Inoue Mao… Watched ‘Hana-yori Danshi’ (花样男子) and spotted this girl. But she was most beautifully dolled up in ‘First Kiss’. Inoue is very gorgeous in this CGP… the kind of girl I have been dreaming of. She’s adorable, lovely… yet feels like a woman. I am so attracted to the feel.

As for local entertainment, I must admit Jack Neo‘s talk of making use of bloggers to act is somewhat a creative idea; it helps to develop the media and dig talents. But too bad, Jack Neo is a rascal, and birds of a feather flock together. Unlike what many Singaporeans think… acting doesn’t need a credential, you don’t even need alot of things you think you need, and yes… even Aaron Tan can be called up. Yet I have to face those stuck in the box everytime I tried to approach people for the acting crew. I just encountered a jerk at who thought she knew everything…

That’s so Singapore…

Sigh… …

How to move Singaporeans out of the fucking box is one major challenge. At least one director hit rocks in Singapore before… Anyway, he also produced a piece of junk.

Given Singapore’s standard… mentality and attitude, it is next to impossible to shoot something close to ‘Hana-yori Danshi’. Firstly, we don’t have the ‘danshi’, next… we don’t have the ‘kanojo’. Then and of course, Singapore is not known to be romantic… Yes yes yes, Singapore’s romantic… MONEY lah! The Singaporean romance is… as reflected from the many junk Mediacorps productions… stupid lines and cultureless substandard humor. We simply don’t have the director who is that creative and romantic enough for the job! If you watched Singaporean ‘Legend of Condor’ for the ‘romantic scenes’, it’d betray Singapore’s complete lack of culture…

That’s why… other than counting on the ‘sands’ of this cultural desert to buy tickets and watch, Singaporean movies are not looking to go global commercially. Singapore simply lacks talents, but the entire crap system is filled with people with fuck useless credentials! We don’t have the creative support crew, we have substandard acting crew, and we have fucked up decision makers who hoard resources…

I so enjoyed the many Japanese dramas and lamented the local entertainment scene is just a pile of craps.

If Jack Neo can think of using bloggers, hopefully there are other productions rising to bring in other bloggers into this industry. It at least could break this stuck situation whereby a few jerks are dominating the field and progress is stucked. I can’t understand why other countries can raise acting crews but Singaporeans just fucking think it is impossible! In order to push for the progress of this industry, that fucked up MDA would have to wake up and ditch meritocracy. Movie industry is about creativity and talents, it’s not about systems.

‘Nobody Nobody But You’ says everything.

I am so running out of patience.

Xiaxue blogged about Nat Ho.  I don’t know about Nat Ho… never heard of him. But I saw his self-funded MV and his singing video at Xiaxue’s thread. Honestly… the issue about Nat#1 in this industry is he is not suitable to either sing nor act. It’s very simple… Let’s use Jackie Chan to illustrate. To be honest, Jackie Chan isn’t really handsome, then and again, he has become one of the biggest rascals in this industry… I personally think he is the mafia of this industry. Disgusting, to be exact. But to be honest, be it in the 80s or now, not looking into the fact that Jackie Chan has already made it, if there were to be a competition of who will be acting… it’d be  Jackie Chan, not Nat Ho. See? This is how realistic this industry is.

I am not saying Nat Ho is not handsome…  the problem is very simple, Nat Ho doesn’t have that kind of face for roles. Actor is not just a hunk or a handsome man… it’s a feel. Jackie Chan’s face has more feel than Nat Ho’s. In fact, most of the new actors in Mediacorps are failures-to-be; they can’t go global, they can only console their egos via the Stars Award awarding gold to junks…

Besides, after hearing him sang, he doesn’t have the skill or unique voice that’d place him in a marketable situation. Singapore does have one Sun Yen Tsu… and that’s it. I don’t know about Tanya or JJ… Sun Yen Tsu goes very far because her singing got skills and she got a unique voice. As for JJ and Tanya… they need to rely on heavy marketing to survive. Which is… a lot of resources are pumped in to make them float. They are just like the other singers… they come and go. 

The problem about Singapore’s industry is very simple… we can’t compete with the Japanese. Theirs is an industry highly driven by creativity and competition… ours… is about who got the money and credentials and fight to go up the competition within a system. Which is, Japan’s fight is to get the eyeballs of the audience, Singapore’s fight is to fulfill the system’s requirement. If Inoue Mao is a Singaporean actress, she can’t go very far… She doesn’t have the talented support. There will not be Singaporean version of Hana-yori Danshi’. And her next best competition for the past decades would be a very weak Zoe Tay…

She’d be just another Jesseca Liu… completely wasted in this cultural desert because her needed talented support can’t usually meet the system’s requirement. And her next best alternative would be Jackass Neo… who’d be dying to fuck her. Anyway, Jesseca is not a Singaporean. Well…

This is the reality of Singapore’s entertainment industry.

While I give credit to Nat Ho’s serious efforts making his MV… I really don’t see how far he can go, be it acting or singing. When I saw Nat Ho, the actor that comes to my mind was Matsuda Shota. Nat Ho should observe the face of Shota, observe how Shota acted and… made use of his face in Liar Game. When I first saw Matsuda Shota in Liar Game, he was not really handsome, but he really had that feel… While Yamashita Tomohisa was involved in a similar drama, but he wasn’t close to the level Matsuda Shota had in Liar Game.

The only way for Nat Ho to succeed… is to rely on a talented director with a great story by a talented script-writer.

Honestly, ‘Wonder Girls‘ are not really that pretty and they ain’t really that great singer as Sun Yen Tsu. They succeeded globally because of a talented dance and suitable song combination. To be honest… if I were to just listen to ‘Nobody’ alone and never see the dance, I’d NEVER have bought the CD. If I were to have just seen the faces of those girls… I’d never have bought the CDs as well. The reason why Nat Ho is hopeless is because he totally lacks the talented support crew.

In short, no one in Singapore is mad enough… so nothing is unique… and how to sell to the world? So many actors and actresses cannot fly…

In ‘Hana-yori Danshi’, actually Jun Matsumoto was not really handsome, and his voice really sucked. Shun Oguri was also not that handsome. In fact, the Korean and Taiwanese F4s were even better than the Japanese F4 in terms of looks. They succeeded because of ‘Hana-yori Danshi’. Actually the point about Singapore’s problem is illustrated by Mediacorps trying to have its own commercial channel… and failed. Put it simply, who in the right mind, especially those overseas, will buy a channel just to watch junks? Yet these junk productions will never cease… until someone does something about it.

I didn’t know Nat Ho. But I am sure I’d forget him easily. This is the reality of Singapore’s crap entertainment situation.

What Nat Ho should have done is to raise money and pull together ‘crazy’ people to produce drama to support him. Instead he chose singing as his battlefield, which is about gone-case. Nat is not hopeless… as an actor; but he is completely hopeless fighting the singing battle especially amidst global competition packed into one tiny island. He can’t fight the Koreans… he can’t win the Japanese… he can’t take on the Taiwanese… He hasn’t a foundation to spring. So he should have used his ability to gather funds to fund a chance to act… act big.

Now after doing the MV… he’s going to be forgotten. Is that what he wants? 

Seriously, I have no doubt the MV is a serious effort… but… what’s so special about it? Who will really remember it? See?

If anyone is also thinking about pushing past Mediacorps and Jack Neo to venture into this field… you’d need special firepower. And if you are not crazy enough, don’t do it.

There was this chap who drove his Ferrari like racing F1 in the tiny streets of Singapore… breaking the laws of Singapore by speeding, and he banged into a taxi… killed the taxi driver, the taxi passenger and himself. At about 4am, a crush that sent waves in the internet forums happened. Many took this chance to blast the rich-poor gap, fucked the rich dead Mainlander, Ma Chi (马驰) . And suddenly a lot of rumors about who he was, how he was connected started flying. Many mocked the wife, a Ting Ting, for being stupid because Mr Ma was driving a sweet young thing from China to somewhere when the wife was pregnant. I also think she is somewhat stupid to trust a man happily driving out there when he should be accompanying the pregnant wife in bed. So if he was not sleeping at night, he would have to sleep when the wife was awake.

That’s how ‘lovely’ the husband was.

Many lambasted the mainland killed Ma Chi for speeding causing the deaths, and the media’s effort to beautify the rich dead fuelled more poison tongues.

I can’t really blast Ma Chi for speeding especially at night. The reason is very simple…

I also speed. Actually, it was a night, and who isn’t guilty for speeding at night? The only difference between me and Mr Ma could be that I usually drive slower in streets and speed only at expressway where the view is better, and surprises are few. And most importantly, I don’t usually like to beat red traffic light. Also, I don’t want to blast Ma Chi that much is because his wife is pregnant. It must be emotionally wrecking to lose the husband and to welcome the hordes of haters from cyberspace. But I think she was crazy trying to tell those morons (eg) in EDMW to stop the poison shots. I’d be surprised if that even works a little.

But I do not agree that Mr Ma is handsome… If that is handsome then… OMG~ I am not jealous of a dead man,  but one thing I do agree with the internet talks is that Ma Chi did look like William Hung. Is William Hung considered handsome? OH~ But William Hung is NOT as rich as Ma Chi… So fuck the local media for misleading Singaporeans again.  Hey! I am not fucking blind to not being able to tell what is handsome and what is not!!!

It seems that DPM Teo Chee Hean also has commented on this incident. Can’t be bothered… How many people will really be sad for a stranger… a FOREIGN stranger?

It’s very sad, yet encouraging that Singaporeans online are attacking the dead man because he was a foreigner. That’s one fine good step to chaos. Why was he so rich yet so reckless and killed people and… was a foreigner?

What is the use of having these foreigners in Singapore? You expect those poor ikan bilis in Singapore to ‘integrat’ with this sort of rich people whose money was used to buy a Ferrari and crushed it instead of helping the many poor? LOL~

Don’t make me laugh.

Then there is this Gong Li whom our very garang MP Lee Bee Hwa, who went on a cock tease with a China coach until he relented and fucked off from Singapore… unstoppable even with Minister Balakrishnan having tried to kpo-ed in vain bla bla bla, liked to pose a photo with. Other than the cock tease and favoring auntie Gong Li, I don’t remember much about this MP Lee… Local politics under the PAP saw many funny funny figures in ‘leadership’ positions… Even Minister Vivian’s YOG effort costs Singaporean a whopping multi-billions in cold hard cash… as many Singaporeans are poor and out of jobs.

Well… local politics… what can I say?

Gong Li has made news by divorcing her Singaporean husband after she got her place in this puny society. In any case, she is Gong Li, the global superstar… But what’s the big fuck about her to Singapore? To me, her most significant contribution to Singapore was to stand there with MP Lee Bee Hwa for a photo so that the vain MP has a tiny picture to keep under her pillow and show Mr Lee Kuan Yew, “See? I stood beside a global superstar when nobody in Singapore is really interested in my leadership as MP…”

Then we have this fuck by-election at Hougang…

Poh Li Guan said he was a ‘reserve candidate’ for Workers’ Party… He expected me to fucking believe that?#2 LOL~ But Poh has  shown the way for hardcore attention seekers. Next election, maybe I should go get the election documents and you can expect the stupid local media to flock to my home for interviews! I’d be famous overnight! LOL~ To be honest, I was abit sad when Poh decided to back off… or I’d have voted for him… if I ever stay in Hougang in the first place.

But WP has seemingly become another PAP… with a selection process apparently controlled in the hands of a very few. So what is WP? Maybe… MAYBE WP is only about a few people.

I don’t know why the fuck Yaw has written an apology to the voters at Hougang at such time… I don’t see how much impact that’d serve. Then we have PM Lee Hsien Loong speaking with regards to the by-election. He talked about choosing a good MP and that PAP is a better backer than Workers’ Party and bla bla bla bla. Other than that,  the garang vain MP Lee who seems to have bought a new EXPENSIVE property with discount recently has nothing to say so far… so are the $8 minister, the YOG billionaire minister, the once-in-50-years minister, the you-can-afford-it MP and many other PAP politicians… all pretty quiet while the PM suggested Yaw was a bad choice WP made. I suppose Choo Wee Khiang and Ong Seh Hong would be clapping very hard with WP’s mistake in human resource management.

To be honest… I seriously think ‘exciting’ time is ahead given the bullshits of our political situation. Everyone wants to be MP in WP… But who really matters? While the media is all about the by-election… seriously, I don’t give a fuck.

It’d be at a later stage when daft Singaporeans finally wake up to the need of talented governors in power… if the people ever wake up, ie. Right now, a few people in PAP decide what craps to throw into parliament, a few people in WP decide what junk to offer to the people… Situation will never change till talents emerge. That, I only know.

Leaders… who really fuck cared?

At about 12pm, when I just loaded the WordPress editor page… luckily I didn’t start posting something, else the entire entry would have disappeared if I clicked ‘save draft’. Why? Because M1 broadband was down! And worse~ The hotlines were down as well! Both corporate and consumer lines were down! M1 should at least SMS to affected users that ‘Sorry, we are fucked for a while’  to prevent any anxiety or accident. For a while I thought my router was gone…


I was thinking of using Japanese here to train myself when I finally discovered that I don’t actually know that enough words in order to convey my ideas. I have gone through the basic grammar part, and watching good Japanese dramas helped alot, then… it’s about time to take out the real Basic Japanese textbook for a total go-through. After I have finished this textbook, I should be able to handle basic Japanese well enough to write whatever fuck I want. Step by step, I’d conquer this fuck language on my own, and on time to cover German later.

Still… job search is not going anywhere. This is a major nightmare for me.

Actually, I don’t have much interest in the local jobs… It’s either sales or puny admin, then you have the property agents and Insurance agents… Fuck this type of sales jobs because I am hoping for a proper monthly income with a career path opened. Basically I also realise I need a job I have real passion and interest in, and the jobs are all not Singaporean. You only find those jobs OVERSEAS! Why the fuck am I not located overseas? Which is… I am stuck in fuck Singapore.

The papers are flooding with engineering jobs or those positions which need specialised degrees.  My BSc (Hons) in finance is totally useless in Singapore as the banks either want very young people or women. Laughable to a certain extent… Singapore is actually telling people to come back… LOL~ This is the biggest joke ever.

Hi Desmond Choo! What do you think you can do for us? Hi Png Eng Huat! What do you think you can do for us? Hi PM Lee! What do you think you can do for us? Hi PAP and WP and all oppposition parties! What do you think you can do for us?

Simply… what the fuck can they do? All incompetent, only want power and money nia… Oh~ They want to do something? What the fuck can they do? LOL~

The fuck system will never change. Many talented people are stucked. Those FUCKING politicians just yaya away with their high pays doing shits. What can they do wanting so high the pay?

This is a hilarious era.

Low Thia Khiang will call for people to vote for WP so as to send a message to PAP, so that they can check on PAP… not because WP will promise quality, not because after WP can’t perform in parliament so far that they will improve… Low Thia Khiang… if you cannot provide quality, you cannot check on the PAP. If you are clueless about reforms, you will never hit the right nerves and Singapore will never change. So what WP is now the biggest opposition party? WP is simply boosted by the anger of the people Nathan is aware of. Without political talents, with such poor performance in parliament, WP is signing its own death roll.

How long are you going to sell WP by telling people parliament needs opposition? You are just showing us you only care about winning the election… to do virtually NOTHING otherwise! WP is becoming another PAP!

Probably everyone in WP thinks he or she deserves to be MP. Fuck lah!

If you were my MP, what the fuck can you do for my career? What the fuck can you do to develop Singapore?

“You can fool the people some of the time…
But you can’t fool the people all the time.”

I am fucking frustrated with the incompetent government, the evil raised by the government, but I am also fucking frustrated with WP. Tell me honestly, you want votes eh? You want power and the MP pay eh? Seriously, what the fuck eh can you really do to deserve the votes? Someday, Singaporeans will start to ask this question… hopefully soon enough. I look at Desmond Choo laughing like an idiot… he wants to fight… what the fuck is he fighting for?

Oh~ He is fighting to be elected… … So is Png Eng Huat… … So is every one of those politicians in Singapore…

Daft Singaporeans, use your fucking brains… Don’t let them tell you what they will do, ask them directly what the fuck can they really do for you? After so many years… people still don’t realise it’s not just a fight against PAP. Destroying PAP doesn’t mean WP can work. Look at Png Eng Huat, what state changes can he come out with? Or is his job really to sit at the void deck, is his parliament only about Hougang and void deck? Start asking right questions, Singaporeans… start asking the relevant questions.


Lee Kuan Yew already said… Singaporeans are just plain stupid. LOL~

Actually, when the people start asking these questions, then it’d be the signal for people like us to move into politics. It had been good honeymoon years when people simply bought anything the politicians threw at them… We need more than just a state of angry people. We need a People’s Action Power… We need the level of anger that could move the people’s limbs and mouths for extraordinary deeds. PAP will grow the anger, WP will grow the anger as well, but WP can never appease the anger until it CAN. Which is, eventually people who can will rise to the occassion.

Rich-poor gap is a good thing in snobbish Singapore. The snobbish rich will push this cultural desert into arms.

Money is what made PAP… Money is what will crush Singapore. Then… there shalt be reset.

PAP may have the largest resource amongst the parties. But it also has the decline of support… as the younger voters flood in, PAP will be a thing of the past. Then the real battle begins.

WP is becoming another PAP… If I am not wrong, WP will become the second hindrace to the reform and rise of Singapore.

I can’t find a career in Singapore. Is it a good thing or bad? It just shows Singapore needs to be changed desperately. It just shows that I am fucking determined to tear down meritocracy for a start… and replace it with talent-based ideology. Now why should talents be at the mercy of fuck scorers or scholars? Why should useless scholars take all the goodies and talents are left with nothing? Why can’t perform can still demand the highest pay in the world?

Why meritocracy?

Why Nathan justified $4m a year, $16m for 4 years?

Why Mediacorps can produce so many junks and raise so many junks for Star Awards shamelessly for decades?

Why Jack Neo?

Why the fuck must I rally behind Jack Neo against Wendy Cheng? Just because a sotong Minister said so?

Why huh?

Why am I jobless in this fuck land of opportunities huh?#3

I will never conform to the current fuck Singaporean trashy culture of fuck businesses. They should change, not me. Hence, I am the leader. LOL~

#1 Writing about Nat Ho won’t bring alot of hits because not alot of people will be interested in him, but he is good for the blog to re-illustrate some points.

#2 Alot of people who had ‘contributed’ to WP when it was smaller of course thought they should at least be rewarded. The problem always is… this pie is only so large, the more the people the more the deprivation. You can’t expect to have 10,000 seats to make everyone happy. Basically the old guys will think they are more senior and deserve the opportunities, and Poh is a doctorate holder… but compare Poh to Png… seriously, what’s so great about Png or Poh? What can they really do? Given WP’s situation, if selection is not about political talents, since it won’t be to the interest of most to be in opposition camp and oppose the incumbent, if they can’t be fielded, if the decision is left with only a few and not a ‘fair fight’, WP will face serious cracks to come. 

#3 When this is changed to a talent-based situation, working hard and shine will bring you the reward; most importantly, talents will have a platform to grow. In current Singapore, you will need to pass special papers lah, get A-s for exams lah then you will be groomed straight up with the right fucking certs. This is stupid because these people, like Percival, can’t perform and expect the fruits of success to be delivered to them. In short, meritocracy is about breeding the pests of society… which is what you are seeing in Singapore, lousy productivity, and all talks nia.