It seems that I am just disallowed to write anything on PM Lee’s page… The Chinese lines are deleted, and well~ Nothing rude really, but in Chinese: 忠言逆耳. As a moderate I roam from one page to another, opposition and PAP and agencies. This happened after I added one ‘Alvin Tan’ as ‘friend’ and err… he was fucking fierce in his bashings. LOL~ Made me laughed. Maybe he’s a spy account, but that doesn’t matter. Nothing big deal in my facebook account, doesn’t even matter if Alvin Tan is from ISD. I am not first day fooling around online.

While it’s regretable that the PM doesn’t allow a moderate to post views in his page, what agitates me more is the possibility that he’s not going to U-turn his style of dealing with Singaporeans. Actually, if he got kicked out by Workers’ Party in the next election or otherwise is not my problem, the issue is I really hope governance can go up somehow. WP is now playing in Ang Mo Kio, so it’d be interesting if they send another A team to face off with the PM’s team.  Ever since Kate reappears, frankly speaking… I have lost all interests in politics. So it doesn’t matter if I can’t post anything ever more in PM’s page. Actually those messages ain’t offensive, more on the educational side, pretty blunt, and they pointed out what he really needs to note. It also probably reflects the kind of true personality of the PM. And for fuck I care~

Mee ish not into politics. Currently not.

If can’t post views there, I’d just drift elsewhere. LOL~

If PM’s not going to change course… Then I’d just stick to old plans. Nothing big deal.

August 9th was National Day. Honestly, I didn’t watch the National Day show… The online rumors of Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s death did reach me, but I didn’t watch to see if old Lee was alive… Use your brain, if he is really sick, if he is seriously dying, there will be a whole fucking gossip war from the grassroots, and ministers and MPs and all those rich folks will be crowding at SGH or some crap hospital and it’d be open secret! I am actually pretty tired of watching silly celebrations of National Day of not-yet-a-nation. Recently, the issue about nationhood rose with the victory of Feng Tian Wei, she is an  import raised in China… she comes to Singapore and steals the grooming capacity from Singaporeans and represents Singapore instead of a true blue Singaporean, and some fuckers use Tan Howe Liang who was born in China to justify.

Anyway, check this site about her.

And Tan Howe Liang won his medal like 5 years before Singapore became a state… Now we are into the 47th National Day… and some assholes still use Tan Howe Liang to justify foreign imports. So much for National Day~

Of course, Feng did a nice thing… she threw a bunch of flowers to her China fans and made online news. That’s so glorious for Singapore… And for that piece of bronze shit, Singaporeans have to pay her $250,000…

By the way, what have those WP folks in parliament been doing about this ‘imports’ situation? The local media made a big splash on Feng’s victory… even to claim that majority supports ‘Foreign Talents is the way to go’. Made me laughed big times. It was well-known that a survey showed 75% of Singaporeans were not proud about sending in imports. So where came the ‘majority’ from such ‘credible’ media was really emmm…


It is my country, it is my flag… So much for my country and my flag. LOL~

Actually my main contacts are mostly mainlanders, even my blog originates from China, and the China blog is still alive. The issue with Olympics is the coach can be mainlander but the one representing Singapore must be true blue Singaporean. Isn’t it obvious? It’s some kind of war of honor, and why should we send in a mercenary, especially after 47 years of statehood?

Actually, I didn’t watch Olympics as well. Never was interested either. I find Olympics as silly as World Cup; I detest soccer.

Something noteworthy is that I actually pointed out that those National Day music videos were very boring… low standard really if you compare to SNSD’s ‘Run Devil Run’. I am recently hooked by ‘Run Devil Run’. The point is, no matter how many praises those videos got, the standard won’t be raised… the production just can’t go global. And probably the more praises those junks got will mean more resources to be poured in to produce more junks. Sounds familiar? Yes~ It happens to Jack Neo’s million bucks junks, it happens to awards-winning Mediacorps junks. It’s really dangerous if a PM is happily being showered with thousands of likes when the substance has received a low of 60% rating and people are getting angry with the performance.

Then when election comes…

“Why nobody told us we are going the wrong way?”

Simple… You deleted all the stories from the other side. Hehe~

Look PM, I am not a cock-sucker… Bootlicking you won’t make Singapore a better place. Though shoe-polishing can get people to high places… sorry, that’s just so not me. LOL~

Please do a good job lah~

Try not to delete nicely placed views. Well, Scope never really deletes even nonsensical comments in his blogs. Open communication is open~

August 9th midnight when the land was asleep, the fun started… then morning… I came back to my room, I didn’t sleep. I emailed Kate a rose, sent her a facebook message… and was still in excited mode. We managed to wrap things up within 8 hours. I had made the worse imaginable mental preparation but everything turned out smooth and easy. When I was back in my room, I didn’t really notice it was National Day… The only meaning about this stupid day was it gave me an excuse to send Kate a message. What else?

Had been training intensively over the two months. For a while, I forgotten I am now a 36yo. The only difference was… I was now less hesitant pulling the trigger. I hate the fucking boring life in Singapore…

I logged into facebook not for PM’s page, loading Kate’s page gave me the cold I needed… the chilling frenzy… I know it comes deep from my heart… the love, the regrets, the madness… This christian… makes me sick of mortals, makes me want the end of this moronic world… sharpens my killer instinct… I feel no remorse. I feel calm.

When we were trained, we started out getting used to corpses, mostly tattered body parts before we were trained in the use of small guns and other firearms. I used to have a slight overdose of sympathy for the dead. Human… gradually, this word is replaced by ‘mortal’. It was… all parts and parcels of our growing process. We were exposed at a young age to international issues… conflicts, the brutality of war, of mortals. There is no such thing as loyalty to a state for people like us. It’s really mortals and us. And I had always been merciful… yet angry. Now I just feel cold.

That’s Scope… He was a big time lobo-king during NS, never fired a shot… But he is highly efficient with pistols and sniper rifles, and is a master in hand-to-hand combat. Nobody in SAF has seen more corpses than he did. SAF did not train him. He was already trained very well before he was serving that stupid NS. Several times… I felt like killing those morons during NS. So ugly… so immature… so weak… perfectly sick mortals. But I didn’t. I couldn’t spar during school time because I might habitually tear out the throat of the opponent. We were trained to kill not to put up a show. We were trained to operate amidst corpses and blood from as young as 13yo.

Ironically… I am scared of death.

No NS boys knew how it was like in the field… we killed only because we wanted to live. There is never honor in death. I remember an asshole was surprised how much endurance I got when running in boots during NS. I was trained to jog whole day without stopping… We were trained to move across terrains two days without water. Nothing big deal. So 24kilometer march during NS was nothing to me. SAF training was a joke… but it is the state policy of Singapore. It’s a failure. By that kind of standard… how are these children to survive in battle?

Once my parents ain’t around, I’d be free to leave this puny little island… I’d be free. There shalt be no mortal restrain. I can do… a lot of things I can’t do now. I am like a caged lion… waiting to be unleashed.

Stupid politicians… all around the world.

In reality, the game goes like this… citizens are afraid of politicians, politicians are afraid of bullets. Sometimes I wonder why politicians hire so many bodyguards. Whenever the order sent someone on an assassination payroll, it’d definitely send a sniper. We are all trained to aim at the head. There will be only one shot. The good thing about politicians is, they usually stood very still to give nagging speeches. You get paid for shooting from a safe distance at an exposed still target… while all the bodyguards are watching. In real, bodyguards are only efficient against brainless gangsters who come rushing with parangs or pistols.

When you have killed a mortal, the lingering urge to kill another is like blood to a vampire. It’s some sort of hunger whenever you feel… emm… I was never ashamed by the weakness of being openly hesitant. I used to think that perhaps mortals are equal, that life is equal but… as I grow older, mortals are mortals, archangels are archangels. They will never think like us, they will always go for basic instincts… food… money…  sex… They are like those greedy pigs, they will fight over a bowl of leftovers. I kind of love to see those ugly mortals in their ugly ways…

I have kind of realised that it is a waste of time trying to communicate meaningfully with pigs.

It’d be a surprise… if a pig can talk.

Alot of christians prayed to God, prayed to angels… Who can really understand who?

Actually still feeling rather excited, and had a whole day resting.

A new organization will be formed, ceremony will be in Europe next year… Thought of inviting Kate to come along; I want her to be exposed to my world, to know those people, to understand the world, to understand the many things happened and planned… to see for herself. But I know it’s a waste of time inviting a woman who will never come, not to mention she won’t be interested. Very hard to imagine a Singaporean in that occassion. The frogs in the well only know about system and money. The formation of this cell signals a new era in global dealings.

It’s probably the only chance to let Kate see for herself how real the world really is.

Of course, part of me wanted to see her very much. Part of me also knows… ignorance can be a bliss.

The immediate work is about the war display put up by China. Despite the lovely babes in China, I decided to stick to Europe. Many associates are obviously freaked out by China’s recent military moves, oh now they are worried about war. I have been telling them a war is IMMINENT from like… so many years ago. But nobody in the right mind will expect the real war to happen anytime soon in these few years. Besides, what we want is an all out nuclear blasting war covering the entire Pacific region. It WILL happen, but not now. At least not before I have left Singapore.

I seriously have no intention of being fried alongside with the island of morons.

Next week, I’d meet the Russian counterpart. She is a chinese. We first met each other during a lecture at the LKY School Of Policies and bla bla bla a few years back, never talked, did smile. Then met again in Johor. I am wondering what she is meeting me for. Nevertheless, I am not buying her a rose… I have met alot of people in my puny life. Guys, babes… officials from Germany, France, China, India, Poland… She’s not the first Russian I am meeting, but the first Russian Chinese I am meeting, and my dick feels something…


On a lighter note… I am recently wondering if I should join those events at Curiousity kills the cat. They have been flooding my mailbox with notices… but the reason why I have yet to decide is really because I haven’t been turned on by the possibility of meeting a babe during such an event.

Then there is this pestering issue about getting a job in Singapore… a career to be exact. And what fuck career can this land of opportunities offer me? Arrrgh~ I feel like so pissed whenever I have to confront this shit business. It’s a big serious problem… Employment, it’s like a fucking curse.

A while ago, I was loitering round Clark Quay. Then a woman in white dress came chatting with me at a bar. Not bad looking, Singaporean, nice figure, talked well, elegant, her only problem was she was 38yo. I don’t usually do women older than me, especially women who are over 30yrs old. I recently also got other encounters from older women… Fine. I could use a good fuck, but can I get younger chicks? I totally labelled this moment of my life the Era of Oldies. We must have chatted for a few hours during which I was wondering whether I should just fuck her… you know, try an older woman for once.

But common sense be praised… Subconciously, I know older women expect marriage… You fucked them, they expect you to marry them, and they can be rather… sticky. Of course, some are pure horny… but this type of old chicks could have been laid by dozens of men, and my STDs alert rang. However… I did never have done an older woman… It could be fun. It could be exciting.

No. I did not fuck her… I left her my email address so that we can remain in contact… That was what I said. But so far I have never replied her emails. Yes. It’s very bad of me…

It’s really saddening at times when I encountered old women… defined as over 30yo. Many are doing their best to find a partner, to get laid and so on… but they, like hookers, are facing huge competition from younger babes. Many are well maintained… but age is age, it cannot be changed. If I were to be blessed with magical powers, I’d totally make them young again. Sometimes I wonder, if they could re-live their lives, how will they choose? Whenever I deal with them, I’d try to be protective towards their dignity.

I do have mixed feelings about them.

Ironically speaking… My Mom married my Dad and gave birth to me at the age of 35… My Mom looked very very much like this Jocelyn Kau when she was young. That was also why whenever I went to Jocelyn’s blog, I felt like reading my mother’s blog IF she has gone as wild as Jocelyn. Life is full of fucking ironies. I simply can’t accept meeting a woman over 30yo…

Seems like Jocelyn has gone lesbian~ LOL!

Seriously, I don’t know what the fuck is going on with her, what shit made her a lesbian, but all I know is… one day she has to be a mother, and she’d need a dick. Her problem is probably like Celestina‘s… wrong crowd, wrong man. When Jocelyn met her match, she’d be alright. As for Celestina… What I don’t understand is if her urine test for drug was negative, how the fuck could she be implicated in that drug case? Well… the danger of being pretty girls is you’d attract also all sorts of undesireable elements. Smart girls will avoid them… But usually girls ain’t that smart.


Seriously, I don’t understand how the fuck society is becoming so… ridiculous. Maybe it has always been like this.

One major reason why I don’t like my girls to club is precisely to avoid exposures to crooks. Be smart, girls. Stay away from those clubs lah, discos lah, pubs lah… Get more beauty sleeps and less drinks. But seriously, if girls ever have brains to listen, those nightspots will be long out of business. LOL!

Mortals… ….

Jobs jobs jobs, career career career… Have been on the look out for also articles about local umemployment issues. With no disrespect to the DPM, I totally find it hard to believe that the unemployment rate is that low, especially when it was rumored that those unemployed for 6 months will be considered retirees and not be taken into account. Given the recent known inflation to be about like 5%, the following article shows that income growth is actually a decrease!

DPM Tharman said that Singapore needs to take a medium to long term view of the economy and keep focused on being competitive.

His comments come as Singapore’s GDP growth for 2Q contracted by 0.7%.

Speaking to the media today (10 Aug) on the sidelines of an Iftar, break-fast session, at the Abdul Ghafoor Mosque, he said: “We’ve got to keep our minds focused on building competitive strengths for the medium to long term…skills, capabilities, making sure that investments in new growth areas do come in. And we’re not doing too badly from that regard.”

“In fact, investor interest in Singapore is still very strong because they see us as a system that works well together. Everything – from the education system, the trading system as well as the way in which our industrial strategies are organised – it’s still a big plus for Singapore.”

He said Singapore can still ride out short-term problems because the unemployment rate is “extremely” low.

He added that the labour market is tight to the extent that firms have difficulties finding Singaporean workers. This is an advantage as the slowdown is not leading to a rise in unemployment and joblessness, he said.

It is strange that DPM Tharman said “firms have difficulties finding Singaporean workers” because, in theory, if demand is more than supply, price should increase. In this case, one would expect the salaries of Singaporean workers to increase since firms would need to increase salaries to attract more Singaporean workers into their fold.

However, according to MOM’s report, the real median income growth, i.e. after adjusting for inflation, was only 1.0% in 2011, down from 2.2% in 2010:

2010 2011
SG Median income growth (nominal) 5.1% 6.3%
SG Median income growth (real) 2.2% 1.0%

However, thanks to Mr Leong Sze Hian’s letter to the media [Link], asking why a real median income growth rate of -0.6% for 2011 was used in the calculation of National Bonus for political office-holders, Prime Minister’s Office and MOM have come out to clarify.

It was thus revealed by the Government that the MOM’s 1.0% real median income growth rate for employed Singaporeans included the employers’ CPF contributions while the -0.6% real median income growth rate used by PMO for the National Bonus calculation did not include.

Therefore, we now know that in 2011, the real median ‘Take-home’ income growth rate among employed Singaporeans actually decreased by 0.6% (i.e., excluding employers’ CPF contributions).

In fact, it’s precisely because salaries of Singaporeans at the bottom strata have not been increasing that Prof Lim Chong Yah proposed his famous “wage shock therapy” earlier this year – to help raise the salaries of low-wage Singaporean workers so as to help close the income gap in our society. Unfortunately, Prof Lim’s proposal was shot down by the Govt.

Hence, all these stagnation of salaries of Singaporean workers seems hard to reconcile with Tharman’s assertion that “firms have difficulties finding Singaporean workers”.

And yes. I am really interested to know why local employers are finding it so hard to find Singaporean employees. My simple guesses… fucking low salaries, fucking reluctance to train staffs for the jobs, fucking stupid HR issues, fucking unreasonable work conditions, fucking inclination to just hire a cheap foreign PHD holder…

It’s mentally tiring to play all these stupid mind games with the authority…  Just like the government trying to hard sell those foreign imports for Olympics in the state media till the media loses so much credibility… not interested to bother about those crap news. It’s not the first time someone said local firms can’t find Singaporeans, not the first time this made news… Even cow brains know despite of this, wages have been stagnant… other than in civil service sector, of course.

Passed by Workers’ Party’s Youth Wing’s facebook page and…

Blessed Irene ‎@Scope Guy: WP has done their part being our voices in the parliament. Just that the percentage is small so most of the policies WP brought up were being pushed back. So if you can do your part by influencing more pple to vote for WP. Then in the next GE we will have more seats in the parliament, our “voices” will be louder. Everyone has a part in it. You don’t vote for them or influence others to vote for them in the next GE they may be out. So try to influence others too.
Scope Guy ‎@Blessed Irene: Everyone wants votes, but how many can really perform? Irene, go and stand for election yourself, then your voice will be loud enough. LOL~ If WP can perform in parliament, many more won’t mind voting in more. If they can’t… that’d be a problem.

And this guy is telling me…

Jeremy Lim ‎@Scope Guy: Chiam and Low lasted almost 30 years is because both did well at Town Council level and Grassroots levels where they can shine better and residents got more visibility over them. Even if Chiam and Low do well at Parliament level, the impact is very tiny because not many Singaporeans will know as Singapore Media will not broadcast Opposition Parliament speeches. How many Singaporeans will actually go Hansard or Opposition websites to read Parliament speeches ?? Besides Chiam and Low were representing Potong Pasir and Hougang and not entire Singapore. Parliament has so many issues yet only two Opposition guys covering with only two brains vs 85 PAP brains and mouths, the impact will be severely limited no matter how brilliant Chiam and Low perform. With limited resources and limited time and the need to be selective, concentrate firepower on the  Town Council issues and Grassroots issues would be wiser.
Scope Guy Dear Jeremy Lim, the opposition is not just about Chiam and Low. As you have probably realised, those in power may… go to extremes to promote unpopular policies and silence critics, they like praises and very resistant to the need of improvement. Just stare at Mr Khaw, do you think he’d succeed? Do you think he’d make changes to succeed? The people are not like in the 70s and 80s, enjoying a stability in micro-economics, it’s now a big mess, many lives are ruined, many shits happened, as of last election, PAP still brings in crap leaders, what we need now is people who can tell those ‘leaders’ in parliament to stop the craps and do proper work for the heavenly wages they are getting. People want more opposition into parliament, but now people are also asking why (eg) the WP folks are not fighting on issues regarding jobs and FTs. I have also one concern… Is the WP ready to take over Singapore? Next, can it govern? It’s no longer just about Town Councils… People are williing to vote for Nicole Seah (a new bird), people are now willing to vote for oppositions, but they are also hoping to see the oppositions they voted in work. WP must now take on national issues, it is no longer just about Hougang and now Aljunid GRC. At the rate this is going, a whole lot more people are going to vote for oppositions. Nationalise WP now and capitalise on PAP’s weakness in crap leadership.

My 101 concerns are all summed up into one… give me an A team that can govern. Period. I don’t care whether it comes from WP or SPP or SDP or NSP or PAP… I only care who is giving me my fucking career. I don’t care about Hougang or Aljunid, people only care about their interests. People don’t need me to go around telling them to vote for WP, if WP folks in parliament can fight well for our interests, people will auto vote in more and more and more opposition fellas till the next PM becomes Low Thia Khiang or Chiam See Tong or even Nicole Seah.  Logically, if PAP brings in Tin Pei Ling and you also bring in another crap who doesn’t know what to say, you expect people to vote more oppositions in?

Especially now, people are no longer just wanting another Low or Chiam, they want an alternative party to provide for them.

It’s already frustrating to hear PAP talking cock about ‘Can’t find Singaporean employees’  when you are looking for a career and you have people telling you ‘WP has done their part being our voices’ when you need a voice in parliament… I mean, I would have been a louder voice in PM’s facebook page targeting real issues to get myself a fucking job when WP has been there saying like nothing when the entire Singapore is talking about jobs and wages and FTs…

I don’t really care what those folks from either sides say, I just want them to perform. The idea of an incompetent replacement just won’t sell here. Besides, WP’s slogan is on check and balance, so…

When Low Thia Khiang ever becomes PM, he’d probably also delete views other than praises. That’d be a long long long time later… probably.

Currently, the only neutral ground in cyberspace for Singaporeans is TREmeritus. Even Yale has given in because of money. So much for a big name in education developed over so many fuck years.


The future of Singapore eh… … I can’t imagine.

“HDB flat is gonna cost $1m…” Makes me laugh harder, baby… That’s the future.

If Glenda Han can perform, I don’t mind giving her a vote, a wet kiss and a good fuck.