True that I am in love with a married woman myself, but I can’t accept Angela Oon’s affair with Yaw Shin Leong. I simply detest sluts, and it is horrible that Yaw was rumored to have made Angela pregnant, and Angela is married. If this rumor is true, if the Tremeritus report is true… I find Yaw disgusting. That’s because the report claimed Yaw has been sleeping around with other women presumably after he was married. And… Angela is not really pretty. Glenda Han is pretty, not Angela, and Lilian Lee is cute… chubby.

That’s the reason why I can’t approach Kate. I have zero resistance against her, and I cannot let her like me, so I have calculated what to say to her and be sweet to her at the same time. Naturally, we cannot meet…

To be honest, I don’t really care what women Yaw fucked if Kate isn’t involved. I don’t really care about the rest of local women.

Workers’ Party will have to clarify the matter. And do I think it’s real… I bet the rumor is real.

My love for a married woman is dangerous… because the society is crazy. But since I don’t care about the society… She has chosen… to discard me and she now belongs to that man. An affair… is never what I have wanted. Kate should know for as long as I breath, I can’t forget her. It’s going to be an eternal torment. Maybe I am too soft, but if she is married, she cannot like me; especially if she enjoys the marriage.  After all, she knew I like her back then, yet she still chose that plump immature looking whatever. What can I say?

What I understand of myself is… I don’t wish to be Yaw, and I don’t want Kate to be Angela. I am really too nice. I send a monthly electronic rose to her but never will I step closer. Love is not having sex with Kate, love is… an eternal feeling, you don’t even need to touch. If the rumor is true, Yaw is sickening… disgusting… dishonorable. Anyway, he has changed too much since primary school time; I am a moderate, so be it opposition or incumbent, as long as it is wrong, I’d condemn, as long as they do right, I’d praise. In this case, if Yaw can’t give a satisfactory explanation to clarify things… Just too bad.

Would I give up being an MP for Kate… if I were in Yaw’s position?

I would. I definitely would. If I had married Kate, would I stray. I definitely won’t. That’s how important Kate is to me.  She is special, I knew it when I first met her. Would I want to interfere in her marriage? No. I am too noble to want that, so I stay away. I can’t expect Yaw or Jack Neo to do the same. Jack Neo is a complete jackass… Yaw is a rumored jackass. And I am wondering what his mother would be suggesting. I am beginning to wonder if Glenda Han and Yaw made love. That would be explosive. LOL~

On what basis do I guess the rumor is true? At least Yaw is starting to delete even my message to him on facebook; and there is a reverend Chua in this story who never denied when asked. There are more than one informant. And most importantly, Yaw being internet-savvy did not clarify but delete related messages. So… Angela should be a slut. If so, Angela is cheap… If so that WP has been aware of this and Yaw still got his political post, WP’s credibility must be… hit very hard. There is another disgusting asshole in this game: Chia Ti Lik. How can Angela betray her husband? And how can such a woman be allowed to stand as candidate? Has WP been so short of talents that they need a slut?

That’s why I have wanted to join a viable opposition… the next PAP to be exact. This havoc of dubious personalities is not good for the state. Yes. We are all frustrated by PAP’s recklessness, by the grassroots’ arrogance… but that doesn’t mean we try to remove a bad apple so that another bad apple comes. I kind of see PAP soon to be a thing of the past as the next generations of voters come in. They don’t like the mess. Who does? We need people of talents, with moral bearings…

What will happen to that ‘used’ woman? What will happen to the husband? How can Covenant Evangelical Free Church stay silent and cover up such ugliness? They are all question marks. I feel for Angela’s husband… neither he said a thing so far; I presume the reporters would have reached him for comments. Nothing so far. So how can this rumor not be real?

How is WP going to handle this? They have to expel Yaw somehow… just as the Italians wanted the sex president out. Responsibility and accountability are not just lip service.

Disgusting… The more I think about this rumor, the more revolting. After all, Yaw was a schoolmate. I still remember that plump boy and his anxious mother. Even Kate… Kate has changed too.

Suddenly I feel life is so short.

♦♦♦   ♦♦♦

There is another reason why I believe the rumor to be true, that’s given my knowing of Yaw during JC days. I was aware that he probably started dating girls since; Though he is not exactly the attractive sort, I kind of believe he has his way with women. So here, I am totally not surprised he made Angela Oon, a married woman, pregnant. And I am not surprised that WP already was aware of his adventures. So I have to assume the rumor is true. Still, the world is waiting for Yaw to explain and we wait.

Seriously, I have no love for an womanizer, MP or no MP. Well…

Perhaps the rumor is not true. Whatever.

It’s Chinese New Year. Hopefully everything will go well for me this year.

Whenever there is a scandal, hits will go up. So what sells? Scandal, especially those revolving sex sex sex sex sex… And it’s fun to see hit counts fly.

To be honest, I am very frustrated with PAP’s governance, but I doubt WP would be a nice replacement. Till now, the parliament performance shows they are not really competent. What happiness index, what crap salary review debate… WP definitely lacks political talents. Yaw’s matter, no matter if it is true won’t, however, disrupt opposition’s progress politically. After all, it’s PAP’s own problems which have fueled opposition’s gains… not because opposition is a viable front. It is commendable that Lui Tuck Yew has performed reasonably well in the recent MRT saga but he still needs to find a way out for transportation. And I personally see a need to slash ticket prices given that the maintenance is reportedly only 8%… He is not paid that much to merely follow up.

Lawrence Wong also has pointed out something about WP’s salary stance which is pretty funny. This is a plus. But still… Even after the review, the salary is still too high IF they can’t perform.

This is the current sad state of Singapore’s political front. We are forced to pay for mediocrity and there is no alternative. That’s why I see the need to step forward given the chance. This cannot go on… But the appropriate team is not like mortally granted, it’d be the will of heaven to save this puny state.

Chinese New Year… To be honest, I like Chinese New Year… Time seems to be standing still for a while and is happier.