It’s been a long time since I have the mood to blog. Woke up in the morning and took a shot… and tried to do some CGPs. To be honest, I am not very happy with the productions for this entry. But it’d do.

Out of sheer curiousity, I decided to log into Flowerpod to check things out. Like I suspected, a bunch of EDMW jerks are there. It’s a much slower forum than EDMW, and an idiot stole my pics and moved them there. I have made an official complain to one of the moderators, so let’s see the standard of this forum as compared to that cursed EDMW. Singapore cyberspace is infested with a whole bunch of morons… But I can’t assume that there might be no good girls in that forum. So I started a thread for those good decent type looking for guys after they have reached 30yo.#1

By 30yo if a woman still is single and no luck, she’d have to try change to boost fate. As usual, some morons come doing childish flaming.

What happened during those few weeks…

Amy called suddenly for me to take her to her gynae. I was seriously shocked… I didn’t dare to ask her why she was going…

Was she pregnant?

There was once she claimed it was her safe period and we made love without condom… I literally pumped every juice inside her. I was worried while driving her to the gynae that I didn’t talk much… If she were to be pregnant… if she were to be pregnant… if she were to be pregnant… This thought rang inside my head, making me regretted all the more for having done the penetration raw.

I have never thought of marrying Amy…

Neither have I thought of marrying the other women I am seeing.

What if she was really pregnant? Her parents would probably kill me… … I was going to give up the forest for a tree? I was going to marry Amy because she was pregnant…? What would I do with Amy…?

The gynae did a check, told us she got a bateria infection because of the weather lah, because she recently worked overnight lah… bla bla bla bla bla… Actually I fuck care, I was plain relieved there was not a word on ‘pregnant’. I sat there wordless, collected a cream and a tablet, and drove Amy to the carpark of Indoor Stadium. There was nobody there so Amy removed her pants and underwear so that I could apply the cream to her vulva. I used a cotton stick and gently applied the cream around her hole.

The problem came when I tried to apply the tablet. I knew the tablet… and the stick because during the other gynae visit, the gynae also gave Diana similar thing. The problem with Amy was while trying to push the stick into Amy’s vagina, it got stuck no matter how I tried to wiggle. No choice… I resorted to using my middle finger and pushed the tablet further in… sending Amy to let out a seductive moan. She gave me a naughty smile… and I began to finger her… At a point when her moans got intense, I felt like grabbing her and penetrate her but…

I hate making love in the car, her vagina is infected by bateria, or so the gynae said… and I couldn’t imagine doing Amy with a tablet stuck in the vagina. What if the tablet got damaged or slipped out? There was only one tablet. And the last reason was, I just used my last condom the other day with the Singaporean girl I picked up on the trip to Genting, and I had yet replenished supplies from DSC clinic.

We ended up laughing in the stuffy car that noon.

I was relieved a few days ago, Amy’s period came successfully. Thank goodness… I think I am beginning to feel something more than a friend of benefits towards Amy… but that doesn’t mean I am willing to marry her. Not to mention, I don’t believe in marriage.

Recently, Elaine was chasing this Taiwanese drama 《牵手》 so much that whenever I visited her she would be watching the show in my arms. She is still chasing the series, and… we have no sexual activity for like 2 weeks already. However, I did enjoy the show, but there are alot of bullshittings in the storyline. Fuck~ This drama has like over 150 episodes…

Pat’s wedding dinner is just round the corner. Last week, she finally got herself registered at Registry of Marriage. So… she is now officially married. I was there with her friends to ‘bless’ the occassion. That guy looked very happy, they took the vows, signed the papers… I shook his hand and congratulated them. We even took group photos! Their flat would be coming in a few years’ time, so Pat will be staying with her parents until then. Weird arrangement.

Exactly two days after the Registry of Marriage, Pat came to my place, I looked at her… and honestly, I was wondering about her changed status. We kissed, I undressed her, carried her to my bed and we passionately made love… But I felt weird deep inside while I was penetrating her… I felt like… sharing a woman with another man, and it felt so unpleasant. I am so used to have her… but now she officially has another man. I was not feeling guilty towards her husband, I was just feeling an unwillingness to share. It was a very strong feeling… but I looked at naked Pat, I touched her face… her lips… her neck…

I didn’t tell her. I just smiled at her.

At the same time, I suddenly realised I didn’t want to lose her. I just wanted to hug her body close to mine, feel her breathe, listen to her heart beats…

But I subconciously know I am losing her… because the feeling of repulse in me could someday grows too big… that’d be the end for Pat and me. That’d be the day I have to say goodbye to her. Yun knows I am still seeing Pat, she knows Pat is married. In fact, Pat is inviting Yun and Elaine for her wedding dinner. Diana refused to attend. Pat has been telling her husband that my girlfriend is Yun… a convenient excuse to put him off guard. Before it is over for me and Pat…

I am not sure if I can let go. But I somehow know that… if this goes on, one fine day, that silly husband will eventually know about us. Fortunately, this is not Taiwan, there won’t be any legal liabilities for having an affair.

Actually, I don’t even know if this is an affair… Perhaps it has become an affair when Pat signed on the marriage certificate… It’s getting rather complicated.

Maybe her husband would be in the dark like forever…?

Seriously, why should I stop fucking Pat… because of a marriage cert?

Sometimes back, I read an article about a Thai drug lord… or the second in command of a drug empire who got what masters for chemistry bla bla bla… She is really a beauty. So I recently found out that that news could be a joke because she could be this model called Melani A Mavuno. Scope is well-known for his love for gorgeous women… When I first saw Melani… WOW! She is almost perfect… Maybe she is perfect… …

Is she really a drug lord?

You can find more pictures of Melani here.

It seems that DPM Teo had summoned that poor chap from SAJC to Ministry of Home Affairs, they had a ‘nice’ chat, the chap apologised and closed down his blog. Literally, alot of noises has suggested that the boy was threatened and bullied… My view…? The school would likely have threatened or scared the hell out of that chap because I know how ‘pro-government’ schools are… After all, the PAP government pays for the high salaries for having a career at MOE. So my humble personal view is like that. But how true it is… is not my problem.

All we know is an ignorant boy with some balls too big for his penis ‘fucked’ DPM Teo and now he chickened out under pure pressure.

If you ask me, I don’t think it’s a bad thing either… The government doesn’t have much to offer, but that doesn’t mean throwing muds is productive. Someday, we have to move from “Hey! Fuck you!” to “Hey! This should be how the shit be done!”, else the world won’t progress. I won’t be rude to DPM Teo, but honestly, I don’t really think DPM Teo has any great ideas to reply to those kids or Singaporeans either. Simple… Checking out his speeches elsewhere shows it may be better he shot “What do you think” than getting ridiculed by kids for being clueless.

Authorities are still authorities… Young children have to learn. Even when the PAP is going downhill, it is still the incumbent. Even if the leaders are useless rogues, they are still ‘leaders’… Actually there is no right or wrong to ‘have a chat’ with the boy because… chat or no chat, people will gossip about ‘fuck DPM’, as long as PAP governance continues at this trend… …

Leaders… any Tom, Dick and Harry can be leaders nowadays under the PAP… just don’t expect Singaporeans to follow them.

So Liem Sioe Liong is dead…

Liem didn’t know me, I don’t know Liem. His death is not my problem… he never supported my dreams. Despite my annoyance towards those filthy ugly evil fucking rich, once a person is dead… he’s dead lah… Maybe his next life could end up a beggar as he sees his grandson living in a huge mansion while he has to beg for a living…? Karma? Anyway, we have to pay respect to the dead. And OMG his house was worth $100m and was like 86,000 square feet! Why would anyone need such a huge space for? All those money… hoarded up there when Singapore is building its army of poor people…

But what caught my eyes was this article at TREmeritus… It’s good that New Citizen like him enjoys the taste of prolonged joblessness in Singapore… in high cost Singapore. He regretted becoming a citizen, I regretted returning to Singapore. And what do you think the government will do for us looking for a career in Singapore? What CAN they do? Will they really lift a finger?

During election, the politicians will scream about fighting for our interests lah, protecting our future lah… I don’t even know how the Ministry of Manpower does their statistics because it seems that there are alot of people out of jobs but this article could explain something…

Hi Gilbert,

I came across your article on hardwarezone forum today….the one on Thomas who is doing a $1.6k technician job despite having a NTU degree.
First of all, kudos to you for creating this website for the unemployed.
Let me introduce myself…..
I’m 39 Male Chinese Singapore Citizen. 2.5 years NS and 10 years ICT for the boot…..
I graduated from Nanyang Technological University in July 1997 with a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering.
After graduation, my working experience has always been in the failure analysis and inspection of IC components in various companies.
I was retrenched in 2010 due to company closure. Ever since, I have trouble getting full time jobs.
I applied for diploma entry level jobs even though the skillsets required were below those described in my resume.
Yet…I was not called up for interview.
I’m willing to take a lower diploma pay but yet……forget it.
My foray into temp jobs didnt bode well either….I did worked part time in a library before but I found the pay too low ($4/hour)….so I quit after five months.
Imagine a NTU engineering graduate having to go down to such a level is frankly beyond me especially when I started to study engineering almost two decades ago with much optimism.
What is happening to our country?
Moreover, the government won’t be bothered about people like us.
We are the losers.
WDA and e2i called up when I was doing part time in the library…..and they assumed I’m fully employed after I told them my part time job! What a joke!
Subsequently my name was removed from the list and I guess that’s why unemployment figures are low…. I also heard that those who are out of work for more 6 months are considered retired!
How can the unemployment figure be just 2%? Its beyond comprehension…
When I was working in the library, I chatted with the aunties working there and a lot of them told me their sons/daughters also got trouble finding jobs even with a professional degree.
You might have wondered why those aunties are willing to stick to the library job despite such low pay ($4/hour)? It is only because they can’t find relevant companies willing to employ them.
$4 /hour? It is totally ridiculous and almost like a cleaner’s pay.
If you think it is an easy job (which many think it is)….try doing it for 5-8 hours standing most of the time.
According to them…..the agency submitted the lowest bid to NLB…naturally the project was awarded to them because the government always go for the lowest bidder.
Hence…..the low rates.
I guess this also explains why cleaners wages are low too.
We are in serious trouble and yet many people think Singapore is still ok….that’s because they still have cushy jobs.
The influx of FTs in every area has depressed wages for low income workers and also deprive our local graduates of good jobs.
The government always say FTs are here to do jobs which Singaporeans don’t wish to do……but what about jobs which we want to do?
If you are wondering why I can still survive until now….it is because I have been frugal all along and I’m still single. If I’m married with kids, most likely I would have ended up in Bedok Reservoir.
Anyway, I got a slight favor to ask of you….is it possible to get in touch with Thomas regarding the company particulars for which he is working in?
I’m more than willing to do a technician job for $1.6k.
Thank you very much…..and have a nice day!


Editor’s Note: This letter has been editted. We will help connect Louis for the technician position with Thomas. Readers who are keen on the technical position can email me directly at We will provide you with the relevant employment agency details. Note that we don’t gain any monetary favours from doing this but merely want to help jobless PMETs to find proper employment.

A letter from Louis to Gilbert

to relate his current situation can read it over at
Jobless 39-year-old NTU Engineer: Worked 5 Months As PT Librarian At $4/hour*|*Support Site for The Unemployed & Underemployed

Very funny… Singapore seems to be a big dead end for Singaporeans. Recently met a friend, he also condemned the government because ‘70% of the jobs created went to foreigners’.

Like this, this government where got hope? According to the above article… the magic MOM uses to derive a super low unemployment rate is simply to remove those prolonged unemployed Singaporeans from the accounting and label them as retirees… How convenient~ Of course, I don’t know how true this is. In any case, how many workers can really retire in Singapore? So we can’t really have that many retirees… right?

But I agree with those folks… In Singapore, finding a job is bloody difficult. And to those Singaporeans overseas, don’t come back. It’s a mess now in Singapore.

Singapore… no matter how I see it, it’s really hopeless. This government is like finally seeing its last days…

Since I am going to migrate eventually, eventually Singapore won’t be my problem… I hope.

Another two articles showing how those fucking civil servants messed with citizens’ lives are here and here. While many talents are out of jobs, the government continues to hire morons to mess up the situation. Sigh… It’s no wonder more and more citizens are cursing this PAP government and wanting change. After that Rosemary written in to Dr Balakrisnan, that minister must have dumped the show to NEA that in turn returned a pile of rubbish to Rosemary… I don’t know whether to cry or laugh…

Why the fuck am I born into this cursed island?

PAP is telling the people, “Please vote me out…”

Sigh… … Singapore has seen better days.

It seems that our Chibabom or Hong Ming Zhi MM had been driven away from EDMW… Finally the cursed EDMW dug out old video of her and her ex-boyfriend and she suddenly felt harassed and moved her blog elsewhere… Silly girl~ She claimed to be protecting her ex-boyfriend by moving her blog elsewhere… If she has done nothing wrong, why gave in because of a forum of jerks? But it’s good that she is finally away from a moronic forum of morons belonging to that cursed 150th SPH.

Well… nobody in the right mind will really put the pictures and particulars of their boyfriends or girlfriends online. Hopefully these girls will be smarter in future.

Here’s a CGP to celebrate her making the wise decision to leave EDMW. Bye bye Chibabom.

Just gone to THB‘s blog. It’s been a long while since I read her updated lines at Facebook and her blog. She’s been talking about her sex with one guy then her sex with another ah beng then what I also don’t know. She is now talking about pubs and such… I don’t know about pubs and such since Scope doesn’t go such places. Maybe she is telling stories, maybe they are real. What she is missing seems to be a partner to grow with. She sounds very lost in her words.

I can’t believe that I met two old friends from school in such short span of time. How I wish we are still kids. Then there will be no Kate no love no nothing but play and play and play…

I suddenly hate being an adult.

After driving the maid back from clinic after her official checkup, I drove to find Ms Penang for lunch. Her lunch started at 12pm, at 12:50pm I left and hurried to town to have lunch with Diana. Then at 2pm, I was finally alone and decided to roam the streets. There was nothing new in town… I couldn’t help thinking about alot of funny funny things in life being alone. I didn’t feel like surfing the silly forums, I just feel like moving on… drifting on…

If finding a career is as easy as finding a girlfriend… If Singapore isn’t just a stuck up world number one mess…

Suddenly I remember next year. Year 2013… if 2012 isn’t the end of the world, I’d need to travel in 2013. Finally it is formed. Finally… …

I have things most people won’t ever be bothered with bothering me. Then I’d think of Kate. Then I’d force my mind elsewhere… It’s becoming an habit.

There is a job fair tomorrow. Arrrrgh~ Fucking job fair, most likely won’t have anything for me.

I don’t like wasting time in Singapore.

When I walked to Suntec, Ms Penang sms-ed me. It was a joke she sent me. I wonder where women got so many jokes from. The joke didn’t cheer me up. I was feeling rather restless… I thought it was about time to leave Singapore and sought career out there again.

Yes. It’s about time.

I waited for Ms Penang to knock off, I didn’t go home. I took her to Mustaffa, we had Indian food over there. Then I drove her home… to her rented apartment, went into her bedroom, she gave me a blowjob, but I had no mood to make love. She comes to Singapore all the way to work. Is there another Singapore for Singaporeans to work out there? She is the ‘foreign trash’ cyberspace is yelling at. But she comes to Singapore alone… fights for her own survival… met me… I looked at her pretty face as she was sucking… She told me I could shoot into her mouth. I laughed.

Whenever a girl told me to do that, I’d laugh. I don’t know why. It just feels weird.#2

I stayed in her bedroom until 1am… listening to her talking about her day, the work, the colleagues, her mother’s call, her siblings at home… When one is feeling down, a woman around you can help you feel better. If I can’t find a job in Singapore, then I’d have to leave her to find a career overseas. Eventually, both of us will be ‘foreign trashes’. She slept around 12am in my arms, and I used her laptop and… saw EDMW splashing Chibabom’s ex-boyfriend’s news. It was very funny… A forum of morons…

I deleted the browser history, closed the laptop, watched the sleeping Ms Penang, and left. Maybe if I leave for another country, she’d meet someone else. Cat was sleeping in the other room when I returned home.#3 I shut down my mobile phone because Ms Genting Trip always sms-ed me in the morning in case Cat checks my mobile phone.

Life goes on…

And I am wondering what life really is.

#1 The thread was deleted after a moron reported to a mod, the mod (a Sunnydayz) PM-ed me it was deleted. I actually made a complain that some asshole stole and moved my pics to that thread and there was no action. Naturally, I was curious at the justification or logic to delete the thread. Despite expecting no reply (since what fuck point does Sunnydayz or other mods could afford?) I PM-ed two mods regarding the thread deletion for explanation. It seems that most, if not all, the mods are females… To be honest, I am not expecting a satisfying reply from irrational female mods who could be big time morons themselves. I know of Flowerpod from those jerks at EDMW, I have seen the situation at Flowerpod… The removal of the thread is a loss for those thinking ladies. In a way, I am not the over 30yo single woman looking for guys… So not really an issue. My interest really lies on the standard of the mods and infestation of morons in the forum. This is, after all, the Singaporean online situation…
#2 I didn’t shoot into her mouth… Ms Penang and other women who had given me blowjobs would never know the tiny secret about Scope… He can’t shoot lying down… be it the mouth or the vagina.
#3 For some reason, Cat has been staying in the house for 3 days in a row… She usually sleeps in another room… unless she is real horny. While she has no rights to interfere my business with other women, when she is at home, I don’t bring them back to avoid unnecessary issues.