Yaw Shin Leong’s rumor seems to be more or less confirmed, and he has resigned from WP’s CEC. Well, he is now bankrupt of credibility and integrity; he reportedly toyed with people’s wives and a PRC wife broke down admitting a brief affair with him. Yaw’s moral-less way is appalling, the way Workers’ Party is treating this issue is appalling as well. Low Thia Khiang is an idiot, now the MP of Hougang is a mouse on the street… hiding in the shadow without comments. Can he still be a leader? Can he still be a MP under WP’s discretion?

Does Low Thia Khiang prefer to lose WP or Hougang… …? Who knows. It seems that Low has chosen as he chose to be silent over this matter. Whatever it is, the opposition’s biggest scandal ever… Yaw has grown up to be a scoundrel. Sad to know this as we were old friends during primary school days.

Anyway, again… I don’t think Angela is a babe. She looks bloated. I don’t like her eyes and her nose. I don’t understand why people say she is a babe. Singaporeans have very funny lens when it comes to beauty.

And of course, I never said I am handsome.

[Other than Left4Dead, this is my actual first online game played., the server is 神雕重剑.]
These few days… or weeks… I have been missing from blogging. No why. I was playing an online game called ‘武林奇侠传’  and yes, I am getting bored with this genre. Reason is, I can’t compete naturally with gamers who started earlier nor can I compete with those who paid money… it’s forever an unfair platform. So now… I am waiting rather impatiently for Fallout 4.

I need new entertainment… something exciting.

Yes yes yes, I find Yaw disgusting. But honestly… if Kate were to be placed before me, if I have an option… I probably can’t resist Kate myself. That’s why I have to do so much to maintain my sanity and distance. She is the only woman in this world I have a soft spot for.

My small article for Tremeritus is published with about 25 comments. I read through the comments and wonder if I should pump in more articles. Basically, what I want is a really solid opposition team to smoothly take over power from PAP. Yaw should remind all those morons out there to be more careful with what they are praying for.

Sex… …

I am a man. I know how important sex is… how tempting… how delicious… how exciting… how… Whatever, we are mankind… we are not animals, we have ourselves to answer for. Yaw is not the only one to be blamed… those crazy stupid women who gave Yaw the chance share the blame as well. It takes two to clap. Yes yes yes, Yaw is not handsome… but women are crazy. And as that rascal Andy Ong said in class… “If you got money you can have any women you want…”. This is the attitude in Singapore, no money no honey.

And good men extinct.

Nope. There is still one good man around…


Mighty me.

Me me me me me~ LOL~

No matter what the world thinks of me, I know I am the best. And the more I love Kate, the more I need to stay away from her and wish her a happy marriage. Sad for me… but all good guys would do such things. It’s really a torture… an eternal one. But… like I said, don’t do anything stupid to make her suffer. Well… Is Glenda Han really not one of the women Yaw poked? LOL~ Glenda, admit it~ Or do you have no comment? LOL~

Alright~ Kidding. Glenda is flat anyway. 😛

Sour grape~

[Iphone4S] It seems that Iphone4S is making waves. But I am not getting one. Despite the apps, the biggest problem about this type of phone is… if you download free apps, you will need a visa account for Itunes, then it is known that virus invades Iphones. Now why should I expose my phone to threats? But girls especially fancy Iphone4S… You just can’t stop them from such small happiness. Well… it is basically an adult’s toy.

ςςς   ςςς

I can imagine that fucker Jack Neo screaming at Yaw… because Jackass Neo’s movie hits the million dollars mark again. These two shameless jerks are from churches. Holy shits!

“Just admit it and you can still make it!”

What kind of world have we already?

Singaporeans… they are just crazy. Can you imagine you have 150,000 idiots pumping a million bucks to watch a piece of junk…? Jackass Neo still has market. That rascal… I don’t like him, he doesn’t like me, I find him a total disgust. I find Irene Kang a total miserable idiot…

What’s new. It is well known that girls don’t use brains when it comes to relationship.

What is marriage? Someone got it right… it’s just a piece of legal document. That’s all.


That’s all.

There are just too many low-taste low-grade junks in town which I am sure I’d be very pissed with. And I am right.

Singapore… where everything right goes wrong with a smile.

I suddenly dreamt of Hilary last night… I dreamt I returned to her place… in a storm… and I was swept away by the winds… I felt sad. I wonder how she is getting by. She is a good woman. She deserves better. I plan to pay her a visit later. Seriously… she deserves better. I hope Heaven has mercy on her, and gives her happiness.

So soon, it’s getting dark again… This is the cycle of life… bright… dark… bright again… I wonder when will the society be bright again. When…

Singapore has become a world infested with morons. There is this silly woman with a moniker called Amulet at EDMW. She is a sad story. She is an idiot, a failed mother, a bad influence and most importantly, she doesn’t know she is a failure. She is a moron. Her attitude and mentality in life are all wrong. Her profile shows… she is immature, even as a mother. There are plenty of such women around Singapore… morons…

Dad asked me what I want to do… I want to migrate. I have been overseas, I know there is a better world out there with more people using their brains and not just their kidneys… and where girls lust after romance…


Morons morons, everywhere… … Singapore is infested. I’d be glad if I can just QUIT. Mr Goh Chok Tong jests the quitters… but under him, Jack Neo rises… Ming Yi rose… Durai flew… I have seen enough. Snobs… …

That’s why Singapore is lacking the competitive edge… Simpletons are placed at the top, talents are placed at the bottom. Lee Kuan Yew… Sometimes I wonder what this old man is thinking. He is probably a snob himself… whereby success is just money money money money money and system. It is not unknown that many have remarked the top in this system are useless morons… and they look down on the talented. This is the Meritocracy of Singapore.

And would Yaw leave his juicy MP position?

It’s a $15,000 a month paycheck… We are paying for no comments! WP’s credibility and integrity are both down the drains… …

Hey! That’s soooooooo transparent, WP! Are you a moron, WP~