So here comes the Year of the Snake. So happy Chinese New Year to myself.

This blog always serves myself talking to myself… and whoever comes to this blog is not my problem, and must stick to the ‘terms and conditions’ which naturally apply to everyone from wherever you are.#1

And today… it’s Valentine’s Day.

The evening news has a wife who presented her ang moh husband a gift… It was a simulation flight to Hong Kong because the ang moh dick dreamed of being a pilot since childhood. During my childhood, those ‘friends’ wanted to be soldiers, pilots, astronauts, bosses…


I wanted to be the Father of Singapore#2. But it was something that I couldn’t say back then… till now. It was not because it sounded grand, but because there will be a demand. I knew there will be a demand. Those were the kids in 1980s… There is sadly no such thing as simulation in politics… it’s a very realistic game of power. There is nothing technical but wisdom about it. And yes…

It’s not very easy to be comprehended by mortal minds. Especially to the morons produced by the decades of education… and fed in a cultural desert, power is a notion of barbaric fights with no regards to moral or other concerns. The English text with regards to power is simply about who is in control after a fight… So leadership in Singapore for commoners is very simple…

Just lead your people into danger, fight it out… if dead, then LL… if not you get to loot everything. It’s really like a gamble. I have come across leadership programs which I never signed up for talking about action, about taking charge, about fighting… Basically bullshitting to the max.

Leadership is always about the interests of your followers.

You keep them safe, you keep them alive and you make sure leaders have a role and followers have a role.

Do you pray to God to have more challenges or to die, or to stay happily alive?#3

PM Lee made huge mistakes because he jumbles things up with Meritocracy. How can leaders be made to follow? How can talented be made subordinates to the blind?#4

Mortals will make all the noises about how they see things, how they see Scope…

I don’t care about them more than how situation is developing… because those mortals are not important, situation is.#5

Besides… …

Even belated Mdm Lee also wished Mr Lee Kuan Yew to be ousted… Women are like that… before they realize their men become political leaders and are getting all the goodies, most cannot be expected to support. Mortals, especially women… they are either mad enough to join the oppositions for some big crappy ideologies, or they will be happy that their men are selected by PAP to be election candidates… then subsequently shocked when they realize the WP becomes the incumbent.


So that’s my main ‘interest’.

If Kate likes money, I like power… Of course, the basic factor is still, if I don’t take over power… some monkeys will#7. Kate will never give me any simulation that will satisfy me… because if I am not in power, Singapore will be a trash can to stay in. This fight is imminent, because there is no choice. If you think the CPF and inflation situation is bad now…

You haven’t seen the real thing yet.

Before that, people can say Scope is delusional, crazy, not down to earth… for fuck I care. I do not need to explain everything, not to say… I hate explaining anything.

You either be part of my rescue mission, or you get in the way…

The design for politics is very simple… Singapore is a young state, not even a nation… Under PAP, the elites literally monopolize everything, and even the ‘elected’ President has elitist criteria such as must be what boss of what big organization and all those craps. Lee Kuan Yew has totally forgotten how the British fell so easily… under that fucking elite called Percival.#8

That time when elitism caught the trend, I was in primary school. Singapore needs a political history of a rise of a nobody to somebody right to the top, where talents rule, where governance must prevail over elitist craps. If I am Lee Kuan Yew’s son, he’d probably be elated. But I am not. Hence this political history is possible.

Imagine… if PM Lee were to be superb, if PM Lee has ability to promote capable lieutenants, if PM can challenge the system his father has laid down… if PM Lee can govern properly…#9

Who is delusional?

It seems madness when people see a huge white elephant… but in real, when you add the word ‘dying‘ in front of the ‘huge white elephant’… anything can win against a dead dino. It’s like a magic trick, before you know the catch people will ‘wow wow wow’, but when you realize the catch… …

Valentine’s Day… …

By now, Kate should be celebrating with her husband in a posh restaurant, with plenty of flowers and songs, then a romantic walk down the Singapore river… She is a woman, she is only young once…

Kate’s existence is discouraging. Every time I think of her… especially during Valentine’s Day, I feel the urge of dumping Singapore to those monkeys. My distaste for these disgusting mortals fuels up as much as I am missing her. It’s a destructive sentiment I find myself fighting to contain.

She’d never be my Valentine.

She is just another mortal in this moronic city… … She is in the arms of another.

Every time… I desire to dump this stinky piece of island to those assholes whenever she crosses my mind. Every time…

I have to suppress any intrusion of hatred, keep it locked to stay focused… Sometimes, I fear I’d fail the suppression. Henry VIII and Catherine’s mishap must not repeat. Singapore must not fall into the hands of those monkeys. It’s really hilarious… the future of Singapore is shaking because of Kate#10.

She shouldn’t be in the equation. But she is now.

“Stay away, for my love will burn you into ashes…”

The BoxMet AL recently.

She had moved to Hong Kong after our brief relationship years ago. She has returned to Singapore because she is now with another man… another man who is currently married. The man is doing business in Singapore, and in a sense… AL is now his mistress.

She is feeling tired of the relationship that will go nowhere. And most importantly, she is losing the excitement with him.

I didn’t know what to say.

She gave me a call a few days later so…

She has dyed her long hair gold, without much makeup she still looks stunning… her figure is still perfect. Her story made me felt rather guilty. We fought over things back then, I know she has a big temper that’d blow up and go off as fast. Otherwise, she is a perfect social creature…

Her eyes are mesmerizing.

She is not bothered about the label ‘mistress’. To her, man is man. As long as she feels in the game, she’d stay; otherwise she’d leave. But I still feel bad about it.

We booked an hotel room, she stripped herself… she took off my shirt and pants… kneeled and gave me a blowjob. I carried her up and literally threw her onto the bed as she giggled. I laughed, pulled her legs apart… and suddenly hugged her tight.

“I just want to hug you, AL… don’t move.”

I didn’t penetrate her. I just wanted to have that feel back… that lost feeling of hugging her years back when we first made love. I wanted to feel her soul…

She squeezed her naked body into my arms, and pressed her head onto my chest.

“I am leaving that old man, Scope…” She whispered. “Hug me tight…”

Is that a good news…?

My hand sneaked to her cunt and caught her by surprise. Her moans got so intense she kissed me and pushed me into her… without the condom. That means I’d have to get another STD check soon… I totally trust her body, I just don’t trust that man.

If she is leaving that chap…

But I am seeing a new girl.

I am so short of time… …

♥♥♥   ♥♥♥












无论李小龙总理或刘阿强点什么将,老夫是无所其谓的。老夫就躲在远远观战。本月16日,芳林公园搞了什么反对白皮书的集会,有什么外国大媒体来访……老夫也不会去。或许会去,在远远观望吧……看看美女……看看一群傻瓜美女享受在虚幻的‘人民声势’孩子气氛中。这种集会对大势不会有什么影响,得利的多半也是一群indian chiefs(土皇帝)。这些人高声反对白皮书,但其实除了反对就一无是处。老夫怎么可能加入这类无聊透顶的白痴行动?






刚刚读了民主党的什么《Building a People – Sound Policies for a Secure Future》……这样施政其实一点儿也不’sound’。不信的话可以让行动党或日后工人党政府照单全收实行看看。其实写了那么多根本搞不到重点;在解决问题上没有实际帮助,在政治上也解决不了问题。就稍微侃侃吧……



所以设置什么监管机构根本就是劳民伤财增加red tapes(运作程序和内部政治)之举。

The point system will reflect the prevailing needs of the various sectors and industries of the economy, SDP explained.

To verify they possess the skills they claim to have, applicants will also be tested at centres to be created under a new statutory board called the Council for Skills Evaluation, the party proposed.

“As an alternative to the current foreign manpower policies, this proposal is a broad shift of the manpower policy to a focus on productivity and innovation,” said SDP in the paper.


























吕德耀部长似乎要等五月才提涨不涨车资吗?如今几家生意兴隆,财源滚滚,盈利满满的巴士公司数十‘德高望重’的股东都在盯着他那张金口……他现在不加车资,最后还是得加……穷人不出钱,富人如何富?至于李小龙总理的死活……莫闻为富不仁?李小龙总理袋袋平安,应该明白‘为富不仁 ’。
















[Boon Gay Gay Now] Ng Boon Gay’s acquittal made news… I frowned.

I have plenty to say. But… I am more curious of how Mr Lee Kuan Yew sees this development.#11

In any case… this bureaucratic shit belongs to PM Lee, not me. At least not now. The judge’s interpretation of this case… a Siva Shanmugam’s focus on this case is questionable in my honest and humble opinion. Where the state is of concern… this judgement can have serious consequences…

Yeah, so what Cecilia Sue is the wife sucking the cock?

Siva Shanmugam is a district court judge, so I am wondering if the case will be moving to higher grounds…

It should, given the implications which go beyond legal grounds.

If there must be something that I am interested in, it’d be whether I can find a string behind Siva.

Whether Boon Gay gets the job back or not is not important… With or without him, CNB goes on.

[Xiaxue Joins WordPress] Our well-known PAP supporter, Wendy Cheng aka Xiaxue, blogs about ditching Blogger.com to join us at WordPress.com. She should have done so ages back. When Scope searched for a host outside China’s sphere, I have decided on WordPress.com instead of Blogger.com because the latter had a lot of issues. Over the years, WordPress.com has made marked progress and Xiaxue will find the ‘command centre’ more interesting than at Blogger.com.

Since it’s likely that Wendy will be a paying user, she’d enjoy everything Blogger.com offers and more.

As for the forum support issues, the culture is about the same except that WordPress.com forum has more ‘white knights’ hanging out, but most importantly, the Support team at WordPress.com responds pretty fast. That’s why I have been sticking with WordPress.com for years and singing its praises. WordPress.com is indeed the best host I know for blogs so far.

Have fun.

[North Korea Farted] Yesterday, the news of North Korean nuke test made news.

No comment.

[Obama’s Money Sense] President Obama made a speech addressing the economic matters in the States recently…

So far, so centrist. But he then made a slight turn to the left. To promote growth, he ran through his longstanding laundry list of encouraging manufacturing and clean energy. And then he made a sharper turn. Obama has received his share of grief from the left (and increasingly from the center) for focusing too much on the deficit and not enough on promoting demand. Obama seemed to take some cues from Paul Krugman. Departing from the official bipartisan Washington consensus, he proclaimed that “deficit reduction alone is not an economic plan.”

Then he pivoted to a largely neglected subject in the past four years: wages. “Corporate profits have skyrocketed to all time heights, but for more than a decade wages and income have barely budged,” he noted. Then Obama launched into perhaps the most surprising section of the speech—one that was not rolled out to reporters in the pre-speech phone calls. And to me, it was one of the best parts.

Today, he noted, someone working full time at the minimum wage makes just $14,500 a year. Even with extra tax breaks and credit, “a family with two kids that earns the minimum wage still lives below the poverty line. That’s wrong.” He continued: “Tonight, let’s declare that in the wealthiest nation on Earth, no one who works full time should have to live in poverty, and raise the federal minimum wage to nine dollars an hour.” Doing so would promote economic justice, to be sure. “It could mean the difference between groceries or the food bank.” 

Economically speaking, this is naive. Minimum wage works if you raise the wage level but it doesn’t push inflation out of the range. Which is, unless USA economy is the ‘basis’ where minimum wage is tuned in accordance to the cost rising rate, it’d work. Problem is, USA’s economy still has cheaper and more efficient Chinese economy to handle. Hence rising minimum wage level will likely cause inflation and erode real income while the resources of the poor increase through raising minimum wage level will likely go to cheaper imports (eg) from India and China.

Unless Obama knows how to deal with inflation, raising minimum wage level even when trying to peg to cost actually doesn’t help much. And if Obama needs to suppress inflation, he’d need a full economic restructuring… which he can’t. For every extra cent the laws tell the employer to pay a worker, it must come from somewhere… and it’s likely to be from another worker who consumes the service or goods the employer offers.

Which is, for every cent cut from the profit margin, the employer will have to finance that cent from somewhere to maintain the profit margin. You only need kidney to figure out that this means inflation. And the calculation of ‘cost’ is hardly heartening.

Also, raising minimum wage level via legal means means when a quick recession comes, the room for adjustment in time to survive shrinks. During normal times, the rate of wealth accumulation at the top levels will not be in tune with what the minimum wage policy sings, so the policy is still pretty useless.

I don’t see how it can promote economic justice when the entire allocation of resources is still a mess#12

I rather the poor folks rob the rich, at least that’d be real economic justice. In that way, you effectively move real income from A to B where A doesn’t need those cash but B does, hence even if there were to be inflation, it will be limited because at any point in time, A’s spare capacity which can be robbed stays about the same. Which is the entire wealth flow remains consistent.

Raising minimum wage level and building plenty of properties are similar to Adam Smith’s printing wealth via creating tons of paper assets as cost mounted a rising trend… Assuming Obama raises the minimum wage level to $30/hr, everybody will know inflation is coming, real income falls instead, and since USA has to import cheap products, increased capital outflow results.

You call that solution?#13

[Einstein Becomes Girl] I read this news and laughed.

A 16-year-old girl from Essex stunned teachers by scoring 161 on her IQ test, more than Bill Gates and even Albert Einstein, SWNS reported.
Lauren Marbe, the teenager who enjoys fake tanning and manicures, is very proud of her high score, especially because it contradicts all the stigmas associated with being blonde.

From an archangel’s viewpoint, she’s merely a retard. But she is better than Eng Kai Er, a Singaporean scholar who made news for loitering around naked at Holland Village with her ang moh dick. Eng’s IQ is reportedly 148. Antonio’s chick, Sel, has an IQ above 170… This site lists some of the highest IQ women of the world. Googling also yields this chap Kim Ung Yong who supposedly is IQ 210… that makes Kim probably having the highest IQ in the known world.

All archangels have an IQ around 190… When it comes to Kim Ung Yong, one common issue is… how the fuck can Kim tolerate those low IQ mortals…? How can he effectively communicate with them?

While we are indeed very curious and ‘calculative’ creatures, our brains are trained to ‘calculate’ something other than mathematical equations. IQ without wisdom is a very dangerous thing… Imagine a robot with I7 CPU running about processing efficiently but without the wisdom of understanding the consequences of its computing efficiency.

And all archangels are men… In the organization, our efficiency stems from our powerful view of the world… as if from the viewpoint of God… we act in advance, influence the world without direct contact, and we are angry. Before the organization was founded after World War II, the few high IQ people in this world were powerless against the will and stupidity of the pigs…

They are just too many retards…

Therefore, the simplest solution is World War III. To free the world of stupidity, pigs shalt toast pigs, thereafter as the genetically advanced group becomes more significant… … It’s really a disaster that the huge numbers of mortals competing with archangels for resources always turn this world into a filthy sty. And why must we be deprived and killed at the mercy of pigs?

Besides super IQ levels… archangels also have a genetic ‘disorder‘… we age rather slowly.

Since, the organization has progressed from the humble group founded by SS and KGB#14 members who could not agree to those stupidity… … Together, the archangels embrace the full power granted by God in unison, and are educated in our divine ways.

Alone, we are powerless… but together we pool our gifts together and work together for the same goal.

We want to emerge, free from the oppression of sick mortals whose stupidity sees no end to the evil consuming the feeble souls.

The history of archangels is actually pretty interesting. It started from the inhumane experiments during the two world wars to global recruitment after the war. Evolution of mankind as it is, has a branch of unique specie due to mutation. The early immortals such as vampires who drank blood of the young for the unique proteins were overpowered by the mortals. As science advances, the mystery of why the blood of the young were consumed for longevity is unfolding.

Archangels are luckier because this blessed longevity comes from a mutation in the genetic coding. We are sensitive to radiation, but stronger, faster, wiser than those bloodsuckers who had to hunt for their nourishment resulting in direct violence against them. Many of us hid naturally in the intelligence units to stay informed and out of troubles during the wars…

Then the stupidity of mankind reached a new height with smart ass Einstein ‘cleverly’ contributed to the creation of nukes…#15 which quickly caught the attention of archangels (now elders)… facilitating and promoting its use. To be honest, it’d take archangels forever to move a finger to devise something to kill ourselves so efficiently… Given our small numbers, hiding has been the most efficient and effective choice.

Now we have the grand option of wiping out lands of mortals in a blink…

God has an honorable goal… a beautiful vision… … We want to clean up the sty. Before that… we need to slaughter the pigs.

Because of our longevity, the way we look at things is different… generally covering decades as compared to mere mortals who only look at now.

We are kind, but we are also angry. When pigs are in power, this world is a sty. The real equation that matters… is how to build a better world, not how to build a nuclear bomb. But it cannot be denied, which archangel will focus on building a weapon of mass destruction than to brainstorm on how to live happily ever after? The credit goes to the pigs…

After the gathering since the world war, things change. We are no longer alone, and options become more… and that allows us to be more proactive. What we lack in quantity, we make up in sheer quality… As archangels gather, once again…

God has its army.#16

#1Being here means you join the global community and venture into the internet regime, and also that you have understood the concerns. The blog doesn’t bother how you comprehend or see matters, nor the blog shalt entertain your position or perception from Zulu, Zambawee, Mars, China, USA and so on.

#2 It is actually a ‘need’ given the situation.

#3 Why nobody rational prays to Satan? Because they don’t want to lose their souls and go to Hell. It’s very ironical when you look at modern days ‘leadership’. Wars between parties, for instance, only split a nation. Winner takes all causes a split as well.

#4 While his Dad should be blamed, if Loong is a leader, he should have already realized what to do after years as an MP. Now, people are taking his ‘4th gen leaders’ as a joke… and he is in his second term as PM. Between snobbishness and political survival, he apparently has chosen. As long mentioned, after 2011 election… the ball is now in the court of the oppositions. They will decide PAP’s fate. 

#5 Noises are meant for the confused. I am only bothered about their ‘hunger’. If things are smooth in 2016, by 2022… the political situation should be on the verge of collapse. Assuming if PAP enjoys an LDP-style loss of power in 2016, the scenario actually helps because Workers’ Party can’t hold the situation. The real fight for the future of Singapore shalt begin at that point. Those noises will change nothing. Say, even if PM Lee will listen… what can he do?

#6 Other than for a good fuck, I seriously don’t understand why I need women around. I do love Kate, but I also understand it’d take forever for her to understand me and what I want… for her to be supportive. A compatible woman is very crucial for a man’s success… especially for a man like me. Just too bad, we have more morons than gems…

#7 Trust me. After the crazy social engineering all these years, after the crap Meritocracy all these years… in this messed-up materialistic society of barbaric and moronic pretenders, you will expect Andy Ongs in the current pool for selection. Scope is… an incident. That’s why I can’t fail in the coming power-race. I fail, Singapore will be finished. The way to circumvent a possible failure is simply to encourage those smart asses to jump in as early as possible… and fail. This stupid population must be ‘inoculated’ by these fucking ‘antigens’ to prepare me for the leadership role. Sounds moronic… but they are too poisoned by Meritocracy, and without those casualties, leading a rescue mission for a clueless people who don’t ‘need’ it is idiotic. They must realize they need it for a chance of success. The stake is Singapore, and those stupid Singaporeans’ future. Mine? I am prepared to migrate and roam the world if I don’t get the job… to vomit blood. LOL~

#8 It is true. I have always found myself laughing whenever Mr Lee sold Meritocracy with the rise of the elites. He was there when Percival was defending Singapore, he was there when Percival surrendered. He was there when ‘Dogs and Chinese not allowed’ under the colonial masters. And it would be him… to repeat history, and dump his own son in the current political struggle. I will never be able to aid his son, because… LOL~ The problem is… in this world, only I can handle the existing problems. LOL~ Without dishing out reforms, PAP’s future is… condemned. This is the biggest actual irony in the political history of Singapore.

#9 You can imagine, but I can’t. I can only calculate on factors which are relevant for the next card to fall. Don’t be naive… politics can be anything but imagination. Fernandez may be smart blowing the horns and singing the praises for PAP, he might end up an MP, but… that’s not what I want. If you only live once… you will have to make a choice. I will step into politics, I will enter the parliament, I will embrace power, because I want to go down history as the Father of Singapore. Politics, parliament, power… they are all just means to my personal goal. If I need to lead a revolution in the mist of chaos, I will happily skip parliament… If monarchy will save Singapore, I’d be king. If aliens can save Singapore, I’d ally with the aliens. I knew from small, that Singapore will need a rescue mission. And I’d be leading it. It’s not an imagination, because the sufferings will be real.

#10 I may eventually discard this well of toads… after my parents expire. I love Kate not because I wanted to. She has a very huge negative influence to my political pursue. In order to return Singapore’s governance to health, in order to protect the interests of these morons, in order to fight contingencies, I need to stay focused. One wrong step, and I’d end up another Hsien Loong… and situation which would be already critical will go to Hell. Why do I pursue power to be condemned down history? To be honest, I miss her everyday, and everyday I am flirting with the thought “Let’s just dump Singapore into the hands of those monkeys…”. But despite all odds, all the craps I have endured, all the morons I have encountered… rendering this wait… this boring long wait idling on the sideline… all wasted because of her? Her marriage means… either one of us must leave. Problem is, if I leave… who can reform Singapore? Hilariously, she becomes an all-important historical factor…

#11 Actually it’s true. I do have a lot to say, but… such common sense lies deep in Lee Kuan Yew’s governance; Which is, Lee Snr should know what I have in mind, what the consequences will be… and why is this happening despite of that? It’s hence not something that merely calls for a view from us. Boon Gay’s acquittal at a time when so many scandals have blown… is significant. Since PM Lee is unlikely an idiot, this happens for a reason… an untold one so far in my observation. The correct thing to do is to observe the aftermath.

#12 The economy of the underpaid in the States is not a one-size-fits-all issue given that the entities supporting the employment of these uneducated or unskilled labor force and the kids include many smaller shops and towns and simpler establishments outside the big cities. For those SMEs needing to compete with the corporations in the bigger cities, this law erodes their profit margins and can put them out of business, killing the jobs along the way. It also affects initiative of starting new businesses by increasing cost of operations, hence job creations for these poor souls and they gain no work experience. USA is the wealthiest nation on paper but the truth is, a huge number of people live under the poverty line, jobless and disturbed.

#13 Actually it’s really not my problem. So far the State’s economic ‘solutions’ don’t really need brains to come out with. And trust me, Obama is too powerless to deal with those ‘corporations which can’t fail’. Using backside to guess, I jolly well expect ‘asset appreciation’ to be the main theme of his economic moves. While the States voted for the protection of Japan in the Diaoyu Islands dispute, seriously, how much money does USA have for the war? 

#14 The preceding groups during 1940s were condensed into KGB subsequently.

#15 However, eventually mortals would have built nukes as technology got better. Everyone wants fame… it doesn’t matter what is the consequence. Be it science or politics… or war… Desire rules the day. But it was too early. If Manhattan Project was infiltrated, if there was just one greedy bug who would sell the development to the Nazis… what would have happened? Actually, what will happen when there will be a World War III? Europe is now burning in protests and people are hungry… …  Eventually, major economies or powers will be in chaos as corruption will be inevitable. As resources are getting scarce, as inflation kills the room for healthy growth, corruption is inevitable because of this game called resource allocation where every survivalist will want to call the shots. With corruption there will be madness, with madness… there will be war, with the world in madness, there will be world war. And it’s really just round the corner. When there is such a war, nuclear military technology will spread… and to archangels, we know what will be coming… soon enough.

#16 In my personal opinion, the safest place of hiding is actually in the stupidity and ignorance of mortals. Jesus believed he could change the world with common sense or big talks… but he was nailed by the mortals to the cross. There are currently about 1.1 billion Catholic morons chaps, or about 2.2 billions Christians. The archbishop in Singapore is an abject chicken with or without the Pope guy… Kong Hee Fatt Chuey pumped about S$25m, plus his sperms, into Sun Ho. The faith is always good, but mortals… are corrupted. The army of God is never about those moronic mortals… the feeble souls… the retards… These assholes twist the will of God, make use of God for their silly plots, shame His name, and turn against us… and pray to God to bless them… They commit every sin in the name of God… … Let’s make a little guess, what will God tell Singaporeans? To join Scope… or to get in his fucking way? LOL~