Just as I expected, after being kicked out from CEC, Yaw Shin Leong is finally expelled. What Low Thia Khiang has done is wise… kicking Yaw to protect WP. Given a by-election, Glenda Han would likely be pushed into the field. So… Hougang will have a babe for MP. This has increased the credibility of WP as a whole, and set WP back on track for the competition. A party that could replace PAP must be able to handle such things swiftly and decisively. We must not have a rascal for MP… to lead… and to be role model. Actually if he is horny, he should visit a hooker instead of preying on other people’s wives. It’s ok to visit prostitute for a basic need, not ok to lust after wives…

Even if Glenda Han loses the by-election, WP still gains. This move is wise.

I am somewhat sad for Yaw. He is a changed Yaw. I still remember the good old days…

Maybe it’s about time to pay WP a visit… …

I have found Anri Suzuki’s blog highly interesting… the way she presents pictures of herself is something I’d like to learn and there are many original funny things in her blog which are eye-openers. So, I have a link to her blog. Just a side-note, Anri is an AV actress… though I don’t know what acting it was when it was real penetration. Anyway, she’s got a great blog, and she did visit Singapore, and I appreciate the arts demonstrated in those pictures of hers… of which I’d like to copy.

The Evidence Laws in Singapore are changed, but that doesn’t affect this blog anyway.

Alex Au from Yawning Bread has received a lawyer’s letter from Minister Shanmugam. I know the allegation regarding Shanmugam. I read it from comments at Tremeritus and EDMW and many other forums. It’s about PM being involved to help Shanmugam divorce since Shanmugam got into an affair and PM wanted him to be a minister. I never bothered about this piece of rumor since there was only wind behind it. I don’t deal with such rumors. So is it true or not, it’s not decided by a lawyer’s letter. But I do think Shanmugam did the right thing because those rumors are pretty hostile. I don’t know Alex Au. My policy is very simple… unless there is an official ground to believe, there is NO confirmation or utilising such rumors as the basis of discussion. Defamation laws do not allow the spread of rumors in confirmed fashion, see? We must be fair that in Chinese:


I hope that the government can do a good job regulating the internet, but not by taking out the fun of it. So a sense of reasonableness for the cyberspace should be involved with the change of the Evidence Laws despite my objection to such a change. Given the necessity to edit even articles in Scope’s site, it is impossible to rule based on any unedited versions. Though in Scope’s site, it is the official stance of Scope that it doesn’t pursue credibility. The mens rea behind a case is still important. I don’t want a simple change to result in a big mess.

In any case, I don’t see much point in deleting anything at all.

However, if Singapore doesn’t change the laws… it really has a problem trying to regulate the scene. Yet… many are unprofessional individuals including youngsters and those housewives… legally ignorant engineers and so on, so unless we make the laws or regulations comprehensive even to the clueless population, how fair can it be?

Anyway, after this entry, I feel like taking a big break.

ððð   ððð

With Yaw’s expulsion from WP I rather consider this case closed, though it is rumored that he has ‘escaped from’ Singapore and Minister Khaw has started bombarding WP. Bla bla bla bla bla…

My problem?

All I know is a mystery in local politics is hereby born… How many women had Yaw fucked? He has nonetheless made history being the first MP to be removed due to expulsion from party. This incident also reminds the politician-wannabes that moral is not to be taken for granted. Fucking people’s wives is not a small matter. It’s neither a private matter.

I have just returned home with a new set of Samsung Galaxy Mini… my first smartphone. I reckon it wise to re-contract and obtain a ‘free’ phone. After a while of fumbling, I believe I know how to use it.

I do not really care about the by-election at Hougang. Not my problem, see?

I am a typical bo-chap blogger minding my own fucking business.

Was at the Reach Townhall e-meeting… I STRESSED the need to cut down cost for the patients. I don’t think it made it, probably fell on deaf ears, but I did my part. If only Toh Chin Chye were to be still an MP, still arguing about this matter, such calls won’t be considered insignificant. It is because of such MPs who fought for the interests of the people that they will be missed, for there was a good time for Singaporeans… and I remember. We really need alot more MPs as belated Toh who could speak up and fend for the interests of Singaporeans. If I were to be an MP, that’s what I want to become.

Else… what is the point of being an MP?

Yesterday’s townhall e-meeting made me realised that my voice was still too little. I need to have a loud speaker to make myself heard. Somebody must do something. High cost is not a small issue.

And the next issue close to my heart is employment. Finding a career in Singapore is not easy. I don’t exactly know where to start. I don’t exactly know how it’d end. But I know I cannot give up. And I am not known to be giving up so easily. So… I have started to look overseas again. Part of me was reminded of the fatal mistake to return to Singapore, yet another part of me says stay. But stay for what?

I read about a victim of Sunshine Empire… his relative offered him a channel into China’s job market, and now… in a few years, he is a director of a company. I envy him. I don’t have such social capital as him to venture into China.

Hoping to locate a job in the banking industry, I have sent countless of CVs… Well~ They need fresh grads. I am not fresh anymore. That’s bad news. When I graduated, I was hit by global outsourcing wave and the super financial crisis. My luck never shines.

The art industry in Singapore is still very backward… there is little to ask for, very few opportunities to start out with. I am beginning to miss China. How I wish I can be as Yaw… gives up everything and migrates to a land of opportunities. Is this mid-life crisis?

I laughed…

36yo… It is the age that my Dad embarked to be a millionaire. And now his son is facing shits. Our times are different, our options are different… I am beginning to wonder… other than the usual path that is seemingly blocked, could there be a hidden one that I have forgotten to explore?

My struggle… alone, and thanks to my resillient character…

I am aware that employment has been a major issue with Singaporeans. And foreign influx is making people nervous. Hmm… I take a look at my new Galaxy Mini… I suddenly find it very adorable. Life is full of surprises… I am long due for a big surprise. I am a kind man, hopefully I am being blessed.

I read an article on today’s papers (17 Fed 2012), it was talking about unemployment in the states, I think… There is this quote…

“I think I will never be employed…”

My immediate thought was… Then let’s be an employer… There must be something that I am missing out.

Is there no place for a good talented kind soul in this tiny well?

When my parents are not around… I wish to migrate. Maybe I’d do some travels. Life… is not just an office. Perhaps as my father… I need a big break from this rotten luck. Suziwati said my opportunity is not yet here…