It seems that Hilary has gotten herself a man… I just hope he isn’t her ex-husband. But maybe he has changed. But it’s not my problem… Recently Beijing is flooded and I messaged her sending my regards. I hope she isn’t affected. I just hope everything is fine over there.

Of late, I have been busy jogging and the sun has made my complexion rather too dark for comfort. I had visited Geylang twice… merely for sightseeing. But I must confess that the Thai hookers I had met were real babes. I bought 3 boxes of durian and choked myself… The prostitutes were back, but compared that to the first times I visited Geylang, the number now was smaller. But you can still see women who’d pose a challenge to your dick and give you a particularly ‘hard’ time; they are either from China or Thailand. But I really prefer the durian.

Just say that I have a phobia towards STDs… Otherwise, I reckon it’d be a good fuck. LOL~ I have asked around for the prices, you can get a Thai babe with accomodation and condom like for as low as $47, 40mins including massaging. The mainland babes range from $70~$100 excluding hotel charge and condom. Without STDs, it might be really better getting hookers than getting a stupid woman for marriage. Nobody seems to believe in love, and I have no faith in local women’s cultural attainment. So rather than to face an aging same loveless woman with a hollow brain for the rest of your life, hire a maid and fuck the many beautiful hookers would be a better choice.

Oh mighty fucking God, when can we ever fuck in peace?

It was very easy to be aroused when one of those super beautiful women in long dresses approached me and grabbed my arms asking me to fuck her. But merely the idea of warts effectively fought the lust… Besides, my doctor has warned me again that I was still too active having sex and it’d really hurt. So… I have turned to watching shows on the bed while hugging the women for a while. Suppressing my immense sex drive takes a powerful determination and some ‘tools’, watching shows helps making me forget other things we can do in bed… It’s especially difficult because Yun, Elaine and girls are attractive… very attractive.

The photos of me for this entry were taken by Ms Penang in my bedroom using my digital camera. I think she did a good job, and I was smiling away.

Yesterday night, I loitered around town after the interview at Tanjong Pagar and got back quite late. I had steak for dinner but I got very hungry while watching 《非诚勿扰》 online around 11pm. The maid had turned in so I fumbled through the containers and found some leftover bird nest, drank it and down a cup of milk… I had to fight the intense urge to feed on the chocolate bars in the fridge because eating those after 8pm will add alot of fat to the waist. Fuck… I wasn’t confident in securing the job, maybe that was why I was feeling unusually hungrier.

Well… I have left comments on PM Lee Hsien Loong’s facebook page like somewhat protesting about the ridiculous difficulty in getting a career in his land of opportunities. It can’t be helped. When I was at an office for interview, the secretary showed me a stack of applicants… of foreign ‘talents’ in Singapore. There are tons of PHDs and Masters from third world countries now fighting for a few miserable executive positions in Singapore against Singaporeans stuck in fucking high cost environment… How to start at the ladders when  you have to compete with all the PHDs and Masters from all over the world? It’s ridiculous! It’s unfair competition!

There is no way you can get experience if you can’t even get started. So fuck PAP…

Of course, I didn’t go onto PM Lee’s facebook page to ‘fuck’ him… That’d be so rude, despite yes… he’s like not doing his job. Or his job is to make us fucking miserable, which is why nobody in the right mind is like going to vote for his government that is busily helping other countries to solve their fucking unemployment problems while those foreigners come suppressing our wages, stealing our jobs, fucking our women, destroying the balance of our infrastructures, and the PM expects us to ‘integrate’ with them?

He probably thinks I am fucking out of my mind… LOL!

But of course, the only foreigners we are welcoming are beautiful women who will become our wives, who will take care of our households, who will bear us children, and who will kick the asses of local snobbish women.

Hey PM Lee or his friends or ISD or whatever big fuck, if you read this…

I need a fucking career RIGHT NOW! I don’t care about your national speech, Mr Prime Minister, I just want a fucking career and you can go on talk whatever you want. We ain’t even a nation! LOL~

Hello! Anyone up there? Yooohoo?!

[Stomp STOMP For Its China Wine] Holy big fucking freakish fart…  While so many Singaporeans are struggling to find a career or got replaced by foreigners, Singapore linked SPH’s STOMP hires China Team to place China news on ‘Singaporean Seen’?

What do you think?

If so, SPH is not alone. NUS and NTU which are not some fucking manufacturing companies but national institutes of education also hire alot of foreign fuckers…

Mediacorps… big fuck monopoly of TV media, look at the fucking ‘stars’, many Malaysians or Mainlanders…


[Spreading The Legs For Education] NUS graduate Darinne Ko Wen Hui  made news for removing her underwear, allowed her law lecturer to insert his penis in and penetrate her twice reportedly for a better academic result. It was heard that Darinne is a Christian… and her family is rich. Personally, I find her… unattractive. Of course, at the beginning of all these, I was very curious about what sort of beauty could have seduced a law lecturer to risk his golden rice bowl… but when I see the profile… Just say that my dick feels nothing.

Then came the report that the lecturer was ‘charming’. Then when I see his picture… I laughed. The professer is a Tey Tsun Hang, a quitter from Malaysia, one of the many foreign trashes imported by NUS. He’s fucking ugly, but in Singapore, thanks to Singapore NUS, he got a nice cozy high paying job, and that makes him ‘charming’. Fuck… …

Other than that, I have no interest in this fuck story. But just count your luck when you are fighting in exams against babes, their cunts give them a unique advantage… It is heard that being fucked by Professor Tey has opened the doors to elite world of laws for Darinne Ko. While many are envious of the job Tey held, it remains a mystery of how the whole scandal is unearthed.

On the other hand, a student reportedly from Raffles Institute fucked a female teacher in her 20s. The school is heard to be telling the entire school to shut up on this scandal. The boy who received hardcore sex education from a young teacher is said to be the envy now at school among the guys. And of course… I am curious of what sort of beauty could that be. LOL~ It’s not exactly impossible to find out because the teacher left around March and there should be some sort of teacher list to do comparison. It’d take some effort to find out but… well, I am too lazy for that. When a teacher gets too horny… hmmm~ LOL~

Talk about fucking a teacher eh… … …

I wonder if the teacher is as pretty as the one in this case at Madison High School.  The name is Erin Sayar. Then there was this Melody Carter-McCabe of Livingston High who was way younger than Erin by like 9 years but looked so much older. One teacher in her 20s who made out with a young student was Kristin Leone, who spreaded the legs at Clifton High School. Another case involved a student winning a bet for seducing his teacher Julie Warning for a good fuck. Kacy Wilson from Florida High also got a good fuck from her student. At Basalt High School, Lauren Redfern also provided a free good fuck to her student. Tracie Storie wasn’t really pretty and she was like… fat, but she made history been fucked by about the youngest boy in so many cases who was at 13 from Union Middle School. Irene Isabel Khan had a pretty face, but a shockingly heavy body… and she was fucked by a 14yo student at Imagine School, and I can’t really imagine if she was on the top of a tiny 14yo… Whew~ But Stacy Schuler at Mason High School wasn’t happy with one, she needed 5 dicks from her students to give her a good fuck; Stacy really got a great smile, and she looked attractive. Not forgetting to mention, Jillian Clementi enjoyed a big fuck from a student at Bergen County high school. The list goes on and you can check some of those seductive teachers here.

There are cases in the oriental parts of the world, but most are not named because they involved minors, such as this case in Taiwan and another case in dunno-where.

It’d make a student very happy if the teacher is like this. But I find it ridiculous because it was usually said that the female teacher ‘sexually assaulted’ the student… LOL~ I am somehow glad that Singapore is not losing out on this sort of news.

Whatever it is, Singapore’s education is spicing up with these hot happenings.

Makes me wonder about the psychologies of these horny teachers who prefered to be fucked by young students than men of my age. Maybe to them, students are more innocent, and men like us are well… or maybe they don’t know how to approach men. Teacher is just a job, pussies are just pussies. Pussies are designed to be drilled, that’s the law of nature. Toast to mother-nature~

[Battle Of Swan And Cullen] Read about Rupert Sanders fucking Kristen Steward, heard that her boyfriend Robert Pattinson has moved out…

Fuck you, Kristen. You are a fucking bitch…

But then again… My problem?

Anyway, hopefully Robert has fucked Kristen already and let’s use this chance to find another big fuck.

During the checkup, the doctor measured my height… Ooops, I am actually 1.75m and not 1.74m. Amazing… All along I thought I was 1.74m ever since college.

I am still watching 《非诚勿扰》, was rather shocked by… well, most of the men. I mean, the ways they approached women were shocking, many of their ways in life were shocking as well, and you can also see funny funny thoughts on the women’s part. I am watching the episodes backward, now covering episode 20110326.

There was this hip-hop teacher… Mine~ If he was a teacher in a Singapore school… he’d probably be sacked already. MOE… that’s education in a cultural desert. Then there was a soldier (a gunner)  involved in the Iraq war. This and that, that and this…

It’s really fun to watch the babes accepting those funny guys…  And it was very funny they called some ‘pretty boys’ when they are not pretty at all!

In a way, watching the show somehow lowers my libido. It makes me think of the possible craps that the women around me could have in their minds as well. I think I am confident enough to know roughly what the women around me are thinking but… I could be wrong. But honestly,  what I am after have been romance and companionship, as long as we are happy hanging around outside and in the bed… that’s probably great enough. I won’t really expect more, because… it’s definitely not because of Kate. It’s true if Kate now appears and tells me to marry her, I probably would. But the issue is even if Kate were to appear I won’t forget about the other women… I doubt she’d forget about her husband…

Ironically, I’d mind her having a slightest thought about anyone else. But I don’t mind other women thinking of whoever came before me. Can’t be helped.

I love Kate, and will always do. Just don’t expect me to tell any women I am seeing outfront. That’s ridiculous. And it’s not a problem fucking any women without calling ‘Kate’ during the intercourse. I never called the wrong names because I appreciate women for who they are, and enjoy the moment with each of them. It’s like reading many many books, you will always appreciate the different contents and the titles. You don’t mix them up. Most guys could have a problem because they fuck different women for sex and wholly for sex, and they start calling the wrong names because sex is more important than the women they are fucking. Period.

It’s very tempting to sign up for the show because of the babes standing there. I don’t really care about how many lights will be on for me. I have seen morons, fatties, funny funny guys in the show scoring high light-counts… All I need would be to take away only one babe. So even if all 24 lights remain on for me, I can only take away one, and having all lights on doesn’t mean I am so fucking charming… Saw that pig who also got around 24 lights on for him…?

You mean a fatty with that kinda hair-style could be that fucking charming? Give me a break!

Then after watching more episodes… I am beginning to wonder if I should even sign up if I could. I start to notice that those women have pretty thick and clever make-ups. Which is… out of the 24 ladies, it’s like very easy to pick the wrong lass and end up with a shocker… Now, why would I want to handpick an ugly woman who looks great cos of make-up or plastic surgery? It’s very easy to make a mistake when you have to see those women from a distance.

And of course, there are alot of those materialistic jokers standing there… It’s like trap of some sorts…

To be honest, I am very tempted to find a babe and move to Sichuan, China, than to Europe. After all, I am a Chinese. But I know China will become ground zero, so… I read the riot of Nantong with interest. God blesses them with fucking guns and they will be on the way to tackle the tanks sent rolling at them. Whew~

Watching the show at least reinforces this idea… It isn’t wrong confessing to Kate. No matter how she thinks of me and whatever the fuck… she can’t doubt my love for her, and I am at least being responsible for how I feel towards her. I never thought I was or am wrong. It is never wrong to love someone and to tell her so, married or not. But I can’t send her roses, chocolates, sweet nothings and spend all my time next to her, hugging her in my arms, kissing her under the moon… I can’t even dream about it because that’d be an affair. But she will smuggle herself into my dreams at times.

That’s enough.

I don’t care if the fortune teller said she is the destined woman and I’d have to wait for her. It’s bullshit. It’s madness. I just need to fuck other babes and forget about her. I want to go overseas and restart everything again.

I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care…

The war against HIV has new updates which I shan’t quote here. I just feel so encouraged whenever there are new developments because that shows a cure might be round the corner. Many with the infection have to take drugs which hurt the kidneys and livers, not to mention that many of us… if not all, are infected with other laden viruses as well, some known some unknown. Let’s pray that a cure is finally in the horizon. I know many folks need a cure, many innocent babies need a cure, and… I need the cure so that I can fuck in peace… LOL~

I seem to have gotten it wrong that Low Thia Khiang was a lawyer… someone pointed out that he never was, Wiki said he was merely a teacher then a businessman… Fuck~ Anyway, never fucking matter.

It was a topic over Workers’ Party’s expulsion of Poh Li Guan. What Poh did was merely to have taken the papers, he never submitted to stand as candidate, so it’s pretty funny that WP expels Poh (for collecting some papers?!). If Low never was a lawyer, it’s probably not easy to talk about judgement issue. There is no justice to expel an old-timer who had joined the opposition at the height of PAP generated fear. That only shows Low being inflexible, because even if there is a power struggle of Poh against all, this incident just isn’t strong enough to kick a veteran’s ass.

It’s just no respect for individuals who braved it out against intense threats from the incumbent to part-take opposition activism… then you kick his ass because he got himself some papers. What if someone were to be strongly against some issues in WP and Low just couldn’t agree with him or her? Go judgemental? That’s not leadership… If Low’s WP can’t accomodate Poh, it won’t be able to accomodate the many differences of Singaporeans. It’s going to limit WP’s ability to grow.

Kate’s reappearance has like killed all the interests towards politics… All I am thinking now is to get a fucking job, then when my parents are not around…

Bye bye Singapore and this island of morons! You morons can then have this miserably tiny island of fuck opportunities to yourselves for all I fucking care! LOL~

I have also found a use for Kate’s facebook account. Whenever I need to feel fucking miserable, to make nasty decisions, to feel evil, to feel heartbroken, to feel the cold… all I need to do is to log into facebook and go to her account. She is the greatest source of evil… Mortals…

Leon’s birthday is round the corner. Well well well~ I have ordered a cartoon birthday cake for him, sis bought ice-creams and snacks, and… who is buying the toys? In any case, he sure makes his Dad proud. I just hope he grows up well, free and… has a colorful life. Everyone in the household likes to hug and kiss him simply because he is just so adorable. He is starting to mumble now. Is he talking? Is that talking? But I can’t make out what the fuck he said… But he does have a pretty sexy voice.

All men start from babies…

When he runs naked, I feel like running around naked as well. It’s real good to be a baby.

Leon would be leaving Singapore in September, and that makes us very worried. Nowadays in China, there are many kidnapping cases of children. I sincerely wish he’d come back in one piece and enjoy a nice stay in China. Love you, Leon.

Tell me Leon isn’t the most adorable baby on Earth then to Hell you go.

Sis and I have a rare agreement, Leon is very likely to grow up an heartbreaker. Consider that a genetic issue. Just, don’t ever break my heart, you little rascal~