[Liar Game-Reborn… Watched it, and OMG! Mikako Tabe took over Erika Toda in the new setup. OMG is because Mikako also acted cute and innocent… But the standard of shooting is still pretty high. Some scenes are gorgeous… Though, I am not sure of the story. And… why is there a small dick-less kiddy agent in the movie?]

Cat just gave me a huge issue. Sis was making a big fuss over it. Mother cried at night.


I slept very well, surfed the net and watched shows on Youtube.

I did what I have to do, then switched off.

It’s a big issue, but considering the situation… I very much doubt it’d escalate.

But I prefer Mother to cry… She has been too… troublesome being too ‘crazy and stupid’ encountering issues and I had tried everything… but hopefully after this issue, she’d realize that she has to change. I can’t always be the one to sweep the mess she left behind for me. In real, this issue is not given by Cat, it’s really given by my Mother. Because she could have stopped it, and I had raised the issue seriously before it happened. It has always been like this, I raised the issue, they think they are very smart and they mess up, I’d have to handle the aftermath.


They are just like the ‘very smart’ government, won’t listen, act smart, give all the troubles and want face and expect people to support…

And Sis… Since she still thinks she can do anything she wants, I’d let her do. Because on my side, the actual stack is very small.

In my calculation, not really a big deal. But I still made use of this issue and scolded Mother. She has to be scolded, she has to get this idea burnt onto her skull. But whether future issues can be avoided with this scolding… At least that was what I had to do. She has been crying for two nights. Let her be.

You know… handling morons, handling government smartalecs, handling this world is one thing, but when it comes to handling smartalecs who are related by blood… It’s a major headache… because whatever they do, my interest is also at stake, and she is still my mother, and Cat… she was my woman. And Sis… who thinks she is very smart… and assertive… What a mess. But I have stopped Sis from leaving Singapore not really because I fear for her safety, but because I don’t want her to have direct conflicts in China. There is a reason why I prefer to avoid direct conflicts as best as possible. And Sis… is not really smart, nor can she really handle herself in the mainland environment.

She, as many Singaporeans, can’t even understand the fuck I am talking about, how can she handle herself in a real situation in China?

She thinks too simplistic. If it is so simple, why should anyone need her?

But… when what she wants to do won’t risk too much, I’d let her be the ‘queen’. She can talk whatever she wants. Singaporeans…

That’s why… Singapore and China, Singapore can’t really click with China. I observed PM Lee and his current bunch long enough to conclude this. Source from China suggested they are not very happy Singapore ‘interfered’ with USA on China’s recent ‘dispute‘ with Japan. Singapore has behaved to be too close to USA while declaring neutral, and declaring that Singapore is merely peaceful at heart. If not handled carefully, this issue can escalate into a full blown war; and most importantly, this is China’s internal matters concerning sovereign rights infringement . No other states should interfere. Be it Taiwan or Diaoyu islands, no other states should interfere with China’s claims.

They smiled at you, and noted that during a war, you’d side with Japan and USA… And during a war, China can’t take risks. Nobody can.

That’s why I don’t want Sis to interfere anything in China…

If she thinks I only know how to talk cock… as Kate did… I actually did what can be done and have to be done. Actually once Mother made the wrong move while holding the keys in the household, you can only do that much subsequently. You have to do something, but you can’t do too much, you can’t do nothing, you can only do that much. Most importantly, I have tried to stop Mother. She was stubborn and refused to listen.

So… …

Fucking cultural desert of morons…

The fortune teller says… things will be very hard for me because this island is flooded with morons… every moron here thinks he or she is smart… Look at Meritocracy… bullshitting from the 70s till now,  and Singapore is getting itself into a gigantic mess. Who decide who got the merits? Say… if a moron is deciding, you really expect miracle?


[She Bangs She Bangs] The recent talk in town is about an Alvin Tan Jye Yee and a Vivian nobody. If you like to see those fucking pictures, they are available at this site. I was not in a hurry to talk about them because… Actually, I am not bothered about Alvin being a scholar at NUS, nor if he is a Malaysian. Nor am I bothered he said ‘What can NUS do to me’. Nor am I really bothered about their fucking pictures. What I am more interested in is this:

6. Empirical Happiness

Both people in Malaysia and Singapore have to put with an awful amount of bullshit. In Singapore, you have semi-competent yet greedy politicians in charge, making life a living hell for everyone with price hikes, non-sensible immigration policies, and even more new laws to curb personal freedoms or scare people into voluntarily surrendering their freedoms (CPF withdrawal age, anyone?). In Malaysia, we have lazy, blood-sucking, idiotic, racist politicians with no sense of good governance whatsoever, hopelessly-inefficient everything (bureaucracy, legal system, public transportation, education), and a lot of social crime. Empirically, however, people are complaining less and smiling/laughing/joking more in Malaysia. People in Malaysia also commit suicide not as often as people in Singapore. People walk slower in Malaysia, and you can even see people sitting down in coffee shops for literally the whole day just chatting happily away in Malaysia. My personal experience also revealed that it is much easier building rapport with a stranger in Malaysia than in Singapore (in Malaysia, just call the other person “boss” or “bro” or “leng lui” for starters; you cannot do that to strangers in Singapore – they are too damn stuck-up). In short, people in Malaysia have not forgotten how to relax and take things easy. Try going out one day in Orchard Road and in 1 Utama Shopping Centre, look at the first 100 faces that you come across, and then compare the proportion of smiling faces, and you will feel what I feel.

There were many sex scandals online. Too many. The only thing Alvin caught my eyes is his bluntness. Nothing else.

Since we are talking about Alvin… From Hub Sub:

In the same post, Alvin extended an invitation to interested couples to join him in a ‘swing party’ to exchange sex partners. His girlfriend, from a university in Malacca, declared her dream to be a AV porn star. She was heard moaning loudly like exactly like a Japanese AV actress in one of the clips.

And… which guy who really loves his woman will share the woman?

Actually, Alvin should have talked Vivian against showing her naked and fucking pictures online; it is a gesture of trying to protect someone he loves.

Their site Sumptuous Erotica is now shut down despite Alvin’s talk about not afraid of troubles… especially legal ones, since he is a laws grad:

“I don’t think I’m in any legal trouble,” he averred. An ex-classmate of Tan from junior college was not surprised by the NUS student’s behaviour. “He was very competitive in class, really smart and outspoken but at the same time eccentric. He was just plain weird so I wasn’t surprised when he came up with the blog,” she said

In this blog, we touched on laws as well, Scope said before… by right laws should be like that, but in real… the police and courts listen to decision makers and the decision makers are humans. By right, internet is international entity covering nations, civilizations and cultures, hence internet is an entity covering different legal frameworks, which is, internet is an international entity but there is not a set of internet laws yet in international laws that I have known of. If this site is read in USA, maybe nothing will happen. It’d be just another porn site at most… or an artistic site. But when it comes to Singapore or Malaysia…

His laws lecturer at NUS never taught him the reality of laws?

Malaysia is a Muslim state whereby your hands can be chopped off if you steal and the girl can be stoned to death if they are strictly Islamic. Of course I may stand corrected on this. And the government who owns the police and the courts has to be mindful of the people. So tell me, how can they have no troubles, especially legal ones? Because if they get away with it, a lot of porn sites will be around in the name of arts… And bumiputera folks in Malaysia will openly protest… despite every healthy dick of those men will stand before a naked pretty girl… People protest against porns when they are watching porns, as in laws… by right and by left goes hand in hand.

That’s really smart

I can imagine the face of Vivian’s father… when he sees the picture of Alvin licking his daughter’s cunt, and the cunt showing an overflow of milky stuff…

You see…


Lots of these mortals condemn Alvin and Vivian… but they themselves are greedy over those sex scenes.

Alvin’s is not the only sex scandal for Singapore trained scholars… These fucking scholars will, thanks to the fucking Meritocracy, be making fuck decisions for Singapore with a smooth career path each. Thank you, Meritocracy… and fuck you. Whether is it true that Singapore has semi-competent yet greedy politicians in charge… I don’t know. But Singapore politicians are paid the highest in the world while delivering… ahem… We may be paying people $1m to do much less so that these people don’t take $1m from elsewhere then be labelled as corrupted… Then people got smart… they don’t take money, they go after sex…

Sex scandals… It’s about a dick in the hole… and people are always chasing after such scandals.

Very soon, most people will forget them… because there will be new dicks inside new holes. But dick is still dick, hole is still hole…

[Feng Shui To Get Sex Scandal] There is this Feng Shui master called 慧戒 who made news to have married a foreign woman and has a mistress. Mediacorpse is not only interested in engaging people such as Durai, Ming Yee, Jack Neo and such, but it seems that every Chinese New Year Mediacorpse will have this fucker master at the most important CNY celebration show talking about your ‘destiny’.

What do you think?

Maybe I should get him to do a Feng Shui for me so that I can fuck more women…

Feng Shui… if I am not wrong, Kate’s sis seems to believe in Feng Shui. But I don’t.

In Chinese: 风水轮流转.

I don’t believe in Feng Shui because I believe where I place my furniture and what the fuck I want to buy for my home and what women I’d place or invite to my place…

I happy can already.

If I am a good soul and I am down on luck, then fuck God. While the Feng Shui master fucker is not exactly a monk, he’s fucking lustful. He’s not exactly charming… but cunts… cunts like to be filled with gold. I have nothing much to say about the woman in this story. I just find it very funny. Money money money. No money no honey. Singapore is a world of prostitutes, most women differ from expecting you to earn more or less… Love is secondary, or non-existent. And this idea about money and relationship has been like the main propaganda in local media…

“Want a romantic relationship? Get a rich guy!”

Ever heard of this crap?

[The Grace Of Gold In The Hole] Grace Fu recently said “Government can’t regulate love…”

What is love to local women?

They think love can choose.

So how to choose who to love? The cunts love gold. The government decides policies causing PMET jobs to fall into the hands of foreign dicks. The government has policies to help people like Ng Boon Gay and other scholars to get fat pay checks while Singapore’s situation is… sinking. The government promotes materialism all these years. Basic needs to start a family cost bombs. Health care, transportation, education, housing, business rentals… at fucking ridiculous level because the wage level doesn’t go up… because Singapore needs to produce goods and services at competitive price level…  And from where comes the money to loan to IMF, to seed Temasek’s losses, to create the heavenly salaries of top civil servants who manage Singapore into this mess situation? Will Grace Fu herself support her daughter to marry an ITE grad cleaning the tables at hawker centres taking $1,000 a month…

It is so said that in Singapore, you can buy a flat at $1,000 a month…

I am not exactly sure if I can humbly agree with Grace Fu that government can’t regulate love… in this fucking materialistic world our GDP-chasing government has created after 47 years.

Recently a child got a hospital bill:

A 42-year arrangement. That is what the Ting family has with KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) to settle their three-year-old boy’s medical bill.

This is the first time a hospital here has allowed a large medical bill to be broken up into interest-free monthly instalment payments over such a long period.

The bill came to a whopping $130,000 after the boy was treated for meningitis. He is now recovering at home, but his parents, Malaysians who are permanent residents here, could not pay up.

The boy’s mother, housewife Koh Tat Hong, 34, said: “We were happy when we received a letter last month from the hospital informing us we could make payment in monthly instalments of $250.”http://www.tnp.sg/content/family-allowed-pay-130000-hospital-bill-monthly-instalment-over-42-years

They are not Singapore citizens. But cost of health care for Singaporeans are going very very very up as well. This is the typical family whereby the man is making an amount in the range of $1,000~$2,000. Look at the poor wife… skinny and no cosmetics. So can you really buy a home earning $1,000 a month? Can you place a family in a home earning $1,000 a month?

42 years… This news was broadcast all over Singapore as if it’s a shiny piece of honor… This baby will be dealing with debt till he’s way past 42yo… if he were to be listening to the government that you can get a home earning $1,000.

So… can the government regulate love?

How many local women will ‘love’ for the sake of love? In short, which local cunts are not wet for the gold? When it comes to gold, the government may have a lot more responsibilities to shoulder…

Love… I don’t understand why Grace Fu used the word ‘love’. Because… love is… say, the marriage vows include ‘through rich or poverty’, love is not something about wealth, geographical barriers, skin colors, age, health… How many local women will marry a jobless, ugly, sick guy with no house, no car, no this no that, but he has a kind heart, got virtues and even if he picks $1m from the streets he’d donate the $1m to feed the poor and cure the sick?

Will Grace Fu herself prefer to be fucked by such an angel when another ugly guy exists but with roses made of gold and is a CEO hiring dishwashers at $3,000?

So eh~

I love Kate, but that doesn’t mean I am out of my mind about local women…

So while I am not sure whether the government can regulate love… I very strongly disagree with the use of this word ‘love’, especially for local context.

And if any local women are offended… please marry a downright poor jobless chap with average education first, then make all the fuck noises. Thank you.

“For good or bad, through rich or poverty…” Vows are meant to be broken, anyway.

[NTUC Has Talents] There are plenty of weirdos employed by government and government-linked entities, they might have pretty resumes… but they are really weirdos, and I have just encountered one at Calibrelink. NTUC got one who made news. She’s an Amy Cheong… She posted something about Malay weddings being very noisy in her facebook, said Malays rather have wedding for $50 hence they have high divorce rate… She was almost immediately sacked, and while some grassroot folks called the police to investigate her, she ‘fled’ to Australia. Then it was exposed that she isn’t even a Singaporean… while she took her role as Assistant Director at NTUC. She was a Malaysian quitter to Australia, then she came to Singapore after she obtained Australian citizenship.

Upon checking, it seems that her direct superior is also a New Citizen or Foreign Talent from India.

I don’t really care what the racist fuck shit she said…

My major concern is… NTUC… and many many important government-linked offices… it seems that foreign elements can easily infiltrate Singapore government and government-linked offices… at all levels. And… who really knows who is linked to Amy Cheong? She is the Assistant Director, her social circles could easily be other directors of other offices… NTUC is an union#1 very linked to the government and to politics… And Amy has access to the entire membership database of NTUC? I don’t know…

National security… …

Before every election, NTUC will recommend election candidates for PAP… so I have heard. NTUC also works with ministries, and other state entities. How hard will it be for a spy to penetrate local intelligence? If Amy Cheong will suck cock as Cecilia Sue did, if anyone wants to seriously assassinate our beloved PM Lee, his location, the timing, the details will be behind all the locks with all the keys lying around for her.

Hmmm… … Even NTUC… a union… a Singapore union for Singaporeans… the directors were both not true blue Singaporeans… … LOL~

Thanks for grooming Amy Cheong, Meritocracy… and fuck you again. It’s apparently hopeless for true blue Singaporeans. NTUC has many training centres, ideas, projects but… it doesn’t seem to NTUC that they need to train Singaporeans for those director positions.


After Amy Cheong is sacked, heard Minister Lim Swee Say and some smarties said something like… “Oh, think of how hard it’d be for Amy…”

Oh… what about those careerless Singaporeans in this FUCK land of opportunities… and morons, with NTUC taking the fuck lead hiring foreigners? Is it safe to conclude that the reason why PAP government favors the flooding foreigners to eat up the PMET jobs is partly due to many members of parliament are from NTUC…?

Please own up… who in civil service… are NOT true blue Singaporeans? Thank you.

I have just gotten my copy of ‘Jagged Alliance- Crossfire’. I have watched the gameplay on Youtube,  my first impression is… it’s simply the same game as ‘Back In Action’ but with some skins changed, the map changed and additional items… That’s it.

To have said this… is funny, because in the early 90s, we have different games such as Ultima I and II… and Bard’s Tale I and II… The maps were different, stories different, and they were considered two games, two packages… But now, ‘Crossfire’ seems to be an ‘add-on’ or some people actually said it’s an ‘expansion’. This is also the first ‘Jagged Alliance’ outside Arulco. So… Let’s see how… But I… thought that ‘Crossfire’ has a smaller map than ‘Back In Action’, hence… I am not sure how rich will the story be as compared to ‘Back In Action’.

Nowadays, gamers want more. We want a lot of improvements made within each franchise. For instance, my favorite ‘Fallout’ series. I am hoping Fallout 4 will have a lot more surprises in store. ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ is super boring… It was just a main story line with some side-quests… You don’t have the very enjoyable random encounters in ‘Fallout 3’, and… the locations are also pretty boring. I can design better locations, you know…

Recently, I looked at my smartphone… I have been hoping to use Viber (an app) to make every fucking call, I am using Whatsapp (an app) instead of using SMS. All you need is WIFI… a router and internet connection. Why do you have to even pay those blood-sucking telcos to make a call? If  everyone can be contacted via apps, why do we need to pay a single cent to those service providers? But the problem is, not everyone uses Viber to make calls, and Viber call quality isn’t guaranteed. Basically a smartphone is like a mini computer you carry around.

Maybe someday, telcos will extinct. But not today.

But I am using Viber to make overseas calls and Whatsapp to send short messages overseas. Just imagine how much I saved at the agony of my telco…

The good thing about using apps in Singapore is… there are WIFI connection points everywhere for free access, and Singapore isn’t really that big. So almost everywhere you go, you can encounter an access point. Which means… if every fucker is using Viber, you don’t even need to sign up for internet hook-up plans!

So… naturally, when I got my smartphone, I signed up the cheapest plan in town… People call me… I pick up the calls for free. If close friends, I make them install Viber. So the day telcos would meet their doom will be the day when every joker in town is using Viber. Actually, all you need is to have the government told the daft population… get the cheapest internet plan since you’d need the internet for job applications, Youtube, pirated games, office works, but you no longer need GSM plans, and install Viber and Whatsapp.

With the rise of ‘Nationalism’ or xenophobia against foreign influx, the government has been trying to sell some ideas here and there to Singaporeans. Yeah yeah yeah, DPM Teo recently talked about the possibility of 6.5m Singapore population again… and some folks talked about ‘ponzi demography‘. But Scope is not interested to talk about politics of population… not now at least. There will be a time for everything. Some oppositions have been worried that the New Citizens will dilute votes. But… simple mathematics… if the government injects New Citizens at about the same rate now, given that the population is becoming rather… too concentrated, or reaching 6.5m, the impact of having New Citizens to dilute all 80 over constituencies is really very small.  Which is… unless all those fucking New Citizens congest one GRC, then maybe it’d become a problem… But even that, that would be only the failure to gain one GRC from PAP. Given the demographic, if about 33% is formed by New Citizens, let’s adjust it to 40%… Now…

Take the case of Alvin Tan Jye Yee. He thinks our government is not so… competent and may be corrupted. If he becomes a new citizen, he is unlikely to vote for the government, maybe because he needs to think for his children. Actually, many New Citizens from all over the world will be facing the same shits a few years after the hoo-haas of becoming part of Singapore. Becoming part of Singapore means becoming part of Singapore’s problems as well. They will also face inflated price of mee siam, they will also wonder how will their kids buy BTO flats at such inflated price level… they will also wonder if their kids can compete with foreigners. They will also be displaced by other foreigners or New Citizens. They will also see the President being paid $1m or $4m or $16m for one year or four years. They will also suffer if they lost everything in the casinos. They will also begin to judge the government’s performance.

Interestingly speaking… how many will really love PAP? They are not part of our history. They have no love to begin with. They come mainly for their own interests.

Like every pig… or mortal, if they are angry, if they are hungry, they will still do what need to be done.

Any opposition leaders or activists who whine about New Citizens diluting votes will make me laugh.

So much for population politics… I just briefly went through it. I don’t think it’s the right time to talk so much about it. Actually I am not bothered about the government’s talk about reaching 6.5m people by having New Citizens… Use your fucking brains… so what all those 6.5m people are all true blue Singaporeans? MRT will be crowded, toilets will be crowded,  jobs will be scarce, education… hospital… housing… busted. Will there be a vibrant society? I’d rather bet on riots…

Singapore… so many things to do, but we have to wait.

This mess must mature, then we can do something about it. Thanks to Meritocracy, our PM is currently super very stuck. If voting is indeed secret… then PAP will be in big trouble pretty soon. Even if Nicole Seah becomes the next PM, by that time… can she handle the state?

Now the evening news on TV is talking about cleaners to expect $1,000 per month… Assuming an increment (or wage inflation) rate of $50 per year doing the same shits, ten years later a cleaner can get $1,500 per month. But 10 years later how much will the food cost? How much will the homes cost? From where are we going to pay the cleaners’ increments from? I am wondering… By the way, cleaners should be the job that 100% educated Singaporeans should not be wanting to do… So what is the point of increasing their pay? Banglas can do the job, and take the money back to Bangla-land and buy cheap homes. But will that be the case?

What is to come will either be the dawn of glory or dawn of the dead for Singapore… It cannot be helped.

Something light… Don’t know how, don’t know when, suddenly I landed in a blog of a Rachel Zeng. OMG! An activist~ OMG~ She got boobs! What was I reading recently… can’t remember. But she has a picture of helping out at NSP events. Is she from EDMW as well? Nowadays, more and more girls are participating at political events… Whooooo haaaaaaaaaa~ With Glenda Han turning 40yo next election, Singapore desperately needs fresh bloods! I like to watch Glenda brushing the hair from her face when the winds kissed her during an erection election speech last year. Fucking sexy. That’s how a woman should be. The first thing I noticed about Rachel is…

OMG, the boobs~

Actually talking about women in oppositions… a name popped out. Lee Li Lian. LLL. 3 Ls. LL Lee. Funny name. I find her pretty adorable, and silly. She’s probably the type who’d admire Yaw when he became an MP… The simple-minded type of woman who could be blinded by brands of sorts… The simple-minded type of woman who’d fight for a blind cause. Her ability to govern… about the same as Lena Chiam. I may be wrong. She got the type of kiddy look as if telling you “Mama, you hit me, I’d hit you back… real hard on the ass”. The more this married chubby woman tried to look serious, the more I feel like laughing. It’s like a baby trying to put up a serious challenge.

So fucking adorable.

Nothing much about the oppositions… People are complaining that Workers’ Party isn’t doing well in parliament… It’s expected.

They can’t:

1. Handle the population:
-because they know not how to reallocate the resources;
-hence they don’t know how to deal with the employers’ labor demand;
-hence that means they have no idea about economic remake;
-and they don’t know how to refinance the CPF…

2. Deal with manpower issues:
-because they don’t know how to fix the Human Resource Management situation in Singapore;
-they can’t provide an alternative to Meritocracy…

3. Deal with Education:
-they have no idea of the need to deal with the budget;
-they can’t understand how to manage the micr0-workings;
-they cannot rearrange the education system;
-Nor can they handle the supply with justification.

4. Handle the economy:
-as mentioned, they have no idea how and what to do for an economic remake;
-unable to develop the basis for the remake;
-unable to understand the gauge;

5. Handle inflation of property prices:
-they have no idea how to handle the population’s demand for homes while enriching the coffer;
-they have no idea of how to remake the ministry;
-they have no idea how to revitalize those wet markets and return things to order;
-they can’t remake the administration to support HDB service remake to support the population.

And bla bla bla… but the nice thing is… so does the incumbent. So for the next few years, people can expect rubbish exchanging in the parliament, and solid change… not possible. The five issues are merely a small part of a big problem. We haven’t talked about military and global affairs, neither have we talked about a proper welfare network and how to more effectively subsidize health care and education and transport… and how to fight the inflation…

Whoever can handle all these… will be the new Father of Singapore. And it’s not going to be them. All these issues… will cause governments to be changed again and again, and reserves to be eventually depleted.

Emeritus Goh Chok Tong recently said, “Singapore needs “first-rate” leaders to help Singapore navigate the choppy seas of the changing world order.”

I have heard this bullshit great speech of his since he was a PM ‘looking for White Knights’… then after Ming Yee, Durai, Andy Ong bla bla bla, he’s still talking about the same crap thing… God bless~ But at least our leaders have first-rate pay checks as their home prices fly to the skies…

I am really interested to know what he sees… in this choppy seas of changing world order. Before that, I personally earnestly hope he can take a closer look at the choppy seas of local disorders. I am wondering with first-rate leaders as Tin Pei Ling, and $8-minister Khaw, and once-50-years Minister Yacob, $50 Josephine Teo plus our MP Alex Yam who doesn’t even seem to understand what he was driving at… where exactly is Emeritus Goh hinting that Singapore is navigated towards? I have no doubt these are first-rate leaders…. I only doubt where they are leading us to.

And I totally agree we need first-rate leaders as situation has become… pretty dire.

Dear Emeritus Goh… here’s the first-rate response from Scope:

What do you think?

The same question can also be directed to MP Low Thia Khiang, the head of co-drivers.

I am not really talking about politics here. I am talking about common sense.

Everybody is talking about serving serving serving… Before that bastard apu ne TT Durai got busted, he also talked about serving serving serving…

Yeah, I believe… … I am a good citizen. I am a good blogger. I am a good man.

I fuck women and make them happy, give them orgasms to make their days, therefore… I am a good man. Please give me some praises…

I tried so hard to be hard at the hardest time for the hardest push with the hardest penetration reaching the hard truth…

I just so hate to D.I.Y… LOL~

#1 Singapore’s union is a commonly known wayang. But NTUC is very much plugged in to Singapore’s state business, and the state’s commercial businesses. If Amy Cheong can be a director, Amy Chin Peng can also be a director. Just imagine Mr Lee Kuan Yew will be so happy knowing Amy Chin and her buddies are in NTUC and various ministries…