The haze…

The burning in Indonesia has sent smoke over to Singapore and Malaysia.

It is an annual event already since about… some years ago, only that this time it is particularly serious.

I heard people said PM Lee suggested this haze could last for weeks…


For fuck my problem?

Firstly, I had stayed in Beijing for months… and the PSI over there wasn’t heavenly. The haze in Beijing was actually more hazardous than Singapore’s which is due to burning of plants since Beijing’s was due to toxic exhausts from tons of vehicles and poisonous construction vapor plus all those sands and dusts… Worse, Beijing was and is not a city with plenty of plants, and water was running scarce. The river in Shanxi was already drained to dangerous level, and you cannot compare living condition with Singapore in this haze.

Most of the panic is really due to people who are like children… they never got exposed to such condition before, and are psychologically sensitive…

And many are fighting for masks… …


The talk about P2.5 particles was spread online…

But very few realize that P2.5 particles ain’t as poisonous as those poisoning the smokers, and for motor cyclists who need to do delivery or those old folks who need to stand beside the pumps next to the roads, these folks are constantly exposed to P2.5 particles… and how long will it take to kill them?

Heavier particles can be filtered by mucus and the lungs, for P2.5 particles, they can enter the blood circulation and be expelled after about 6 months. Even the plague formed by the P2.5 particles can be removed if one is healthy and exercises regularly. The people at risk are those above 65 when their metabolism rate is low and the enzyme responsible for regeneration and repair has fallen to near depletion, and those allergy to haze and newborns.

There is plenty of science behind. And it’s a joke people try to snatch N95 masks driving up the price for nothing.

The mask won’t do better than the lungs for temporary haze and if the haze is really that serious, the eyes will be exposed and inflamed and… which is, you can’t even be out in the streets! So why do you need the mask? In Beijing, very few people really use the masks unless the PSI hits over 400.

But it’s sure good experience for those Singaporeans who think they are so great so smart… and see them running about screaming in paranoid fashion over something which is like a solar-driven torch-light.

The real concern about haze is actually the particles which induce cancers. So given experience, I have prepared green tea bags and eye-drops… Yes. It’s eye-drops, not masks. And I have already a pool of water vaporizing in the room while turning on my air-con… and yes, the music is on as well. But of course, it’s stupid to take a stroll in the park when PSI hits 100 because prolonged exposure to air pollution hurts your skin, and after the morning when ground pressure gives way, you will be exposed to higher concentration of P2.5 particles for nothing.

Another reason why I am used to such pollution is because since young, my father was in an industry dealing with such air-pollution due to high concentration burning.

The real comfortable way to fight the haze is simply to wet your hair and skin, and wet a towel and use it as the mask.

Again, when the haze is really bad, you won’t be able to open your eyes, and you should stay at home and you can throw those expensive N95 masks away.

In this entire haze joke, I am terribly disappointed with K Shanmugan’s understanding of sovereignty or international relations and laws; as a minster, he can’t protect Singapore and Singaporeans’ interests if he can’t understand what is going on, and I know MFA is infested with qualified jokers who will… as proven, be quite useless when Singapore needs to deal with external threats or relations, and… PM himself called President of Indonesia instead. And yes, cyberspace was flooded with Mr K Shanmugan’s little ‘giggle’ with a netizen’s complain in his Facebook or something.

He does realize he is the minister of MFA and Laws?

Is his conduct ok? Is his performance ok?

Why don’t Yaacob suggest to MFA or MEWR to license those Indonesian agencies whose activities have impacts on Singapore?

That’s not my fuck problem… for now.

Usually I’d start a thesis on international relations and laws, but to be honest, I started out this new entry with no mood and every intent to not dive into the haze crap.

There is a good reason behind it…

Let’s just say I have something more important than the fuck haze at the moment in mind.

But I have done up a piece and sent to TR Emeritus, and I am wondering why is there no news from Richard… …

Yes yes yes, during my time in Beijing, I have developed a way to combat the haze for Beijing… but it was… most unfortunate that I couldn’t work with China to deal with the haze. And… to sum up the fucking haze crap, given the profits from this sort of burning, I can jolly well expect the rage to go on and stronger. This will be another ‘gift’ I’d prepare for Singapore if and only if I end up the next Father of Singapore.

I did say, it’s going to be a choice for those stupid moronic toads on this cursed island… Destruction or me.

Of course, it’s not only the haze I have in mind.

But for now… it’d suffice for those whiners to bang against the government to do more about the haze issue. And as expected, there is going to be a ‘protest due to the haze’…

At PSI 300~401, our beloved PM Lee did not issue a stop-work and schooling emergency order… He probably thinks this is school holiday period… when I saw a whole bunch of international school students been led by their teachers around Singapore in the haze, and many wives’ husbands and children’s fathers and parents’ children are working in the haze… I even saw old people distributing pamphlets in the haze… And it seems that after announcing MOH or what has like 9m masks, CNA reported that 200,000 households will get free masks… … after the haze has been around for days.

“Life goes on…”, said the PM.

But when people are sick… who will foot the bill?

And as the PM, he should realize the political price to pay… Singaporeans are not the most understanding creatures on Earth. They are zombies, they don’t reason with you… They look at the fucking haze and will start going hysterical, and “gang rape, after all, is Democracy in action”.

Given the caliber of the government… how much more can the government do?

At most…

Mr K Shanmugan retorted the people by asking them to provide solution instead.

Let’s just say, Scope will deal with the haze issue… when he is in power.

But first, the initial stage is like this…

Singaporeans… or the zombies will start questioning what is the fuck use of the leaders who demand to be paid so much? And now, Indonesian leader has reportedly insulted Singapore ‘children’… This is sovereignty, a statehood, a right that K Shanmugan must defend. It’s national interests, it’s integrity of the state, and the nationhood’s stance, and the leadership’s root of power. This is when you need MFA… and PM realizes…

It’s a bunch of hot airs… qualified and useless hot airs who are too used to pushing blames and responsibilities.

When I am the PM, if I have to call Indonesian President myself on every ikan bilis issue when I have to pay a minister millions of dollars a year leading a huge ministry of payrolls…

Just say… that I am not a believer of Meritocracy.

Then the second stage will come… when the people start to question…

“If without you, I will be better off…”

Then the third stage will come… … when it will be the time that the New Father of Singapore will enter the power race… …

Nobody, however smart, will see it coming… So let’s keep this as an Easter egg for those smarties.

I am seriously wondering how Mr Lee Kuan Yew will see this matter.

But according to an article by Ms Lee Wei Ling, his beloved daughter… and me consulting some experts… Mr Lee’s time is getting short.

I sincerely respect Mr Lee Snr despite what craps he has done, he did do a good job leading the struggle and allowing the talents during his time to emerge and function. All I can say is… no man is perfect, even for myself. As impartial as I am, I am not so sure when it comes to Kate. He’s snobbish, stubborn… and when it comes to governance… highly naive, but he did give Singapore a good start. Only that Mr Lee didn’t realize he could have done better. So he has created a whole basis of grave problems I have discussed extensively and made another historically serious error…

He dumped the ’empire of termites’ to his son… who is so unprepared.

He may or may not realize… NEA may be fighting against WP on the hawkers’ issue, but… the dent on WP is very very meager.

It doesn’t signal well for 2016.

And under PM Lee Hsien Loong’s nose… Ng Boon Gay has gotten loose from the legal hook.

All this while, Scope has been sitting at a distance… and watching the show.

I don’t want to get involved.

I am the next Father of Singapore, my job is to pull this cursed island loaded with moronic zombies back up. I am not here to waste time on petty, useless and stinking party politics… and those ridiculous idiotic professional or non-professional women whose brains are telling them to nail Jesus onto the cross…


I find them disgusting, they find me disgusting.

But Singapore doesn’t need them.

It’s really irony… for the zombies they are, my aspiration is to give them a better life… not from empty talk talk talk… … and wayangs which Indranee is now famous for, but with raw capability. Which is actually why I have all the time to see the show of reckless and relentless fighting between zombies. Years of education Mr Lee has been proud of… has created an entire society of zombies, and when does he think Mr Shanmugan can reason with any of them?

If the craps don’t bother me, I’d jolly well leave them dancing as the ship sinks…

It’s not hard to understand why I do not intend for this personal blog to go viral, and when I wrote something to be sent to TR Emeritus and such, they are mostly to check reaction.

To be honest, I am neither anti-PAP nor anti-oppositions. They are tools, not competitors.

People will discard PAP, it can’t compete…

Then WP or NSP or a coalition of idiots will take over… and they will also be discarded quickly because the avalanche kills.

Fight the haze eh… so proposed SDP… …

With what are they going to fight the haze?

urspecialMy current interest is emm…

After this entry, I will have to prepare a very beautiful creation… I decided not to talk about it. It’s more important than the fuck haze.

[The Woman Girl] The one issue I MUST touch on is about Hirosue Ryoko‘s rumored intention to shatter her pure image for the nude and sex scenes… If she needs money… if she needs recognition, I am hoping that she’d come to Singapore. She is going to be a big name in a small tiny pond with tons of gold in the wealthiest state of Southeast Asia waiting for her to grab, with opportunities local maggots can only drool after… That auntie MP Lee Bee Hwa, a quitter from Malaysia, would probably like a photo with her… if she does come.

Why the fuck does she need to sell sex when she can come to dominate in Singapore? Nobody in Singapore will be as attractive as she is. She was the princess in Japan, she’d be queen in Singapore.

When I first heard the news… I was like… well…

“What a waste.”

She has chosen marriage wrongly. Probably she’d choose wrongly again.

I very much doubt that given a choice, women will prefer the route of AV stardom.

Besides, the scripts I heard she was offered… the fuck stories suck!

Come to Singapore, Ryoko. Here’s all the money you can grab. If Jack Neo can grab $6m selling his junks… This jackal will probably love to fuck you and he has $6m… which means, you are worth much much more than that. Give Singapore a try, compete for the ad dollars. If miraculously nobody wants you here, you can always sell sex in Japan.

Ryoko… please, I prefer to see the old Ryoko… sweet and positively charged.

I told myself I must blog about her… I must blog about her… I must blog about her…

Because if she does come, her legend continues. I don’t want her to sell sex…  even when I am a guy.

It’s the same towards Kate… I lust after her, but at the same time, I don’t want sex with her.

It’s probably a piscean thing.

I prefer to fuck a woman who feels for me. Otherwise, I’d feel like doing a hooker… …

It’s so meaningless.

So unromantic…

[Diaoyu Islands] It seems that China has decided on war… and is buying time to beef up its navy.

Good and bad move. Actually given the current Chinese military capability, with the right brains, China can win. Military China will be hawkish. And they will have all the reasons to… because the struggle of interests will intensify later on. No matter what, this period is one of arms race. And arming a state is for the sake of war. Nice.

There is no such thing as self defense or what in time to come. It will be a struggle of China either eats or be eaten.

Like it or not, China is still a juicy steak on the table as in the 40s~60s.

I very much doubt Premier Xi will realize the non-violent strategy to claim back those islands.

Of course, it’d be nice… real nice if China and Japan can have a… well… sporting go, wager a mini war to provide some entertainment, allowing the shocks of the mortals to amuse me…

But economics is still the theme of the day.

But it will not be so forever.

Peace treaties?

International relations experts never believe wars can be prevented with papers… …

South Korea, North Korea… China, Russia, USA… Singapore and Indonesia… If Vietnam or Philippines can’t fight, they will need allies… and allies of allies will be needed.


A wonderful concoction to come, and I am having a headache of what to do with Kate… …

Not a doubt, Singapore will be nuked. As for the vector to deliver the two nukes… … Let’s keep this a surprise from God.

I may be the next Father of Singapore… but that doesn’t mean I am not an archangel. With raw capability, I’d float this island of zombies, with an act of God… I’d just destroy it.

[The Fuck M] Thanks to ole Richard, the article is published… with a changed title (as usual). Then I spotted one comment:


Who is he? What kind of qualification has he got to claim such expertise on air pollution caused by forest fires?

Most of what he says is common sense. But some are downright nonsense. Some of his advice, paticularly about babies is laughable. Who dosen’t know that “prolonged exposure” is harmfull to babies!

He claims “The technical part of such air-pollution was studied when I was in Beijing, and a way developed to deal with it was conducted when I was in China”. Please describe the “way to deal with it” for everyone’s benefit. Drink green tea?

What institute in Beijing did the study and how is he connected with the study?

His qualification probably expects Coca Cola to tell him the formula…

The fuck…

Anyway, this is the sort of clowns PM Lee loves… so please go and fool our beloved PM. He doesn’t even read carefully before he shoots. Who am I?

Fuck you.

If you don’t want to read, go wait for your qualified MP to tell you what to do. Moron…

And what will your MP tell you?

“Go and take action and fight the haze lah…”

Yeah, fuck…

My first day in Singapore?

Will they tell you if those P2.5 particles are really serious, your fucking masks won’t even do shit? Your fucking eyes will be drooling blood… And all those stupid political leaders are buying up masks… If you need masks for this sort of haze, your lungs would be already malfunction! Which is, with or without masks, you’d die.

The same sort of clowns who claimed they were what fans of DPM Tharman when I openly asked my elected government for a quality career…

Why am I entertaining all these idiotic assholes?

Yeah, I have no qualifications, you can fuck off to PM Lee; He’d love you, not me. I only want talents, not papers. Thank you.

Reminds me of that Alex Yam chap…

Read his Facebook just now… OMG! He stupidly went and grabbed all those N95 masks and just distributed?! He is joining in the euphoria of paranoid inexperienced smart alecs called Singaporeans?!

OMG shit~

And who do smart Singaporeans think will pay for the ‘free masks’? You think those MPs will pay from their own banks? If this fuck haze goes on for years and the MPs would have to distribute like that and chase prices up to high heavens… Our PM is going to tell you, they will need to up GST again. But this is precisely what have been going on in other aspects. Inefficiencies… where instead of buying 10 new bicycles which you can use for 100 years, taxpayers pay $2,200 for a Brompton bicycle… and imagine the rust after 100 years… LOL~

With this hype fueled by ignorance rendering those masks tight in supply, how is he going to produce N95 masks if those who really need them come to him? And of course… by cutting down supplies, he is helping to drive up prices. Didn’t Dr Ng Eng Hen tell him about how to manage? And he is from NTUC…???

Actually I am not offended. I am just taking these people as jokers… clowns… you know, for entertainment. Watching them run about, giving them a bait here and there… But seriously…

One day, Singaporeans will have to make a decision… between qualifications and raw capability.

Ironically… from the grand master of Meritocracy:

“If Singapore has crap leaders, you will suffer… and it may take like forever for the last Mohicans to return to health…”

Ahem… I did change the quote a little, but the meaning is intact.

What Alex Yam and all those jokers busily distributing masks should do is to make an IC for every block in their constituencies where when you need masks, you know where to get for free. And who will be the IC?

Well… the good news is, in Singapore almost every housing estate is flooded with clinics… Who else but those clinics. Of course, doing things this way won’t ensure 24 hours distribution… But think about it, if the condition is already that dire, he’d have to go to a hospital. The nurses should be the ones to record and distribute and assess whether the residents need further help. Also, some masks can be distributed at 7-11s where the locations are further from housing estates for workers. This ensures those who stay indoors and can prepare the room to fight the haze won’t go all the way to (eg) Orchard Road to help drive N95 masks’ price further up.

Other arrangements are self-explanatory.

Besides, our MPs and grassroots leaders ain’t like going to do 24 hours distributions either… …

In short…

I am fucking disturbed that after 50 years of statehood and 100% education… I am living with brainless smarties… trying to tell me I have no qualifications. Yeah yeah~

If this is war and rationing… we will be a complete mess. LOL!!!

Fucking entertaining.

You call them leaders, and leaders-wannabes… Interestingly speaking, Lee Wei Ling should have told Lee Kuan Yew that his nervous problem plus stroke will be affected by exposure to the haze… … if Mr Lee is going to be managed by these… qualified leaders or civil servants as a resident… Hehehehehe~

Pardon the entertaining and downright hilarious imaginary scene.

I might as well reveal that… it is my precise intention to rise to power as someone with NO big fuck qualifications… as a nobody, because of my absolute disgust of idiotic fanaticism over a bunch of useless papers… piled into a term called Meritocracy.

This poison is supposed to cripple PM Lee’s administration, not mine. I am only interested in talents. And of course, this moron’s questions are totally irrelevant and ridiculous. When I am in power, I’d show him what papers can’t do and what raw capability can, and deal with this haze fuck problem once and for all. He doesn’t need to thank me or admire me. I can’t be bothered about mortals anyway.

KnighttaleYour children are inhaling  p2.5 particles as PSI hovers around 300… and 3 hours PSI can hit higher.

I can understand Minister Ng can’t take responsibility for halting activities in Singapore… so Singaporeans have to be expendables. He is a doctor, he should know the risks of subjecting humans to charges of PSI climbs and the workers are not as resourceful when it comes to dealing with possible aftermaths. He should know the masks are pretty useless if the concentration really hurts.

If I hadn’t met Kate again, I’d probably sit back and see show.

But I am thinking of Kate right now… …

Because her work environment is not exactly so always in an enclosed office. And every Sunday, Christians go to churches?

Will she be ok?

It should be also in the heart-breaking minds of many parents that the government is pushing the donkeys to work hard braving the pollution…

Like I said… even ISD one day will have to realize why Scope needs to make a dash for power. Because even their children would be dangling out there. I can understand the unhappiness because I love Kate, and she could be exposed to those fuck particles right now… joining the craze for N95 masks and told to function in events by the government despite 3 hrs PSI can reach 401… and probably beyond if 24hr PSI is expected to be hovering around 200…

But there will still be morons who will resist my claim to the throne… for now.

But as many more toads realize what they are facing… they will become my centurions when leaders alike from both sides are clueless… and even asking them for solutions. Why not Scope leads them instead to fertile soils?

This haze probably helps make things easier to understand of how easy it will be for my humble nobody self to grab power.

If my love for Kate… then her love for her children should turn her… towards me.

Like I said… I don’t need mortals to love me, all I need is for mortals to love themselves… and pray to me.

I don’t need to be Kate’s husband, I can be her leader… to guide her and protect her from harm due to stupidity.

She doesn’t need to love me or understand me when it’d take like forever to do so, all I need of her is to love her loved ones… …

It’s quite sad.

Because in order to float Singapore, you’d need absolute talents… superior grade capability, and that means… Kate’d never love me, because as a mortal, she’d never be able to understand me and she only lives once. If her pursue of money reaches the typical craze in Singapore, she’d be subjected to the influence of the morons. I may even have to confront her… as I have to confront the armies of zombies created by Mr Lee Kuan Yew… who is dying.

The ISD… police… the tons of civil morons… they are paid by the government and they take instructions from the government, but all of them are mortals… all of them have children. And they see their lords will subject their children to the hazards. It’s like… during war, you know this general is crappy, and you see he is telling men to charge and be sacrificed while he is hiding in his comfort zone, then you see Scope… then this general tells you… it’s your time, your turn that you and your loved ones must charge into battlefield… for his victory… …

You look at your high pay and your life and the lives of your loved ones at stake… and Scope is looking at you.

Mortals… how will you choose?

This is the reason why I never bothered about ‘loyalty’ and related crap ‘leadership issues’. Because when you need people to fight for you, at the height of crisis… the real issue is, can you lead, and…

…can they survive because of you.

If Kate loves her children as much as I love her, she’d turn to me eventually.

That’d be when the next Father of Singapore will step in… and address the crowd of zombies…

“Who will be my centurions?”

And once I reformed this sinking boat… Power will be absolutely in my clutch… because only idiots will want the demise of a grant from Heaven.

So first… I need the PM to lead the push against the people. Observing his personal inclination to choose elements for power… I have absolute faith he’d push everything off the cliff. Then I need those smarties at WP… and all other parties to bang against the government… showcasing their stupidity, and be witnessed by the zombies. When the avalanche strikes… they will have to turn to me for leadership.


Sorry… by then I’d be the one who sets the rules.

Of course, living among these craps is not easy.

But if Kate lusts for money, I lust for power… and her.

Am I wrong?

Should I just let some donkeys take over the rein?

Should I not lust for the woman I love?

Trust me… there will still be morons who’d try to smear me. But no matter how dirty I appear… …

Mortals are selfish, they want to live… they will fight for me… for their own selfish interests.

This is my definition of leadership.

In place of God, an archangel shalt provide… … and the mortals shalt pray… or be claimed by Hell.

I don’t understand why the Old Father of Singapore believes in the hatchet… … After Cold Storage, we have more and more and more opposition rising from the dust… After the fight and ‘victories’ against Dr Chee and the others, we have massive oppositions, and what is victory when it only succeeds in making PAP weaker and weaker… and the need to feed more termites to feel secured in power? But he is a mortal, and from history, he is not the first in this useless attempt. Party politics is an efficient killer to political stability…

Anything that drives off talents and floods you with qualified plus useless idiots is lethal, hence that includes Meritocracy and Control Management.

In his last days, Mr Lee Kuan Yew who has gone through Japanese and British regimes should see why Scope prefers to stay behind… and let him charged ahead. PAP claims to be setting up 23 committees for the haze… If this were indeed to be a leak of Sarin gas… by now, Singaporeans would be dead under PM Lee’s leadership. The hilarious thing… this is not the first time Singapore is being ‘gassed’.

While the PM wrote the second letter to Indonesia the outsider, Scope has already written many many asking for a quality career from Singapore… some assholes called me ‘clown’ for doing that… What do you think if Singapore can’t do anything for a citizen in its power that it can rely on the mercy of the outsider?


Singaporean assholes… …

Elected representatives should work in the best interests for its citizens… Indonesia is not PM’s elected representative. After this haze or burning… someone may claim credit…

…then for the profits, next year the burning can come again.

I am basically watching the netizens attacking the government while enjoying the music in my air-con room and blogging quietly in this serenity.

Who needs popularity… at such time? Not me.

You can respect me, you can don’t respect me. For now, it’s ok… …

Fight fight fight… Mr Lee Kuan Yew even said a few years back that he could still fight…

But the world has changed… it needs not barbaric fighters, it needs talented leadership. And I need a leadership who will be wise enough to give me a quality career. So far so bad.

All I get are mockeries… and even when those MPs jumped into my blog… they had nothing to offer but talk talk talk… and they didn’t even know what they are talking about.

I didn’t attend the protests… and some folks at the free media campaign may think I am not with them…

I am with nobody. I can’t be with anybody.

Because I am born a leader, and I am the decision maker… Power in the hands of mortals is pure disaster.

Mortals want to make judgement… with what?

No matter… SPP has scored a good point this time round, not because they distribute masks… but because they are quick to respond. Imagine someone in SPP saw the haze… then prepared the logistics, and quickly SPP moves out while they are smaller and poorer. I am wondering who is or are behind the move. Lina Chiam? If she is not wise enough for policies, then she is pretty smart for a housewife and deserves some attention. I’d need to quietly find out what happened…

During war, if Liu Bei suddenly could defeat Cao Cao, something must have significantly happened… It could be Xu Shu, it could be Zhuge Liang, and it can change the whole game.

On PAP’s side, some people said Vivian was flamed by netizens when pictures of him distributing masks went public. Actually as mentioned before, right now PAP’s only way out is ‘governance’, not just such casual acts. Which is, people will focus on how K Shanmugan and his MFA handle the matter, how Vivian fights the haze, and if PM will protect their interests and such.

As PM’s daddy said…

If his son cannot govern, people will throw him out…

And people are indeed throwing PAP out.

Actually whenever I fucked Meritocracy, I am also doing it for the Lees. Because obviously, this PM is suffering… or dying thanks to Meritocracy.

So this round is for the PM…

Fuck Meritocracy~

Then he can start composing his third letter to Indonesia with his entire orchestra waiting for July fat stipends… … When Parliament comes, I’d be looking forward to Tin Pei Ling’s newly composed story.

Like I always… you can’t rely on idiots for change. Just be patient… the termites will bring the entire house down soon enough.