This is yet another picture made from a photo taken right after I woke up.

Do pardon the messy hair… but I kind of like this feel. Honestly, if you don’t like it, that’s your problem…

I am not into ‘Super Juniors’, perhaps because the team got like… ONE song that is decent, which is ‘Sorry Sorry’. And it’s a team of dicks, no women, not my problem.

Recently read an article about buying fake popularity… I first seriously heard of such things when I started out blogging in the China’s sphere. Suddenly some folks had hundreds of thousands of hits… and where did they come from? Fucking mystery. Some starlets even tried to jam up activities by talking to themselves, creating comments and some later were exposed when system changed and IP addresses came to light. In order to gain fame… people are about to do anything. In real… actually when it comes to Xiaxue, I also suspected she resorted to buying such fake accounts when I first visited her blog.

But I must admit, that time her blogging and ‘fuckings’ was rather interesting. Now… it’s like dead sea… How has she 30,000 hits a day is a complete mystery. The simplest explanation is… she seems to have an agent, what her management has done to market her blog, Hell knows. She can claim to be innocent… maybe she is, but who knows what her agent did. So we guess. In real, common sense will suggest that her agency will engage in fake popularity especially to counter Dawn Yang’s agency, and both agencies could have engaged such services. That’s usually how commercial units operate… people do, they do; they suspect their competitors do, they do… That’s especially when hits are tied up with income.

That was what I thought, that is what I think.

Otherwise… you have to count on a bunch of desperate idiots to keep refreshing your page as what happens at Chibabom (Hong Ming Zhi) blog.

As for Scope’s blog… I don’t engage such services. It defeats the purpose of this blog. This blog serves as some sorts of weather balloons and I monitor the stats from time to time, and use the blog to test out certain online services and topics and gather data… So tons of fake hits actually work against the blog’s intentions. I fuck care about fame, nor do I do ads for revenues, nor am I interested to get a visa card to engage such get-fame-quick services. As of now, the blog has a hits count of 151,058.  It’s a decent level of ‘attention’. I keep track of what is the ‘normal’ hits coming…

Any surge easily indicates a concern.

Quietly, Scope’s blog moves forward… steadily. I don’t claim credibility, regardless how people see it.

What if this blog goes viral… Doesn’t matter as well. I’d just blog on.

The problem about fame is that people are… generally stupid. In real, we are talking about society. There might be high IQ people, some mature and wise people… but in general, the society is stupid. And what fame brings are generally pot shots in every direction… misguided haters, maybe some fans, then and this, this and then. There will be plenty of judgements… as if people know you very well. Which is, if I am not getting paid decently, why the fuck should I be famous?

I don’t even like my CGPs to go viral at EDMW or Flowerpod despite I don’t really care about how they think or say about this blog. The house rule is very simple… Don’t move my contents elsewhere without my permission. I don’t care what kind of rubbish comments or how many times you like to look at the CGPs here. It’s not that I respect free speech, I just don’t see the point of being too bothered about imps’generated crap comments. I know THB is not bo chap when she said she is. But I am the real king of bo chap. People who know me know I care little about alot of things…

And why shouldn’t I?

This world is fucking crazy, infested by morons, and why should I care?

The blog started in China gained publicity… and the usual craps came, and I handled them… Scope is seriously too used to publicity or fame, and mudslings. I am not Singapore PM, I don’t delete comments and retain only praises, because I know this is not the real world. In the real world flooded with morons, you will get more junks than gems, because everybody wants gems and expects you to be left with junks.

Fans? Who the fuck needs fans? Not Scope. Even if I were to have fans… I don’t blog to make people happy. I blog to make myself happy.  If… there is a fan… I hope I wish I want her to be Kate. Yet… I am so reluctant to have her here at the same time. Because I can hardly expect her to understand the fuck about this blog. I don’t want her to disappoint me.

Still… this blog quietly is heading towards 200,000 hits…

Let’s just say it’s not because I am against cheating… truth is, I don’t see why I need to cheat. For fuck? For fame? Blogging is like some sort of game to me. If I were to cheat, to engage in those fake popularity services, that’s only because it’s fun, and for thrill’s sake. It won’t make myself proud not cheating nor will I scorn cheating. I am seriously not looking for fans… because I seriously can’t be bothered with you. You read or not, fuck care. It’s not like you give me thousands of hits I’d get paid. I am totally indifferent to bloggers cheating because… they are not competitors! There is nothing more than fun that I want.

You think I care about the 30,000 daily hits Xiaxue has?

If I got famous… people won’t understand me.

If I don’t get famous, people also won’t understand me.

It’s the same putting it this way… If I were to enter election for political role, my intention is for people who want me because I can govern to elect me into parliament, not because I want to be some sort of Mr Idol, say sorry, sing, joke, make empty promises and bla bla bla to jam up support level of BLIND fucking stupid voters! What is the point of entering election to compete to be the greater asshole? And if I were to be elected, I’d be the leader of a whole bunch of moronic blind stupid voters… It defeats the purpose of a Republic election if you stand for election and you can’t govern.

It defeats the purpose of blogging if you get famous and you have nothing to do with all that fame. Even if you get paid, how much is your privacy worth? Well… even I got famous so that I stand to get  a few millions bucks, I don’t mind being famous simply because I can’t be fuck bothered about the world anyway. Your praise and your damnation won’t matter to me; I will be still Scope. I won’t grow an inch taller because I am more famous tomorrow than I am today. My love for my women remains the same.

Seriously… I don’t even know why people are reading my blog… or why will they be reading my blog. There is some fun in guessing… and witnessing stupidity displayed.

Want to be famous?

There have been some news…

I thought I would have blogged my piece about those freaking news but…

I can’t remember them by now. So they can’t be that important.

One super mysterious folk from nowhere out of the fucking blue emailed me this link and this picture. My darling beloved honorable sweetie-pie EDMW queen Chibabom again… It’s a snapshot of her new blog and a picture of a fugly immature beng-looking guy… who happens to be said is her new boyfriend from don’t-know-where for fuck I also don’t care by a reply email from our very mysterious whoever. I mean, thanks for the information… and really… what’s the point of emailing me this piece of gossip?

I don’t get it!

I am not Ming Zhi’s brother or her father. But I have to be honest, from the view of a man who has seen tons of people… I won’t recommend such a guy for my own sis. It’s not because he’s fugly, his face and hairstyle looks like beng, and for that matter… I don’t like ah bengs. It’s really because he feels immature to me. The way he held the smartphone shows. Nobody with standard holds smartphones like that; feels rather a socially awkward chap to me.

However… nonetheless… inspite of that… that’s Chibabom’s taste for men. That’s her choice. And I fully respect her choice… only because she isn’t my daughter. LOL! Sounds wicked eh… But my eyes are well known to be very sharp… especially when it comes to men. Chibabom is… just a girl, she looks very young, and from her postings in EDMW, she is… indeed very young, impressionate, and… from the way she handled her blog because of that incident, can tell she is not yet mature. She is very much a blur little girl to me. I don’t think she is bad, she’s… just really a little girl. Because smart women don’t club, elegant women won’t kiss women for fun at clubs, and thinking women won’t be so confused as her blog entries showed.

She hasn’t met her mate… her serious counterpart, her prince, or the man who understands her and… can rein her in.

It’s actually a good thing to date guys, to experience clowns and ducks before a girl meets her real prince. But if she doesn’t multi-date, it’s best that she chooses carefully who she spends her time with. I seriously encourage girls to multi-date guys, enjoy the dates, the romance, the sweet nothings, the shower of gifts, the fun… Of course, I am not talking about multi-sex. Nor am I against fucking, IF and only IF she is NOT my daughter. Simply because a girl only has this amount of time to know guys, to gain experience to eventually at least make better judgement about who she really wants and what she really wants in a guy; multi-dating is great. It’s fair competition. If a guy is serious about you, you seriously think he would just stand watching as you got a boyfriend dancing?

Kate is married. I am in love with her. I confessed to her despite she is married. See?

Probably because I am a man… I grow to realise what really matters.

I miss Kate alot. I want to see her but…

Anyway… multi-dating is not about sleeping around. Of course, I don’t mind sleeping with Chibabom… LOL! As long as she is STDs-free, why not? Like I always said, even if a woman is well-maintained, but menopause won’t wait. There’d be one fine day Chibabom’s period no longer comes… it’d be like her uterus is removed; her female hormones gone… making her feels less and less a woman… This is a woman. This is menopause. This is the cruel fuck reality. It’s biology, it’s all about sex. Scope’s stance is very simple… a girl has to find her One, her clock is ticking, she’d have to maximise her effort to date as many men as possible to increase her chances to meet that One in her fucking life. Hence…


Despite how I feel about darling Chibabom’s guy… I am more curious about who the fuck is that mysterious joker who emailed me this piece of gossip. I seriously thank him/her for the entertainment. I am now enriched by one more mental junk that I might simply forget by next week.

Hey, who the fuck are you?

Yeah, go on hiding.

Hmmm… Chibabom is not bad-looking, rather thin, not as curvy as Jocelyn Kau. Whenever I talk about Jocelyn, I just remember my Mom when she was young… Well~ If I fuck Jocelyn how would it feel like? LOL~ Anyway, I have never fucked a lesbian before. Maybe I should try that. Will there a difference??? I mean… Actually sex, the penetration is a biological response… a mechanism to be exact. There shouldn’t be a difference… or anything of significance if you fuck a lesbian or you fuck a normal girl. But I seriously imagined Jocelyn when she is old…

Actually the point is…

Chibabom should have better choices, right?

The usual moronic concern when it comes to choosing a fugly guy at EDMW is… Is he fucking rich? LOL!

Jocelyn reminds me of my Mom when she was young, so fucking her may be rather… weird. Though never tried never know.

Chibabom… she is… really looking too young. Fucking her could be like doing an underage… LOL! Do I look like a pedo? OK, never tried never know.

Naughty thoughts aside, I could be wrong, I stand corrected, that guy might be her One, I wish her all the best. I am not sure… Will the mysterious joker email a Chibabom sex video next time? I still don’t understand why anyone would care to email me that. Won’t waste brain cells guessing. Who and who end up together… this is all fate. It probably applies to Chibabom as well. The quest for her virginity never ends till she loses it. And who will be the fucker? If it’s not me, it’s not my problem.

Gut feel… The guy doesn’t seem mature, Chibabom actually needs a mature guy. Why? Can tell Chibabom… is the type… where feeling is concerned, needs some… pampering. If a kid and a kid fall in ‘love’… So how would it end? My holy view is reserved.

So much for the EDMW queen and her new-found dick.

This is Wen.

The reason why you are seeing her here all over is this… our beloved adorable little princess’ birthday is coming. No news yet on how her mother is intending to celebrate her second birthday, but here’s my favorite niece… Favorite also because I only have one niece. But I do dote on her.

Happy coming birthday, Wen!

How I love babies… How I miss being a baby myself. LOL~

Seriously, looking at them, I envy them. They have so much time, they think of nothing but play and play and play, and shit shit shit shit shit… Their job is to be adorable, to be kissed, to be hugged, to be showered by toys and sweets, to be brought out for fun… I can jolly well claim that I am actually jealous.

I don’t want to grow up. I don’t want to meet Kate. I don’t want to be heartbroken. I just want to run round and round and round like a retard and be pampered.


My sister declares that Wen will be her only grand production… She claims she doesn’t want another baby. The problem? My brother-in-law is the only son, without a son who will carry the family name? My scholar cousin at least tried and is blessed with 4 daughters. Well… But I am not my sister. And Wen has the company of Leon. So far so good. Leon is a baby boy, very mischievous or… cheeky, while Wen is more manageable. Maybe that’s because she is a baby girl. But don’t underestimate baby girl power, cos when she starts throwing a temper it’s not small.

I don’t give shit… cos my mother is the one who will be dealing with Wen.

My job…? Basically, I play with her, let her watches ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’ on Youtube, take her out to ‘gai gai’ (Singlish: loiter) and of course… to take photos. As you can see, I am good at catching the fine moments of these little attention seekers. When she grows up, she’d have a look and feel about her humble origin. As Leon, she’d have her own ‘history’ to revise as she grows old. Well, all thanks to uncle Scope who loves kids and who loves to shoot. I literally pick up all the fucking tricks to divert their attention to the lens.

Anyone else needs a photographer for babies?

Hopefully, they will appreciate Scope’s efforts. If they ever go astray or lost in life… hopefully these photos of their innocent selves will guide them back. You were once so beautiful, my dear kids.

I like children. Before they become rascals all grown up, their smiles can melt my heart. Here I had chosen a nice funny background and was teasing Wen for her million-dollars smile. Isn’t our princess so beautiful when she smiles?

I am a professional photographer, baby~ Hehehe~

This is the moment I want her to remember her self. I hope she can cherish this moment of her life. Yes. It’s romantic… Scope is the God of Romance, even when it comes to children. I want them to remember how their souls were like in the purest forms. I wish the babies can laugh like that when they grow up… If they have forgotten, these shots shalt bring their memories back. How she looks at uncle Scope and how she smiled so… brilliantly…

I favor children more and more as the society of adults becomes crap.  This is Wen, welcome to her world…

This is Scope, welcome to my world.

I wonder what was in her mind when she laughed like that… How did I feel when I was laughing as a baby? That was so long ago.

Wen will grow up. How will she see uncle Scope?

I don’t know.

For now, she is a baby. She is a baby comfortably sleeping in my arms, as I gently rock her. What is in her dream?

I kiss her as passionately as I kiss Leon. It’s not the same kiss I’d print on my women’s lips. I like to see their eyes… innocently pairs of eyes observing you. There is… not a feel of evil. I like this feel. I like to grab their hands… So tiny, so smooth…

I love the babies. Will they love me when they have grown up…?

Will I love them if they become scumbags…?

Eventually, they will have to face this crap world of morons. Will they be like uncle Scope… bo chap the world, and move as he pleases? Or will they be affected by every little shit from strangers who don’t even care? You want to educate them… you want them to be great… but personality is… very hard to change. I dare not imagine. At this moment… they are just babies, and I am their guardian angel. For their heart-melting smiles, I will protect them.

Wen’s primary location is in our home. As she explores, her world will get larger. Her wants will be more… and eventually get complicated. Satisfying her wants is one thing… how to make her not want a want is the more important issue. She can’t have all the toys in this world… just as there won’t be perfection, as her world becomes more and more complicated, she will face with more and more choices… decisions and… the need to resist temptations and to choose and allocate.

I took her out to City Hall, brought her all the way to Bugis… her steps tiny but historical. I took videos of her learning how to climb steps, of her walking outside the stretch of National Library to Bugis, and of her touching almost every crap she was curious of. I like the way she walked… So cute…

I didn’t have to worry that much when I took Wen out as compared to Leon since Wen won’t dash around. As she is approaching her second birthday of her life, her curiousity will kill loads of cats to come. Since she is staying mostly with us, she usually stays at home. Bringing babies out is not simple, you have to observe their feeding and sleeping time. So… every session of aimless loitering out in the streets is precious. I hope to bring Wen out more often since Leon… Well, he’s not so keen to go outdoors as he used to be.

I simply hate the idea of having these tiny minds stuck at home to face the cold walls. I want some stimulations from the zooming cars to the noisy crowds for their developing brains. Of course, we have to risk flu, fever, coughs and such from the crowd. Unlike Leon, Wen will usually obediently let me take her hand and lead her walking. Leon rather walks by his own… and dashes about… like a fucking ninja! LOL~

As towards women, you have to spend time and to take some care in observing what Wen likes and dislikes, how she feels towards things… and you can at times agitate the baby girl; that stimulates her thinking and response.

Wen often calls me ‘father’, ‘papa’ to be exact, and I have to tell her, “It’s ‘jiu jiu’ (Chinese: Uncle)!”

Eventually when she grows up, I can’t post her photos in my blog. That would be years to come.

See see touch touch… My camera caught every precious little moment which will become priceless when she goes dating, is married, and becomes grandma. When she becomes rebellious in her teens, that’d be sister’s problem. Girls… they grow from knowing nothing to thinking they know something to thinking they know everything… and end up usually realising they know nothing. So the saying that women are to be treated like babies is not exactly wrong, because they are probably really babies all their lives. Some women thought they will be more mature than guys…

Are they?

But women are not usually known for being rational. And babies are never rational. Before a diamond and a plastic toy, guess what will they choose?

One day, Wen will have to confront the issues of love. What will be her version of love? How she’d perceive relationship? How she’d deal with social norms? How she’d see and choose among men?


Holding her in my arms, it’s not very hard to see how ignorance is bliss… For a woman, often ignorance is better than knowing, because she never knows everything. Part of her awareness will be influenced by mood swings, sweet lies, sense of insecurity, hormones… hence her decisions. As a baby, Wen is completely ignorant. This is complete happiness.

And here came uncle Scope!

I notice the extra ‘s’ at the word ‘moment’ in the picture. Perhaps some morons will start their crap English ‘lectures’. I don’t care. Life is about imperfections, hence a few typo errors won’t kill. One day Wen will have to grow up… hopefully she’d learn to handle imperfections, and not be bothered by every little tiny crap… cos life is short, just enjoy it.

But this is Singapore… society will be a bad influence, such a cultural desert… such tiny island of sickos… they see not the beauty of the skies but the hurt from the burning sun, they appreciate not the stars’ glitters but attempt to count them one by one…

Growing up, this is only the beginning. The journey ahead is very very far, alot of things are in store for her. Her choices shalt define her. Uncle Scope can’t be everywhere and everyday pointing to her of where to go, what to see…

The path of a female adventurer in a game called ‘life’, there is no ‘save’ button nor a ‘reload’ button.

It’s very easy to be blinded by greed, lust, and every imperfection…

When eventually she will have her own babies… the cycle starts again. Her daughter will face the same challenges stem from her human imperfections. Choices will define everybody.

The smartest choice may be the worst… a fool may make the best choice; in the world of women, this is quite true.

Say, a jerk will come to you in the uniform of a prince and present you the biggest diamond in the world… with the sweetest tongue unmatched by any, the smartest of women will never resist… because she is only a woman. Before the end, she’d never know if it is the right choice, if he is the right man…

A baby girl doesn’t have much problems… because the adults will guide her, and she’d listen. Right or wrong, it’s not her responsibility and the stakes are usually non-existent. The problem will come when she needs to decide for herself, and be responsible for the stakes she placed on the table. As much as women want security, many paid a great price for gambling. The more you want, the easier you lose. The gambling rules apply to all women who are not blessed to be rational and have no basis to support love. Without the brains, women need to embrace true love as a source of strength to push through barriers and be guided to their destined others.

How cultured Wen will be will decide her wisdom, and her wisdom will support love in its purest form.

Her journey might look far, time may be aplenty, but she must succeed when many many women have failed. At the peak of her hormones… she is after all… a girl. Maybe someday she’d read this in her most rebellious moments and find her way.

This is Leon, Scope and Wen together on the bed. No amount of money can buy such moments.

This is happiness.

Leon will be around to celebrate Wen’s birthday before he goes overseas.

Happy birthday, baby!

If you are able to read this, you babies must have grown up and is still around. Wen will be too big to jump onto uncle Scope’s naked body. I hope the babies can always remember we were so happy together so long ago.

The world might have changed by then, but this very moment shalt be preserved in our memories… that all relationships are by right based on the purest form called love.


Uncle Scope fucks care how you little rascal think. You are all babies in my eyes, now and forever. You may think you have grown up… That’s what you think. Before Scope… you are always children. No matter how far you have flown, no matter how high you have reached, your roots will always be from this bed.

Beyond my arms is the cruel world where no one shalt care… On my other side stand the army of demons, your strength to bo chap them will decide alot of things. Your determination to hold your grounds will depend on your years of training. When you are hurted, uncle Scope’s arms will heal you. No matter what the future, right now we are together.

Love and wisdom opens the gate of Heaven… just as the happiness on the bed laughing away as life goes on. And… this is only the beginning.

Mortals… My children, what is the most important thing to you? Do you still remember how you laughed? How much money will buy you this very moment when you were in my arms? LOL~

The fabric of life is very simple… Don’t lose your souls.

Do not pray to God… Most who prayed to God never reach Heaven. No one can decide your will, you must choose. That’s why you have a soul. Most who prayed to God took the easy way out, leave the decisions to God who will never decide for you for it is your game, for it is your test, for the choice of Hell or Heaven is all in your choices. Angels have no right to bend your will. Your wisdom is your best bible, true love will be your strength, your choices will define you. No churches will be holier than the bed you laughed on; this shalt be your source of strength built into your souls.

Amidst the noises, let your souls guide you to the Light.

My dear children… … do not disappoint me. Please.