The PointFinally, after a while of ‘drought’, another sex scandal that worth some attention rains from nowhere. Just after Scope posted the last entry lambasting the lack of sex scandal, ex-parliament speaker Michael Palmer made news fucking a Laura Ong

Nice choice of timing for the revelation.

Michael Palmer was the Member of Parliament at Pungol East SMC, Singapore. The ‘slut’, Ms Laura Ong Hui Hoon was a staff at People’s Association (PA), and it seems that about a month ago, Ms Laura’s sister, a Cindy Ong who was the deputy director working under Michael Palmer actually resigned… then there is this Andy Lim whom Laura Ong was dating at the same time while Michael Palmer was fucking her and now, Andy is a ‘prime suspect’ for spilling the beans to The New Paper.

Bla bla bla…

Bla bla bla…

What was Andy Lim’s role in this scandal?

Has Andy fucked Laura Ong with the sperms of Michael in her?

Was Michael Palmer also pumping Cindy Ong, Laura Ong’s sister?

Was Cindy Ong the real ‘culprit’ for exposing the scandal?

Exactly since when did PAP know about the scandal?

Was Teo Ser Luck having a secret crush with Laura Ong?

Was Teo Ser Luck the mastermind behind the exposing of scandal because of jealousy?

It is so said that Michael Palmer is married to a Diane and Laura Ong is separated, her husband is a director of five companies doing who-the-fuck-care.

Anyway… so much for a sex scandal without sex photos and videos. Besides, Michael Palmer isn’t really a very well-known personality in Singapore. If there isn’t a sex scandal probably not many Singaporeans will know this ‘leader’.

While Scope does support multi-dating, when a woman simply sleeps around she is a ‘slut’ by default. Laura Ong is reportedly at 33yo, and I don’t find her ‘chio’ (Singlish: Pretty), and for a 33yo old woman, she still acted cute holding a doll in her facebook display picture…  Her act reminds me of herMs Lao Zha Bor. This is probably due to personal tastes for women… But looking at Mdm Diane who is pretty… round… and looking at Laura Ong…

Given a free fuck, the choice is pretty clear.

As usual, Diane appeared with Michael to meet the Pungol East folks as Jack Neo’s wife, Boon Gay’s wife and bla bla bla… Poor Diane… if she opts for divorce, who will opt to ride her? If Michael’s dick couldn’t be reined in when he was MP… now free from the social focus and with loads of money thanks to PAP’s meritocracy and pay scheme… pumping elsewhere is made ever more easier an option for Michael.

Now the most interesting point in this scandal should be… is it because Andy Lim didn’t get to penetrate Laura Ong hence he got so jealous of Michael’s sperms in her and dug into her privacy and exposed the carefully selected MP? Of course, this is a mystery… But Diane could imagine a happy Palmer unzipping his pants, getting a blowjob at a $300 a night hotel room… and Laura Ong spreading her legs moaning for Palmer to pump her up full force… while Andy Lim was happily preparing a trip to Malaysia with his darling Laura… all the while with Cindy Ong preparing to serve Michael while the MP was busy pumping her sister, then his Diane…


Then as Michael was pumping Laura real hard, Andy Lim called…

“Darling, are you prepared for our romantic trip?”

Laura answered as Palmer pumped another round of juice into her… non-stopping, unstoppable, “Andy my love, argh argh… Arrrrgh love you… I am prepared to come…”

“I’d wait for you then, Laura.” Andy happily put down the phone just as Michael grabbed Laura’s boobs with his mighty golden MP’s hands… and cum-ed inside Laura’s pussy…

Then just as Laura was wondering why Michael’s kisses weren’t that many as before… perhaps the MP was busy doing Cindy Ong while checking his smartphone… and Cindy Ong later found out that Michael also ‘pumped sperms’ into her sister when Michael was busy washing his dick in the bathroom… she resigned.

Of course, nobody knows what really happened. But it was subsequently reported that Laura’s separated husband repeatedly told the reporter like a parrot that ‘She is a good wife’. It is also said that… this ex-MP of Pungol East gave Laura a branded bag of about $5,500. Since Michael Palmer was an MP and Laura Ong was a PA director… it’s about an MP throwing $5,500 of taxpayer’s money to PA… LOL~

What about the needy?

It shows that MPs should be able to afford $5,500 a month to donate to the needy families… or they are seriously overpaid by at least $5,500 a month. What was MP Michael’s priority? The people or his dick?

Captain obvious…

How was he chosen?


Fuck Meritocracy.

In any case, my focus of this scandal is not really the above. I totally expected PAP MPs to be caught in such sex scandals… and I totally expect PA cunts to be involved. It’s only the timing… and if Andy Lim were to be the whistle-blower, the timing can be better. He should have exposed this just one day after Michael Pumper has registered to stand for erection election for PAP. Then he’d make history…

But Andy Lim didn’t.

As SDP’s Dr Chee, both did the ‘right things’ for minimum impact… A grand show now becomes just another brief but still entertaining fireworks….

If anyone wants to know… I can’t be bothered if it’s Palmer pumping sperms or the PM pumping sperms. But I totally can’t agree with Leong Sze Hian that this is a ‘smaller issue’ because this is ‘private conduct’.

Private lives vs public duty?

So, which is the bigger issue?

Politicians’ “improper conduct” in their private lives or their arguably in a sense, “improper conduct” in the discharge of their public duty?

If Leong Sze Hian thinks he is ok if Michael Palmer is raping his daughter while keeping his SMC clean and well… I might agree that there is such a thing as a bigger or lesser issue between public and private duty or conduct. Yet at the same time… I can’t really say I’d dismiss Michael Palmer if he is really that good and Singapore needs him to float the population while Michael is pumping Leong’s daughter hard; but truth is… and in general, Michael can easily be replaced… he’s not important, nothing will change with or without him… So what he won in election at a SMC…? He’s just another passer-by in politics…

As such, his private conduct is very important… since can you trust your wife and daughter to be ‘consulting’ his lusty highness? That was what happened when the husband of Jaslyn Go (SDP) went to the service of Chia Ti Lik, and Chia shamelessly fucked Jaslyn Go. That time, Jaslyn Go was already a mother… Is Leong Sze Hian telling me that people as Mr Chia should be Jaslyn Go and her ex-husband’s MP? LOL~

Leong, please… stop making me laugh.

Before people masturbate too hard at Laura Ong and are motivated to join PA to ‘serve’, as in Boon Gay and Jack Neo’s cases… where there is a dick there must be a hole then got supply to demand. While people are now aware of such holes in PA to poke, not every dick will get to stand… Grace Fu once said, government can’t regulate love… if Michael Pumper was merely a cleaner at PA cleaning the toilets, will Laura Ong spread her legs for him? If PM Lee had not selected Michael Pumper to receive so much money to go parliament be speaker and do nothing thanks to Meritocracy and PA had not hired Laura Ong thanks to Meritocracy, what is the chance of Michael Pumper pumping hard into Laura Ong’s 33yo cunt…?

Why was Teo Ser Luck acting like a kid having a crush with Laura Ong in those pictures?

Who knows?

People should thank the sluts… without their cunts, how could MPs who have money for the cunts instead of the needy residents make history and offer voters by-elections? Where would TNP get the juice of the day? But if you are planning to penetrate Laura Ong’s wet pussy… think twice; while government may not be able to regulate love, you may not be able to afford the ‘shiok’ experience. There are cheaper whores in Geylang, other than STD-risk, the women have larger boobs and angel faces, and they don’t need $5,500 branded bag…

Thank you, Laura… without your wet pussy, everything won’t be possible.

Actually, I ever applied to PA to be a puny constituency officer… but I probably realize that ‘Meritocratically’ speaking, I really can’t compete with the cunts… Heard the replacement for Laura is another chick… Hopefully, more good shows will come along the way.

I browsed the photos of Teo Ser Luck so happily playing with Laura Ong in China…

Thanks to Meritocracy, so much money are paid for Teo to act so young in China with a 33yo pussy and contribute literally nothing in parliament… and he was a minister. Time has indeed changed… Singapore under PAP has been doing soooooooo well, everything so well taken care of, governance is so wonderful, we do have a bright future ahead… I must salute the PM for bringing us such capable leaders which GRCs are used to bring them into parliament.

Without them… how can Singapore not sink?

If Andy Lim shuts up and waits… one Laura Ong could be bringing in more dicks to TNP. Now with Cindy Ong out of the picture, we have to count on other babes in PA to provide more juice.

Women’s logic…

…is no logic. Forever remember this by hard.

All I everActually, I don’t blame Michael Palmer that much… especially after I saw his wife’s photos. Michael is an obvious hypocrite. This type of dick can’t be expected to use his last cent to help the needy chaps in his constituency or to book a ‘cost-efficient’ Hotel 88 room for his fuck quests… He is a ‘leader’ only because PM Lee said he was… and he was elected thanks to the blind morons called Singaporeans. And more will be entering parliament that way.

Dirty politics…

I haven’t read a single PAP MP condemning Michael Pumper so far… but I heard DPM Teo saying something as George Yeo did when Jackass Neo was caught busy fucking other people’s daughter/s.

The family is in pretty rough time…

Is this support of PAP MPs to PAP?

I read a joke at EDMW…

Want to stop officials from taking bribes, give them money lah… Want to stop Michael Pumper pumping women, give him women lah… LOL~

The PM has been pretty quiet so far… So are the ministers… such as our $8-minister Khaw who had been pretty active during Yaw Shin Leong’s explosive fucking scandal.

If I were to be the PM… …

What do you think I’d do?

Since I am not the PM… yet, I don’t need to tell people what I’d do. LOL~

Yaw was a childhood friend, a schoolmate, his mother and mine were neighborhood friends, but I had to condemn him when his fuck quests blew. Michael Pumper… I don’t know him, he doesn’t know me, he is not my MP, I am not a PAP member, I am just a fucking nobody blogger… Can I condemn him?

Yes, I can.

Yes, I should.

Why not?

But I’d go easier on him because with Yaw, I had higher expectations, and Yaw’s case involved married women… or other people’s wives, and Angela Oon is still a cunt hanging around in WP, and WP is the strongest opposition party currently thanks to PAP’s weakening. Michael is just another PM-approved MP sitting there in parliament doing nothing waiting for taxpayers’ money to be paid at the end of the month… ‘very busily’ going to grassroot events to show face, attend parties, drink a few rounds, getting reports from grassroot people that everything was fine and wait for their praises, and to ‘busily’ ‘work’ until late night… so busy he only had that much time to kiss and fuck Laura Ong… and less and less time to kiss her that Laura eventually complained in her messages to him…

Life of a ‘very busy’ PAP MP serving his residents… Whether he went for ‘get-away’ trips as Teo Ser Luck and Laura did, that’s another story.

But we all know Michael the PAP MP was ‘very very very busy’… and we have to pay him big bucks for been so busy. Don’t forget, he still had to make time to buy that branded bag for his pussy…

Leong Sze Hian may disagree with Scope that this is his private business… I fuck care what Leong thinks.

I heard George Yeo was spotted at Zoukout where there were many sexy cunts gathering recently… This time, he isn’t around to ‘rally Singaporeans behind Michael’s ass’. My ex-beloved dearie sweetie pie Minnie (aka Chibabom, EDMW) was also at Zoukout. Whether I was there or not is not necessary to be disclosed.

Point is…

After Yaw’s fucking scandal, it was like less than a year before Michael’s scandal was blown up. Although Yaw had to be removed from parliament by Low Thia Khiang kicking him out of WP and Michael Pumper resigns, I doubt Michael Pumper will blame me for saying neither Yaw nor he is any more honorable than the other. If Laura Ong gets STD from her husband or Andy Lim or other men, Michael will still get it and ‘reward’ Diane.  It went the same with Yaw.

I tend to be easier towards Michael than Yaw because Andy Lim was not a husband. At most, Andy can just say goodbye to Laura, but imagine those couples fighting for divorce and if children were involved in Yaw’s scandal…

“Just because the mother was fucked by Yaw doesn’t mean she can’t be a good mother…”

This could be what happen in local court if a divorce is fought and custody be decided.

On the hindsight… I can’t say Michael won’t fuck Laura if she was married and not merely separated. Though the fact is, Laura was separated, and she had the rights to seek her happiness… her sexual delights with any men she desired. And I am not condemning the slut for the choice of a married man, because I can’t condemn her for her ‘feelings’. Or… I can’t condemn fate. All I can say is if she is sleeping with Andy Lim and Michael Pumper at the same time and probably someone else… she is a slut.

But what is a slut?

She is 33yo… While men are enjoying sex, I can’t condemn her for enjoying being fucked by the men she desired.

I can’t tell her to wait till 60yo when Michael will paste an ad in Straits Time looking for her… then they can fuck in peace…

Society will condemn Laura… but rationally speaking, I can’t. I can also remark that she is a typical Singaporean chick who spreads her legs for the rich and famous but… even if she doesn’t spread her legs for me it’s not right for me to condemn her for her choice of sex partner.

Hilarious… but true. I don’t see any reason to condemn Laura Ong. But I definitely can’t say she is a good wife. Michael Pumper has a wife, she is from PA, and she should know what a good wife should be… Does she want her own husband to be pumping Diane?

What Laura did was socially unacceptable but practically helps to get rid of a dick from parliament.

But while I don’t condemn her deed… but I can’t accept her personality… the way she thinks… Her messages showed she is… moronically naive and immature and… how the fuck PA had employed her as director?

Fucking hilarious.

Fucking Meritocracy that I can fuck everyday non-stop…

If I were to be an MP… and Kate suddenly comes and tells me…

“Scope, fuck me.”

What do you think?

undercoverIn this game for power, I can resist any cunts… but Kate’s.

But Michael is not really a leader… he is a ‘civil servant’ taking taxpayers’ money, employed by PM Lee and deployed by PAP to be a Speaker. Yaw… Yaw was merely a chess piece to fill the hole in Hougang, selected by Low Thia Khiang, supported by Low Thia Khiang… and depended on Low Thia Khiang.

That is one.

Unlike Michael or Yaw, I have no intention to deny my love for Kate… even if she and myself were to be married to someone else. Love is not shameful. Lust is beautiful. Lying to my heart is the real shame and dishonor, and I can’t lead by being a hypocrite when Singapore is sinking because it has too much propaganda and leaders telling people they are so fucking good and inclined to serve and the rusty machinery is overworked to their last breathes…

I can’t look into Kate’s eyes and lie to her that I have resistance towards her.

I can’t just run away like a wimp as a leader.

I can’t lie to myself that I don’t wish to kiss her on her lips.

I can’t pretend that I am not a man…

And I can’t show this moronic population that the way ahead is simply to be hypocrites… … and love is dirty. This is ridiculous. I can’t lead… I can’t change Singapore if I can’t be honest with myself. If I can’t be honest with myself, I can’t tell the world to confront the shits and deal with it. As a leader in the most difficult of times… he cannot afford to stray; he has to establish the path for the future, and love is not immoral.

If you cannot fight for the love of your life, you cannot fight for anything…

If you don’t have that belief… anything is dirty and impossible.

If the people discard me because of my love for Kate, I’d leave a happy man. I have no regrets, and the world doesn’t deserve my leadership.

Why should I hide my feelings for her when love is the most wonderful gift from Heaven to men… just because she is married? Just because she is dead? Just because I must conform to the conservative moronic ‘culture’ of a cultural desert and to have this pathetic state of hypocrisy leading me by my nose…?


How can I lead and educate this moronic world of puny morons when I have to look at Kate and be a pussy… …

What is the purpose of leadership?

What crap society am I trying to build?

Where is the justice to myself?

Actually… even if that were to happen, it’d be probably a 50yo auntie Kate by then… And I might be too shy to face her still. That’s all the beautiful big talk about seeing her again… is that she’d be forever that 18yo blushing girl… I’d be still the uneasy chap whenever she’d be around…

She’d never be Cecilia Sue or Laura Ong… at least I hope she won’t be.

I hope the women I love will be worthy. I have painted her too perfectly in my dreams. Waking up to reality may not be that nice…

Sex scandal… Yaw ran and ran and ran… Michael too… hide here hide there…

I read Laura’s exchanges with Michael Pumper and laughed.

I don’t want to be Andy Lim… …

What if Kate were to be separated…?

I don’t know… … By right I should just appear before her and let her a chance to reject me. But truth is… I have painted her so perfectly… I don’t want that perfection to be shattered. It’s no excuse… maybe I am still too shy. Instinctively, she is probably just another typical local woman… Something about her makes me very uneasy. I don’t know why or what…

In any case… she is happily married, and she should be no longer in the equation. And I… …


It’s still too soon to talk about this. Great leaders rise in times of chaos… … Which is… great leaders must have great patience… chaos just don’t drop by for no reason. You wait for it to grow and grow and grow… During which, you can choose to be Dr Chee or you can shake legs, sleep, makan, play, talk cock… Politics… there is no room for naive and redundant moves…

While Lui Tuck Yew is busy promoting the idea of raising ticket price again, a hole is now right there at Pungol East. Opposition parties are drooling… … And yes, if opposition takes Pungol East, the signal to the public will be stronger… and definite; the trend can be more established and things will be easier for the opposition parties in the coming GE.

Michael Palmer is not important… with or without him life goes on, and he is readily replaceable…

The whole key of this entry is really about his replacement.

Indeed, it’s not difficult to simply replace him. Thousands will be waiting to be selected by PAP, will be fighting for that one lone single seat left by Michael… and anyone can be another Michael sitting there at parliament to talk cock sing song and wait for $16,000 every month being so ‘busy’… Anyone can do it, anyone can replace Michael…

It’s just another SMC seat… It’s just another by-election…

It so seems.

And oppositions and some zealous members of public are ‘encouraging’ the PM to hold the by-election.

They can’t wait to stand for election and to vote.

But is it so simple?

2012… PM Lee Hsien Loong after his second election as the PM, after his infamous ‘sorry’ speech, after the strike at SMRT, after facing the policy craps from population to employment to inflation… unless he is a retard, he’d realize he is going nowhere. Even if he is indeed a retard, Mr Lee Kuan Yew should be realizing PAP is going nowhere… his son is falling rapidly as the world changes…

Here, suddenly one seat is vacant… …

Long long ago, when suddenly PAP was split into two… a gloomy Lee Kuan Yew was facing powerful factions which had torn PAP apart… from Malaya political influence to communist operators to the wildly popular Lim Chin Siong’s Barisan Sosialis, things were coming at the now minimized PAP that Lee Kuan Yew was holding onto. What left of PAP was facing the onslaught of everything…

Election was coming…

Then the cheers came…

One lone chap called Toh Chin Chye entered the race…

He played a crucial role guiding the party through its darkest hour – the Big Split of July 1961 when 13 PAP dissident assemblymen opposed Singapore’s proposed merger with Malaya and defected to form the Barisan Sosialis. This resulted in the PAP Government hanging on to power by a 26-25 margin.

Earlier, in the 1950s, Dr Toh Chin Chye held the fort in Mr Lee’s absence and foiled all attempts by the leftists to undermine or unseat the leader. The party was dealing with radical activists, he said, and ‘you can’t have them running circles around you’. He had to navigate the beleaguered PAP through its incessant internal struggles between the pro-communist and non-communist members.

In one marathon meeting on March 24, 1957, he was locked in a bitter battle of will and stamina with strident representatives of 19 Middle Road trade unions. The pro-communists wanted to push through their resolutions and get Mr Lee out of the Merdeka constitutional talks in London. But Dr Toh Chin Chye held his ground and never flinched in a meeting that began at 8pm and ended at 3am. To this day, those who were at the meeting continue to express their admiration for his steely resolve.

During the Big Split, Dr Toh Chin Chye soldiered on valiantly even when his Rochor branch broke away and his branch secretary deserted him. He kept the spirits up when all around people were losing their heads. Dr Goh Keng Swee, for instance, recalled Dr Toh Chin Chye visiting him in his Fullerton Building office in 1961, after seeing Mr Lee, saying: ‘I have just come from Harry’s office. He was staring at the ceiling just like you did. You should snap out of this mood. The fighting has just begun. It is going to be long and nasty. But if we keep wringing our hands in anguish, we are sure to lose. We should start thinking immediately of our next moves – how to rebuild the party, rally the loyal party members and how to carry the fight into the enemy camp.’

As Mr S. Rajaratnam once described him: ‘A simple man, but not a simpleton. A man who does not look for a fight, but once in a fight, where honour is at stake, he fights unto the death.’

History will record that Dr Toh Chin Chye’s unswerving loyalty to Mr Lee made a critical difference to Singapore’s political history. According to an account in Men In White, the party’s 12-member Central Executive Committee was evenly split over who should be prime minister after the PAP won the 1959 elections. Six votes went to Mr Lee and another six to former mayor Ong Eng Guan. As chairman, Dr Toh Chin Chye broke the deadlock with his casting vote and Mr Lee went on to assume the premiership.

There were at least two occasions when Mr Lee submitted his letter of resignation as prime minister to then party chairman Toh following humiliating reversals. If he was ambitious and power-hungry, he could have exploited the divisions and taken over the premiership by accepting Mr Lee’s resignation.

As he told this writer, he believed in the principle of collective leadership and the thought of usurping Mr Lee never crossed his mind. He noted that he was so fervently anti-communist that no leftist would ever dream of approaching him.

It was Dr Toh Chin Chye who started the PAP election campaign in 1959 which led the party to a landslide victory. He lit the election fireworks by exposing Education Minister Chew Swee Kee in the Labour Front-led government in a money scandal at a mass rally on Hong Lim Green on Feb 15. The scandal destroyed people’s confidence in then Chief Minister Lim Yew Hock’s government.

In the do-or-die battle in the 1963 elections, Dr Toh Chin Chye went head to head with Barisan leader Lee Siew Choh in the working class ward of Rochor. He won by a razor-thin 89 votes. Former PAP MP Chan Chee Seng remembered Dr Toh Chin Chye as a meticulous campaigner who carried a detailed map of the ward indicating all the places where he would walk, distribute his leaflets, knock on doors, meet the voters and deliver his speeches.

Josephine Teo said… support them because PAP had done this done that…

But how great is she (as compared to those folks of the past)?

What about Michael Palmer?

What about Khaw Boon Wan?

Time has changed, the PAP I knew… has changed. But I still admire the old boys. Now Michael’s scandal has broken loose, suddenly PAP is quiet in relative to during Yaw’s scandal… Even the PM is pretty quiet.


There is indeed one seat now created. What can one seat do?

To many… it’s just another seat giving you the ticket into parliament and for that $16,000 a month. If lucky, the PM may even promote you to be another Minister of State… that’d be millions of bucks… It’s just one seat.

Liu Bei only got one Zhuge Liang, and Cao Wei couldn’t defeat him…

Liu Bang only got one Han Xin, and he was out of Shu and conquered China.

To the PM, what’s the big deal of this one seat… at such time?

Sometimes… one seat is enough to change everything… …

If I were the PM, what do you think this one seat will be to me? LOL~

Anyway… here are the choices online…

Firstly, George Yeo… I personally doubt he’d be back for the contest. If the PM were to choose between Ong Ye Kung and George Yeo, I suppose the PM would prefer Ong. The whole point of letting Ong Ye Kung in the team of Aljunid led by George was in the hope to get Ong into parliament with the help of George Yeo. Besides, it’d be another 3 years before the 2016 election, by then George Yeo would be considered too old in relative to Ong for politics while Ong can proceed on to 2016 election.

So I suppose the choice would be Ong Ye Kung.

However… Ong Ye Kung was a loser to WP team at Aljunid GRC. He is not tested and definitely not considered a very ‘persuasive’  leader who can stand on his own… It’s very likely PAP will face WP’s challenge at Pungol East by-election. Is it ok to send Ong Ye Kung and risk him being rejected twice against WP?

The problem is… if it were not to be Ong Ye Kung… from the PM’s point of view… who can be a better candidate? Desmond Choo?

But Desmond Choo is much weaker than Ong Ye Kung. In Hougang by-election, PM would have realized that no matter what PAP ministers screamed… it won’t matter much in today’s context. So the problem is not just who PM prefers, but can he get elected in the first place. So we go back to George Yeo… But it seems that George Yeo has decided to retire from politics so-said because of Low Thia Khiang’s talking cock…

So… other than Ong Ye Kung, who will Sec-Gen Lee Hsien Loong send to fill the gap?

But what if a couple of parties were to come in…  In a multi-corners’ fight, Ong Ye Kung has a good chance of victory just as Dr Tony Tan did so at PE.

On the surface, Michael Palmer’s scandal could be damaging to PAP… but on the hindsight, if the PM miraculously slots in a powerful element… the whole trend can be reversed, the whole game can be changed to PAP’s favor, and history will be re-written. If Michael Palmer’s scandal is handled well… it could strengthen the PAP. It’s all how one sees it. You can sayang Michael as DPM Teo has… or if Mr Lee Kuan Yew were to be PM, he could have pumped Michael.

It may look unlikely… but God is giving PM Lee a not-so-obvious chance to redo his cards.

All PM Lee has to do is to simply find the joker and slot the card in.

Here comes the problem… who is that joker?

What is the chance of finding that card?

While the oppositions are excited by the by-election, but the by-election may be more important to PAP than to them, and the most excited chap should by-right be the PM.

Pungol East… an SMC… one lone seat…

If I were the PM, this is one fucking God-sent opportunity to… cheat, and turn the tables around.

Will the PM not want a by-election?

But Lui Tuck Yew is selling fare-hike to the people… Khaw is going nowhere with his home-making… costs are flying… the sex scandal has just blown… ‘we’ still need more banglas… and Scope is still jobless.

It’s an SMC… it’s not ‘proper’ without a by-election. If Hougang had its by-election, what about the citizens at Pungol East?

Obviously, Scope is not worried… Pungol East should have a by-election.

Scope’s main interest however… is really, how will PM Lee play his cards. Because one small seat… could make a big difference… or be just another holiday for voting in yet another MP. Please put up a good show.

After so much typing… it’s really a good time to ‘D.I.Y’.


So shiok… …

Maybe I should write a name on my left hand… …