Later… a few hours more, USA will conduct its presidential election. A lot of associates have been asking me who will emerge the victor. Now is Nov 7 9:45am in Singapore, before the official result is out, it’s time for Scope to reveal who will be the winner.  Please note that it is against the organization’s rules to reveal the result too early. We’d always ‘choose’ the president whom we think will serve our interests…

The new president will be Obama again.

If you don’t believe, wait a few hours more and the result will speak for itself.

I would have let Kate knows the 2012 result in 2011 if…

But why would a Singaporean commoner like her want to know such things? Singaporean women… money money money; the simple value system is mostly built upon superficial and often ridiculous concepts, and money is an unavoidable element. It’s not that I underestimate Kate. On one hand, I wish I have fallen in love with an angel, but she is merely a mortal based in a cultural desert. The higher the hope… the harder the crush.

As a benefit to overly curious associates, ‘who will be the president’ has been circulated among them last night at 2359 Singapore time, so that they can celebrate in advance. The political power of the organization of super high IQ people around the world can be beyond mortals’ imagination. What is my role in this…?

Top classified secret.

Congrats to Obama… in advance.

Mortals… are such predictable creatures… … That’s why we are the archangels.

[What Fuck In Progress] Singapore has started the matchmaking show called ‘Love In Progress‘ after China has started a super hot matchmaking show ‘非诚勿扰‘. This crap show of Singapore is indeed different from its mainland counterpart… There are only 3 women and 3 guys every episode, age becomes one important topic which is rather ridiculous… the hostess is herself a controversial character and a new citizen from Taiwan… not only that the women are not as pretty as in the mainland show, and I heard… that this Singaporean matchmaking show has mainland women included!

But what initially caught my eyeballs was the list of three consultants, particularly Joshua Luke. He looks very familiar… A few years ago I have met a primary school friend hanging around Jurong Point with his girl, his name is Chen Xing Long, he told me he was a ‘trainer’. During primary school days, he was a fatty and we used to joke about his ‘relationship’ with another fatty… We were playmates back then, and went home with a bunch of kids together… So when I saw this Joshua Luke in the show online, can’t help to wonder if this is the same chap.

Among the kids back then was also another Xing Long…  He is the now infamous Yaw Shin Leong who has been kicked from WP.

During primary school days, we were all good friends. Chen Xing Long was a well-known gu-niang because he was rather gayish back then the way he talked and behaved. It used to be a joke among us. Rao Xing Long (Yaw) used to be a prefect whom I ever negotiated with him to be let off the hooks…

As for Scope… I am the infamous rules-breaker, and at one time the third leader of a gang of children who fought with other schools… But don’t think too much, the kids I ‘led’ was an idle group. I was way too smart to join in fights. I saw the first two leaders presented before the school as punishment, I knew my decision was right… My usual appearance to teachers was just another anti-social but cheeky bookworm. So from young, I am not really a ‘lapdog’ type of chap. I simply have my own mind over things…

The other chap in the consultant list makes me laugh… It’s David Tian (again)! This fucker… … OMG, I don’t want to talk about him. Why the fuck is he part of this show?

As for the last consultant in the list… It’s a bloated face woman… looking rather old, the type of women I’d run away from anytime.

But then… this show is crap anyway.

I was watching episode 4… then after about 40% of the crap… I seriously cannot tahan (Singlish: endure, to bear with it) so I loaded another episode and another ending up just to take a peep at the participants. What the fuck was I watching…? I remember a woman said she wanted a guy making $6,000 a month… said she’d what… prefer to fall in love with such a chap. Not my problem, since I am a jobless. LOL~

Problem is… I can’t even remember her face, hence… given her ‘quality’, I am not very sure for a woman whose love has a requirement of gold that if men can’t even bother to remember her face, if both internal and external qualities are so short… then all the best to her search for love. This sort of women are classified as high class prostitutes in society in the eyes of Scope. Her love is cheap, her marriage vows cannot be trusted, and… for fuck I care.

This sort of women has been expected to appear in this crap show anyway… What’s the big deal?

Then another woman participant seems to have made news recently due to her blog.

Oh… She took part just to appear in TV. So I jokingly left a comment that she had incurred an opportunity cost to those women desperately trying to get laid.

And I don’t care what the fuck her reaction would be. It’s not an issue for such women to hijack a crap show for publicity or for personal fun.

One major difference between ‘非诚勿扰’ and ‘Love In Progress’ is… no matter where I find, there are no contact details for the participants. Does that mean Mediacorpse thinks that matchmaking will surely be successful or the choices of these participants are only those they will meet in the show?

I was also watching this Deon Goh… reason is hilarious… she looks like one of Kate’s friends and has a similar name and… I can’t help but wonder what if every morning waking up to see her eyes staring at me like that? What is it like fucking her and her eyes stare at you like that as she gets her orgasm?

When I was watching ‘非诚勿扰’, I used to marvel what crappy men were coming next… Then I watched ‘Love In Progress’… OMG… relatively speaking, those crappy men in the China show end up rather charming.

The biggest protest I have for this show is obvious… that it is using the word ‘love’. What the fuck~

In order to spice up this crap show, they can resort to get controversial chaps to participate… Steven Lim is the usual choice by default. The problem about a crap show is it is still a show regardless it’s matchmaking or some other things. If nobody is interested, it fails. It’d still need some elements of surprises, and blogosphere can be a very convenient source to look into.

But of course, don’t look at Scope…

Scope is actually more entertained by the numbers shown as above in my stats. 999= God; 1010= Binary numbers. Fascinating…

Why the fuck should I be bothered about some crazy women and about their crazy opinions about guys and their fantasies on how love should be?

[Model Of Pimps] Very sadly speaking… There have been no major sex scandals recently. And I am not prepared to load up private videos about me pumping the juice into my girls…

But there is this funny ‘scandal’ of a Janet Wang. Somebody revealed in EDMW that Janet had contacted this average looking lass called Mavis Chua for a modelling assignment, only that the so-called model will have to be ‘touched’ by the client and there is this non-disclosure-agreement. Mavis Chua openly rejected, but whether she has subsequently taken up the ‘opportunity’ is anybody’s guess.

It’s an open secret what those ‘models’ could be doing, hence what agent as Janet Wang could be doing as well…

I wonder really what is the purpose of registering for a brothel when there are model agencies providing cunts for ‘touching business’. But unless Mavis is underage, prostitution is legal in Singapore. The interesting part of this ‘scandal’ is… who in the right mind will do pimping on social media? Smart people will approach sexy girls on the streets or meet them via fishy recruitment drive and resort to oral interviews instead of leaving black and white evidence.

Janet Wang has a friend list of many pretty faces… so out of curiosity I have messaged some of them.

Even if Mavis Chua rejects, there are many other cunts available… and more will be available for the non-disclosure-agreement laden modelling opportunities as the governance of Singapore is driving Singaporeans to desperation while propaganda goes on telling the world everything is so fucking rosy…

It’s nice Mavis rejects… because that would hopefully be lesser STD risks around. It’s very hard to say she deserves respect or is simply a nutcase… Assuming she got fucked because a guy said he loves her or has married her, it will be free and she can still be dumped. If she accepts to be ‘touched’ and fucked by the client, provided that the client is not already a STD case, she’d get $12,000 and her fucking face in posters. The loss is merely a piece of hymen, and if the fucker is a minister or what… … …


OK, may her soul rest in peace.

I am seriously wondering, how much gold do I need to pump Janet Wang and flood her cunt with milky love

But do I look like that sort of guy who enjoys burning money on cunts… when I have no short of sex anyway. It’s still a hole, Janet or Mavis…

If Janet Wang is still single, ‘Love In Progress’ should persuade her to participate. Good idea eh?

Whatever, it’s really disturbing that such people… are able to hold onto that much resources via unacceptable ways under the nose of our very efficient government.

[STD Is Real, Fuckers] Recently, Apples Daily carried a story… It was about a virgin guy who chatted with a lass online, met her, fucked her, and got two STDs in one shot. The seriously bad news for him is one of the STDs is HIV. Then and again… the good news is, Scope expects a cure to be coming in 5 years’ time, but the bad news is… how long it’d be needed for the cure to be approved by FDA and reaching the market will be any jokers’ guess.

In this story, it seems that the HIV infected girl was out on a revenge spree against guys…

It’s not wrong that healthy guys are mainly (if not all) fuckers, but not all fuckers are irresponsible assholes. Being indiscriminate is outright extremist, and I am not talking about laws here. Other than those fuckers who believe in marriage… which I used to as well, there are also fuckers who are rather STD-aware and are not willing to infect others with HIV. And there are those fuckers who are serious assholes who are aware they are infected and they still penetrate the women, pump the fishy juice in and all for their selfish lust.

Of course, an heavy responsibility lies on the shoulder of those infected women… They are, after all, the ones who chose to be fucked. The exceptions are those raped. Stupidity has no cure, so is HIV.

As for Scope… only last week I have taken another HIV test during the full checkup. I am still not sure… The report will be out later. In reality, every HIV test is a confrontation with death, every HIV test is a responsibility of a fucker, every HIV test is an effort to protect the women we care for… while we can go around picking up ONSs with complete ignorance of HIV without a test hence breaking no laws, everyone deserves a chance to live.

But not every fucker will think like Scope.

Because this world is never perfect.

Even condom is not perfect protection against HIV.

Even without sex, you are still exposed to HIV threats.

This is the real world. As a man, I very often am subjected between lust and the reluctance to place others at risk. And HIV tests in Singapore are not free. And Scope simply loathes needles. But infecting others with HIV is the last of my desire… Hence, responsible sex includes using the condoms and finding decent partners.

The reason why I don’t go to forums to seek sex is simple… Cyberspace is a dubious source. There have been cases of crazy kids chatting online and going offline for sex, and some girls were raped and extorted. It’s really a social problem, especially in Singapore, a boring and compact cultural desert… when awareness of something as lethal as HIV is taken like some jokes, rebellious kids simply can’t be bothered than the idea of fucking yet another cunt, gambling their lives picking up cunts at nightspots…

Other stories include a plane captain sought to infect as many people with HIV and another cyber-chat and sex HIV case. This article talks about STDs rise in the era of internet. Internet hooks up everybody possibly from everywhere, the major issue is still the choice of a mortal. When sex is the issue… hormones take over, the dick hardens the cunt goes wet, and the choice can be rather too humane.

Ultimately speaking, if you date a woman… you can’t just tell the woman to go get a test… because you want to fuck her. For HIV, there is a window period of 3 months, so even a test may not be 100% foolproof since you never know when and where there could be an affair, and you expect her to tell you? And many women are outright selfish liars.

So before a cure comes… nobody can really fuck in peace.

There are no short of cunts for the poking… it’s really just STDs.

[Double Standard] Kate Tsui… an actress Scope is not very familiar with… She talked about being over 30yo and looking for a dick… She said she is looking for a mature man… Good. She said she is not looking for a rich dick… Good.

But whether she can tell a man is mature or not is another story.

While love cannot be ordered, preferring to find a mature man is a trait mostly shared by thinking women. But the interest is still mainly her talk about getting a dick which may not be golden… That would be rather exceptional for women in the entertainment industry. If she is decent… I do hope she’d end up meeting the Mr Right soon.

Finding a gold mine is simply an instinct… Looking to build a bank is the wisdom of exceptional women.

Love is a cultural element, a cultural element is based upon wisdom. Kate Tsui… Maybe I should take note of her, and look at her more carefully. It’d be a pleasure to observe a wise woman; wise women are rather hard to come by, especially in this materialistic world. It’d be interesting to see who will be that man. Menopause comes around 40yo… so she’d have to make haste.

Kate… …

[Cabby Millionaire] It’s ridiculous. But this WAS the news. Who reported it? Heard to be a Pinoy called Maria Almenoar hired by Straits Times as journalist. My issue with this news is more like… why the fuck do you need to hire a Pinoy when Singapore is 100% educated and many are jobless and this is a government-linked joke company… I have wanted to be a journalist when I was out of school… But it was fucking impossible for me. I also sent in applications to Mediacorpse back then, they took my photo and no reply.

Big fuck.

And now a Pinoy published a most ridiculous news… By common sense, if taxi companies or Inland Revenues knows taxi drivers can earn $6,000~$7,000 a month each, who the fuck will stick to the corporate ladders? Most managers don’t even get that much! How the fuck the editor who let this story made it?

Now it was heard that Ms Maria has told the taxi driver to ‘lay low’ and the new reports accused claimed that the taxi driver ‘backtracked’ and changed his own accounts… But seriously, even if a journalist doesn’t need to check for details when she must, as a person with common sense, who the fuck will believe a taxi driver can make that much and suspect nothing?

Seriously, nobody in Singapore can do what that Pinoy can do? Amuse me please.

[The Price Of Justice] Actually, I support the judge Pillai’s initial FOC rule in a case whereby a woman was seeking to have the Court reviewed the Constitution and declared that Prime Minister Lee does not have “unfettered discretion” in deciding whether and when to call a by-election after the Hougang seat became vacant. It’s really a national issue despite being raised by a voter in Hougang, Mdm Vellama, to the court. But then, this is by right… how will PM Lee see this as his administrative rights will be challenged by the citizens of Singapore will be by left a complete guess. This will be a landmark case because… given so many funny funny policies… if PM Lee allows the court to be used for free to ‘question’ his authority, then he can expect many more such cases to come rolling in.

Yes yes yes… by right a crap policy should and can be reviewed by people going to the court…

But in reality… …

I am definitely watching this case.

The mysterious joker sent me Hong Ming Zhi‘s Halloween makeup and such pics, they are compiled in a fucking huge Png file of millions of bytes… The edit was a mess. So I visited Minnie’s Formspring to take a peep; it’s partly for entertainment as well. She has the ‘talent’ of making funny replies, so at times she made me laughed really hard. I almost typed wrongly by typing ‘…at times she made me really hard…’.

Though guys are visual creatures, it’s rather hard to imagine reading her Formspring lines will make me hard.

At about 2:50pm Singapore time, news reached me that Obama’s victory is official.

It also shows the time needed to write an entry for this self-shiok (Singlish: to be happy, to be comfortable) blog.

Last week, I checked with Google Pagerank out of curiousity and it shows… that this blog’s rank is only 1/10. What the fuck… Doesn’t matter. But I can’t seem to find Google Panda’s ranking, and technorati doesn’t seem to have my blog in their list as well… which is ok. In the world of ‘searches’, people search for sex and scandals and sex scandals… if they can’t search via technorati, they search elsewhere. The importance is still… what draws eyeballs. A low Pagerank may hinder searching effort making it harder for the blog to hit the first pages of googling…

But men’s greed for sex and sex scandals cannot be underestimated.

And Scope’s appetite for pranks is hard to be imagined…

Besides, I mainly blog for the sake of self-entertainment.

Jackass Neo‘s recent movie which he has sought help from bloggers to promote it is coming… or has come, I don’t know. I have watched ‘Resident Evil 5’ with Pat and is waiting for ‘Twiligh: Breaking Dawn Part II’. Given those idiots… professional idiots at CHC and perhaps grassroot bodies plus now… those bloggers promoting his movie, will his junk film be making more than these two blockbusters from Hollywood?

Maybe.  Jackass Neo had done that before against major Hollywood blockbusters if I don’t recall wrongly. This is so uniquely Singapore.

Will Foyce and Wendy Chong be buying tickets to watch the movie?

Who knows? Women’s logic can be anything…

Heard Jackass Neo recently tried to ride on the Oppa Gangnam Style wave and shoot a Gangnam style video featuring himself… Never watched, so don’t know the link to cite either. Despite of everything, Singapore’s movie industry is still Jackass Neo Jackass Neo and Jackass Neo… it’s a shame that other talents are not springing up… and people in Singapore are hilariously paying to watch his junks. Then… some PAP leaders could be presenting him with more fucking awards and praising him sky-high…

Meritocracy… you can fuck meritocracy everyday.

Anyway, ‘Resident Evil 5‘ is definitely ‘aging’.  It’s not as exciting… and I expected Ada Wong by Li Bing Bing to bring in more surprises… but for the entire movie, she was just a freaking follower and a complete useless character. The original Ada Wong in ‘Resident Evil’ has been a rather powerful and resourceful fighter with a cunning smile. Alice had come across the mind-control bug before, but in this movie, she did not aim to remove the bug on Jill till the very end…

What the fuck~?

By the way, Pat’s husband has gone overseas because his company needs him to oversee the new operation and… that means Pat has a lot of time. Now that she is married, she has decided to accept Yun and girls into our shopping and movie hang-outs. The issue about Pat is still… me at 36yo, it’s not only women are thinking about babies, Scope is thinking about that too. The problem is, Scope is anti-marriage. The good news is, Pat is married… and I am still fucking her.

So naturally… the idea of fucking Pat into pregnancy is very tempting. In such a case, the child will call me ‘Uncle Scope’ while I will forever be the biological father, and there won’t be any need for marriage, and Pat can enjoy her marriage and have a baby. It works perfectly… in theory. All that needs to be done… is simply to excuse the condoms.

But I have KIV-ed this idea for a while…

The 112th woman is the reason. Actually, Pat has hinted more than once she is ok to bear my baby. But woman… What if she comes after me with the baby? What if we fall out on each other and she harms the baby? The baby will be in her hands… and what if the husband takes DNA test? What will happen to the baby when they then have the custody? I have no doubt Pat enjoys my company… but I do not know… I have never been known to trust women… or anyone at all.

The 112th woman… is a personal project. Reason is… picking up a woman solely for the purpose of making her pregnant, to deliver the baby, and… to dump her when necessary is a first to me. I have developed too strong a relationship with even Ms Penang… It is not mentally easy to just fuck Yun or Diana or Ms Genting Trip and dump them after the baby is delivered. I am still pumping the 112th woman with protection on… and trying to convince myself it’s about time to do her raw… for the sake of a baby.

If this personal project is successful… then I can go on and have more women for the babies. All I lack is simply the ‘experience’. But everything starts from scratch. I have diligently worked on the perfect or… generally acceptable and workable excuse to dump her while she’d surrender the baby to me… But before that, every excuse is workable only in theory. How to stop the women from abortion is also a major concern… if they realize there will be no marriage.

Not only the PM wants babies… me too. But I just do not want the side-product called marriage. Marriage’s ridiculous… I am not going to marry a brainless cunt! All I need is a presentable woman, local, and healthy to produce a baby with decent attributes. Thereafter, I have no use for the cunt. Besides, the PM only talked about having babies… he doesn’t seem to care about how the baby is raised… To him, babies are probably just about numbers, to theoretically balance the old folks and provide more economic figures. To me…

Baby is just baby. And I don’t believe in scientists choosing which sperms should be fertilizing the eggs…

With this objective in mind, I have scouted some locations in Singapore… and been assessing the women for the divine roles as baby-making-machines, and I came across my 112th woman when I passed by a copi-shop in the East. She was a common commoner doing a common job, active, healthy and pretty. She is 22yo this year… the best age to have my baby. It’s the first time I have dated a girl having to consider when to fuck and to find out when is her safe period… because I cannot be too emotionally attached.

She has a divine role after all. And she must be kept from the radar of all.

Hopefully… everything will go well, and a baby can be produced soon.

Long long ago, I scanned my bankbook and posted it in EDMW…  and have forgotten that I have left a copy in WordPress’ database. It was all for fun, and would be the first and last time I scanned the bankbook. I saw the scan when I was going through the database for errors… Some pictures from the links I posted in entries have been saved into the WordPress gallery… I don’t know what the fuck has gone wrong.

I only scanned the bank book for the thrill… As in blogging, it’s all a game. I don’t care what people say…

Money… it’s just a bunch of fucking figures.

The fun is still observing those ugly Singaporeans’ ugly ways and fuck faces, loitering the streets to see those jokers bullshitting away… Of course, not all Singaporeans are assholes, just that majority are pathetic. Eventually, I’d have to migrate to somewhere… where nobody will know me, that when I visit the bars it’d not be like patronizing those nightspots in Singapore… The folks will drink and chat in serenity… as a part of a decent culture.

It has been my dream… of leading a simple life with a decent woman who truly loves me and with children running alongside the beach as the sun sets… …

But a woman that deserves love forever is… probably a fairy tale. So it’s just fuck… Fuck is real. Fuck is excitement. Fuck costs nothing.

Fighting over money means… you have just squandered your freaking life away.

I don’t like snobs.

In a way, I have already given up looking for ‘love’ in Singapore.

Just been to Calibrelink to meet a new career consultant yesterday… another government agency… in this fucking land of opportunities based on a fucking piece of crap called meritocracy… Fine fine fine. I’d do whatever he said… and see what fuck career will I land myself into.

Even my cousin said… “Yes, finding a job in Singapore is tough.”

The human resource management mess in Singapore has been an outstanding seemingly everlasting piece of crap needing to be ‘reviewed’. Singapore bases human resource management on merits instead of competency. The general selection is simply via job-matching what the fuck an applicant writes in his resume and how he handles interviews and depending on the bosses. It’s as bad as scoring for PSLE… whereby your scores decide everything.

Which is if you are a genius in X and there are no relevant subjects to score, you can fail. And you’d be looking at the bright future of ‘urban slavery’.

The problem hence is not about removing PSLE… or redoing PSLE. The problem hence is not about resumes… It’s really about the mediocre plays in human resource management nowadays. And given the super scarce opportunities, if I want to be a journalist, that Pinoy Maria bla bla bla will be writing craps for ST instead of me! And I’d be expected to contribute to Singapore’s aging population with fuck?

So funny~

However… this is part of the acknowledgement that good things must wait…

If the government has been running Singapore well, Singaporeans are happy, that Pinoy and Amy Cheong can’t chase Singaporeans out of jobs… how will there ever be much bigger opportunities to come?

If the ministries are working, who will want to tear down the government?

Common sense eh~

Let’s see within 5 months… will I get employed.

Meanwhile… let’s go enjoy a blowjob.