Precious MomentsAccordingly to ‘history’… after I have  encountered Kate again, my end would be to die of cancer…

But destiny has a chance to change with the will of man in accordance to its fate established with the world.


In any case, the bickering between PAP and WP has just started with Minister Khaw and Sylvia Lim in parliament when tons of more important contingencies are waiting to be debated for public’s interests, and the parliament instead becomes the war zone over party politics. And Khaw’s firing-mode is not something I’d find grace in… He is giving the people the impression that “we are dirty, but so are you WP…” instead of anything really convincing  and concrete to ‘prove PAP’s innocence’.

To be honest, it’s quite expected. So I have opted not to touch on this talk cock parliament session but to observe how far the PAP folks will push the nonsense further in parliament. Neither do I support WP, despite the fact I am aware WP has a pretty hard time trying to wiggle out and perform. In this regard… both are rotten apples trying to gain the upper hands.

What hence amuses me is…

Mr Khaw also turned the tables on the WP, pointing out that its town council appointed — and handed large contracts to — FM Solutions and Services (FMSS), a company run by a husband-and-wife team who are long-time WP supporters and were, in fact, the assentor and proposer for former Hougang Member of Parliament (MP) Yaw Shin Leong in the 2006 General Election. The company was set up just four days after the WP won Aljunied GRC and it was given a S$5.2 million-a-year managing agent contract without the town council calling a tender, Mr Khaw said…

Mr Khaw was wrapping up the debate on the Ministry of National Development review report on the controversial sale of a town council management computer software by the PAP town councils to a PAP-owned company. Towards the end of his speech, he zoomed in on Ms Lim’s claim: “This is self-righteous and — pardon me for saying so — arrogant. Many of us in this House have been serving Singaporeans for decades, long before she entered this House. Please, don’t behave as if you’re the only patriot in this House.”

…He added that the PAP would not be “so stupid” as to want to deliberately disrupt the lives of residents in Aljunied knowing that the WP would make a political issue out of it and cause residents to pile the blame on the PAP…


I do not know how Khaw is going to turn the tables when nobody in the right mind will buy the arguments because the objective is to convince the public, and he cannot convince anyone in such fashion, nor do I see any way the PAP can convince the public… It is likely the fact that a ‘secret source of funding’ has set up a publicly low-profile company that obtained the tender seemingly after the tender ended, and got paid for buying over something developed using taxpayers’ money at super cheap price… and the people behind are PAP cadres… ex-MPs to be exact, and that would mean the residents have to pay more when a middleman exists unnecessarily’.

There are definitely other implications, but I prefer to not disclose because the main thing is still… the public will bark against PAP, so why should I waste time doing something to offend the beloved PAP government?

What matters to me in Khaw’s ‘debate’ is the mention of patriotism… Tons of Singaporean smart asses online talked about how patriotic they are, how much they love their country, bla bla bla… It’s more like Minister Yacob hails his own party and government, broadcasts his undying love for Singapore and the intense social duty and willingness to serve… when his own children are still USA citizens staying in the States instead being raised up in Singapore… Not to mention Emeritus Goh Chok Tong’s son-in-law probably feels the same way too and prefers to stay away from Singapore when Chok Tong became famous with his ‘quitter’ speech…

Obviously for Khaw alone… he didn’t have an idea of how to manage health care cost to decency, he is fucking up the housing situation for the next MND minister…  not to mention, he sided with TT Durai, was blind to Brompton’s ridiculous pricing, showed off his incredible $8 surgery by exposing his nipples as a minister, and… ahem… he is indeed a quitter from Malaysia. And recently, he is telling true blue Singaporeans not to fight for ‘degree certs’… while his own daughters are not from ITEs…

I am usually disgusted by shameless people claiming patriotism… … Of course, I am not saying Khaw is shameless or Sylvia is…  But there are indeed tons of shameless assholes who think they are very smart but are totally and practically useless to the state’s development while hoarding tons of resources, busily enriching themselves and trying to justify their craps to this bunch of sheep called Singaporeans…

Of course they love Singapore…

Singaporeans are a bunch of idiots who are happily paying for inefficiencies… and bending their hope on alternatives which are easily as useless and crappy.

If Khaw is really so patriotic to the meagre island  after quitting his motherland, since he probably realizes he is utterly incompetent… in order to serve the best interests of the people, will he step down and promote Scope’s entry to take over the ministry? Will he persuade the PM to step down and hand the island to capable hands?

Will he?

Or will he just prefer to stay in power, go to grassroots parties, take his millions of salaries and bonuses from taxpayers and let the problems get more serious… for his sake of patriotism?

And it’s not about him as well… … Will that Lee Lilian give up power and let Scope takes over? Will Low Thia Khiang gives up his position to Scope? Will Chee Soon Juan do so? Will Ang Yong Guan sell his house to bail out Dr Chee? Will Kenneth follow the lead of Scope?

In any case, this is the reality of politics… and all those nonsense about patriotism. Easy to prove, but not the time to really bother about this…

Now is the time to lay the path for my eventual rise to power… as the tiny ship continues to sink.

To be honest, I can’t really be bothered about AIMS or what craps those ex-MPs and existing MPs got… They either directly set up another AIMS or they simply hold directorships or are ’employed’ as CEOs in all those GLCs controlling Singapore’s economy and human resource management, ensuring idiots are employed and talents who are not with PAP left in the cold… and the ship will sink faster and faster and faster. As of now… our beloved PM Lee should be wondering what he is going to do, because comes 2016 election even if PAP survives… by 2021…

Of course… if Najib is rumored to be cheating to such a scale to retain power…

Why can’t PAP?

Nonetheless, it’s really kind of sad to see the all popular PAP ending up resorting to possible cheating… As a Singaporean seeing PAP’s rise from the 80s till now… we see enough to appreciate the cycle of rising and falling of a regime. Lee Kuan Yew… the first father of Singapore… survived party split with 1 vote that made a difference, managed to gain power… but with power… he forgot one thing that’d decide his records in history…


As the coming Father of Singapore, I must not only be able to govern like God… but I must be able to fight for power.

My rise to power will benefit USA, China, Japan and so on… aid global economic development… and be maintaining peace. To be honest, domestic governance is one thing, as a cosmopolitan, to play a part in global affairs through this role in a mini setup will secure Singapore’s future and world peace. But still, the number one thing to prepare… is the coming race to power. WP seems to be on the path to power that indicates the power race has started… but no. The real race comes when the vacuum has really widened and the doors open, and with other real competitors for a good competition… to float Singapore.

Right now, we only have smarties who think they are very smart, very heroic, and present a good future for the people with crap plans and useless attacks on government from policies to illogical blind smearing… and yes, they are useless to Singapore… and to Obama’s economic situation, and to Sino-Japanese conflicts… … You have a white elephant called the LKYSPP that is totally useless as political backlash hits the incumbent again and again… They don’t even understand where and what’s going wrong!


The real heroes are the ones who are still at the sidelines… watching those rabid dogs tearing each others apart, and spreading the disease to this bunch of sheep… We have more brains and the cure to want to engage in a useless fight with the risks running to high heavens.

Out of boredom, and for petty fun, I have commented against Mr Lim Swee Say’s policy belief that what ‘competitiveness creates jobs’ in his Facebook page… I don’t really care how he thinks nor those (blind) supporters will argue against me. The essence of my ‘goodwill advice’ is correct, will point Lim to the right direction, and I also briefly ‘warn’ against embarking on the existing path… but that’s at my calculation they can’t digest, and won’t be able to move in that direction, and yes… I prefer them to argue and argue and argue… as the situation got worse and worse and worst.

Simple issues in the hands of simpletons will get complicated to such point the simpletons will try simplistic ways to justify a way-point other than the goal to declare accomplishment… because they simply cannot reach the goal.

I have nothing personal against Lim Swee Say… despite that from records, he is a simpleton and will be utterly useless in the management of manpower matters… which is the desirable trait that PM Lee has preferred, because if they are truly smarter instead of chewing Meritocracy, with all those simple chores settled, how the fuck will I be the next Father of Singapore? How can Singapore end up in chaos… in assassinations, riots, corruption, a messy society of barbaric bullshits… and eventual economic demise without me? I am more interested to tease incumbent and opposition smart asses on policies… and the crap logic they are busily praying to… and I leave them to attack themselves.

The scale of this ridiculous barbaric culture-less joke can be shown in the recent Zainudin Nordin‘s gang-rape Democracy talk. I wasn’t defending him when I argued online that he said nothing wrong… but he seems to end up apologizing… for fuck? The following is what this silly MP was quoted:

People use democracy as a free-floating abstraction disconnected from reality. Democracy in and of itself is not necessarily good. Gang rape, after all, is democracy in action.

All men have the right to live their own life. Democracy must be rooted in a rational philosophy that first and foremost recognizes the right of an individual. A few million Imperial Order men screaming for the lives of a much smaller number of people in the New World may win a democratic vote, but it does not give them the right to those lives, or make their calls for such killing right.

Democracy is not a synonym for justice or for freedom. Democracy is not a sacred right sanctifying mob rule. Democracy is a principle that is subordinate to the inalienable rights of the individual.


So why the fuck is he apologizing? He can’t stand his own ground that when he chose to say something he knows has nothing wrong, and it is a quote from someone else? If there is nothing wrong he said, apologizing will mean he supports ‘madness’ or something that is obviously wrong. He becomes his own confusion, and he cannot lead. The only fuck he is apologizing is probably because the netizens are making noises, the netizens made noises because they can’t read English and are ignorant… and they are ignorant because they are blindly attacking…

And Zainudin apologized?

Seriously, for fuck?

To encourage more blind attacks on every single line he could be saying in future?

If the people are brainless, as a leader… you become brainless as well?

The reason why I have openly defended what he said online… and got banned by people as a result on Facebook is very simple… as in people picking against Chun Sing’s innocent talk about ‘equal start’, I have also said there was nothing wrong Chun Sing has said, I am strictly on what is right and what is wrong, I am defending ‘common sense’. As a moderate, it also is a ‘chance’ to establish my line of politics… Candidly, if I also embraced the madness… and sided with either sides… with what am I to unite a population already heavily diversified by PAP’s 50 years of crap governance?

These barbarians see very little value in common sense, they don’t care if the world is to collapse because of the blind fighting, they only care if you are PAP or oppositions, and they pick some lines and start a war on their crap fancies. Which is, without the need to even think properly, every will-and-fancy serves as a major diversification amongst madness of the population. PAP’s governance has never really touched on the basis of common sense… but of systems, and power… and of course… money. The government uses fines… and wealth to punish renegades and reward obedience without realizing this eventually creates an environment of radical communication breakdown whereby people will not listen to good policies, will no longer respond correctly to leaders and political stimulation and of course… control is lost ironically with control management.

Worse… as the people become impossible, so will the leadership…

As old batches of leaders are replaced by the newer generation, judgement and values become increasingly ridiculous because they will come from the same… pool of zombies who will also be expected to conform to the crappy governance.

Which is why… I always said… Mr Lee Kuan Yew will create zombies to fight against PAP to its eventual demise…

These zombies will respond effectively to nothing once they are set against the PAP. No reasons, no good policies… nothing except by pouring the reserves to temporary savage situation… because pouring so much money to make the zombies look their way only helps to create steep inflation forcing the zombies to subsequently attack the PAP harder.

Which is actually why I am willing to sideline myself… when all these are happening. And yes… feel free to argue with the next Father of Singapore.

You think I care about your pathetic idiotic arguments generated by a hollow confused brain… when domestic and global situation are at my finger tips, and the future will go in how I see it, then…

I will play by your rules… only because eventually it’d benefit me.

People can call me clown, idiot, whatever… cursing me or Lee Kuan Yew anything won’t make us any more stupid than their useless brains. The Father of Singapore comes about precisely because you only have whines but nothing else. You can ban me on Facebook, from forums… too bad, banning me won’t change the situation… that will NEED me to embrace power.

Go ahead and try…

I actually laughed and encouraged Khaw to have more ‘national conversations’ with those sheep… or even the world. They are just mortals, they never know what to do. The job will still be mine. Like I said before, there is no need to worry about constructive change with simpletons in charge. Once Low Thia Khiang becomes PM… or the WP has more seats… the problems will be passed to WP… and hopefully Hazel’s NSP, SPP, DPP, RP… … and they will all be politically destroyed by the will of God. Simply because they are merely mortals.

Power race makes easy, courtesy of… Scope.

Precious Moment 2Gang rape, after all, is Democracy in action…

The recent Malaysia Election should have explained my view about Democracy. To be honest, Democracy is a fuck system… and Scope is not religious to systems when it comes to people’s interests.

If I have been speculating PAP could be cheating big time in the coming election, of course I had been expecting Najib to do the same.  The number of votes against BN has for the first time being lesser than the opposition camp, but by Malaysia’s political system, BN can still retain power. What amazed me was BN’s scale of rumored cheating and the open blunt fashion in execution. To be honest, I salute Najib in a way… he’s really pushing all the way to cover the extra miles for power. And he has to… for without power to cover his ass, given his situation…

This is point-blank naked politics.

If Anwar and Malaysians stick to conventional politics, when the police, the armies, and the license departments are all under control of Najib… especially the coffer that is used to pay for the controls is in Najib’s hands… Anwar is finished. The only way out for Anwar is only riots… national scale riots… chaos… against a national scale cheating for power, because if there were to be cheating and BN gets away this time, you can jolly well expect them to do the same the next time, and the next time, and the next time…

So what the people scream at them?

They are in power. They control the guns and money… hence they control the existence of the commoners. All those curses, gatherings, protests online to show unhappiness are useless… It’s not as if Malaysia is known for great governance and nothing about black gold politics, that the people have not been expressing unhappiness. Gang rape just happened in Malaysia, so yeah… what can the Malaysians do?

Anwar probably realizes one thing…  he either bets that in the next election the entire Malaysia will turn to PR and overcome the cheating, or… he’d start to need overseas friends… and prepare for a national scale chaos.

PR has no choice but either to recognize the election results and be part of the existing government or… abstain from involvement and let BN be the only decision makers in parliament.

I am touching on this topic mainly to discuss the reality of Democracy… As wealth, without absolute power or guns to protect, Democracy is… after all, merely a textbook subject, an empty ideology… a stupid system. Power can be stolen, robbed at point-blank, or simply be extorted by whoever is stronger and has the muscle. Even USA has ‘observed irregularities’… stopping short of telling Anwar to negotiate with the world superpower of Democracy.

Democracy is good only when people are saints… or sages. The problem is, men are not perfect… and very very far from perfect.

I do not blame Najib for ‘Black Malaysia’… He’s a politician in Malaysia, a political culture of corruption and abuses of power… he was groomed and ‘educated’ in the environment under Mahathir, and ‘Malaysians can afford it’. To be honest… I personally do not see a sudden all white situation even if Anwar’s faction prevails; but for the future of Malaysia… BN eventually has to exit the political scene.

Whether there will be riots to come, it all depends on how much Malaysians want a better future… how hungry Malaysians are, and what will they do for Malaysia’s future.

It’s the same over in Singapore… just as Khaw and PAP folks were busy playing mud-slings with WP… … Though the game here is a little different. Singapore can’t afford a crap government for too long. Yet, as Malaysians, Singaporeans must be forced to confront the problems… and themselves. Whether we’d see blackouts and sudden appearing of boxes of votes in the coming elections in Singapore… that’d be another issue altogether.

In fact, I was hoping this will happen in the 2016 election… … not just for fun. It’d have very important political implications in times to come if the PAP were to be caught cheating.

The survival of BN promising reforms when it obviously doesn’t have the talents to do so is about the same as PAP… But in Singapore, we don’t have ‘Anwar’, yet. But as the political situation declines further, tons of opportunists will flood in, and an ‘Anwar’ can spring up… and be made use of… by me. The key is very simple, without reforms, Singaporeans will make noises to new heights and situation eventually will collapse. And just coincidentally…

…I am the only chap in Singapore who knows what to do.

Like I said years ago, when even Emeritus Goh would have thought it was a joke… I’d enter the parliament and take over power with raw capability.

On my side… actually I wasn’t quite hoping for BN’s loss in this election… for a reason. It’d be best if PR can take over at the next election, and I hope Malaysians should be ready by then… against all odds. The new government is best to happen just before the 2021 Singapore election.

If Democracy ever works, there will be no need for courts. The rights of individuals are as wealth… you don’t keep what you can’t protect, you don’t get what you won’t fight for.

In order to prevent another ‘gang rape’ in the next Malaysia election, there are a couple of practical things Anwar needs to do in these few years if he is not going to start some riots to rock Malaysia. Riots will give the police open excuses to deny his rights and even stop his political pursues, riots will also give the police reasons to weaken the supporters… Of course, the people don’t want riots but to continue making a living and walking safely down the streets. Riots will give criminals a chance to wreak havoc. But if used properly… riots can become a militant force against the incumbent, and force a new political landscape to be shaped.

But that will demand mastery in political planning and warfare…

The reality for Anwar is… he has to make Malaysia a Penang. If the support of Malaysians for Anwar can be as powerful as his supports were to be in Penang, it’d have to be very very high costs for BN to cheat, you’d need millions of banglas to vote for BN, and that’s not possible if you have at least 80% of voting rates, and that would mean… the local police will only take orders from Anwar… even if he is not yet elected. When the police is convinced and expecting that BN will lose control, it will be possible to move the police over to PR’s side… via cunning negotiation.

After all, what is the police?

When I was watching the 100,000 strong gathering to protest against the election frauds, I was wondering if that was a good idea. Eventually, I concluded that it was a ‘must’. There was no choice, you have to keep the supporters busy, and signal to the people PR means business. Besides… Anwar is not getting younger. Even if he were to be arrested and kept behind bars… it’s about time a new leader emerges at PR’s side.

Najib has witnessed from the total votes Malaysians’ sentiment and inclination towards BN… and probably realizes he can’t do much than PM Lee about reforms and… it’s too late to change course as well. I am very curious what the Premier has in mind… For a mortal, by right he’d be planning his escape route… By now, he’d have already flown part of his wealth out of Malaysia… He’d probably crack down on dissidents and increase sensitivity over anti-government elements… He’d probably do anything.

After all, you are going to lose, nobody likes you, and you can’t do anything to please anyone… what’s there to lose?

Such is the reality of politics… even in Singapore. Which explains why I prefer to stay on the sideline as a moderate… …

When Khaw accused WP of giving contracts to WP supporters, he should have reminded PM Lee that when WP becomes government… people will be coming after PAP’s piggy banks. You can expect the great Lee Kuan Yew to be described as a felon, that the great PAP was an evil bastard, and Loong could be labeled as a retard. This is part and parcel of politics, especially a version created by PAP and naturally be inherited by their Singaporean counterparts. Rationally speaking, WP cannot be expected to surrender those contracts to the hands of PAP-friendly folks…

The fight between fuckers…

For now, the reality of Malaysia political sphere that really captivates Scope is probably Anwar’s beautiful daughter, Ms Nurul Izzah Anwar. If I am not wrong, heard the rumor that Joseph Estrada (ex Philippines President) had desired the then naive girl. She takes on her mother’s features, and thanks to her father’s influence, she is now a political leader. She looks very juicy… not just her face, but the spirit in her. I like women… intelligent women who can put up a good fight, and is a cache of virtues. It’s all so elegant…

I bet she’d look mesmerizing in gowns.

Malaysia’s ‘uprising’ will of course has a spill-over effect into Singapore… especially when over the years, PAP has been like taking power for granted and religiously believing in control management. Short of talents, and the stuck political culture now binding Loong and suffocating his political life, the fighting spirit of rebellion spills into Singapore at a… godly sensitive time. Malaysia and Singapore… together the drumming for the fight for change resonates, complementing each other… Files and columns of zombies are flooding in… charging at Loong, while Scope is sitting at the back shaking legs.

The reason why I can’t help Loong is very simple… He should know why.

Too bad… I am the only critter who could have saved his skin.

Loong won’t understand how his Dad felt when he was begging Heaven for that one vote to preserve PAP, he won’t understand the riots and madness his Dad experienced. Which is, he won’t understand the next Father of Singapore as well. In order to remain in power… what will Loong do?

Many years ago, some PAP goons said I didn’t understand politics… said what you have to get what Malays and Chinese and all those representations and bla bla bla… I laughed, without explaining anything.

Today, if anyone were to say this to me…

…I’d still just laugh it off and explain nothing.

Even towards Kate… I don’t think I need to say anything. Neither will she understand, neither do I need her approval nor want her to be involved. She probably wants money and sense of security. I lust for power, and an adventure. God obviously sent an archangel because of the drastic political challenges Singapore can’t afford to drag.

But if Kate were to be single and will embrace my love… I’d dump Singapore into Hell and leave this cursed island of stupid toads.

To be honest… Kate is worth it, because I do love her.

In reality, she is just a mortal. How to click?

All she probably thinks could be just to boot-lick for a stable life, be ‘smart’ for the money… get a flat, get some kids, and wait to rot in wines and dine… I know Kate… she’s not destined to be ‘great’. All they are thinking is higher and higher income to chase inflation higher and higher… right or wrong… is merely a subject of gossips.

I do not like ideologies… be it politics or Kate. But I so very frequently find myself imagining her by my side, talking intelligently about worldly affairs, supporting my dreams… behaving like an angel. This is sweet, but reality is not. She is after all another Singaporean woman… with typical Singaporean pursues, with mortal considerations and intelligence… and all the bad habit of a normal soul. It is a dream that will never come true… which I knew from the days when we first met.

In any case… … what is more important is to make sure she stays out of my path.

But the urge to sneak down to take a peep remains strong… … How I wish she’d be by my side so that I can see her everyday, talk to her everyday and enjoy every moment together through this long and boring wait for Loong to push the entire house down the cliff.

Hordes of opportunists will be coming… it’s only a matter of time PAP collapses. Like I said years ago… my main problem won’t be PAP… … I’d even prepare a nice farewell letter to praise PAP for their great contributions as the people discard them. From very little… I have seen this coming. I would have gotten a ‘doctorate’ for being a prodigy if Meritocracy really works… only that there isn’t such a subject. Since I am not Dr Scope, Loong’s administration will have no good place for me, so Loong can push the administration down into Hell. That’s how Meritocracy works.

And yes. You can dream long long that I’d let Meritocracy poisons my era…

The first thing I do… among the first things I do once I got the power… is to replace that fuck poisonous Meritocracy with my Talent-based structure. Only talents will support my regime… only talents can reform. And only by getting talents under my banner will ensure they are not working against me… … Governance is actually very simple… Cherish the limited handful of talents God has sent and gather them to work for your pursues. And talents will get you more talents… Loong gets one Tin Pei Ling… and offends the talents, hence isolating himself in his endless struggle against the zombies.

What’s better…

His Dad is well-known to be very stubborn.

I am not so much hungry for money… because when the world is pushed into Hell, money will come from people desperate to save their own skins… I am more hungry for talents.

Which also explained why when I took the seat at the cold bench, I know PAP is finished. So will WP, and NSP… and all those parties infested with mortals.

But Kate won’t be with me as I am fishing for power. Normal souls will probably mock at me, call me mad… … Years ago, nobody could have expected or understood what I said… the mechanism to the events which are happening now. In that ‘Golden Era’, a term coined by Mr Lee Kuan Yew, it was very safe to talk about it… because nobody will buy those ‘craps’. But now… it’s time to hold back. I was hoping to meet another great mind who can think alike… But there isn’t any in Singapore.

Finding Liu Bei is no longer my priority… becoming Liu Bei is. We have to be very flexible… History is history, contingencies never wait. When it is time to combine Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei into one, then so be it.

If there are other talents for the coming power race… he/she should have realized instinctively that he/she must form a team with me. Great minds think alike. At such time, talents have to work in a team, and not fighting against each others. So I totally welcome rejections and bans and such, because it helps to filter the morons out efficiently and effectively. Those who can’t talk sense… will only be liability. Talents will be hungry for other talents, because the job demands so.

It also explains why I don’t really aim to make the blog viral. Because beyond the fun of seeing hits rushing in… … I am more interested in other things. I have really no use for the hits.

The coming race to power is pretty clear-cut…

It’s the fight for talents.

And I want them all under my banner.

The interesting thing about Lee Kuan Yew’s governance is… He knows he needs to see a doctor if he is sick, but he doesn’t think that when it comes to politics you need political talents… so it ends up any Tom, Dick and Harry can become state decision-makers, and any one can be civil sector heads… and leadership is merely a system. In a way, it’s like when you need a political leader, you get someone who is good with assholes, and when your asshole got problem you rush to see your MP instead of going to hospital.

And everyone is trying to stay in power hoping that the honeymoon years will last forever… …

But honey comes from bees… you can’t be just interested in the honey and let the bees die… and mutate into vicious hornets. The problem with PAP all those years is precisely that… they are only interested in the honey, and fuck care about everything else. And they think it’s very smart…

Yeah, they are very smart… …

Scope is not smart, so I stay away respectfully from the smarties. And yes… I have better things to do than to be an activist joining the protests and cursing the government such as… ogling Khaw Chun Ting.

Mr GoodMorningThere are plenty of things happening in Singapore which I have no interest no mood to cover.

Not important.

Besides, I am doing something else… other than blogging, gaming, doing videos and helping my women with orgasms.

I actually did put up a couple of videos at my Youtube channel, and I welcome Fallout fans to check how I had done. Your playing style and mine could be different, and the way I present the gameplay could be different from most others. I guess how you deal with a game also reflects on how you approach things. I am thinking about narrating… and have fumbled for about 20 mins to get the mike working. Pretty laughable… I found the recording failed a couple of times only to discover later that I had missed the switch on the mike.

I have also gotten a new camera… It’s a Canon A2600 because the old camera was heavily damaged and now… it’s gone. Despite running on CCD, the digital camera is pretty decent, and while there are online complains about using it in low-light condition, there is a function on A2600 for shooting in low-light, and the result is pretty decent to me. Well… if I really need one to shoot professionally in the dark, I would have gotten a DSLR camera… Problem is, I prefer the ‘auto’ on A2600, letting the program to focus and shoot than me trying to fumble the switches to decide so many settings…

And the nice thing is, while I prefer to get cameras with 5.0mm~25mm instead of anything lower than 5.0mm, the minimum distance between the lens to my face is much better than the old broken camera. And also, it’s cheaper and comes with a 3″ LCD. After getting to use it for a couple of days, I find it a good purchase. Online review claiming that it can’t change the distance of view during recording is false. It’s actually very cheap… only at S$160. The free 8gb SD card means I can start simple half HD video captures.

Well… if you don’t want the hassle of DSLR camera and want a decent piece, I do recommend getting Canon’s A2600. The only part that I am not happy is that the video format cannot be read by my Windows Media Player, and I’d still need Quicktime… I was hoping to get a camera with a video format that can conveniently be displayed by Windows Media Player. At 5x optical zoom, it’s about more than enough for me.

Now to the thing I have more attention to than the purchase…

For people with HSV, the good news comes…

As anyone who suffers from recurrent cold sores knows, herpes is a master escapist. This family of viruses – including strains that cause lesions on the genitals, infectious mononucleosis (glandular fever) and, in some cases, blindness and birth defects – is able to wriggle free of the body’s defences, reactivating after lying dormant for long periods. Now a new drug that denies the virus its means of escape could lead to treatments that keep herpes locked up for good.

When the virus infects cells, the body defends itself by wrapping up the viral genome in a structure that blocks its genes from being expressed. The virus can escape this straitjacket, though, by hijacking some of the cell’s own enzymes to unwrap itself. Once freed, the virus takes hold and spreads.

Thomas Kristie at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Bethesda, Maryland, and colleagues have developed a drug that inhibits the enzymes the virus uses to free itself – stopping it from escaping. “The virus becomes silent,” says Kristie.

The team tested their treatment on mice infected with herpes simplex type 1, which causes lesions on the mouth and eye.

About a month after infection, once the virus had entered its dormant stage, the researchers removed neurons from a brain region behind the eye where herpes lurks, and cultured the cells. They found they were unable to reactivate the virus. “You don’t ever get the virus coming back,” says Kristie. The drug also appears to limit the spread of the initial infection.

New drug arena

This approach of inhibiting the enzyme that the virus hijacks could lead to new treatments that shut down the herpes family of viruses at an early stage of infection. It might even work on other viruses that take over cells in a similar way, such as HIV. “This could open up a new arena of antiviral drugs that hit a number of viruses,” says Kristie.

“It’s neat that they got such a potent effect,” says Robert White at Imperial College London, UK, who was not involved in the study. But more work is needed to investigate possible side effects, he says, since the drug is likely to be knocking out more than just the host enzymes used by the virus. “It’s a bit of a sledgehammer.”

Journal reference: Science Translational Medicine,

When this article was first posted, it incorrectly stated that the treatment had been tested on Cytomegalovirus as well as herpes simplex type 1

This is good news. The problem is… when you come to the note at the bottom, it becomes pretty confusing. A lot of chronic viral infections could be stopped going by the article. While HSV 1 is not an STD… it can be easily spread by kissing, through saliva hitting your skin, through simple unsuspecting hand-shakes, rubbing at sweaty rugby, soccer or basketball games, through hotel towels and bed sheets and even simple socializing with strangers…  The herpes family of viruses is pretty sickening, that includes Chicken Pox.

Be it HSV1 or HSV2 or HIV…

This is in response to your follow-up email dated January 16, 2013, to Thomas Kristie, Ph.D., at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), National Institutes of Health, regarding the compound ML324 and herpes simplex virus (HSV).

Firstly, ML324 is a synthetic molecule, made in the laboratory. It is an experimental compound, not yet approved for any medical indication.

Drugs like ML324 prevent the virus from initiating infection once inside the cell. The ultimate fate of the repressed virus is not known but it is possible that the genome is not maintained in the infected cell (especially during mitosis). It is anticipated that the virus would be cleared by various mechanisms. The point however, is that the virus could not replicate and spread to other cells. In the absence of replication, there is no viral shedding. A person would not be expected to take the drug indefinitely, only during a recurrence of HSV. Other possible uses include topical (eye drops) for individuals with recurrent HSV keratitis, or during organ transplant to repress HSV and hCMV (another herpesvirus) which complicate transplants.

Studies in animal models are currently underway to further assess these compounds. Such studies will help determine the safety and establish an effective dose.

As for MAOI drugs currently on the market, A physician can prescribe them for herpes, but this would be an off-label use (not approved by FDA for that indication). MAOIs may have potential for HSV control, especially in severe cases. However, drugs like ML324 specifically target infected cells and would have a more potent effect.

We hope this information will be helpful to you.


Correspondence Specialist
Legislative Affairs and Correspondence Management Branch
Office of Communications and Government Relations
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases


It does sound weird because it mentioned about taking some funnily named drug during recurrence… instead of immediately after initial outbreak. Reading on yields that MAOI refers to a prescription drug for anxiety called ‘Parnate‘. But it seems like Parnate has somewhat considerable side-effect/s… There are other developments when it comes to HIV and HSV as well. For HIV, I suppose a cure should be round the corner in about less than 5 years… provided everything goes smoothly. I am more hopeful on gene therapy… I still remember some folks actually are talking about designing alternative CD4 cells to replace the infected CD4 in HIV patients.

Hopefully, after HIV, HSV breakthrough will come fast. The herpes family of viruses includes many latent but potentially dangerous troublemakers. And if you ain’t infected from 12 to 30 years old (before the thymus stops working), an infection with Chicken Pox or HSV1 can kill… …

Whenever I read about potential viral infections and diseases… I feel… uneasy.

There might be huge pharmaceutical companies who are against scientists’ cures, but there should be other companies interested to profit from the cures as well. Sometimes I wonder… … Is it really ok to read so much about diseases? It makes me really sick reading so many threats… to know that herpes viruses such as Chicken Pox is never latent but is always suppressed by our immune systems, and worse… to know HIV exists… to know HSV1 also will try to attack immune cells…

Many years ago, antibiotics changed the world… mankind thought they were free from the ills of bateria… then bateria develop resistance, but is still manageable. Then now, the age against viruses rises… Thanks to HIV, huge amount of resources are poured into related fields, attracting more scientists and intensifying attempts to discover… The medical field rapidly pushes boundaries…

Will I see the day when the cures of HIV, HSV and other cancerous diseases emerge?

And in all these important fights against diseases… where is Singapore?

How can I switch on and off genes… to fight off those madness unleashed into a world beyond naked eyes can grasp?

Destiny is… I am supposed to die due to cancer… … but I have so many things to accomplish… it’d take forever to do, and I desire to wait forever before getting cancer.

I am feeling weak again…

It’s about time to test for STDs… … I love the women I am fucking… but I don’t and can’t trust women. And I don’t want to ignorantly infect women I love and who love me.

Love is what makes us immortals…

But disease is such ridiculous punishment for its making… …

I desire to fuck in peace.

Is that too much to ask?

Scope ChronicleLooking forward…

Beyond the deceptions by the political participants, I actually have more concerns over those who are working with the government than people such as Nicole Seah, Jee Say and so on. It is a better way than to say that the government is serving their interests… I am referring to the many gold mines supporting PAP government from all over the world. Commoners consider them dirty money, but money is money, and transferring those money from corruptions and abuses to Singapore to be used for the people is much better than the money transferred to Switzerland or elsewhere…

And most importantly, corruptions and abuses elsewhere cannot be decided by shunning those monies.

In the layman’s understanding, even gangsters and hookers and AIDS patients need to spend money and vendors have to collect from them… It’s called a simple circulation of funds. At a lower level, very few will complain about coffee shops taking money from loan sharks to sell coffee and tea, then use the money to support the police through paying tax…

In preparation for the coming power race, to people such as Thaksin, Lee Kah Shing and other funny funny chaps… they will be looking at basically two options… can they still risk with a PAP that cannot readily cover itself anymore? Will they still hence conduct businesses with PAP entities or under PAP management with ease of minds? These are all real risks, because even if they hedge by collaborating with WP, they should know WP also won’t manage to survive politically if the crap governance issues generated by PAP is now passed over to WP… or for the matter, any other parties.

They will have to start making a decision… And it’d get pretty easy, because I’d be able to handle all those issues, and secure power along the way, hence creating a ship that’d last to load all those businesses on board.

While Nicole Seah’s presence did make a splash among the commoners… but speech is one thing, making persuasive criticisms against a dying regime is easy, but governing is not. Especially in the current setting, immediately after PAP collapses, the impossible burden to set things right is simply impossible for not only Nicole but everyone else… except Scope. And in politics… such persuasive speeches stop at where the people need to face their own hunger for more interests, and when these overseas supporters of PAP will have to decide… who to choose to further and consolidate their interests.

Apparently, choosing to work with WP and other parties will be like choosing DPP after LDP and seeing LDP jumping back again… and if LDP still cannot handle, it’d be more roller-coasters to come… and nobody in the right minds want their businesses to enjoy such risks, plus any unusual arrangements or funds to be subjected to political risks.

So here comes their options… To be friendly parties to me, to ally with me, to support me, or let Singapore goes on a roller coaster ride… with dimmer prospects and fluctuating risks to their investments?  If they are hedging against a declining PAP management, I should be their first and only option. Because only with political and governance mastery can the power be secured to support their interests while consolidating Singaporeans’ interests.

This is the real concern about politics… …

Let’s not be naive…

My political goal is not about crushing the ‘evil PAP’ or cleansing global corruptions beyond the walls of Singapore. My government shalt work with any friendly parties to further the interests of Singaporeans. I desire talents even who are with the oppositions. This is possible only because my core is strong. PM Lee can’t… Say, if I were to be a minister, I’d be probably the only chap who can reform so many ministries and dealing with all those simplistic contingencies those simpletons are complicating themselves with… which is, the real PM becomes me when I have to make all the decisions and be consulted with every move and have to know every thing, and people will flood to me instead of him. Which is why PM Lee is so weak… He cannot support a dynamic powerful lieutenant.

But I am different… I can support power-hungry and very talented lieutenants, because I am the father of all reforms… Those powerful critters will be my children…

As governance weakens with Meritocracy infesting the entire house with termites, good officers won’t be happy with the government as Goh Keng Swee would be fed up with the colonial government… it so explains why PM Lee’s stubborn and glaringly naive approach to politics is killing PAP… and a reverse is impossible once he has entered his second term. When the good officers themselves look at PM Lee’s track records, look at Tin Pei Ling, Ang Hin Kee and the bunch when such a time requires better leadership, they of course will be switched off… for good. I do not even need to analyse for the prediction that PM Lee’s next batch of selected leaders will go nowhere.

So now… those who will please the PM enough for promotions are usually from the pool of bad officers who are useless or nothing but troubles for the state.

Unknowingly to the PM, he has already entered an era whereby his supporters are supporting him to his demise.

This always happened in history before the collapse of a dynasty.

Which was why I said, this is the era where the fight will be based on talents so many years ago.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew should ask himself… why did he withdraw from Japanese service? If he were to be outside politics and is a civil servant, how will he feel towards PAP? How will Goh Keng Swee feel? What will Rajaretnam do? And what will be flooding the PM? Why will he himself be compromising… without the greed, the lust for promotions and… the habit of conforming? It’s very glaring by now, the people’s hope that PM Lee will prove different or… somehow the son of Lee Kuan Yew will be more enlightened has been dashed. Which is of course, no matter what he said or promised, nobody is likely to take him seriously…

In short, the tendency is… PAP under his own son will likely be fighting more and more elements of qualities similar to Mr Lee’s old preferred comrades… and in that sort of blind party political fighting, the PM weakens himself at an exponential rate.

Hence, we look at the other side of the equation…

It’s a very very practical concern when it comes to governance. As easy as it is, absorption of talents is not a culture in Singapore where people are… instinctively short-sighted and greedy beyond limits. There is nothing about the oppositions to really the need to cover, but the other side also includes thus the ‘friends of PAP’ we’d need to cover. What do they really want? Basically, it’s their self-interests.

Thaksin himself experienced political shake-up, and was in exile… if there was any donkey smarter than a chimp, his wealth in Thailand could have probably frozen and confiscated. He probably knows powerful can become no-power, no-power can become powerful… when the time comes. If people like him were to look at Scope… how will he decide in his best interests? How will the other magnates decide with regards to Singapore’s concerns?

This is something that I have been considering since a decade ago… They will either help someone else, or… they can support me.

In my humble understanding of situation… their best interests will lie in supporting me while the PAP is heavily bombarded… by anyone but me, because I am more interested in policies and common sense, not blind smearing and jumping into the front-line. For fuck?

Contrary to what a lot of local politician-wannabes and smartalec activists think, Singapore’s political demands are not exactly simple. As a cosmopolitan we need to work a Singapore beyond… Which was why I never really condemned what tyrants or corrupted big fucks when they came to Singapore for medical care or best… ‘investing’ in Singapore. As long as they keep their nonsense out of Singapore, it is not really within Singapore’s lone power to cleanse the fuck world of fuckers. And in real, men are not perfect. It’s much more mature to take their monies and organize a friendly NGO to respective areas of sufferings to aid them with spare resources.

I am always more concern of which is more practical for the problems.

This line of political thinking will become increasingly critical in the power race later… …

To the current political parties, it’s more either you are the enemy or an ally… which is, they are not overlords who will unite the people. As the problems in Singapore got to the extremes, the fight becomes uglier and of course to the extremes. But nothing productive will result. And what will the New Citizens think of their future as… Singaporeans? These people have no gratitude to their homelands, and they can’t be expected to have gratitude to PAP if PAP messes up governance and they have to be stuck in the mess as well with their children. Especially for those PMETs who have no need for PAP… and heavily ambitious and interests-minded, these New Citizens are exposed to ideas alien to the PAP. And many expect them to be grateful for their citizenship and vote for PAP?

Ironically speaking… I have encountered tons of such New Citizens who saw Singapore as a place of madness and found the government ‘not as great as them’. I am not surprised when Chen Show Mao jumped out… They quitted their motherland for better interests in Singapore, they assess their future and their kids’ future under PAP… of how PAP has treated true blue Singaporeans, just as the younger generations are getting angrier with their prospects as they see how the older generations are suffering and dumped and they see themselves working to death for a meagre pay and their CPF locked up…

I do not understand which idiots think that the New Citizens are fools… and will automatically vote for PAP due to the citizenship…

They have no roots in Singapore, their relatives are overseas, their children are going to be Singaporeans, they are also going to be facing the problems from further population influx…

Voting is secret… while the New Citizens are infiltrating government services and grassroots bodies… and even NTUC, will they really vote for PAP?

Are they really politically apathetic?

As Malaysia was having its election, Singaporean forums came to life… … To BN’s ‘special tactics for victory’, even Singaporeans are not ‘happy’.

As a New Citizen working in a government body and in a grassroots body quietly said…

To keep his job, he’d praise the PAP and praise PM in his facebook… while he has voted for the oppositions to fight for a better future for his children.

This is called ‘Street Smart’.

They are not cheap banglas who were paid to go to voting stations to cast a vote. They consider their future based on PAP’s past records and current leadership, and do the same thing before they quitted their motherlands and jumped into Singapore… They love their motherland but vote for Singapore, they praise the PAP and vote against it… maximizing their individual interests. While for the others, they opted to migrate again.

Which was probably why despite of the jump in foreign influx over the years, PAP still enjoy considerable losses during recent General and Presidential elections.

If the government is not preforming and seeks to stay in the job, people from anywhere will not be happy. Which is why I am actually not so bothered by foreign influx over elections to come.

They don’t come here because of PAP. If PAP cannot govern, they know… they are street smart.

The coming power race… especially after 2016 election will be full of surprises. A lot of things will change as events are forced upon Singaporeans.

Will Singaporeans riot?

Considering this… we do have a pretty over-zealous chap called Dr Chee… and he has his own supporters… and people who desire oppositions to go more… much more extreme. If we can flood Hong Lim Park with thousands of protesters, like a tank of fuel… we only now need a sparkle… So what do you think?

I do see great things to come… LOL~

I am not against PAP… this is simply how I see things. And feel free to argue against or take it as a joke. After all, I am the clown and the idiot… you are the smart ass.

Of course, by now… you don’t need to be smarter than a donkey to expect such excitements ahead. But there will always be Catherine Lims and Cheng Bocks who believed that Singaporeans are merely sheep… who will never vote against PAP out of fear.

Nonsense. Illogical.

Many oppositions also sang that fear was a factor… I don’t understand… even when Chiam See Tong and JBJ and Low Ah Khiang were voted in, including that Ling How Doong… why didn’t they get it? It was never because of fear Singaporeans won’t vote for craps… it was because they couldn’t even think properly to justify a change.

As more Singaporeans will form a bigger and bigger crowd for protests as PM’s very smart and capable fourth generation of whatever push the situation further to the extremes…

Dr Chee should be fucking pissed…

“Why didn’t I wait for a crowd this big, but led a walk that small?!”


To the Dr Chees, imagine having led a portion of a 10,000 strong crowd on a march… that’d be anything from a few hundreds to a thousand flooding the streets, and from there… you only need a couple of troublemakers to smash and rob and steal… like those chaps in Europe and Middle East… … situation will suddenly got out of control, and here comes the historical political scandal of PAP government… while I will be sitting on the cold bench with my fruit punch and grin, and prepare to join the power race.

Meritocracy… it can kill, indeed.

The Old Father of Singapore is not the only one who can tell people horror stories… so can the New Father of Singapore.

I am however more interested to know… how those big fuck supporters of PAP will think of my creativity… … after all, assessing situation, how will they judge my value in this mess?

Then and again… with or without them, I have no choice but to step in… and stabilize the situation… unless Mr Lee Kuan Yew really thinks anyone in PAP can, or anyone of those opposition hot air balloons can…

Once riots come… Singapore will have to enter a new phase… of police and thieves, or even more draconian approach, higher handed control management… and accelerating chaos. Bear in mind that now… there is no longer that big fat juicy carrot that can make everyone happy… with only the stick, it’d be forced revolution.  And with riots come assassination drives, and that… with the army depots so close… sacking the armory for weapons could follow. You cannot underestimate what people will do to return fire… When the police will have to crush dissidents like that, the court becomes weakened… laws will be fought against… and its effect lost gradually.

Interest groups will rise, so will foreign interventions… their power grows as the administration becomes weak. And with political instability, the economy will likely have a problem.

Tell me… how long do you think Scope can still sit at the cold bench?




Everything must go with the script… and according to the script, I’d indeed be the next Father of Singapore… the most powerful man of a tiny island… whom morons called a clown. And with my political mastery and economic capability, I’d extend my influence to cover world peace… so that states will come to me for consultations… or else, they can war and collapse and perish. Either way, that’d be the new height of Singapore.

One man… is going to make a very big difference… …