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Yesterday was supposedly the ‘end of the fucking world’… a day I chose to go to Johor and send a gift then go to massage then go to dine.

It didn’t go very well. I lost a ‘friend’.

But it’s ok.

If the reason of the loss is after communication and there is a major difference, it’s really sad. But the loss is a result of no communication, so…

Still, it’s upsetting. But what have to be done must be done.

I can’t decide for mortals.

End of the world eh…

Something ends, something starts…

These folks are chit-chatting about Michael Palmer’s scandal at this forum. I read with a laugh.

Anyway, the PM has talked about the by-election crap in India:

“From the PAP’s (People’s Action Party) point of view, of course, we will field the best possible candidate, and work our utmost to win and retain the voters’ support in Punggol East. As to what sort of candidate we field, we will find the best possible person, but we are serious in our requirements and it is not easy to produce a rabbit out of a hat.”

On calls for a legal timeline for a by-election, Mr Lee said he had expressed his view on the matter in Parliament in 2008. Yesterday, Mr Lee explained that when Singaporeans go to the polls during a general election, they are electing “a member of a government”.

“The right way to choose a government is in a general election when the choice is put and that choice is really for the term of the government – unless there is a complete change in Parliament. Otherwise, individual MPs, whether they resign or something happens to them, ought not to be able to upset the overall political situation,” said Mr Lee.

“Of course, in a practical situation, if you do have a vacancy, if there are no special reasons one way or the other, then there would be expectations you ought to have a by-election to fill the seat, and that’s something which I will consider.”

Asked if he had decided on the candidate for the post of the Speaker of Parliament, Mr Lee said the House will have the name of the candidate in time for the next sitting of Parliament on Jan 14. As the post is elected by the House, Mr Lee said it is right that when the candidate is decided upon, PAP MPs would be informed first, and thereafter the person would be made known.

I am not in the mood to go through this but… we have to go through this. With no sex scandals, this is the major current concern.

Actually the line highlighted in red amuses me…

In any case, DPM Teo is now positioned in Punggol East to cover the gap left by Michael… and I don’t really see where Teo Ser Luck has been. From PM Lee’s point of view, DPM Teo is a super good politician, so he sent DPM Teo there means there should be a by-election, but not now. The whole point is, DPM Teo by right should be very busy… at least for all the high pay he is taking from the state, how can he be expected to get busier with another part of the world? It’s not wise to show that the DPM actually has so much spare capacity… …

Michael scored about 54% during the election, the 4% is a pretty thin margin to be erased by the performance of the PAP governance and the scandal especially if anything stronger than Lee Lilian is sent this time by WP. Unless PAP wants to send in an established MP from an old folks’ home, sending a younger MP is indeed worrying. From PM Lee’s ‘Meritocratic’ lens, Michael Palmer had been a good choice… should be better than Tin Pei Ling and Ang Hin Kee and so on. But Michael only scored a margin of 4%…

So not hard to guess why DPM Teo is sent to Punggol East while Teo Ser Luck’s name suddenly disappears altogether… Teo reminds voters also of Laura Ong and their Beijing trip.

But the practical problem is… DPM Teo’s presence won’t make much difference. Yes yes yes, an increase to about 60 people came to the MPS for him… But that’s only so much in relative to the tens of thousands of voters, and SAF’s frequent casualties and other policies after the election are not doing the PAP any good at all. And Lui is still screaming for fare hike. Not to mention, DPM Teo was also known by the younger generation of voters to be ‘fucker of a student for fucking him online’. And Punggol East is like a pretty new estate…

Unlike in the past when PAP was strong due to better governance due to better leadership, in these days… the ministers can scream for all they want but they won’t really make that much a difference to the outcome as shown in Hougang by-election. The brand of PAP even in their white uniforms is already… very much weakened, and Mr Lee Kuan Yew should realize that if not then then now.

Some said PM is holding his card on by-election close to him…

Bullshitting to the max…

Sending DPM Teo is a give-away, he also mentioned the name of the candidate will be ready by Jan 14… and since Hougang people had their by-election, it won’t be that good to deny Punggol East folks the fun. Assuming Punggol East is not going to have a by-election, all PAP needs to do is to simply redraw the turf… and place it into a GRC, so there would be no need for a DPM to care for the residents over there. And since by Jan 14, PM Lee will have a name… by March holiday, the by-election should come.

After all, I can’t imagine having a DPM to be there at Punggol East for half a year. Is he really seriously so free?

At this time… (From

Who is AIM?

According to information from ACRA, AIM is actually just a $2 company [Link].

It’s 3 directors, in fact, are all former PAP MPs:

  • Mr Lau Ping Sum
  • Mr Chandra Das
  • Mr Chew Heng Ching

Mr Das and Mr Lau stepped down in 1997 as MP while Mr Chew stepped down in 2006.

AIM’s business is listed as IT consultancy. It’s registered office is at:

SINGAPORE (068877)

The shareholders are:

  • Mr Lau Ping Sum, holding $1 share

  • Mr Chandra Das, holding $1 share

It is about 3 ex-MPs ‘buying’ over a system developed by 14 PAP town councils and is leased back to the town councils which developed them and money channeled from taxpayers to pay those ex-MPs… instead of the town councils using the system they developed over many months for free. And there is no corruption here…

Actually if the three ex-MPs told you they paid and contribute $1,000m to the town councils for the system… will you believe this figure?

Chandra Das called Emeritus Goh Chok Tong ‘boss’ instead of ‘comrade’ when Goh was the PM as illustrated by the following…

The first chapter begins with an account of how Cheong was appointed to his job as editor-in-chief in 1986. This was not a private dinner with a publisher or a board meeting or even the result of a secret ballot at a conference of editors.

Instead, Cheong describes how he was summoned by Chandra Das on a plane to Burma with the words “The boss wants to see you”. He was given a seat in the first class cabin next to the then Deputy Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong. Goh wanted him to take over the editorial leadership of the Straits Times (ST) from Peter Lim who had been found wanting.

As mentioned in the previous entry… this one Punggol East seat could mean anything… from a turnaround for PAP or just another holiday for voting. It all depends on who PAP is sending, or… who the PM is sending. Actually, this is the part that is most interesting especially at a time like this. Whoever WP is sending won’t be important. However, I personally do not think there will be much surprises despite the condition of PAP and PM’s current struggle to stay afloat and make sense. Recently, CPF is raising the medisave amount by about 20% before old folks can even get to see their money…

Cheong also provides details about the ST personnel’s relationship with the PAP. He writes that “senior PAP leaders had been impressed with (Warren Fernandez’s) work for us. His columns in particular have been generally supportive of PAP policies.” He was about to be selected as a PAP candidate for the 2006 elections.

Cheong then emailed the Prime Minister asking to keep Warren at the ST “unless he was earmarked for higher office. But the PM’s response was that he needed Eurasian representation in parliament”. Apparently Cheong’s email had been circulated to the PAP selection panel before the final interview and Lee Kuan Yew agreed to keep Fernandez out of the PAP slate. Of course, now Fernandez is the Editor of ST.

The entire article at TR Emeritus is titled ‘Frightening Details Of Press Interference: bla bla bla’. Actually it’s more like a joke to me.

I used to want to be a journalist, as mentioned… but given the reality of Singapore’s fucked up situation… I have to read craps after craps from the local papers till I decided to stick to the internet… for overseas articles. I cannot be a journalist in Singapore, because I am too vocal. When it doesn’t make sense, I’d just tell Mr Lee Kuan Yew in his face, “Sir, this is ridiculous, it’d never work.”, and yes… he can kick me out of office saying I can’t perform for fuck I care. Sticking to party line so that his son is now stuck in the mud doesn’t make much sense at all.

I don’t understand why a father will want his son to die… I don’t understand why they are not retards but they don’t see the need to change with changes all around them. So… I can only be a dishwasher… and that’s Meritocracy.

And fuck Meritocracy hence.

Which is, if you want to be a PAP MP, you will have to sweep every problem under the carpet, hide the avalanche and report good news for this PM… so that the next PM will get it because the pests under the carpet have become monsters and avalanche has gotten too huge… and this will be how you’d become a PAP MP. Then God blesses Fernandez as the needy families and sufferings all drowned in his climb into parliament to serve the people’s interest…?

Why is PAP’s support waning?

This reminds me of an emperor who liked to listen to all the good news from a eunuch when armies of rebels were already just beyond the city walls…

Which is… I am not going to be a journalist in Singapore, I am definitely not going to be a PAP MP; obviously, because Scope… once in parliament can’t wait to raise all the bad news, be critical of past idiotic policies, can’t wait to fight corruption and injustice, and to stop all the nonsense in Singapore because he simply hates nonsense… PM Lee can say that I cannot be trusted, I am not loyal… for fuck I care… because if he wants the regime to rot and die, I am not crazy to want to be on a ship and sink along… and make history as another idiotic and useless MP… …

Which also means, another Toh Chin Chye who will be critical is unlikely to be coming in the coming by-election.

This is the current reality of local politics in the Republic. Yes yes yes, people did say Scope is naive… why don’t you say good sweet things and PAP will love you…

You expect me to see the old folks homeless and picking food from the bins and tell the PM “We are such affluent lucky society…”, then my daughter ‘Shu Min Scope’ will write “Fuck off from my elitist uncaring fuck face”.

If this is how I am going to be showered with all the cash from taxpayers’ bloody pockets…

If you are from ISD and you are reading this… what do you think will happen to your children and grandchildren? Not all of them will be in ISD… but they will be stuck in a smelly Singapore’s rotting well as a few people hide in a golden pagoda if they choose to stay in Singapore. Maybe you are not married, maybe you are a bit selfish, maybe this maybe that… I am not that surprised that mortals can be rather… unfeeling. If you are fighting for a better future, you arrest this chap that political troublemakers… that’s one thing. If there is an avalanche in the rolling, and you go around arresting people trying to stop it…

Is this not the same as committing suicide?

Of course, this is just discussion… It’s really just common sense.

Why must I be judged by morons? Why must I be judged by weaker counterparts? Why must I be led by the blind and disgusting? Why must I conform to a bunch of idiots in a cultural desert?

I am not talking about freedom… Look at the society… look at the machinery…

If the PMs were to be right, why… why have things become like this? And why are they stopping people from being critical? Why if I were to be an MP I must shut up, I must talk sweet nothings? Is this really naive…

Or am I born a leader?

Of course, no matter what… I am merely a nobody. And I respect the authority… … … So long as they don’t give me trouble, I’d be more than happy to stay away at a safe distance. While I can’t agree that there is a hole there and you have to jump in, but I won’t stop people from jumping in… just don’t expect me to conform. I am vocal, and never a conformist, and that’s why I know very well that I will never be able to be a journalist or a PAP MP. Instead, under PAP’s Meritocracy, I’d be either jobless or go and clean tables…

And I get to fuck Meritocracy everyday.

Actually the point about OB markers is… Scope’s blogging has always been touching the limits of OB markers…

Actually it doesn’t matter when PM Lee will hold the by-election… Say, if there is another Michael Palmer or Tin Pei Ling II and if he or she manages to get voted in… nothing will change. Perhaps another scandal will come, but situation will just decline. And when the situation declines enough… PAP will be out of power.

Then Mr Lee Kuan Yew will be thinking about PAP doing a LDP-return to power… He thought about that for 15 years… but it doesn’t seem to him that… by then what would have happened to Singapore? If the PAP does return to power in such wretched standard in a compact tiny island… what about corruption, assassination, riots…? Mr Lee called that return due to core-competency…

Sir… are you joking?

The return of LDP doesn’t mean LDP can lead Japan out of the blues when it had led Japan into shit… The loss of LDP is not because DPP was filled with talents… The victory of LDP is not because LDP is filled with talents… If situation in Japan continues to sink, won’t there be riots?

By then, the party called PAP… the government machinery… they could be infiltrated by elements from any other factions around the world for all the agendas imaginable. Even now… how many state related agencies are foreigners-free?

This is not a joke… … but it is indeed a joke. Is it frightening?

No no no… to Scope, it’s opportunity…

hood of serenityWhile old MPs who served the people’s interests such as Chandra Dras, Lau Ping Sum and such may get the wrong idea that Scope is anti-PAP… No no no no no… I will not stop PAP or the ‘boss’ to dish out whatever policies they want or to make anyone MPs… And I am a good citizen. I totally don’t see the point of fighting with PAP, and I never went to PM’s facebook and cursed him either… For what? I prefer my MP to fight for my interest, and I simply just sit back and watch the mess compounding.

I am not Dr Chee… I am not even an activist.

Look at our poor PM… his hair all white… those MPs and old MPs are helping him so that the support goes down and down and… to maybe help him retire from politics eventually.

Here’s an article about the best option dealing with this crazy mess in Singapore which is migration…

(You’ll understand what I mean by the end of the article.)

As Singaporeans, we complain about many things: the government, high COE and housing prices, foreign talent taking away our jobs… the list goes on.

We have to admit, though, that compared to most other countries we have it pretty good here in Singapore.

But I’m not here to talk about gratitude or about how things really aren’t that bad or even about what the government could do better.

I’m here to talk about patriotism. National pride. Love for country.

Do you dream of migrating one day?

Let me start by asking you: If you had the means to, would you migrate to somewhere less stressful, say New Zealand or Australia?

I’ve talked to plenty of people who dream of the day when they can retire and leave Singapore for good.

I’m guessing that, like me, you too have wondered before about what life would be like if you lived elsewhere.

What we can learn from a courageous Iranian

Whether you’re someone who has shrugged off those thoughts, or whether you’re someone who entertains those thoughts daily, I’d like to tell you a story that might just help you to see this whole notion of national pride in a different light.

When I was studying in America a few years ago, I had the privilege of attending a talk by Shirin Ebadi, an Iranian lawyer, social activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

A truly outstanding woman!

In her talk, Ebadi described the lack of freedom and opportunities that Iranians face. She expressed anger toward what she viewed as human rights violations, which were taking place in Iran.

Ebadi went on to talk about the beauty of capitalism and democracy, which aren’t present in Iran. She urged people living in democratic societies never to take their liberty for granted.

“I know where this talk is going,” I thought. “She’s going to tell us about what we can do to help Iranians and get them out of Iran and into Western countries.”

“I’ll never stop being an Iranian”

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Ebadi concluded her speech:

“Iran faces terrible problems. These problems are daunting, and there are no easy solutions.

“That’s why I’m determined to make a difference. I’m going to give my everything to help Iran become a better place to live.

“Iran is my country and my home. I’ll never stop being an Iranian.”


Ebadi loved Iran so much that even though she hated things about Iran, she would never willingly migrate. (Since June 2009, however, she has been in exile in the UK.)

And yes… where the fuck was that Iranian big-talker? In Iran?

Urgh yes! She was in America when she gave that speech, and she is in exile in UK. And yes. She loves her country, she’d never stop being an Iranian, and Iran will be taking her back?

For fuck?

Are you someone who can’t wait to get out of Singapore?

When the speech was over, I started thinking about how an average Singaporean’s outlook differs from Ebadi’s.

A Singaporean might say, “It’s so competitive here and it’s so difficult to find a job. The cost of living is insane. And the government isn’t doing enough for its citizens!”

What do you expect the person to say next?

Maybe something along these lines: “That’s why I’m going to work hard, and when I have enough money I’m going to get out of here.”

Obviously, not all Singaporeans think this way, but a significant proportion of the population does.

Love for food, love for country

I don’t claim to know the exact reasons why there isn’t an overwhelming sense of national pride among Singaporeans, but I do think it’s worth noting how Singaporeans generally respond to the question, “What’s the best thing about Singapore?”

“The food!” is usually the enthusiastic reply.

The diverse array of mouthwatering food that’s available in Singapore is something to be thankful for, but it’s troubling to me if the food really is the best thing about Singapore.

After all, I doubt that a shared love for nasi lemakroti prata or bak chor mee will get us through a national crisis.

On the other hand, if you were to ask an American “What’s the best thing about America?” you’ll likely get this response: “Freedom, democracy and the opportunity to pursue your dreams.”

(I know this to be largely true, because I lived in America for four years and I’ve asked many Americans that exact question.)

What describes us vs. what defines us

Why this stark difference?

I believe that it’s because we Singaporeans, as a nation, haven’t asked ourselves what we stand for.

We have yet to thoroughly examine what principles and values we hold dear, and neither have we developed a compelling, collective vision of the future.

We pride ourselves on being an efficiently run country, but efficiency is more an outcome than it is a core value.

Pragmatism—another trait that Singapore is renowned for—too is more a necessary mode of operation than it is an enduring principle on which to build a great country.

Our ability to be efficient and pragmatic is what describes us, but it doesn’t define us.

We’re defined by what we believe, by what we’ll live for and what we’ll die for.

This sounds very much like another Dr Chee talking about Democracy… Are Singaporeans really fed by those principles? What pragmatism is he talking about? Is Singapore really that efficient?

Is Meritocracy that efficient?

A national and individual conversation about Singapore’s future

It’s encouraging that, at a societal level, we’ve started a national conversation about Singapore’s future.

But there’s work to be done at an individual level, too.

We need to decide how we want to contribute toward Singapore’s destiny, and we need to decide what Singapore means to us.

Is Singapore just the place where we’ll live and work?

Or is Singapore where we’ll devote ourselves wholeheartedly to a cause greater than us, something that will go far beyond our lifetimes?

If it’s the latter, then “Singaporean” won’t just be our nationality. It will be our identity.

“Singaporean” won’t just describe us. Instead, it will define us.

Pursuing your goals is easy, living out your values is hard

At both a personal and national level, it’s easy to pursue your goals, but it’s difficult to live out your values.

Living out your values requires that, first of all, you take a good look at yourself and ask yourself who you are, and who you want to become.

That takes time, energy and courage—and a people who are united and committed.

And where the fuck do you think this National Conversation will go? And yes, what can you contribute to Singapore’s destiny?

I’d like to know… back 20 years ago, will the author fought with Lee Kuan Yew if the author thought Lee was wrong?

Talk is really cheap…

Big talk is cheaper.

Yes, take a good look at yourself… do you want to be Peter Lim or Warren Fernandez? LOL~ Do you think you could even decide Singapore’s what fuck future or destiny?

In closing…

I don’t claim to be the most patriotic Singaporean around, but I do believe that our little red dot has an abundance of unfulfilled potential.

Together, let’s become a people who love Singapore so much that, even if we hate things about Singapore, we won’t think about migrating as the number one solution to our problems.

At the end of the day, national pride isn’t mainly about feeling patriotic every 9th of August when the fireworks go off.

It’s about intentionally and purposefully building a better Singapore the other 364 days of the year.

Let’s get started.

Is he going to bang ISD and build a better Singapore in his cell?

I read this with interest… not so much what the author wrote. If this is lala-land, anyone can write like this… but this is not lala-land. He is calling Singaporeans to come together and imagine this is lala-land. And there are many Singaporeans who actually think the same as he did.

In this article:

SINGAPORE: The Workers’ Party (WP) is working towards forming the government, its first-term Member of Parliament (MP) Pritam Singh said on Friday.

However, Mr Singh reiterated the decision of which party forms the government “will be made by the people of Singapore”.

Said Mr Singh: “There are 87 seats in Parliament. How many do we have right now? We’ve got six … we will not be ready to form a government till we got 44 good candidates, who are elected by the people.”

He added: “So, is that something we are working toward? Well, I think the short answer is yes. But at the end of the day, with respect to that decision, it will not be made by the Workers’ Party, it will be made by the people of Singapore.”

Mr Singh, who was speaking on a panel at the Institute of Policy Studies forum alongside National Solidarity Party secretary-general Hazel Poa and People’s Action Party (PAP) first-term MP Vikram Nair, also mooted the possibility of a coalition government.

Said Mr Singh: “It may be a case in future whereby the PAP only wins 36 (seats) and we may have to form a coalition government. There is only a finite number of individual parties they want to work with. So it’s not a case of either PAP government or opposition government.”

Pritam Singh seems to be a schoolmate and he is talking about a coalition government…


It’s the usual bullshitting, the lala-land talk again…

The interesting part about local politics is… they usually talk a lot of nonsense without even the need to at least try to sound making sense to the public. While I can understand where WP comes from… Coalition government will never be possible in our system. If WP does have 51% of the seats, will Low Thia Khiang let PAP sec-gen be the PM? Will PM Low Thia Khiang hand the ministry of defence (hence armies) to a PAP minister? Or maybe the Finance Ministry? Or maybe the super-budgeted Ministry of Education? Or maybe the ministry relating to communication? Fine… will PM Low Thia Khiang want PAP ministers in his cabinet and expect them to support his administration… or expect them to support Lee Hsien Loong faction? Will PM Low Thia Khiang expect PAP minister of MND build homes and channel all the money to his administration? Or maybe PM Low will let a PAP MP take over the courts…?

Will Chandra Das and those old PAP MPs welcome this?

Will the other opposition parties be able to serve PM Low Thia Khiang?

Pritam Singh probably realizes what happened to Barisan Sosialis. Will he make Fong or Lim a minister, or maybe the Plen, if he were to be PM Lee Kuan Yew?

Days without oppositions…

Maybe my old schoolmate Pritam and even that Vikram Nair may think PM Lee will be expected to say aye to opposition politics and support the machinery to support PM Low Thia Khiang… and there will be no oppositions, and PAP will happily sit down there in peace as an opposition with MP Lee Hsien Loong shouting aye to WP policies… and nobody will do nothing to undermine nobody… …

Are these people in lala-land or am I dreaming?

These are our political minds… from respective parties and from Institute of Policy Studies… and I am worried. There is no room for naivety in politics and governance… but the fact is… I will have to sit back and enjoy the show for quite a while. I am not saying that these folks really believe in all the ‘coalition talks’, but it’s obvious that they are wasting too much time on nonsense. So far, what have they been doing in parliament? Are there not more important political issues to deal with?

I am not really in the mood to talk about politics…

But I am more not in the mood to talk about romance and fuck deals…

I really don’t like to read all these… It’s insult to my intelligence, but this is mortal… this is what I should expect from mortals.

We are not living in lala-land. On my side, Meritocracy is bullshit and it’s bullshit for real and it is really a functioning piece of bullshit. The medisave crap has increased by 20%. There is no way to assume home prices will return to common sense level. Wages are stuck business… and the leaders are not smart, they are talking about importing inflation by fare hikes and higher fees to pay workers more… and creating even bigger inflation, which in the end will only bring about lower real wages. This is not lala-land, this is a land filled with morons and idiots hoarding resources and Scope being jobless. This is a land where talents clean the tables and idiots lead… and be showered with resources.

Do you hate Singapore so much to want to stay?

Do you think if PM Lee hates me so much but will make me a minister?


Sometimes when I read all these junks… be it online or in the local papers or in parliament, I really marvel at Singaporeans’ brains… how the fuck could they be able to churn out so much rubbish as some sort of commandments? How the fuck could they have pumped $6m to a piece of Jackass Neo junk? How the fuck are those CHC fools been employed? How the fuck are Singaporeans to compete? Mr Lee Kuan Yew did say China folks are very competitive… thank you Mr Lee for grooming junks and sending them to compete with the Chinese and telling us China folks are competitive…

I have great respect for Mr Lee… but I really can’t help but treat certain things as convenient jokes.

Staying in Singapore… is not the best option.

Change… it’s not just about the change of the government… It’s the entire society. It won’t be easy starting with the cock-brains of this overfed rusting machinery. Even Kate… I have no confidence to change how she thinks. They are stuck too long too deep in this cultural desert, their mentality and attitude has become ridiculous.

It’s not easy.

If I need to use a more accurate word…

It’s impossible to change Singaporeans in direct fashion.

Don’t forget… there are tons of interest-groups in the way… they are in all sectors… and everyone wants you to play their games by their rules…

And everyone in this cultural desert wants to judge you… Everyone thinks he or she is a talent…

Everyone wants a say, but mostly everyone for himself or herself.

Suddenly I feel very tired again… It’s my heart…

For me… I have every reason to leave. Whenever I come across someones who are venturing into China or wheresoever, I’d probe for opportunities. I need a ticket to get out of this tiny island of mini-thinking mini sands, I need a bigger space to spread my wings and fly. Actually, I hope to meet better brains… it’s really too lonely reading junks, watching junks, entertaining junks and hailing junks based on a junk called Meritocracy. And when I am settled down out there…

The dream to migrate…

Recently, it is reported that Singaporeans are the most unhappy people in the world… Happy to know because I am also unhappy. And I know why I am unhappy.



UN Appeals to Singapore to take Burmese Refugees

Singapore has denied entry to a Vietnamese-registered cargo ship carrying 40 Burmese asylum seekers who were plucked from the sea after their boat sank in the Bay of Bengal.

The United Nations refugee agency has appealed to Singapore to reverse its decision to refuse entry to 40 Burmese asylum seekers who have been stranded on a Vietnamese cargo ship for seven days.

A spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees said the group plucked from the sea 30 hours after their boat sank should be allowed to ”safely disembark on humanitarian grounds”.

While not naming Singapore, the spokesperson said ”governments at the ship’s closest port” should accept the asylum seekers, who are Rohingya, a Muslim minority in Burma who were fleeing violent upheaval in the country’s western Rakhine state.

The asylum seekers are on the 27,000-tonne Nosco Victory, which is believed to have been anchored off Singapore since Sunday when Singapore authorities refused it permission to dock, saying ”they do not appear to be persons eligible to enter Singapore”.

The UNHCR spokesperson said the group should receive ”any medical or other urgent assistance as needed and for the process to begin of determining if they are in need of international protection”.


Between 1975 and 1979, nearly 5000 Vietnamese refugees landed in Singapore through commercial ships, who picked them up in the open seas.

Being a small nation with limited space, Singapore was the first country to stop the boat people from entering its coastlines, instead providing the refugees with food, water and fuel and turning them away. The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) cooperated with the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) in the Operation Thunderstorm to carry out this task.

By end of June 1996, the camp was officially closed after the last batch of 99 boat people, living here since 1990, were voluntarily repatriated to a more politically-stable Vietnam. Hawkins Road, which houses the refugee camp, also ceased to exist after that.







各大反对党都亮出了牌,Reform Party和SDA听说想参战……如此甚好。

其实老夫在许多许多年前都说过了,这一时期是‘必经之路’。多角战是必然,也是老夫的拿手好戏……不过要打多角战是要有谋略的。这正是老夫想看到的。这些人到底有没有脑子……因为在后期,谁能掌握多角战,哪家就能称霸本地选战。所以老夫暂时不会出手,看看虚实比轻举妄动还重要。依照一般的情况,就上回大战后,下来的General Election应该会开始涌现一批有野心并比较有素质的‘政客’,慢慢的就出现真正的人才……那些能治理国家,统一四方的谋士豪杰……老夫就属于后期的这批人。老饶乃前期的政客……到时若有曹操、刘备才是真正的大战。但新加坡一个小国……或许会有一个曹操而许多袁术、刘章、袁绍这类的。而谋士除了老夫外也不知还有何人。如今李小龙总理暗弱……如崇祯般,宫里有千万两黄金加文武百官,但已经是动弹不得了。






现在的情况还不需要真正的人才出手,因为百姓还有余力……搞Super Idol之类’我喜欢你‘的选举。随着天将大变……等大战开始,百姓必须面对现实,到时就是老夫出手之时,也是曹操出动之机。但凡有强主才有虎将,否则只会是李斯在鲁……英雄始战于乱世,英雄识英雄,群雄并起,天下才能大定。










当今局势,李小龙总理的Facebook处理方法和观其的’任人唯贤‘……若是老夫,又怎么希望行动党阵前换将,把李小龙总理选出去?只要李小龙总理继续主帅,就会有更多的钉子灵出阵,谋略就是更多无聊的小动作,与民就是政民相争,重点就是华而不实……注重propaganda但实际施政根本无能为力……只要李光耀先生继续遥控媒体就更多人弃官方媒体而投他处。只要有李小龙总理主帅,Douglas Foo一批’忠心耿耿‘的问题人物将团团围绕着他;亲小人自然疏君子,李小龙总理就不可能有大将……就算行动党被投出去……也就不可能顺利翻身,因为就算翻身,很快的就会被后期的’曹操‘取代……





回到榜鹅东补选,在行动党那方老夫自然只在意何人出战……就是,如今似乎一月十四日总理就有名可题,那么……呵呵~出战的人选直接表示着李小龙总理的’任人唯贤‘,只要他继续保持同样的作风行动党的前途就已经定了,不会有什么意外。老夫也不认为会出现一个诸葛亮或韩信之流……以李光耀和李小龙总理的’任人唯贤‘,就算这类人曾经在党内,早就被排挤出去了,绝对不会被重用。而且要出现孔明李小龙总理必须有刘备的素质,要出现韩信李小龙总理就至少有萧何或吕雉……当年马绍尔也是S Rajaratnam介绍的。马绍尔是当年行动党第一政敌Labor Front的首领……所以,老夫虽然关注但心里有数……






榜鹅东这个洞……其实若工人党无人可派,还不如派那反对党第一美女韩MM上阵算了。对老夫而言,至少还是视觉享受。毕竟若等到2016年大选,她已老矣。她若出阵,那些心猿意马的会支持她,她也毕竟是老臣了有经验,派她出阵总比可爱的胖妞李氏强。老夫也支持。在电视上看她在国会胡言乱语也蛮有趣的。韩MM美丽有余,但深度不足,也少了尼可虾演讲的才能,但就目前的情况老夫宁愿她上阵。SDA和Reform Party的人选用屁股猜都知道会是谁。虽然多角战对反对党有破坏力,但却是一场好戏……不好看的戏中的好戏啦~因为结局是什么其实都知道了……










李光耀先生如今已经没有过去那些人辅佐……在他袖子里还有什么法宝?他能够为其子最后做点什么事?他会为新加坡百姓最后做什么事?毕竟李光耀还有声望,还没入土……行动党会不会有变数?如今杜进才博士已经死翘翘了,也没有S Rajaratnam给他引进什么人了。虽然当年为什么报业控股会掉转枪头攻打吴夫人支持的杜莱那个老Cheong没在他书中说明,其实在李小龙总理上台时老夫早料到了。这种事儿需要说明吗……





闻Alex Tan Zhi Xiang自诩NSP的诸葛亮……这类人老夫见得太多了,每每老夫就呵呵大笑。网上也是很多’诸葛亮‘,个个见识非凡啊~老夫最希望的就是看到这些’诸葛亮‘最好早早全部上阵,让老夫爽爽看一出好戏。这种时候,争强好胜就是’死‘。所以大闲人老夫只会稍微分析,随便谈谈扯两句 ,对政府和那些揶揄老夫的官员大才大老爷毕恭毕敬鞠躬请安。老夫就是无才无德的大闲人,能滚多远就多远。

当个’siao lang’和傻子,总好过当那些大英雄,枪林弹雨的还一头冲进去……死不了是英雄,死了都是狗熊。嘿嘿~