Just like that…

I felt the night slipping away…

I felt dawn closing in…

Then noon…

Then night… And the cycle goes on and on and on.

I pictured myself 1000 years later. Maybe I’d have been buried underground to rot away… I say maybe is because I am not a normal person. I am an immortal. But I could be killed and burnt. I woke up at 5am… I wanted to feel life. I am lost.

I checked the location of the interview tomorrow, I checked the location of work IF I were to be employed. OMG! Too far, it’d take 4hrs to come and go if I were to take the job. I emailed Bryan, I have to cancel the interview. I don’t want to waste anybody’s time.

Recently, something hinged onto my mind… swinging, banging… It’s an aquarium. I am thinking of having fishes in a tank again. Very tempted… I love fishes. The problem is how to manage a mini aquarium?

OM-fuck-G! I just NEED an aquarium! But that’d set me back by at least S$120, and I have to feed the fishes… with food that could decay. But the aquarium just won’t leave my mind. So it comes and goes, swinging. Fine. I’d check out the containers tomorrow.

I read THB‘s facebook lines. Pretty funny. Makes me laugh. I find her interesting. I find those responses new. But I didn’t comment. Cos we won’t click.

I have not been my normal self for almost a year. I know something is wrong with my body. I am trying very hard to reboot. But it’s not working. Everytime the attempt seemed to be working, suddenly it receded. Maybe… I must try harder. The metabolism rate must blow up. I have no choice. I don’t want to die.

Noticed a few titles… such as Trapped Dead, Two Worlds, Dead Space 2… watched the gameplays on Youtube, decided they ain’t worth the money. So I’d be waiting for Fallout 4, and I seriously hope Bethesda does a good job.

So… the hits fly to 128,226. I just want people to realise that I don’t make any cent from hits and those ads are WordPress’, not mine.

I fuck care about those hits. They are just bits of entertainment. Otherwise, not important.

My urge for the fishes grow…

As a blogger… I seek refuge in my blog, away from those nonsensical noises of the real world. Its serenity is precious…

I look at my hands… I think alot. Life is so amazing. The machine called ‘body’ is really a masterpiece… beyond our control and its potential… beyond our wildest dreams. I really can’t believe this is created from nothing. Somebody must have created this… This order of machinery… it cannot be just ‘happened’ like that. I am touched by the creation… It’s just so amazing. The awareness, the motion, the life… it’s so precious, so wonderful… but so beyond control. How the cytoplasm ever comes about is itself a mystery…

There are just so many diseases because of aging… The more I read, the more I am bewildered. It seems that the building up of genetic materials or proteins is some sort of time bombs ticking away.

It’s really good to be young… to be always young.

Recently, a surge of hits came from EDMW again. This time it was about a 26yo girl called Chibabom!, she had cheekily said I was her boyfriend and I decided to play along. Why not. It’d be fun, and it did donate hits to the blog along the way. She has a boyfriend called Donald duck, and she does look very young for her age. But since most women wither apparently starting at the age of 33, that’s too early to celebrate for her. She is an active mind, naughty and too wild, but I wish her all the best since I doubt she is a bad chick.

Anyway, I created a picture to go with the Cbibabom! play.  I am also pretty mischievous.

[Jack Neo To Cast Bloggers] I read this from EDMW. Firstly, I don’t know Aaron Tan is a blogger, but I know he is an ah beng; secondly, Jackass Neo isn’t known to be a good man, so I am not surprised he is finding Steven Lim and Aaron Tan the ah beng for his next movie. Basically, Jack is a sad joke. His next movie covers NS, and he is grooming or promoting substandard personality before the youngsters. There are many bloggers in Singapore, are these two the best choices?

Come on! Isn’t it obvious that even if you let Aaron or Steven act X times, they will never have the potential to go far. It is heard that this movie is going to use up about $3m… $3m opportunity to be wasted again on a junk movie with a junk crew. It is a sad happening for Singapore’s entertainment industry… Isn’t the MDA or MICA going to tell Jack off for recruiting Aaron?

There is no future with Jackass Neo. He’s completely hopeless. Why don’t he just quit his shameless movie-making or just die for all I care. He is promoting all the wrong things! And he was or is from grassroot… Fuck lah!

Leon again, watching ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’ while fooling around with his milk bottle. He still can’t talk… but mumbles a few ‘keys’ at times. Babies… He doesn’t love to share, that’s a big problem. Being too possessive is not a good thing. But what can we do now? He’s coming to three years old. It’s about time to introduce the cane into his life. But come to think of it… he doesn’t really do much wrong, though he wasn’t obedient at times, but he is not a mule. I am not very sure how to educate him.

Well… prepare to be whacked, Leon. Spare the rod and spoil the kid… But the way he cries really melts my heart. Very soon, after Leon will be Wen’s turn. Gosh… I don’t really like to cane children.