It’s been a boring week, so…

On 19th Feb 2012, TR Emeritus (TRE) through our Singapore-based editor, was served with a Letter of Demand from law firm Drew & Napier, acting for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

The letter said that on or about 16th Feb 2012, TRE published or caused to be published on TR Emeritus website, an opinion piece entitled “PAP-government is full of ironies” by a contributor. The article, as well as a number of associated comments, contained words that are defamatory:

“… you always publicise yourself as a clean government with no visible cronyism. There are 10,001 examples that this is absolute crap, but let me just bring up the most obvious one. ts there no person better than Ho Ching in Singapore? Has she brought in extraordinary level of profits every year for Temasek Holdings? Who else in the world has a woman as a chief of sovereign fund or head of investment company? I am not sexist. When HP appointed Carly Fiorina as HP’s CEO, I was cheering for her! Though she did not manage to turn the company around, but I think she made a lot of women proud. My question is, how come someone like Mr Koh Boon Hwee has not been given this position? You mean to tell me Ho Ching is better than Mr Koh? I know of only ONE thing that she does better than Mr Koh.”

It also said that the allegations (above) in the opinion piece by the contributor are false and baseless, ”Mdm Ho Ching was appointed on merit and through proper process.”

Additionally, Messer Drew & Napier was kind enough to provide TRE with information pertaining to the appointment of Mdm Ho Ching, which showed that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was not involved in the decision making process. As a matter of fact, Mr Lee was against the idea from the onset.

In light of the information made available to TRE, we would like to offer our sincere apology to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.


1. On or about 16 February 2012, we published on this website, TR Emeritus, an article entitled “PAP-government is full of ironies“ (the “Article”). The Article, and the comments in response to the Article, was available at­of-ironies/.

2. We recognise that the Article meant or was understood to mean that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had secured, or was instrumental in securing, the appointment of his wife, Mdm Ho Ching, as the Chief Executive Officer of Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited for nepotistic motives.

3. We admit and acknowledge that this allegation is false and completely without foundation. We unreservedly apologise to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for the distress and embarrassment caused to him by this allegation.

4. We have removed the Article and the comments in response to the Article and undertake not to make any further allegation to the same or similar effect.


Richard Wan

for TR Emeritus


* We wish to remind our readers and contributors again to please refrain from intentionally using language that are libelous, defamatory, obscene, abusive and/or discriminatory on the basis of race, religion, gender, age, disability, etc.

** Also, in view of the fact that the allegations as mentioned in the opinion piece by the contributor are false and baseless, we would like to advise TRE readers to refrain from making such comments about Mdm Ho Ching with regard to her appointment in Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited. Any such allegations put up by anyone on TRE will be deleted.

Was reading this at Tremeritus… PM Lee has sent a lawyer’s letter to demand it to apologise or be sued for an opinion posted at the website; Drew & Napier has provided TRE information pertaining to the appointment of Mdm Ho Ching… the other side of the story, ie. Now, why can’t PM Lee just send in the other side of the story to clarify the matter other than a threat of legal action? Now if you have a view that is false in the market, all you need to do is to counter that view with the real stuff. Legal action is always the last resort, and should be used when there is a malicious intention. Besides, TRE should publish that information Drew & Napier sent. Basically, TRE is a publisher of views, so I don’t understand the need to sue TRE for presenting people’s views when PM himself can join in the game.

I am not against the PM, but from a moderate’s point of view, still, legal threat should be the absolute last resort.

Especially after the change of the Evidence Laws, such legal threats are beginning to be more than a nuisance. I surely hope PMO would set an example to use such devices sparingly and not promote unnecessary chaos and resonance. Mr Lee Kuan Yew sued that Chee Soon Juan for defamation, and Durai also picked up the trick… See? This is not good for the society if everyone is talking via the lawyers. I heard the PM is a reasonable chap, so… here’s my take.

There is also a story at TRE about an entire Economics faculty got only ONE Singaporean student out of 36. How ridiculous~ I know the toughness in local employment scene in my own country and… this is really unacceptable.

Then there is a Sun Xu who becomes famous at least for now for calling more Singaporeans are dogs than humans. Basically, given online experience… is that not true? In real, many Singaporeans probably ‘pride’ themselves as a nest of hornets. That is, if you say anything bad however yours truly about Singapore, they will become mad dogs and try to bark whole day about it. And EDMW has alot of ‘dogs’ given my best knowledge. It’s honest opinion. And I don’t care about them. So as a Singaporean myself, I don’t really discredit Sun Xu’s ‘finding’. In fact many mainlanders who have come to Singapore have found Singaporeans… weird. Basically, it’s the lack of culture here. From EDMW, it seems that MP Baey Yam Keng has also similar opinion as myself, ‘urging Singaporeans to reflect on what Sun Xu said’.

In this ‘dog-eat-dog’ society of Singapore, how many are humans?

As for me, I am beginning to fall in love with my Samsung Galaxy Mini and have loaded some songs into it and I actually played ‘Bubbles’. I am finding ‘Bubbles’ boring… so I am deleting it from my smartphone. I like the music, it makes me feel alive, forget about the imminent death… Strange, why is an immortal so fearful of death. There is another scientific discovery… this time by the Koreans it seems, that there is some substance that can be obtained and introduced into the body to revitalise the body to youthfulness again. Wow~

If this is possible, death would be a thing of the past. Seriously, I have no intention to die.

The other thing I have done is to reduce the number of music in Mixpod for the blog. I decided that I don’t need so many music… or so much musical effect for the blog. Just a few would do.

Wake up in the morning, I found myself alone in the house. I don’t like to be alone… yet I feel great to be alone. Strange feeling. Pisces are usually like this… to like and to dislike, all in a cauldon.

Actually, why do I need Iphone 4S when I can get the same apps for Galaxy Mini? I don’t get it. I get the Galaxy Mini for $0 by recontracting with M1, but Cat gets her Iphone 4S having to pay a few hundreds bucks and to subscribe for a new line paying $50 a month… I did my calculation. I have to use the mobile phone anyway. A Galaxy Mini is selling for $330, my monthly plan is about $20. I recontract for 2 years… is about $480. Without contract I am still paying, so why don’t I get a Galaxy Mini for free? It’s a bonus. So $480-$330, the new contract really costs me for about $150… if I sell the phone. But I won’t sell it. That’s my FIRST smartphone, baby…

Consider it an emotional attachment. LOL~ The point basically is, why the fuck do I need an Iphone 4S? Apple might not like customers like myself, because everything we consider is out of needs. And I don’t see why I need Iphone 4S. Still, girls sucks after Apple products. There are even news in China that girls are willing to sell their bodies for them, and one even attacked her mother because the mother refused to buy her an apple product. Wow! I’d take forever to understand this craziness.

That’s me.

♣♣♣   ♣♣♣

Somebody said once that I am so scared of troubles. No. I was merely more thinking before doing things than this immature society is. Yes. This society is immature and not really conservative. There is no reasoning behind the word ‘conservative’ when Singaporeans know they got Geylang, they are hence just immature… or they lack the power of reasoning.

Understanding the reality of Singaporean society is a need when you conduct business in Singapore especially when it comes to current affairs. There is hence the need to realise why some troubles should be best avoided. Being reasonable doesn’t mean you will face a reasonable world.

Alot of people at TRE probably thought it was safe to throw muds anyohow, and I have encountered tons of heroes online who think they own the world or are the invinsibles or are so smart. But when the actual lawsuits come, all become chickens. Well, because most of them are not legally trained, and most of them are really ignorant. When you are ignorant, you think you own the world, you think there is no danger, you think you are everything. This is what and why for the chaos online. No use warning them either, nobody will listen.

To be honest, I am half supporting the PM’s legal threat not because I hate TRE. TRE has done a good job, but it’s about time those morons online realise they are nothing but morons. If you are not careful, if you are not ready to make a stand, then shut up. If you are not even sure what the fuck you are shooting at, then shut up. Just shut the fuck up~

Still, I hope PMO would be reasonable with the use of legal threats. The more you use it, the cheaper it becomes.

Then there is the by-election to come… It seems that situation at WP should be ok soon enough. I guess there are things more than meet the eyes in this affair of Yaw, because it seems Yaw has already been prepared to lose everything and go silent. However, to pursue further would miss the point when Singapore does need an opposition… because the people demand it. That’s all.

Having troubles in Singapore is like encountering broad daylight robbery… nobody will reason with you since nobody bothers with reasonings. What a nest of hornets~

Without sex scandal, I can easily predict the hits for the blog to dive. Yet it is not my intention to talk about the in-things or sex. We touch things here and there… let my mind wonders here and there… on and off. This is basically the role of my blog. To waste time. It’s raining out there, and I can’t hang out. Today is another boring day. I feel a bit hungry, yet I don’t feel like swallowing anything. And I don’t know what to blog about. It seems that before Fallout 4 comes, my life would be a pile of dust.

It’s been a long time since I visited Johor. Maybe I’d go there for the food tomorrow.

I am a good man. But I’d be bored to death like this… … What a way to die~

[Lee Hsien Yang blasts Tremeritus] 23 Feb 2012, Mr Lee Hsien Yang (the brother of the PM of Singapore) made news by sending lawyer’s letter to Tremeritus for comments produced due to some articles. LOL~ This is hilarious. Tremeritus has at least thousands of comments per day or week and how the fuck can they regulate all the comments?

If this were to be in USA, there is a law protecting sites from such ‘unreasonable’ allegation. With due respect to the Lee family, this demand is like pretty unreasonable because comments are third party issues, not the host’s issue. If you don’t like a comment, pinpoint it and have it removed with reasonableness; why does Mr Lee Hsien Yang have to resort to lawyers to communicate?

But that shows PM Lee and brother read Tremeritus. Just wondering if they are reading Scope’s. If so, provide me career and justice, baby~

Seriously, this is getting pretty messy.

However, I really don’t see how days under the WP could be any better unless they get the talented administrators to govern. What Mr Lee Hsien Yang is doing is not cool… He should participate at Tremeritus telling people the truth. People are only interested in the truth, not you are rich and powerful enough to send lawyers. How to govern if you can’t talk without lawyers…?

This case is pretty funny, not just that it will set a certain precedence in judgement for future cases, but… the moral of the story is “Why the fuck should I be responsible for views I don’t hold?”. Other people’s comment is their comment, it’s not mine. This is not an eye for an eye, this is legally weird. It’s an eye for another’s eye. It sure looks like Mr Lee is finding troubles with Tremeritus. It’s seriously not cool to by-standers. Time to see show.

Where’s my popcorns?