Have been hoping a major sex scandal comes along the way, but nothing so far.

Have been working with the government over some… issues.

Not very pleasing with the results, though very much expected.

Meritocracy has filled the entire system with interesting elements… Something as straight-forward as ABCD is now going circles on the same spot. But that’s the procedure.

International laws… the blog has talked about laws of domestic and international nature. I don’t have to reveal why I know so much… or what I have been involved with. But seriously, it’s still frustrating even when given experience you know how local governments deal with international issues especially when local machinery isn’t really aware that international laws ain’t just about those lines and standard operations.

But from the experience, I got what I want…

A case to fight for…

A case to fuck meritocracy…

A case to pronounce that the government has to change…

Ng Boon Gay’s legal issue had been blogged. It’s basically a conflict of interest issue of a senior officer. Now he is trying to claim there is only affair and no corruption. Legally speaking, the whole point about the local laws against corruption is built around conflict of interests. Even if Cecilia Sue is the wife proper… without declaring, any deals made would be dubious, and if Cecilia isn’t the wife, any sex offer is a valid corruption claim if she has any conflict of interest. Ng doesn’t need to approve any deals… as long as Ng accepted the offers, there will be a problem.

Not only so the judge has to realize that he is dealing with a senior officer… He will be deciding the fate of other senior officers.

4 times or 100 times of oral sex offers… it is very hard against state interests for the judge to let him off for everyone thereafter will claim ‘affairs’ when dealing with sexually appealing  parties with conflicting interests. Ng is not a newbie or an idiot to claim negligence.

Besides, when has negligence been a defense?

What I am most concern in this entry is not Ng’s minute case…

[International Baby Baby Baby] As I have mentioned a couple of times, there has been no international legal basis over the control of internet. A November 12, 2012, article titled ‘United Nations wants control of web kill switch‘  caught my attention. The problem about having this international legislation had been mentioned in this blog as well, if I not recall wrongly. Basically I scanned through the article…

Experts claim that Australians could see political and religious websites disappear if the Federal Government backs a plan  to hand control over the internet to the UN’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU)

I very much doubt that the ITU will have any major impact over internet activities despite the experts’ claims.

The interesting thing about international laws is that it is not really about laws.

Say, there are states such as China which already have heavy hands in internet controls, and there are states such as USA and Singapore where you got moderate controls and such… The internet laws seek to unite legislation of an ever changing cyberspace  across various cultures… as if there is a possible global enforcement when there isn’t despite the intended laws, such a set of laws is hardly possible to be applicable to all states. And the enforcement units will still be the same states… Which is, China will still control the internet like that, United States will still control the internet like this, Singapore will still control like that…

Which is, before and after the intended laws, I don’t expect much changes…

The current legislation of internet of a specific state will always go with its own state interests. Copyright laws, various communication laws and even defamation laws have been ‘enforced’ through the sovereign frameworks insisted by the governments. The intended laws may provide a more solid and recognized basis for the control. However, it doesn’t change the fact that internet serves different state interests or states have different preferences on their own controls over internet activities.

Say… with the intended laws, will USA simply give up cyberspace espionage? Will China give up some of the controls for the more relax states over internet activities? Will China be able to cite the internet laws and intervene how USA will govern its cyberspace entities… such as WordPress.com and many online media hence the online economy? On the other hand, will USA be allowed hence to intervene in how China’s internet controls work… based on Human Rights?

All these include the demand for users to identify themselves… and that means state agencies too. Will Singapore be able to demand USA and China to reveal the users’ identities if the users are state agencies, or agents with considerable interests to the state? As for shutting down the internet… the governments can still do so with or without the international laws… China can shut down Google access, so can USA, so can Singapore… Much of these users are not only state agencies but also businesses… the entrepreneurs, the clerks, the librarians, the bla bla bla… they log onto internet exchanging political information but also commercial information and making commercial transactions.

For the case of Singapore, you can’t just shut Youtube down, shut down Messenger, shut down the entire network though theoretically speaking, Singapore can.

In the current regime… of no international internet laws, the identities of the users can still be tracked down, the information of users can still be obtained from the ISPs or the servers of various services with court orders. The presence of the international internet laws merely allows (eg) China to force itself on USA servers by-passing local courts or simply to be granted the powers of the local courts directly… which is totally illegal. For instance, if China wants to locate Scope via WordPress.com, with the new laws, China can cite the international laws to disclose my user ID and location. However, there is no guarantee that the States does not have its own laws to enforce that privacy or service quality. So in such a case of conflict of legal application, will the international laws prevail or the state’s sovereign judgment prevail?

In real… how Scope sees it is very simple… Such laws are there as if not there… … The real impact of these laws shouldn’t be very huge.

Those states which control the internet heavily won’t be more relax…

Those states which for their own interests to control moderately will still not intervene that much for their own state interests.

Intervention of internal affairs by other states already has its own set of laws… stated in the UN Charters.

The basis of any international treaties, including the recognition of Women’s Charters and hence the rights granted by such treaties to individuals are always based on the relevance of the states and the state interests. For instance, some countries may recognize Women’s Charters, but that doesn’t mean Muslims can only marry one wife… International laws is not about simply memorizing the lines… There is a lot into it. So while I can understand China’s eagerness to get ITU to start the laws…

In the real world… laws are enforced not by the UN, and UN cannot monitor the entire world.

So… if China doesn’t like Scope’s blog… China has to cite the new laws to still go to Singapore hoping to catch me, to go to USA or Canada to stop the servers… but it is unlikely that USA will stop Scope from blogging from Singapore… because all Scope needs to do… is simply to get a new computer and start another blog… with the same server. Nothing changes. It’s the same as the Singapore government’s effort to handle portals such as TR Emeritus… you can close down the entire site… but another TR Emeritus will just spring out. Besides…

USA is not going to bother about China’s claims and shut down Youtube, Google, Yahoo and all those listed sites… and crushes its own economy. So won’t China… and India, and Singapore and Myanmar and bla bla bla…

So… what is the fuck concern about the new laws?

I fuck care… …

[A Piggy Bank Super Power] Recently, Mdm Clinton said this:

“For the first time in modern history, nations are becoming major global powers without also becoming global military powers,” she added, citing the example of Singapore, a city-state whose two-way trade with the United States now exceeds $50 billion.

As a Singaporean, I should be happy that I am a part of this major global power… with a $50 billion trade with the States. But as a person of simple common sense, Russia has 2012 trade volumn of 14,421.7 millions with the States… and Russia has a GDP of shits relative to Singapore. Which is, if Putin is any wiser in dealing with economics, Russia will be God if Singapore has become a major global power. In the international arena, power or not power is really relative. The problem is, despite Singapore’s possible economical achievement when Scope is a fucking jobless… this major power can’t stop China’s dispute with Japan, and when the States has weakened enough… it cannot stop China from taking Taiwan… Nor can this major power stop Middle Eastern chaos… Nor can this major power stop the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan…

Nor can this major power with all the money stop the Europeans now flooding the streets rioting…

Yeah yeah, please give Singapore veto power in UN, and at least I’d try to believe…

So while I am glad Mdm Clinton has recognized Scope as a member of major global power, I have to humbly suggest that… if I am a piggy bank without a big muscle, how can I guarantee the money will stay with me forever? You do not own what you can’t defend… and yes… Singapore is still a tiny island of only that much military muscles. And yes… this major global power lost half of Pedra Branca just a few years ago to Malaysia despite our better economic figures.

In any case, USA’s export target of doubling the size will still depend very much on its production capability to compete with China and Japan and Europe. For the matter, the priority of Obama’s administration is to remake the economy… which he can’t. Obama doesn’t have that kind of talent, and he himself doesn’t know how to do it. Without remaking the economy, going via the old path and hoping to increase export size and reduce unemployment is ridiculous.

Even for Singapore, Singapore’s economic remake is overdue… The government has been talking about restructuring and remaking and bla bla bla… but the government doesn’t have the talent to do so. So it’d be still a mess.

And I don’t expect Mdm Clinton to believe that China will just give up competing… Even in Asia, Korea is making very competitive products against Apple. The main issue is still, most companies will still move their production bases to cheap lands such as China, Vietnam and Thailand of where profitable technologies can be ‘stolen’. So I am really wondering how the fuck is the States going to achieve that sort of targets without an economic remake.

Scope is not smart… but he is not exactly an idiot to believe empty talks…

[NUS Verdict On Alvin Tan] I have decided to wait until now to talk about NUS’s verdict on Alvin Tan the sex blogger… First of all, I have nothing against sex blogging… The only problem about Alvin is he never stopped Vivian to show her cunt. You can consider this as folly… or recklessness, but not something wrong. There is literally no legal offence… because it’s not really porn. It’s literally a set of videos and pictures of sex between two individuals in a relationship… just that the materials have gone public.

I don’t see why many in Singapore are making a fuss… I don’t see why an MP has to be so against the sex blogger in the evening papers… I don’t see why our Education Minister must condemn Alvin and Vivian.

Here’s my take… and I don’t fuck care if you are happy or not…

First of all, erotic art is still art. Secondly, those two are in relationship, and in modern days… fucking is their own freedom. Thirdly, Alvin is not the first Singapore educated chap doing sex… Annabel Chong is a famous case. Audrey Tan the Miss Erotica 2011 is a Singaporean, Tila Nguyen is a also Singaporean in porn. Although the girls were not NUS students, but the focus is still on the conduct… since the judgement on Alvin was based on the conduct, and let’s note that Mr Alvin is not even a Singaporean. All three girls are considered ‘celebrities’ in sorts, Audrey even got a publicly conferred title. If Alvin’s conduct is wrong… why didn’t those Singapore MPs condemn Audrey?

Even in supposedly conservative China where porns are strictly banned and prostitution could get you publicly shamed and jailed, Sora Aoi the hardcore AV star is a recognized celebrity in China. That’s not to mention porn stars from Taiwan and Hong Kong such as Shu Qi and Vivian Hsu who all got fucked one way or another on screens, and they got paid. And they are still getting paid, but now for other fame businesses… And if they do come or even migrate to Singapore, I am quite sure our MP Lee Bee Hwa may like to take photos with them as she had with Gong Li.

NUS is a proper state tertiary education facility… not a monastery. I do not understand… whereby there is no rape and money transacted for the sex depicted online in their private capacities in the name of arts… what wrong has Alvin gotten himself?

In Malaysia, yes… Alvin has to deal with the Islamic influence… But in Singapore… even R21 movies are allowed in some theatres, and people are allowed to visit brothels to see and poke cunts… there is nothing illegal given the state’s concerns, and morally speaking… what is the problem with two lovebirds fucking? If the MDA thinks this is against R21 rules or what, then MDA can ban it. But NUS is not MDA… NUS’s primary role is education, and Singapore is not a closed up society of conservative morons… even though yes… Singapore society may be conservative, but officially, Singapore is really a cosmopolitan. Singapore never condemns AV stars to my best knowledge either… and…

This fucking so-called conservative society is also one of Asia’s top online porn-search makers. I tried to find the stats that was made some time back, but… in vain.

Anyway, this is not really a moral issue but folly of young minds… The publishing of erotica videos and pictures with no commercial transaction involved cannot be considered as immoral, at best it is against MDA’s regulations… The conduct is totally acceptable because they are already adults, and they should be able to decide what to do with their bodies and sexuality. Despite socially awkward, it is not worth a penalty from NUS. The difference between Ng Boon Gay and those sex predators cum scholars and Alvin Tan the exhibitionist must be observed. Conflict of interest is a public issue, rape is a crime which is also a public issue, Alvin’s is a totally private issue.

Let’s just put it this way… If Alvin were to publish the sex pictures in books instead of internet… the circulation will be banned in Singapore by MDA, but Singaporeans can still voluntarily obtain them in (eg) USA just as obtaining Japanese porns from Japan… It’s just that there were more noises from many corners because the internet is too convenient for access to his exhibition.

In this matter… whether it is the loss of face of the parents, or the mockeries by the maggots in societies or any commercial opportunities they will receive as a result, those are all consequences Alvin will have to bear, but NUS shouldn’t judge an adult’s action with his lover and provide additional consequence for an exhibition that such a verdict can only be based on ‘conservatism’ in a cosmopolitan since there doesn’t seem to be a rule in NUS that NUS students cannot be AV stars… Is there?

Nor NUS can judge on the private decision on private matters of individuals.

If Alvin does commit an offence against state interests or against the society at large, the correct agent should be the courts and not NUS.

NUS’s reputation is not built upon monks and nuns… and NUS is not known to provide social or moral education.

So strictly speaking, what reputation of NUS has been damaged by Alvin? So what if Alvin returns to Malaysia, becomes powerful enough to legalize porn and he becomes the CEO of porn-making companies… Is that going to be against the reputation of NUS?

So what is the fuss the education minister of Singapore has kicked in parliament?

Singapore is no longer the society when Chinese migrants first moved to Singapore from the ‘Great Wall Of China’ era… Alvin’s scandal is scandal only because people’s minds are dirty… … and punishing Alvin with a dirty mind made it even dirtier. As a mature adult when you appreciate nudes and sexual displays, other than having a ‘hard’ time, if your mind is free of disturbances… it’s really nothing. It’s something only because you are not at ease. If it is your problem, why make it other people’s problem?

So should the education minister not say…

“Hey you Singaporean fuckers, please be mature. Stop banging NUS to please your fucking dirty minds.”

On one hand those noises condemned Alvin and Vivian, on the other hand the same noise-makers were searching sites after sites for their juicy sex scenes… Is this the type of (hypocritical) society those MPs want to promote?

Yeah… just because it makes you ‘hard’ and you are not poking the girl you are not happy… LOL~

You can say that they are shameless, but you cannot say their conduct was immoral or publicly wrong, hence to punish them.

The Education Minister also cannot say anything… because if this is a ‘career’ path Alvin will choose, that’s his choice, his gains, his losses… if you are not going to foot the bill, if you are not at stake, you have no rights to judge, you can’t also decide whether this path will or will not lead him to his success.

[Balding?] The world of men… Arrrrgh~ At my age is about time to worry about balding except that Scope is not exactly that worried. Besides, there is a good news because male pattern hair losses could soon be a thing of the past. Here’s the extract:

The research team at Bradford’s Centre for Skin Sciences has shown for the first time that bimatoprost – the active ingredient in the glaucoma drug, Lumigan – stimulates growth in human scalp hair follicles. Clinical trials are already underway in the USA and Germany to see if the laboratory results can be mirrored in men and women with male pattern baldness.

According to what I know, Lumigan is already a FDA approved baby… The problem about this drug is… I am not sure about the stimulation for hair follicles will also bring about side effects… such as cancer. Currently, if the drug is safe for human usage, it should be ok… But as research is ongoing and while I do like to have my follicles start producing a lot of hair, I don’t think there is a need to rush.

I should have blogged about this in the previous entry, but I had forgotten.

My brother will be very happy once the drug is officially declared ok.

Watched ‘西施秘史’… a drama series from China showing a couple of pretty girls… It’s not an official story of one the 4 celebrated beauties in China’s history. Of all the female characters in the drama, surprisingly the most beautiful woman is not the main cast. The queen of Wu, instead of Xi Shi (西施), is the most beautiful woman. Her face is flawless, her eyes speak… Her name is 周子涵 (Judy), and this is her blog. Well… she looks perfect in the show as a queen, but… in her modern image, her shine fades.

Judy’s major weakness is… she is too skinny, and a virtual ‘airport’.

Talking about women… here comes the news of the man who’d probably poke any holes available to him.

It’s Jackass Neo again…

I don’t know whether to congratulate him or to feel sad for this society of morons… His latest junk ‘Ah Men To Boys’ fetched a record starting box office of bla bla bla amount. Acting in his junk films won’t help those chaps go very far anyway. But in Singapore, his movie beats ‘Skyfall’ (A James Bond movie at the same period) hands down.

Oh~ Fucking uniquely Singapore!

A junk can beat an Hollywood blockbuster!

This is not the first time Jack Neo has done this stunt. Thanks to daft Singaporeans… resources will still be pumped to this disgusting hypocritical shameless soul who constantly raises a bunch of bengs and garbage, who promoted family values while poking other people’s daughters and he probably thinks Jackie Chan can fuck around, why not a PBM Jack Neo who happens to be a Major in SAF? He is also the kaki (Singlish: Good buddy) of the ex-minister George Yeo who called Singaporeans to rally behind the asshole of this asshole during the fucking scandal.

I am totally amazed.

This is the fuck society I am living in. And I am one of these fucking moronic brainless zombies with no taste for movies called Singaporeans…

Seriously, Wendy Chong, Foyce and Maelle Meurzec cum their families and friends will watch ‘Ah Boys To Men’?

Not sure… because always remember, women’s logic is no logic.

Say, Jack Neo pumped sperms into Wendy Chong and Wendy will pump money into that jackass’ pocket? How seriously interesting… …

If resources are still going to Jack Neo… then other talents shalt be deprived. It’s inevitable. MDA is like fucking sleeping… all the parliament ever fuck cared is Alvin Tan fucking his girlfriend, and Jack Neo is still free to promote his craps. This society is fucking finish. In my personal opinion, Jack Neo… and Kong Hee’s successes mark the pathetic state of Singapore society 47 years under PAP’s social engineering efforts… And PAP MPs are called Men In White.

What does the ‘White’ stands for, anyway?

Why should I know?

Anyway, Jackass Neo probably knows why I find him so disgusting… And yeah, he played ‘product placements’ for his sponsors in his movie. There is nothing wrong doing that… movies are commercial products, anyway… …

Now, let’s forget that PBM…

Back to EDMW once more… a forum of fuckers moderated by a bunch of silly children…



I got an email showing one screenshot, and I went and took two more.

No need cow brains, using your kidney also know this is criminal intimidation to the highest degree… death.  The reason why this joker can still be at home be his keyboard warrior is because I don’t usually bother about this sort of things… from unknown assholes. Haters gotta hate. If I report this to police,  he’d be investigated, exposed, and perhaps I’d get my apology and he can go to jail.

Look at his bloody attitude and mentality…

This is why I don’t advocate Singaporean children to visit EDMW… a SPH owned forum, moderated by a bunch of dubious cock-brains. This sort of assholes are flooding the forum as if they are kings and queens… I have no doubt if I were to report this to the police and if the police is efficient and effective and he is caught, he’s probably another Alex Tan Zhi Xiang…

But the problem is…

First of all, he is not known as the son of Lee Kuan Yew or Lee Hsien Loong, or Jackie Chan or Obama… Reporting this asshole to police will gain me nothing. It will not stop cyber-bullying and all those moronic flamings… If he is someone important… perhaps, if she is Glenda Han or at least Jack Neo, at least this is a plus factor to make a report.

Obviously, this is just a brat. He is obviously without manners, his parents fail in educating him properly, and he has all the time to create troubles online and act big-shots… typically naive… childish… idiotic.

Whenever I come across this sort of issues, my main concern is not this type of brats… but his parents. His parents gave life to him, he comes online and threatens violence on others, and wasted his parents’ money… growing up a brat. If he is caught and jailed… you can imagine his parents’ grieve. This sentence of threatening to push another down the elevator causing possibly death is one that will leave a dirty mark in his record for life. Obviously, I don’t kill his parents, rape his sister, rob his money and burn his house… his threat is obviously not made of sound concerns.

You can say he is hence psychopathic.

This is the reality of Singapore’s society… Haters are usual by-products…

But… if he insists a preference that I report to the police, why not? I’d like to give this joker a choice… It’s just usual sense of mischief… to see the fuck faces of mortals… If he wants me to report to the police, I will. Otherwise, I’d leave the police to catch a glimpse of this threat and see what the police will do. I shalt not call the police, I’d leave this a gamble for him. Which is… I’d not be the one to sabo (short for sabotage) his parents, but I’d leave the bait here… and see if the police bites.

It’d be more interesting this way…

If the police takes the bait… it’d not be only criminal intimidation this joker is liable for.

Actually, I am not so worried about him… the Singapore police may not be  exactly that efficient and effective.

My brother said he ceases using Fushion because the service is probably loaded with spywares and loopholes and virus…

For me… as long as it doesn’t cock up my internet connection I don’t really care. I don’t have much to hide anyway, and I don’t like using online services for transactions and I don’t really know for fuck they’d steal my email or blog passwords for. This terminal serves as email service to general public, blogging and entertainment, and googling…  I mean, if any spies would like to see my blog contents… you don’t need the password you can see by loading the site and nobody’s going to ban you. Not me.

I suppose the most secured way to deal with internet services is simply don’t trust any and don’t do anything important online… anything you can’t answer for, don’t do; any passwords linking to your personal details and wealth, don’t use.

Parliament session is on…

I’m totally switched off.

Given the look of things… eventually, I will have to step into that freaking parliament, then things can finally pick up. A bunch of low-IQs… qualified low-IQs will never be able to turn things around. I did watch the part when Josephine Teo bullshitted talked about dealing with modified cars… and MP Lee Bee Hwa was talking some rubbish… Basically this sort of simple small issue has only one simple solution… but they went round and round and round over this peanut issue and the issue remains roughly the same.


So there is no need to really bother about what craps are exchanging in the parliament. They are just… wasting taxpayers’ money.

It’s not hard to tell why I am jobless and they are so employed… …

And why eventually I’d have to step into that fucking parliament and tell them…

“Thank you for wasting time, I am here, it’s time to do real work… …”

Singapore… Luckily it’s a tiny well that when one chunk of shit is dumped into it, it immediately starts to smell bad. The time to move into parliament is the time when this moronic population have enough of their stinking shoes… and screaming to be fed and housed and for justice and for… good leadership.

All the good cards are with me. Only when the stakes become the highest, only when the banker needs the cards, then I’d become invincible. Otherwise, the good cards will only be wasted… Yaw is a perfect example. There are thousands of ways to be ousted… but there is one way people will never let you go…

When they seriously need you.

If this PM is stuck… the PM after PM Lee’s governance will be near collapse. The most important part is, I virtually did nothing… … my role is simply to sit far far away and watch the avalanche grows larger and larger, then… While I do not expect the next PM to say sorry or kneel down for forgiveness, I do know by then, Singapore will be truly a land of opportunities… for me.

If I fail to get into the parliament, by then Singapore would be already chaotic… and it’d be time for me to migrate.

Use your brain… look at the high calibre of the leaders… Assuming the home price level manages to get stuck at 2012 level, and the cleaners need to make $2,000 a month to manage the aging population and other costs… what will happen? Of course, home prices can’t remain stagnant… according to such economic handling of the government, if GDP grows home prices will likely shoot up further… rentals will shoot up… the society will be very corrupted by then. I can’t imagine how much a 3 rm BTO flat would be by then… But according to the world economic development… how can you have inflated wages and remain competitive? Otherwise, the government would have led Singapore into recessions…  and the wages will have to go lower as unemployment worsen…

What do you think will the crime rates be in this tiny well?

Which is… these leaders don’t even know what they are doing.

Hey, I am prepared to stand corrected!

Singapore will be begging to Scope… “Please save us! Please feed us! Please house us! Please give us a future…”

If they are not begging, then Singapore can die, and I can happily migrate.

Housing issue is actually very simple… but they will take forever to realize what to do. Then maybe SDP will come in, do the what Non-Market-bla bla bla and mess up the whole market mechanism, and it will eventually spin out of control. You don’t need a cock brain to tell what will happen. Then what will WP do? Probably open up the reserves… again and again and again… to provide free education, free transport, free health care till Singapore is bankrupt… because once you start digging the reserves, the currency begins to shake, then harder and harder… and all you are doing is likely fueling inflation.

All the low-IQ moves by the low-IQs are so easily predictable.

It’s like trying to boost Chinese capability, then you terminate high-level Chinese teachers… and expect quality. Such bullshit is only possible in a dream.

Darling Felicia from civil service asked me… “Oh~ What is your QUALIFICATION…” when I talked about getting employed.

What do you think?


I almost can say “Checkmate”. But let’s wait for the avalanche.

People of Singapore, new citizens or true blue Singaporeans… you eventually will have to make a fucking decision… … it’s not as if you are given a choice, anyway.