For political survival, Low should be ready to mount an all-out offence.

To an incumbent that now is left with only power through the seats in parliament with capability to govern crippled by Meritocracy and a war going on with the zombies for Control Management, PAP doesn’t really have much choice either. But so do the people.

Which means…

WP should be still safe… if the people is keen to topple PAP. After all… WP is merely a tool to oust PAP, its quality is still far from ready to lead.

At such pitiful trust level towards PAP leaders… a result of reckless selection of all those ‘gems’ into parliament and staffing the machinery in complete disregards and complete fanaticism towards Meritocracy with no reviews hence possible… Dr Vivian’s talk about clean and honest government, the appreciation towards the people, not to exploit them and such will likely backfire with people questioning students being ‘forced’ to volunteer during YOG, AIM, and many many record-breaking issues. While he could be eating $10 XO mee siam mai hum, the commoners are facing steep inflation over the decades and facing the cruel reality of retirement life in Singapore for their next meal under Dr Vivian’s sweet, majestic but probably won’t be well-received words of political honor.

This ugly fight is expected, but PAP is unlikely to score… without displaying an excellent capability to govern in relative to the heavenly salaries approved by themselves.

But Dr Vivian’s attempt and all other PAP attempts to mud-sling will help promoting subsequent demise of WP when WP will be expected to deal with the whole mess now in Singapore, and assist the rise of replacement to WP other than PAP in this foreseeable future.

Which is what I want… …

If WP were to be able to do a LDP-style PAP ouster in election 2016, I can totally rely on PAP remnants to put up a struggle to continue weakening WP and keeping the new king busy… till 2021 election.

After 2016… it’s about time to assemble a team of extraordinary gentlemen… and ladies, if any. And this won’t really be done online… The fight after 2016 will be among parties to signal to the public of which leadership can deal with the mess.

That’s when will be the first chance that the New Father of Singapore’s true power will come in place… …

Politics… You don’t have to always fight.

So many pigs fighting… you only need one bullet. Just take out the last pig standing… Period.

For now, it is shaking legs.

More opportunists will come in…

But none will see anything coming.

I have a last trap for those smartalec opportunists prepared.

With all the major and minor political obstacles removed… the final judgement will be Heaven’s will.

Which is… by 2021, how much will the starving have-nots or slaves wake up.

By then, how many will be taking to the streets… if not Hong Lim Park?

Lee Kuan Yew… he barely secured that one vote and rose to the top of the pack, creating an empire of zombies… … to be inherited by me… not his son. Loong cannot handle the situation. The mess will only grow to killer size.

Unrest is imminent.

The world is watching this cosmopolitan.

If either Chan Chun Sing or Tan Chuan Jin were really slated to be PM…


Mr Lee Kuan Yew may be old… and dying… but will he really expect Chan or Tan can handle? Will he even think Loong can handle with his precious Tin Tin?

That’s not the issue anyway…

I dumped two more articles to TR Emeritus recently to basically draw flak. Praises or ‘likes’ are not my real concern. But I was more interested not to engage in meaningless ‘debates’ with some of those ‘last action heroes’ while engaging the netizens. A recent ariticle is seemingly stuck and yet to be published that talks on ‘Check And Balance’. Whether TR Emeritus publishes it or not, it’s their choice. And choice defines…

The articles are designed to look, as one netizen described, talking about things which most people probably know…

I like to use things which most people probably know to embed things which most people actually don’t know.

There are important reasons why I wrote those articles for publication… without citing links to this serene blog.

None of the articles are specifically attacking any parties but focus on the core ideas backed by the events concerning the parties and in fact everyone else. And all are in personal views shared and open for feedback and discussions.

Other than entertaining myself, if there would be anything I am fishing for… will be other top brains for the coming ‘rescue mission’.

Singaporeans are 100% educated… but they can’t read beyond scratching the surface. A joke epitomizes this…

I started a thread in the ‘Lady’s Chat’ section of recently after I noticed a thread there about Collagen. After writing about the futility of collagen as industry players would know I cheekily added a sentence like ‘If anyone is still interested to buy, please indicate’ and set the thread title something like ‘The best deal for Collagen in town…”.

And the mod moved the thread to its marketplace for buying or selling products…

While knowing why… I purposely protested by questioning why was the thread moved and the mod confirmed that…

…because I wrote “if anyone is interested (in buying collagen), please indicate”.

I laughed and laughed and laughed…

This is typical Singaporean. It’s actually quite hilarious and definitely naughty on my part… but you have to have a fool to be hooked.

Of course, there are the usual nuisance in the forums… Hordes of zombies created since Lee Kuan Yew’s time is not a small matter. His own son is having the taste of blind bashing for each and every molehill or crisis in Singapore with all sorts of ‘reasons’. And please… Loong himself is also guilty for being unreasonable and reckless.

But he is the PM.

And now, Low will have to aim for the premiership if he wants to save his ass.

Besides, as Scope always is… there is a backup plan when Low’d realize a coalition is possible. Say… if WP were to be involved in a GRC, people will vote for WP to oust PAP. If WP were not to be involved… people will vote for NSP to oust PAP.

So the real mechanism behind is as discussed all the time… I am relying on Loong to push everything down the cliff, because the key is ‘to oust PAP’. This is the real theme of this game. The zombies will march forward with only one intention ‘to oust PAP’ even if it were to mean pushing any monkeys up.

Of course, in this inevitable development, Scope is not going to welcome the idea of ‘any monkeys’.

People are anti-PAP as a desperate attempt to survive… in dignity.

Now the problem is, ousting PAP and erecting another hollow mojo will absolutely solve nothing, and it will be another struggle to oust those monkeys… and throughout the new struggle, people will die… because the situation is already a killer by then. #1

So I let those smartalec netizens go and argue and argue and argue. I dumped my articles at TR Emeritus, it’s up to them to bite or bash… while I’d still do what will be necessary to inherit this fucking mess… called ‘the empire built by Lee Kuan Yew’, which is to shake legs see show and drink my lemonade… for now.

If anyone thinks I am dumb and a lobo-king, that I don’t care and I don’t know and I am not a fighter and is not pro-active to be a leader while many are suffering under PAP’s ‘blood-sucking’ rule, his/her name won’t be ‘Lee Kuan Yew’.

Actually, I don’t like people to know what and why I am doing what… While the Old Father probably knows why I am lobo-ing, I have erased all traces and placed misleading signs all over the places to cover my tracks. I’d never be seen a threat. How I will even survive would be an issue…

When people call me clown… I’d be very safe.

This is the real history of the rise of the next Father of Singapore who will be the salvation of an island of moronic zombies. His political ideas, his moves, his living among disgusting ‘small people’, his patience… and his subsequent energy, motivation, ambition and drive… all burst out at the most critical time… during the coming clash of the titans.

Exciting, isn’t it?

It’s so inhuman that Kate will never understand what this lust for power… and glory is all about. Money… If money can buy me  the era of chaos as in the 50s…

What I have dreamed of… is the return of the era… when WP will be Labor Front, when Low Thia Khiang will be David Marshal, when the zombies will be the communists and PAP… will be the leaving British colonial master. And I… I will be playing the role of… … Hehehehe~

Kate will take forever to understand what I am thinking… and I’d take forever to love her. And we will be forever apart.

What will Singapore become without Lee Kuan Yew?

What will Singapore become without Scope?

You can’t fight with an empty stomach…

Yet the lion is most dangerous when it is hungry… …

Dr Vivian is trying very hard… too hard.

You see… …

Those anti-PAP zombies are rallying themselves in this hawker-thing… “Brace yourselves, hold the lines before PAP comes to grab your money and future and retirement… for survival you fight!”

Those pro-PAP zombies who are scribbling rosy lines at PM Lee’s Facebook page could be also rallying among themselves… “Hold against the adversaries, grab more, enrich ourselves! For a fatter bank account you fight!”

This will be how commoners probably see things. One side is for survival against bandits, one side is anything to enrich themselves.

Dr Vivian is not quite wrong… It’s about power struggle. I saw DPM Tharman and PM’s facial expressions on TV…

I am shouting for a quality career, guess I’d be shouting for it as Dr Vivian candidly shared his what idea of getting power to do what for the people… and those talk talk talk talk talk… By the time he can’t go on talking anymore, many would have rebelled, and PAP could have fallen.

In my humble perception of things… the real lesson Dr Vivian is dishing out to Singaporeans is… after you got power, all you need to do is to talk talk talk talk talk… …

Many people I talked to think that, in general, 4 GRCs could be lost in the coming election. My view is as usual… once Singaporeans are ‘forced’ to rebel, and given it’s 2016 when the average voters are mostly born in the 70s and after… It is highly possible, IF the oppositions don’t cock up, that PAP can be ousted in just one clean sweep.

With prolonged Meritocracy… looking at the so many ‘big talents’ worth those fat pays PM Lee has drawn in for his two terms… the ball is now entirely in the oppositions’ court. How WP will rally the people, if enough candidates can be fielded by NSP, SPP, SDP… will decide the future of Singapore’s ‘right politics’.

If PAP cannot be ousted via election… then violent unrest will be on the cards.

All the tricks and petty moves… will never surpass the need for talents to effect good governance.

My shout for quality career… may end up with a career landed right inside Istana, after all.


It’s actually quite expected, after PM Lee brought the entire cabinet behind the NEA-Hawkers issue and the parliament was literally hijacked with this political wet-market fighting, then the news broke when the PAP raised the stakes high that the persons behind the commotion are PAP grassroots leaders.

In one clean sweep, PM Lee lost the chips in this show-hand.

This issue is not a court case where the judge is a minority to make the judgement and there is a stated law to adhere to and is subjected to change by the PAP dominant parliament; this is a case when the judge is a collective madness with complete distrust towards the PAP when the government is losing popularity but instead of resorting to excellent governance to win back the people, people are seeing PAP resorting to petty moves hoping to discredit the WP.

Right or wrong in this case is never the issue… it’s all about public sentiment. And it’s really hilarious PAP actually blew up this matter because… it is a battle they can’t win.

I seriously wonder what the PM has been thinking… But he biting the bait and falling into the trap is totally expected.

Discrediting the WP is actually pretty stupid… because nor the WP needs lands to conduct rallies nor the WP needs credibility to challenge PAP, and in this situation, PAP stands to lose even more… Moderates who have been hoping with the rise of oppositions that PAP can start waking up will lose hope.

Escalating petty issues to the point of hijacking the parliament for them when so many boiling issues are in the wait shows the moderates PAP has to go… …

As for me… it’s still observing public sentiment and watching the show shaking legs.

Loong… if he cannot even see through such a minute matter, situation will just go smoothly, but the rate of decline for the PAP may be too fast. Youngsters are finding Dr Vivian a hypocrite, while my concern is far more practical… Party politics… the situation is getting out of hand.


Inevitably, there will be people suspecting that PAP engineered this issue from thin air and tried to hit below the belt. Then this issue that caused the anti-PAP faction to rally among themselves will push the morale into 2014; this is also not a good record for PAP in the coming election.

It’s all about public madness sentiment.

Loong still doesn’t seem to understand why Yaw’s scandal didn’t affect Hougang much but Punggol East was lost after Michael Pumper’s.

The least that PAP can do… will have to be explaining that Jonathan Oh is not a PAP element. These PAP ‘supporters’… often you can’t help but wonder who are these idiots really supporting.

While the moderates will demand the incumbent to focus on important state businesses, they will be disappointed because PAP simply can’t. Without talents, there will be no viable changes.

Obviously, Loong seriously needs help.

Obviously, Loong is not getting any.

The PM wants to turn the tide… with his imagination?

You simply can’t make a leader by labeling, you simply can’t define ministerial caliber by one-sided judgement, because the elements are not for show, in the face of challenges, those labels and personal preference will dissolve to nothingness.

Meanwhile, the noise of getting into PAP cadres’ piggy banks gets louder.

Probably as Mr Lee Kuan Yew said, politics is a winners take all game and you can lose everything… … It only adds to the ironies that given this awareness, his son has been so ‘carefree’.

If Loong thinks he is right… I am ok with it. After all, I am the New Father of Singapore, not him. His expected role is to bite all such baits and push PAP down the cliff. I am not going to help him push, he’d have to do it himself. It’s precisely why I will be most hesitant to want to remove Loong. If I were the PM, you think I will waste so much time on such a minute issue of NEA nature, or let Yaacob fooled around MDA?

There are many things Loong seems to be clueless with…

But the more important part is not Loong, it’s still with those jokers… …

Dr Vivian doesn’t really understand what sort of political power struggle we are dealing with despite he talked a lot. If it is so simple as to bluff Loong into paying morons millions to do nothing and kill the once-almighty PAP… The real power struggle is the madness Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his batch started, and it must be matched by the mess.

After PAP fell, you can expect people wanting to go after (eg) Wee Shu Min… the Lees will no doubt be primary targets.

While Loong never experienced political cruelty, Mr Lee Kuan Yew did. The reality of politics… If power struggle were to be so simple, Scope won’t have been waiting patiently for so many years.

To be honest… I totally don’t like what I am seeing.

While Bernanke is flipping prata with interest rate and Greenspan long forgotten, the truth is financing has reached critical level, and the musical chair game is about to stop. Cheap money… when you have too much cheap money for too little reliable investments for quick money, you will always have a problem. The fatter the book value, the bigger the ‘tulip’.

From how I see USA’s economy… They didn’t remake the economy, and the liquidity is allowed to flood.

This spells disaster.

Even if Bernanke resists raising the interest rates, the avalanche will start itself. Then interest rates will still go up. The money must come from somewhere, and banks have only that much appetite for risks… and loans go bad. While the stupid cheers as Bernanke talked about a low rate regime that could continue to bolster consumption of China exports…

…truth is, China’s reported growth has been slowing down.

When ROI decelerates and liquidity pumping hits the peak…

Scope is already grinning.

Obama almost bankrupted USA in the last major bailouts, I am actually looking forward to what they will be doing for the coming one.

In any case, the importance is still Singapore… How will those companies handle?

Inevitably and imminently, the CPF goal post will have to shift ever more beyond the people’s reach. While I don’t like the stupidity called Singaporeans, they will have to make choices of getting someone who doesn’t appreciate morons but will feed them or someone who tells every one of those sheep he/she loves Singapore but can’t do anything.

It’s not about the heart to serve, idiots… It’s about the capability to deliver.

Most of those leaders-wannabes who screamed about ‘heart to serve heart to serve heart to serve’ are also people who will tell you they have experience managing millions of cash and got this qualifications and bla bla bla, and my beloved Kate sees the hospital bill for her parents and children, she is not going to tell you to donate your fucking hearts…

But this is the current madness going on.

And major socio-politico sites and those naive fuckers online are all yelling the same bulls…

Suicide rate is up again…


It sounds heartless, but in order to ascend the throne… inevitably, people must die. These suicide rates won’t go lower because you have so much heart and weep and sob and sulk and whine and… People will go on dying in PAP regime and WP regime… till my time comes.

Like I always said… I don’t need your fucking worthless love, but you will support me. If you don’t support me, there’s the Bedok Reservoir…

My true political agenda is, repeatedly… sort of ‘leftist’. I am here to deliver goodies, to secure Singapore’s interests and the morons’ survival and social sanity… because since the days of Lee Kuan Yew as Prime Minister, I have seen governance going haywire… and it goes haywire. And I am very supportive of any ‘challengers’ who want to try their hands on the wheel of this sinking ship…

Help sinks the ship faster, you morons… so that I’d be pulled in by those desperate assholes to float it.

It’s quite lucky Loong is in charge… … I always expected him to be PM around this time… … And he exceeds my expectation. And the old Father of Singapore stares now helplessly as Loong makes one stupid mistake after another… all with neither Fathers of Singapore obstructing him. Lee Kuan Yew stands for power, Scope stands for governance. If only both Fathers of Singapore can work together… …

But Lee is a snob, perhaps when he was first interested in politics he’d be interested to assemble a team of elite fighting force… but after power is established… Just say I know Mr Lee after observing him since I was like three when the TV was black and white. It’d be a perfect team, it’s impossible. I can’t expect to be a subordinate but a partner.

It’s all political reality. When it comes to governance, there will be tons of things Mr Lee won’t understand why the fuck I do and don’t do things. And I can’t always let Mr Lee exercises his boss attitude and starts messing the game plan. While it seems a perfect team, there is probably a reason why God lets him establishes Singapore, then sends me to govern as the zombies rise under Mr Lee’s charge.

While appearing accommodating, the New Father of Singapore is actually quite ferocious… aggressive as well.

Some people expect me to be streets-smart, bootlick Loong for favors… If I can do that, why not? But only a real fool will do that because the catch is zombies want meat. Why should I give up an empire to bootlick for some leftovers?  If anyone can understand the catch, eventually those zombies will tear down PAP and WP… and other talk talk talk parties, then that’d be the time I release the aroma of food…

So people now can tell me I also don’t have solutions… by raising things everybody knows… Only that they fail to realize I raise things everybody knows at the absolutely correct checkpoints, and I know the directions to go. And I can totally explain the mechanism behind things every moron knows. And I can bombard all those stupid policies and ideas conveniently, and make my stand for what I incline to do.

And I obviously know what I am doing… … and step by step, power is moving directly towards my mouth… as those zombies are fighting among themselves.

That’s so entertaining that it becomes a pretty nice motivation for politics… despite I am finding it weird that I have to lead a moronic state of smartalecs…

If there is anything I am ignorant of… it’s getting obvious I am not sure why I want to be involved with an island of zombies… of sinners… fake Christians true assholes… and Kate… Kate is the real killer.

Because I don’t mind morons… I can’t be bothered about assholes… But I do love Kate, and she will hence have an influence on me.

Sometimes it’s rather confusing.

What do I really want?

I am born with a lust for power… which explains why I had been a fan of Lee Kuan Yew since that young, and gradually becomes the current God of Governance… and refused a debate on Temasek’s returns which is pure intellectual ‘masturbation’, or useless shadow-boxing since even ex-President Ong Teng Cheong won’t likely know much about the reserves nor those accounts at Temasek.

My lust for power and my feelings for Kate… Surprisingly they are equally matched.

With an IQ of over 190, I can see what Mah Bow Tan will take forever to see coming, and do and don’t do. I have no regards to those stupid degrees… what Masters, Doctorates… and all those bulls used to con the island of idiots.

But I wish I can understand Kate… …

As Bernanke plays with those idiots, states are preparing their toys… for war.

Kate is a born personal disaster customized for me, such that I can’t hope to remove it. She can’t marry me, I don’t want her to die. Nice design by that fucker called God. From the very day I met her, I felt anger towards Catholic faith. Didn’t know why… As long as she isn’t in my brain, I am ok with Vatican.

Too bad I think of her everyday. So…

While I used to visit churches with friendly invitations, now I don’t. Not that I hate Christians… it’s just for some mysterious reasons, as long as I think of Kate that weird anger is kindled, and now when I see the cross and Mr Jesus Kate will ambush my fucking brain.

It’s a confession that my relationship with that joker called God is not cordial precisely because of Kate, and it’s unlikely to be reconciled. So I expect a dispute with Mr God on my Judgement Day… if there were to be one for me.

The world is changing… Singapore’s rebels are entrenching for a clash with PAP… a weakening PAP… so weak now that many are expecting ‘black magic’ comes election 2016 after Malaysia’s ‘magical’ performance. And the leaders are obviously not happy with possible spillover effect from Malaysia… not when they and Najib are the same, shouting for reforms hoping to win over young voters who probably know the politicians have no reforms beyond talk talk talk talk talk… …

George Yeo yelled that PAP has to change… and now has totally disappeared to have a good life.

Pertaining to the situation, they talk talk talk, I hear hear hear… and shake legs while the talk enters my right ear and leaves smoothly from my left… and leave the real fighting to those ‘last action zombies’.

This is the darkest hour… … best time for sleeping.

New generations of leaders… in these post-honeymoon years… The rise of chaotic supporters from both sides… 2016 should see the first batch of better opposition leaders, though unlikely the true leaders of time… With this ‘trade’ becomes so lucrative due to the golden touch of the Lees, it will tempt opportunists… …

I wish to join the fight, but I must wait.

The people are not yet ready… to welcome their true King.







































李光耀并没培养好李小龙……一代培养不好,可为祸不小。李小龙这不伦不类的政治实力要稳住局面很难,动乱难免……当然行动党若垮台,李氏受到政治迫害, 那是一回事儿,但要把新加坡建起来……那就是Leon那一代人的事儿。在李小龙总理的时代,老夫很难出头,猪头倒是能鸡犬升天,这才有了日后的动乱。老夫便是出山镇住了局面,也要靠Leon继续守护神的工作。








这就是老夫从政之路……轻描淡写,慢慢来,翘二郎腿,游戏人间……徐顺全似乎也没什么大动作了,但激进分子网上多得是;上次Free My Internet集会就觉得有个家伙有这‘潜力’。上蹦下跳的人太多了……


























[It is my wish when Singapore is in a chaos, Leon will be prepared to lead. The demise of PAP cannot be followed by the fall of Singapore. While PAP has brought petty wet market fight into Parliament, what Singapore needs is governance… The biggest headache… is the dumb people. In Leon’s time, the people should have waken up. Leon will be equipped to rebuild this corrupted world. Leon shalt be the 3rd Father of Singapore and carry on National building.]

#1 It so seems that suicide rate is recently reportedly increased. Many talents are also suffering… and waiting for their chance to fly. This is already a war zone behind the veil called ‘peace’.

#2 这类弹可以瞬间燃烧一大片林子,易燃气体配合大量油的投掷,如同新加坡这样的城市只要狂烧三日就完蛋了。根本无法利用消防车抢救。在燃烧瞬间,氧气缺乏人会窒息,所以相当厉害。