I must admit… I don’t exactly have a sense of belonging towards Singapore. People’s Associate (PA) fails at my side. Still, I don’t have career no matter how and where and when I search, Singapore has really nothing for talented me. I have a whole lot of experience in Singapore to judge it a lousy country. If not for Dad being a businessman, I probably would have to resort to crimes. So yeah, governance in Singapore is a fail. I don’t know seriously when will situation improve. That fucker Prof Chan Heng Chee should just shut up instead of telling overseas Singaporeans to come back.

We have news of people coming back forced to suicide, graduates becoming cleaner, taxi drivers and even karang guni man, and there she was telling those overseas Singaporeans Singapore will miss them. Fuck you, Heng Chee! About 50% of Singaporeans want to migrate! And I am dying to migrate to Germany myself! And you are telling those Singaporeans to come back for fuck?! Many Singaporeans have migrated or have gone overseas looking for a living, Singapore’s employment situation is a big no no, foreigners occupy PMET jobs and degree holders are looking at waiter, cleaner and security guard positions. The wage is third world level, cost is first world, the rental of shops under the fuck MND shot up so high that many small businesses can’t start or are ousted, and even hawkers are facing higher and higher rentals. So you lying bitch… just shut up and don’t mislead and sabo more Singaporeans!

I am very angry whenever such morons ask Singaporeans to come back. Because I returned from China and I see NOTHING. Even the teaching profession is being occupied by morons. It’s a big mess in Singapore.

Overseas Singaporeans should just stay put overseas, enjoy life. Singapore is a trap. Don’t come back! This is an island of morons~

Nobody will really care. They are just lip service.

I kind of have enough of this bloody hell situation. So it isn’t a surprise that I no longer have a sense of belonging towards Singapore. Besides, this people is crazily paranoidal since they live under prolonged regime of fear and lawsuits… lawsuit threats by the rich to be exact. As a result, they have become radical… pressurized mummies now wanting to get rid of PAP… they can’t be reasoned with, they are barbaric, they are smartalecs, and they are Singaporeans produced by a crappy education system that is now basically a commercial sex object.

We have one of the biggest budget in education and this is the fuck result!

And we are facing competition from foreigners who weren’t in our remarkable education system!

Singapore is just a place where basic wages are suppressed by influx of third world graduates… and the parliament continues to talk nosense inflating everything. Even Scope is angry~

And Nathan knows we are angry.


My frustration aside… out of the blue Amy called. It’s been months since she disappeared. We met up at Takashimya, and she told me she had gone for backpack travel with her girlfriend in Europe. OMG~ Backpack travel! I’d like to go backpack travel! They had landed in France and travelled by buses and rails around Europe. She showed me the photos. Actually I love to see travel photos. Our next destination was Hotel 88 at Lavendar…

Amy is a ‘friend of benefit’ only because her family is very traditional, and her parents probably won’t accept me around Amy. So our relationship remains as such… I am not her official boyfriend but probably considered an underground affair. The remarkable thing about Amy’s body is whenever she is aroused, her breasts will become very firm, very protuding. After so long that she had been gone, I just couldn’t keep my hands off her in the hotel room. We touched, kissed, and made love. Amy said it was her ‘safe period’, so I hit it directly in without a condom.

Come to think of it… it was a very big risk not using protection…

I held her tightly as she shook her body… her long hair danced in the air… Amy was still as sexy as the very first time. We did it twice and I was so exhausted to climb out of the bed to take a bath… I just held her in my arms like holding onto a pillow. Then Yun called asking where I was. Yun doesn’t know Amy exists, so I told her I was in the library. That’d avoid unnecessary trouble. I told Yun we could meet at City Hall Central Library later for dinner.

Amy drove me to Bugis and I walked to the library. Yun was already there so I told her I went to Bugis Junction for a drink. Actually it wasn’t a lie, I did buy a can of Cola there.

I confined in Yun about my frustration over job search…

“Just take your time, Scope.”

“But I am already 36~ I need a career.”

I really appreciate Yun’s support. It’s very lucky to have met someone like her. If only the government can be as supportive…

This was the day when my body would be tested… because when I reached home after sending Yun home, Cat arrived after I had taken a bath. It was already midnight when Cat entered my room… from her eyes, I knew she was horny. It had been months since we made love. So I grabbed her body, kissed her lips… and stripped her naked…

I know Cat wasn’t happy that I am seeing other women… but that’s her problem.

I was so tired that I didn’t go for a wash… and I just slept.

Today is Monday… a new day starts.  I plan to go for a massage… but as usual, I have to visit the seemingly useless online job search portals… … If the government knows Singaporeans are angry, why don’t they start doing something about it?

Is the government really so incompetent?