From nowhere came ‘The National Conversation With PM Lee‘ TV talk show. Despite reluctance to rant about this minute event, Singaporeans online are making it a big news… So Scope’d briefly touch on it.

To be honest, there are a couple of things to touch on and I am not sure where to start.

Firstly, is it a good initiative?

From a politically apathetic Scope, I don’t think it’s a good idea. Yes yes yes, you go on TV, it’d reach the nation and probably overseas, and there is a PM there to ‘chat‘ with on national issues, bla bla bla. The problem is it’s similar to PM’s facebook page. People are banned from PM’s facebook page even if they are Singaporeans. The big difference between facebook and a TV show is really hard to tell, they are all media of sorts, you need to engage people, people have expectations, and you better have some substance. The problem actually comes when the PM… may not be able to come with much.

So I have to be honest that I have not watched any of the talk shows.

I mean, what the fuck can I expect?

This is People Action Party, it’s the Action that counts and you got to experience that Action first-hand in Singapore run by PAP chaps. What will all that talking change? Nothing. And you know what PAP is about if you are living in Singapore.

Secondly, it’s about the guest list. From

However, the televised forum was perceived by the public as a partisan exercise. While political bloggers were dropped from the guest list at the last minute, 7 members of the ruling party were spotted among the studio guests.

The online witch hunting shows that majority of those invited to the chat with PM Lee were actually, and expectedly, PAP members; And that included the ‘Prata Man’, Mr Douglas Foo. I mean, if you have pets who are shameless, at least being a wise master, you know how to keep them in your private closet. But according to PM’s taste… Ah Foo was all over the media, interviewed by radio and now happily chatting with PM Lee in such a national conversation. See? Meritocracy when the decision maker is a snob and/or blur king… you can’t even tell who are talented and who are junks. Of course, we are not saying our honorable very wise very smart PM Lee is a snob or blur king, we are just saying it’s very dangerous an idea called meritocracy when the decision makers are idiotic.

The political bloggers are not invited… if they ain’t invited, who can replace them? They are the ones expected to be with loads of bullets for the event if they dare to confront our beloved PM Lee. If Scope is disallowed to comment on PM’s facebook page, I’d not likely be invited to this NATIONAL conversation where jokers from ALL walks of life are welcomed… By the way, Scope is not a political blogger, that given the nature of current affairs, I’m more interested in whether I got the chance to have an affair with Glenda Han or poke Nicole Seah… LOL~

Anyway, what’s left on the guest list are majority, if not all, PAP members or… friends of PAP, or… dumbasses warned by schools or employers not to be heroes, or… PA or NTUC chaps…

This sort of people won’t have much bullets, they won’t be expected to shoot hard questions. Because I honestly doubt our highly paid PM Lee has any answers anyway… I mean, you can’t have a PM go on the show and be showered with bullets, crossfired and pinned down like a wasted doll… You can’t, right? Singapore is having huge problems, you just can’t dump the weight onto a PM who might not be able to carry it. So… while political bloggers are dismissed, oppositions are also not expected to appear despite it being a national conversation. Why?

That’s because there are oppositions, albeit not elected, who could talk very well. But of course… why not invite them in the future? Be my guest. That’d be interesting.

And the poor, the needies, the sick and those stuck in the car loans, home loans, credit card debts… those who lost everything in the legalised casinos, those who are homeless, those who lost children in NS… Will these people be invited to chat with PM Lee? Frankly speaking, this group is probably the necessary guests for the highest authority to engage, because they have real problems, real issues… where normally they have no avenues to deal with their issues, they can now approach the highest authority in Singapore who has such great resources and leadership to solve them.

People like myself… who is struggling to find a career in this… meritocratic land of fuck opportunities where employers such as Douglas Foo are aplenty… we should be invited to the talk show.

But would we be?

Let’s just do a simulation…

Mr Scope is invited to the national talk, he respectfully greets the PM and Scope simply shoots, “Dear Mr Lee, you got any quality career for me in this fuck land of opportunities?”

If yes, just give me the job… and I don’t care what the fuck he says.

If no, what the fuck he says doesn’t matter.

See? Simple and sweet.

He’s the PM, he has nothing to offer his citizen, there is nothing I want, and he can go on hard selling… I’d just smile respectfully and fuck off.

Problem about him… and his top civil servants… they are not people who usually give explanation or answer to any cock ups. They simply decide, throw it at the people, and when there is a big shit, the media department will come in, and then even if the people won’t buy the craps, Singaporeans are supposedly to have short memories, and the sheeps won’t ever revolt against the bloody lions. You don’t need reasons, you only need power, and ‘I have got the power, baby’. It’s like those fucking mods at Flowerpod and EDMW. They don’t go by the fuck rules they set themselves. Those fucking mods just abuse their power to ban because they have it.

Now the problem is… PAP is having a war with such online critters. PAP is not happy been arrowed left right center. The PM doesn’t want to be flamed by netizens.

Yet, who created these assholes for 47 years since independence or separation?

PAP lah~

Say… After Mr Lee Kuan Yew sued Dr Chee to bankruptcy, many resorted to legal threats, TT Durai literally mastered the whole crap using laws or Singapore’s JUSTICE system to protect his own little fuck empire. In this cultural desert, there is no need reasoning. Even students were forced to participate at YOG with credits. Over the years of PAP’s governance, the society becomes a cold hard piece of shit, and it’s reflected by the netizens’ conducts. Those fuckers at SPH owned EDMW stole my pictures, spreaded lies about me, and bla bla bla… Even that asshole crap Amulet did that shamelessly, and she got a daughter herself… These people are shameless, they know not what is right or wrong; they don’t even need brains. And they march against the PAP without needing anything concrete… they dare to march against the almighty PAP as small flies… as that big shot Alex Tan Zhi Xiang did. They need no reasons, no tactics, no nothing…

If they think they are right and they are the power, they will just crush with PAP. Just as PAP who will just crush with the people if they think they are right… Just as that Alex Yam Zi Ming who made a comment on Scope; he thought he was right… or at least he thought what he said held water. How hilarious.

This is how Singapore operates… A whole bunch of brainless zombies at war with each others. Right or wrong doesn’t matter. PM Lee doesn’t seem to care as well. It’s still who has the power. It’s a barbaric fight in this cultural desert of morons… The hilarious part? Even Alex Yam is talking about education. LOL~

47 years since separation, and Singapore is not yet a nation. And soon, more than half of Singaporean population ain’t even true blue Singaporeans. 47 years of governance and education… we have a bunch of morons from top down, in reality and virtual reality. They don’t even know what the fuck they are mumbling; They don’t even care. Nobody cares. It’s just either power or money… or both. So this tiny island after a fucking 47 years becomes a war zone of zombies fighting against each others. This is the reality of this ‘nation’, hence national fuck conversation… that I don’t give shit for.

Singapore is like that freak show City Harvest Church… their brains gone as if they have undergone mass lobotomy. Whatever the greedy creep Kong Hee psycho-ed them, they will just donate and donate and donate until their fucking brains bleed. And they will continue to do so… and that’s what God is to them. Zombies… an whole island of zombies.

Now what?

Who are they going to invite? More PAP activists? More obedient civil servants? More well-to-do citizens?

So… who will be coming next?

What can the PM really offer?

I don’t know. As long as the PM has nothing to offer me, I can’t be bothered about him and least what he is saying… Look, it’s best that way, because if you have to listen and care about his nonsense, you’d get fed up when you can’t do anything about it. So it’s best to switch off. If I am not allowed to comment on his facebook page, I’d just drift off. No big deal. He can talk to PAP members, he can talk to himself and have a good laugh, pretending everyone is happy, pretending the conversation works, pretending that he really believes PAP’d score better than 60.1% when land costs are pushed high as HDB flats’ prices breach the $1m mark… and his meritocratic ‘orchestra’ is going to do wonders.

He can go on fantasizing. As for citizens like us, we have the reality to handle.

We have to handle his bloody pets such as Douglas Foo and face the fucking 30 years loans with fuck employers like him as the homes prices are reaching Jesus’ dick. We have morons to handle on and offline. We have to handle the costs of raising babies our PM so wants, and the costs are rising like nobody’s business. We have to handle the rise of rentals, the rise of teachers’ pay, the rise of taxes and fees, the heavenly ministerial pay, and we are supposedly happy to welcome foreign fuckers to steal our jobs, our women, our bicycles, and crowd our trains and buses… and belittle us.

And you telling us to support our parents eh?

Thank you, Mr Prime Minister.

While Singapore is busy and eager to solve other states’ employment headaches under your very wise leadership, there are plenty of issues which nobody Singaporeans as myself have to deal with, such as employment.

So funny eh?

Other than talking on TV shows, do you have anything else to offer?

Why isn’t it a good move to have such a ‘National Conversation With PM Lee’? Isn’t it obvious?

If a minister, say our $8 minister told us that “Oh, HDB resale flats are hitting $1m each, but BTOs will be cheap… you know, despite the climbing land prices…” that’s his problem if people will believe him or otherwise. During election, the people will concentrate on that minister… Now when the PM himself being the highest authority comes to chat… you have to make sure you have something to offer; And that the topics are really what we people care, otherwise you’d be conveniently labelled as ‘losing touch’. The zombies are already not good at reasoning, so if the PM can’t offer anything solid… he’d be just landing himself in a hole flooded with zombies. Who in the right mind’d do that?

Besides, most Singaporeans know the official craps lines, but the problem is… how many can buy those lines when they are stuck in 30 years loans with such wonderful job security and local bosses?

Singapore is not really that big…

It’d be so easy for a bunch of toads in the well to dig out those PAP members ‘infesting’ the national conversation. While there is nothing wrong having activists to ‘voice out’ their concerns, they ain’t really enough to replace those political bloggers and the many many needies in Singapore… thanks to PAP’s 47 years of governance. So even for publicity… is this going to work?

You know… what will happen when you declare Christmas and Santa comes with nothing in his sack?

People will just dismiss him as a joker, or an overdressed clown.

Again, PM Lee… Do you have anything concrete to offer true blue Singaporeans?

If not… why are you at the show? You like mudslings so much?

So… there is no disrespect for PM to ignore this talk cock show. I doubt it’s wise to have all the arrows concentrating on the PM… unless PAP thinks they have too many votes to come during election. Nathan already acknowledged he knew Singaporeans are angry. Why add fuel?

So unless you have anything concrete to offer… silence is golden.

And with a 4th generation team like yours… Mr PM, let me just give you the benefit of a doubt that you can offer anything at all.

Scope is not an activist. Scope only bothers about his daily business, such as eat sleep shit play… and his other interests. Scope is no Alex Tan Zhi Xiang, Scope has no balls and he respects the authority, no matter how crappy it is. We are all gentlemen, we have our views. I am seriously more interested in babes, so unless ‘National Conversation With PM Lee’ has some hot cunts attending, it won’t do better than porns to catch my eyeballs. I mean… this is ‘National Conversation’, hot babes are included within the parameters.

Some people said this is a wayang. My fuck problem?

Actually… in politics, in global politics, from a politically ignorant blogger… Who is not an actor?

The problem comes when you act too much and you start thinking that you are really in the show business, and it’s not entertaining and you expect gold.
Scope is not Dr Catherine Lim. She definitely has more balls than Scope…

For nearly 20 years now, I have been writing commentaries and giving talks, on various aspects of the Singapore political situation, and all of them, without exception, have been underlain by one common, unquestioned assumption—the powerful influence of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Whatever my topic—the uneasy relationship between the PAP government and the people, the lack of civic liberties and other democracy deficits, the attitude of young, sophisticated Singaporeans who see emigration as an attractive option—the conclusion reached each time invariably pointed to the self-evident truth of Mr Lee’s dominance in the political scene, whether as Prime Minister, Senior Minister or Minister Mentor, in the fifty years of his leadership.

And the bla bla, bla bla bla… Never really read the rest. Need not read the rest.

There are all sorts of people talking about politics… People like Lee Kuan Yew, then Lee Hsien Loong, and the tons of civil servants in this cultural desert, plus those in SPH, and the sotongs here and there… even Long, an old classmate recently talked all bloody cocks about politics. Something is wrong with Long. He even suggested me to attend a PAP convention at NTUC building recently… probably a jest, said some folks emailed him the event. I know Long… stubborn, naive… he isn’t exposed to the world; the last guy on Earth I’d bother taking political lectures from. LOL~ Tons of people have their ideas about politics… not excluding those morons lurking in cyberspace…

And yes, many political-wannabes…

Politics for Singapore is one issue, politics for other states and about international relations are all different.

‘The National Conversation With PM Lee’ reminds me of the attempts of China to appear touching the grounds with some programs… you know, the usual stuffs.

Alot of people don’t understand… To deal with Douglas Foo, you have to deal with PAP, or PM Lee. That was why I had wanted to let MOE to deal with ERC… if their backers deal with them, problem solved. Of course I know where they are from. There are few things I don’t know in this puny barren pile of fucking rocks. We have rumors people like Douglas Foo are invited for Tea#1. We have rumors ‘leaders’ in Singapore fucked SIA stewardesses. We have plenty of rumors flying in Singapore. This is the ‘home’ I am living in.

Confidence for the future eh…

I don’t want to know where and how these ‘leaders’ come from. I don’t make the choices, PM did. Whether they can perform or not, we all have eyes to gauge.

PAP also has its Petir, and towns have many magazines published… God saves the trees, and delivers real gold instead.

Such is politics.

Nothing is definite.

Wise leaders like sages. Idiotic ones love bootlickers. Rules… are decided by some and written and re-written. Society’s intelligence and moral levels ain’t homogeneous, even the PM can change as a person, hence people. So disputes, conflicts, fights, wars… and wars never change. It’s stupid, it still is, and it still will be. Will you sell your soul? Will you fight? Will you hide? Will you end up leading?

Who is Lee Kuan Yew that Dr Chee has been fighting against to his last penny?

He’s just an old man who is counting his last days.

Why are they fighting? For democracy? For power? To feel shiok?

BG Yeo called for change, to work with oppositions… Who the fuck think he’d join the oppositions if PAP won’t let him stand for election again? Who the fuck think that Ang Yong Guan will sell his house to get Dr Chee out of bankruptcy? Who the fuck think that Chiam See Tong will let anyone else but Lena to take over him or the NMP position? Who ah?

What are they fighting for, seriously?

Our Khaw Boon Wan who wanted to help alot of people is still staying in his lavishly decorated private property… when he can simply move to a 4 room HDB flat and donate the money to so many homeless… needies, while he is watching HDB flats’ price level jumping higher and higher. After all, his surgery only cost $8.

Does Mr Lee Kuan Yew care? Beats me.

All of them want people to support them. They tell you they fight for your interests, they want to make Singapore a better place… bla bla bla bla bla bla.

With what are they going to fight for your interests? With what are they going to make Singapore a better place?

They can’t do it now, they are always talking about how beautiful the future will be if you support them.

They are telling you that talents such as Tin Pei Ling are the reasons why GRCs are needed; because they are the talents that people will not vote for but are needed.


With what am I going to base my confidence for the future on?

Long long time ago, a chap told Singapore during the last moments of colonial rule, Singapore matters should be decided by Singaporeans. After 47 years of celebrating National Days, true blue Singaporeans are becoming last mohicans. Our Olympics games are represented by ‘Singaporeans’ not born nor raised in Singapore. As in the colonial time, anyone unrelated can come into Singapore to seek their fortune, as long as they can. The only difference is the immigration is under the name of a state and not a colony. But the nature is about the same.

“We were a colony, we have sent a foreign talent to Olympics… now we are doing the same.” Nothing wrong, saved we are no longer a colony… for like 47 years.

I don’t know about Catherine Lim. She is 70yo, born around 1940s… when the Japanese were occupying Singapore. After 70 years, she spent 20 years talking about politics and was amazed that “Oh, Singaporeans DARE to vote against PAP!”. She never saw Singaporeans DARE to go on riots, demonstrations, assassinations… She never saw Rajaratnam jailed for fighting against the colonial masters with his pen? No? Lee Hsien Loong could be still too young to understand how his Dad fought for power, and how precious and… corrosive power is. But Catherine Lim… she is 70yo, during the 1950s, she was at fuckable age. Thought girls like to claim they are more mature than guys at the same age?

And she was amazed that Singaporeans dare to vote against PAP.

Which hole had she been hiding all those 70 years? LOL~

This is the hard truth about local politics. It’s a Republic. Everyone has his or her own version of politics. Even if they share the same history, history has many versions to various people.

There is a saying that winners were the ones to write histories. But it’s a myth. Because there are no such things as winners or losers when it comes to history. They are all dead, and their deeds dug and spilled.

[Living In The Past] Mr Lawrence Wong made news…

SINGAPORE: Senior Minister of State for Education and Information, Communications and the Arts, Lawrence Wong, has rebutted some online views over the past few weeks on the British royal couple’s visit to Queenstown and the MediaCorp TV forum with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, A Conversation with PM Lee.

In a post on his Facebook page on Monday, Mr Wong said he has been watching the incidents unfold on the internet with “some heaviness” in his heart.

He said politics can either drive a wedge between Singaporeans and divide the society or it can be a force for good to bring the people together and to build a stronger and better Singapore.

He noted that when the British royal couple – Prince William and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge – visited Queenstown, Singaporeans young and old volunteered readily to be part of this event.

Yet, they were mocked online for taking part in a “wayang” show.

In the case of the MediaCorp TV forum, Mr Wong said no one was invited because of his or her political affiliation.

Among the group of 50 invited to take part, a few were members of the People’s Action Party (PAP).

Mr Wong said on the internet, there was a campaign targeted against these PAP members.

They were singled out and attacked and their phone numbers were publicised online.

Mr Wong pointed out the PAP has done a lot for Singaporeans over the past decades but it is not perfect.

He said there’s a need to listen to criticisms and improve as a party, to serve the people even better.

“This is why I and many others joined the PAP because we appreciate what the party has done, we believe in the cause the party stands for, and we want to help the party do more to serve the interests of Singapore and our fellow Singaporeans. I understand that not everyone will feel the same way about the PAP. Each of us is free to support any political party and choose the government we want,” he said.

Mr Wong said while critics online clearly have their own political affiliations, Singapore does not want to end up in a situation where every activity or conversation in the country becomes politicised, and where Singaporeans are set against ingaporeans based on creed or political affiliation.

“More importantly, when decent people step forward to be part of a genuine national effort to welcome our overseas guests, or volunteer their time to be part of a national TV forum with the PM, and yet get vilified by their fellow citizens, then we really should pause and reflect, and ask ourselves whether this is the kind of society we want. Politics can drive a wedge between us and divide our society. Or it can be a force for good, to bring our people together, and to build a stronger and better Singapore,” he said in his posting on Facebook.

He urged online critics and all Singaporeans to work together and keep Singapore’s democracy healthy by maintaining a basic level of civility in public discourse and treating all with dignity and respect, as well as finding ways to bridge differences and forge a common future together.

I am not really a critic, too stupid to be one. But unless he can convince the PM to allow me to scribble on his facebook page, there is no way to believe all Singaporeans can work together. This sort of self-shiok tale anybody can write… but it’s easier to sing than talk about it. Anyway, the wayang for the Prince and Princess is like this… Fugly people want to go for plastic surgery to let people drool at their beauties; however… fucked and have babies and the truth is… nothing is ever changed. If Singapore’s governance has been so good… the people are so happy, and they have so much time to (eg) play Taiji at parks in such crazily outdated costums, why wayang?

You see… the facilities ain’t cheap to build. You mean when you build facilities, you don’t expect them to be utilized? Those are taxpayers’ money! Even Brompton bicycles have to be used when bought. So what prevented the natural beauty of Singaporeans enjoying such wonderful lifestyle? Then… if you rather have a wayang, after the wayang… will Singaporeans get to have such beautiful lifestyle?

Say… if Kate Middleton is as fugly as Xiaxue and went for the knife, do you think the Prince will kiss the toad?

I won’t.

The fact is… we ain’t growing up into beauties… and obviously, the Prince doesn’t really appreciate our ‘plastic surgery’. As for how the rest of the netizens’ mocking goes… not my fuck problem.

Yes yes yes… PAP has done a lot… IN THE PAST. Josephine Teo said so during a TV talk show with the opposition members. That was in the past. I need a career now, not in the past. Nobody is looking at how much PAP has done in the past to vote on what are happening now! In the past, police wore shorts! In the past, no president was paid $4m a year! In the past, HDB flats were affordable! In the past, casinos were illegal and over the dead body of Lee Kuan Yew would they be approved… Those were the past.

Give me a quality job and you can go on talking grandfather’s stories…

Hopefully, having done so much in the past doesn’t mean some people are going to drop dead and shake legs waiting for gold in the present. You want to reach destination, you must have fuel to cover the entire drive. PAP is definitely not perfect, but that’s not an excuse to be an asshole.

[Holy Shit] It’s really a fuck story… of a mortal who wished he were to be God, then realises he’s not, then starts to create mortal excuses… He doesn’t seem to know where he stands. In one stance, his hullucination wants him to go with his heart, on the next God poked his bubble and he loses his balls. And who is he? He’s the Archbishop Nicholas Chia, Head of Catholic Church in Singapore.


Kate’s a catholic…

Otherwise I don’t even care.

For Christ’s sake, this joker Nicholas Chia wrote a warmly-worded letter to another bunch of jokers who organized an event against Internal Security Act. After all the love sent, suddenly our Archbishop started to get worried.

Archbishop Chia said yesterday that he had decided to withdraw his letter because “on reflection, its contents did not accurately reflect my views on the subject, and if used in a manner that I did not intend, may inadvertently harm the social harmony in Singapore”.

So he was like having chopped his dick then suddenly he reflected and wanted it back. And it was because if his letter is been exposed, that may harm social harmony in Singapore.

Then, our darling Nicholas Chia revealed…

These irresponsible actions can easily cause serious misunderstanding between the Catholic Church and the Government, and damage the long-standing trust and cooperation between the two. It is most regrettable that Au and the group have acted in this manner.

Well, laugh!

Alot of people pray to God. Kate would be. So will those morons at City Harvest and even New Creation Church… and even Jackass Neo and his brainless wife… And this joker Nicholas Chia is the Head of Catholic Church, he’s an archbishop. How in his fucking mind are mortal sinners to damage the trust and cooperation between God and the government? And he is telling God’s children that it is very easy to cause serious misunderstanding between the followers of God and the government; sounds like he’s implying that a retard is involved, and it’s very easy to provoke… and God bless, our Archbishop can’t handle the wrath of mortal misunderstanding with the blessing of God.

Then what’s the fuck use of praying to a useless God? LOL~


Suddenly, our Archbishop has more to worry about than social harmony. LOL!

Suddenly this, suddenly that, and this is the Archbishop of Catholic faith. I am amused. Is God leading him one big round or is he leading God one big round back to square one? This little holy incident was started because of a moron who wrote a letter, then for God knows what-the-fuck reason, he wanted it back. Who is being irresponsible? The letter is written, warmly-worded, happily sent out… Who forced him? Then suddenly the moron panicked… “Oh, I want it back!” Let’s pretend nothing had happened, because this paranoidal confused soul thinks the government is so stupid and hence will easily misunderstand; Then the government will not cooperate with God… won’t give face to Catholic churches…

Or most likely… our Archbishop is probably more worried about his own ass.

I stand corrected.

I feel sad for this mortal actually… He calls himself Archbishop, he probably listens to confessions as well, and reads the silly bible, prays to God everyday, chants and leads Kate and other believers… But he can’t even decide if he can write a letter. The Head of Catholic Church seems to have a will swaying here and there…

Forgives man, for he knows not what he’s doing… nor do I care. I just find him funny. Christians believe in something called Judgement Day, however, ISA is about damnation without trial, without trial there is no need for judgement. After all… Nicholas Chia is only mortal. Can he still lead the Catholic churches?

I can’t be bothered even if Nicholas leads them to Hell. I believe in God, but I am not a christian. If God blesses me, I believe Him. If He doesn’t, I’d just show Him my middle finger… That’s our relationship. Say, because of Kate… me and God just don’t see that eye to eye. I am an Archangel… Satan is supposedly to be a fallen angel, and he manages Hell. See? Mortals, no matter how hard they prayed, they don’t go to Heaven, only angels do. I don’t care about Lucifer more than I care about God…

Used to be… people said I have no guts because I don’t challenge the authorities. I totally ignored all those fuckers who think that way.

It’s a very simple logical loop.

If the PM is a wise and smart and good leader, I’d have my job, a good life, and bla bla bla…

If the PM is an asshole, he’d just lead Singapore into Hell, I’d have no job, no good life, bla bla bla… but that doesn’t mean I need to fight him.

I don’t need to.

If you want to change Singapore, you’d more than need power, you must lust for power. There are two ways to get power… or to ‘fight’ for it. But it all depends on the will of Heaven, or the situation.

One way to fight for power is to just step into politics, challenge the PAP, try to screw it hard, and it got fucked, you’d get the power. But that’s assuming you have a great dick… as much as your libido for power. Dr Chee is the extreme. He’d fought with whatever he got, he would criticise, lambast, mock and even lead a demonstration against the government. Though much of his wealth was removed via seemingly endless lawsuits, I rather he had donated them to charities… but would he? LOL~ So here’s the fight alot of those morons are doing… Join political parties and become keyboard warriors, go for gatherings at Hong Lim Park, and some bombarded govt-linked organizations such as Alex Tan Zhi Xiang…

But they don’t own the police nor the courts.

And no matter how many homes they visited, like Nicole Seah did… not much use.

This way of fighting needs not much brains, though all these heroes think they are so smart… Many went to the papers, and like Yaw… they are invited to attend this and that events, bla bla bla.

Like I said, Dr Chee has been fighting with the Lees… and even if he can be discharged of bankruptcy for $30,000 will be at the mercy or agreement of the Lees.

While the Workers’ Party is making some headway, in-fightings come, and who will be making the decisions tomorrow is another issue. Bottom line is they can’t do much even if they replace PAP. Not to mention, they still don’t own the police nor the courts. And civil departments ain’t going to give them more faces than to PAP ministers. Then there will always be smart dicks like Yaw and Chia Ti Lik… aiming for cunts of people’s wives, or such nonsense.

Fighting in this way will see ‘supporters’… the noise, mainly. You got all those noises from 1950s till now… Those noises who scorned Lee Kuan Yew and even wanted him dead… the curse still goes on, but Lee Kuan Yew had been the PM, then MM, then now still an MP and his son the PM, and he is still not dead yet. So that’s about the noises… There are some folks such as Goh Meng Seng, you know… going around online trying to boost their status, hoping those online morons will support him, hoping to show that he can handle the morons… or population. But he and Alex Tan don’t seem to understand the reality of internet and politics. Especially ever since Obama made news for winning with Facebook supporters… internet politics becomes larger than life.

The truth is… in Singapore, you can get some opinions from internet, get rumors, gossips… but if you expect support from internet, you are just wasting your time. To be honest, I don’t mind scolding those fuckers online… because the real decision makers are those voters out there. Yes, they are plugged in, but no… they are not really influenced by internet noises. Which means, they ain’t voting just because they see you have a 1,000,000 likes on your facebook.

The other way is to be ‘lapdogs’#2, that if you can’t fight them, join them. So they join PAP, and wait and wait and wait… But they will never be even invited for Tea. Whether you can govern or not is not important. Snobbish concerns of whether you got the As and how much you make every month will decide much much more on where you’d be in PAP. And if you don’t believe… simply check the entire batches of selected PAP leaders. Even if they can’t perform, they will still remain as leaders… just as Mah Bow Tan. Such is the meritocracy of PAP. Yam Ah Mee messed up during his time at LTA, Lui mentioned LTA’s ‘responsibility’ and where is Yam now? He’s the head of PA. LOL!

Besides, PAP is no longer like last time… Whenever people heard the brand PAP, it was so white, it means your life would be taken care of, people just auto-vote you in simply because you are PAP. Now, whether PAP will see tomorrow is solely at the mercy of oppositions… ie. if the oppositions can find people who are at least decent enough to form A-teams, GRCs will fall, and there are like only about 15 GRCs. Which is, you only need about 8 anchor opposition leaders and PAP will no longer form the government, and you can chase after Temasek and NTUC and the old families for the money… You can even remove the President and open the reserves and see if there is still anything there…

Then there is another way… which is much safer, and easier.

We all know this preset parameters for Singapore.

Singapore is tiny, it is always the target of ridicules from Malaysia, we have millions and millions of mouths to feed to house and to be entertained, and the influx isn’t helping.

While Workers’ Party calls to be the co-driver of the car…

But what if both driver and co-driver are blind? LOL~

The reality of this rise of anti-PAP sentiment that is transforming into real anti-PAP voting trend and that is boosting those opposition members into parliament to get the obscene pay is really because the governance has become crappy. The noise can be very loud, but it’d never move the people to vote against PAP nor will it push that old chap to assassinate a PAP MP if the governance has been acceptable. House visits… Nicole Seah is doing house visits, but PAP MPs have been doing that and conducting MPSs for ages.

The good news is, there are tons of MPs selected over the years such as Khaw who will never perform, who will not like you for being honest, who will never listen and will go on telling you you only need $8 for surgery, and $2,200 for bicycles. Despite BG Yeo said change, PM Lee said change, the good news is nothing will change. The entire organization called PAP is now infested by the likes of Douglas Foo, the mainstream media has lost steam to be part of an effective machinery, and there is no longer enough to go around to all the ‘lapdogs’ for them to be happy.

What does the PM really has? He still got the reserves… a piggy bank set up and saved up by his Dad. Ever since they run the micro-economies into disaster, they have been taking again and again from the piggy banks. And as more foreigners replace Singaporeans, more will have to be forked out… Singapore is directly under the mercy of MNCs or foreign direct investments… because meritocracy under PAP’s wisdom never seems to groom talents, so we don’t have alot of major names… We can’t compete. Even our ports are under serious challenges. While PM does have the power of appointment… but power of appointment only helps when you know who to groom, who to pick, and who will be needed, and who to remove. Sadly, ‘loyalty doesn’t feed an empire’ never seems to hit the PMs.

Everyone wants a big and bigger piece by showcasing their loyalty.

So the suicide rate has gone up…

Pawn shops are mushrooming in Singapore…

The zombies are fighting each other in cyberspace…

All have been what I am waiting for.

You see… why fight against Goliath when you know the next day it’d get heart attack and just die? Someone will still need to lead the army. The army needs to be fed, to be housed… Tell me why I should fight against Lee Kuan Yew, why should I curse him online? Why not be friends, I go to sleep, have a sweet dream, wake up… and he’s gone. Why should I be ‘smart’ and spread all those PAP bad news… go and expose those PAP dirty linens, go and write poison letters to SMRT? I can’t sing their praises, because Alex Tan is not the only one to know MRT trains are crowded, Nicole Seah is not the only one who knows the banglas are choking me with their ‘unique aroma’… I am not a bootlicker. The PM doesn’t need to like me, but we don’t need to fight. He doesn’t like what I wrote on his page, I just stay away. Why not?

No big deal. It’s not as if what I wrote will change him or win me a regime…

Why waste time with Goliath when he is digging his own grave? I don’t understand. What’s so great to be a martyr?

People seriously think I don’t know what is going on… … LOL~

I come online, have my fun teasing those morons, blog my shits, play games… ‘see’ Kate… I walk the moderate line. I don’t care if PAP leaders take my views seriously, or totally ignore them, I don’t join political parties for no personal reasons or to feel self-shiok. Yeah, Glenda Han is a babe, but it’s not as if I really seriously need to fuck her. I sleep well, take a walk, go to JB, watch movies, eat shit play… fuck my women, do my pictures… and visit those politico-socio sites, read Alex Tan got hit, read Goh Meng Seng got ousted, read Tin Pei Ling talked cock… and sometimes I write some craps to TREmeritus. Then go play with the babies…

I kept track of everything, I observe the people, I seem to have done nothing…

I look absolutely harmless.

But… PAP is sinking, weakening… Singaporeans are dying, screaming… and the influx still comes, scandals fly… the oppositions are still clueless. They can’t govern. They can’t take over. WP probably wishes to be forever the co-driver. But Singaporeans… they can’t wait. The mouths need to be fed, homes needed, babies will grow up, the costs will grow…

Now… what I can do?

Not much…

Except that I can handle the education of a nation, I can give people affordable homes, I can reshape manpower, I will stomp inflation, and regulate immigration properly, I can also handle the army, I can debate when needs be… last but not least, I can handle those morons offline and online. Of course, I also wish to do up the cultural sector, and produce movies which go international.

What does anyone think I’d need to accomplish all these?

I just need to sleep, and the world will go into disaster… forcing everything to be reset. Then grab a vehicle, if there is one… and power will be just there waiting for me. The problem is, suicide rate may be going up, it’s not high enough… The people may be angry, but not enough…  We still need the morons to fight against each others as the people go hungry and hungrier… Say… if the WP emerges victorious… they will be facing an whole bunch of hungry zombies staring at them waiting to be fed…

What do you think will happen?

At the rate of things going now, everything is going well.

In ancient war wisdom, PAP or Singapore is merely a very highly guarded city. But… no matter who are guarding the city, how many they are… they are merely mortals. If you want the city,  you can march in like Dr Chee… and risk being crushed to powder. You can try to do the same as WP, hit here hit there, gain a little… but when they eventually enter the city, they can’t hold it, because PAP would have exhausted available resources to defend it. Dickheads such as Ti Liks will blow up sex scandals… infightings for crumbs… You know… all these chaps have been braving PAP slaughtering to be saints? LOL~

I don’t buy that.

Chiam See Tong said himself… absolute power corrupts absolutely. Just look at how he sent Lena the Housewife in… and the party cracked… in his absolute ownership.

Nobody understands why such priceless thing called Power can be obtained so easily… so cheaply. Use your brain… The reason why there is something called Heaven is because all across humanity and ages, the simple principle of attaining it is the same. ‘Moral high ground’ goes to Heaven, sickos go to Hell. The problem about managing an elephant called PAP is, mortals are merely mortals… once they have more, they want more… and more. Once they need higher salaries to be MPs, other values must be… ‘finetuned’. There will only be one banner PAP can choose in order to ‘lead’ and unite. The color is either White or anything else. In order to maintain an organization like PAP, you need wisdom to provide a direction… If that direction is simply human greed… interests… the foundation breaks, because the hole will never be filled. The void of greed is endless…

And loyalty is never productive. Only people with the same goals and moral-bearings will make fine teams.

The problem is escalated because Singapore is small… or the more appropriate word to use is… ‘compact’. There is absolutely no buffer in this tiny packed up society.

And worse… it needs the world, so it cannot close itself up.

If you want to be a leader, you’d have to understand what you are dealing with. Because in Singapore… if you can’t perform, very quickly, power will start slipping away… If you can’t handle the morons, you will be quickly isolated and misled. News spread very fast in this compact environment, so will inflation.

Waiting is good strategy because even if you are as powerful as Lee Kuan Yew for a 50/50 chance, you will still face Heaven’s will. But if you wait, you don’t get to fight, your opponent will just die… then you can just walk in, and pick up what he has left. And during the wait, you can be entertained, you can travel, have fun… than to make useless attempts and waste energy fighting a hopeless battle, and taking unnecessary risks.

Look at my old friend, Yaw… He got in and got kicked out. Makes no difference, he’s not needed.

When the people eventually discover that WP also can’t govern… they will also kick WP out when someone is coming in to feed them and house them and give them justice. And that someone might happen to be… me.

Catherine Lim… I don’t know nor care how she sees politics… as a doctorate holder over the last 20 years. However, Singaporeans are mostly descendants from China… even if they are not… The whole point is, even if it were to be Myanmar, if the military government has not be exploitative, has been giving the people of Myanmar a good life, has been governing well… you think they will revolt? Look at China… there have been unrests all along. Why? Homes were lost because of corruptions, and there are unfair or inhumane treatments of workers, exploitations of the weaker groups… If you cannot govern, people won’t support you. That’s just so simple. We are all chinese, same DNA.

The only trick to effectively stop oppositions is to simply govern properly.

Myanmar’s military government has been all powerful… even monks were involved in unrest. It was meat against bullets.

It was not really fear of punishment that Singaporeans won’t vote against PAP. It was… to be precise, the fear of trading a good life away. When people have nothing to lose, lost confidence, or when they are so rich they can’t be bothered, they will start to vote against PAP because it is authoritarian or for whatever fuck reasons. It has nothing to do with fear. If this were to be a reason, Low Thia Khiang and Chiam See Tong would never have been elected in the first place. Fear was merely an excuse for the ill performance of the oppositions. Ling How Doong lost, no because people fear PAP… but was because he couldn’t perform and SDP was a mess.

Seriously, was Ling How Doong so charismatic? No, right? But why did people vote him in? And why did people not vote him in again?

In a war, every cock leader will have his or her own decisions to make. The cost, the risks and the goal…

What I have to do now… is simply to be a nice obedient law-abiding citizen working with the government, keep a respectable distance, sleep play shit… and watch out for other talents who are… thinking like my humble self. I have no use for morons who want to be martyrs, or snobbish big shots, or those with tons of paper qualifications. Yes yes yes, I have read Leong Sze Hian and other current smarties at TREmeritus… and go to sleep. I actually prefer those who think like me… because… honestly speaking, if one day we have to govern this tiny island of humongous mess we’d need people who think and know what to do. Not every taking of city needs death and spills blood and wastes energy…

There are plenty of ways to do things. But what must be done must be done.

I have no flags nor parties in my eyes… all I can see are talents or not, and opportunities or not. Snobbish concerns such as ranks, reputations and bla bla bla are not my concerns.

If you can’t perform you are just trash. Period.

Trust me, there is no better weapon against Goliath than his own stupidity. Don’t waste time fighting stupidity… let’s find a job and fuck around… while the Goliath is busy hanging himself, and there is nothing to stop him doing that.

You must have ambition… and back it up by capability. Because this is Singapore; throw a rock into China seas and nothing will happen… try throwing a rock into a mud pool and see the difference.

Of course, if I don’t get to govern this mess, I can always fuck myself out of this mess. There must always be a backup plan… Whatever will happen to Singapore then… it’d really be its choice. Man can only do that much.

This was… before Kate appeared again.

I WILL give up Singapore if I can have Kate in my arms. It’s not about selfishness. Kate’s love is worth the love of millions… To me, she is perfect… she was perfect. Or rather, I have perfected her.

Anyway, if anyone thinks this is madness… Well, if you think it is so easy to govern this piece of shit called Singapore… Be my guest.

This fucking world… is madness itself.

#1 PAP custom… if they think you are acceptable to be an MP, you’d be invited to tea sessions at the Istana. Selection can usually be a recommendation by existing MPs and NTUC.

#2 ‘Lapdog’ is a common description by online heroes attacking the the PAP members. Here, it’s just used accordingly to the online ‘conventions’. There is no intention to attack anyone.