Due to some reasons, the maid left this morning and the maid agency was heard to have chastised the crying maid. I wonder if she’d return to the household if she expressed regrets since mother would definitely use her help#1, and I have no grudge towards her. This morning, I heard she and mother talking rather louder than usual… Sometimes, I pity the maid for being far away from her homeland, but if she cannot adapt, then…

I was reading about Silver Ang and Xiaxue’s little issue at EDMW. Both were bloggers out for fame and money, both… were none of my business. I guess they jolly well know we are merely bystanders watching a show. It seems that Qiuting is breaking with Silver Ang as well. But experience tells me that this might be all cooked up to promote publicity, so… Whether they really fight or what… We have plenty of such Singaporean silly fights all over cyberspace, and the fuse of this explosion is pretty hard to understand…

Singaporeans… they can blow a world up for peanuts. I simply can’t understand them. Singaporean girls… what is going on in their puny brains?

Yeah… As one might have guessed… I am only bothered about Kate’s thinking, I don’t really care about the rest of Singaporean chicks.

In Malaysia, there was this incest story I just read. It’s a father who was a soldier who raped his own daughter… when you should care and love your own children, so… this is so unacceptable. I don’t like soldiers anyway… To me, soldiers and hooligans usually have little difference. They don’t make cow sense. And when they perform, they usually perform shits for the society. Otherwise, they are useless money taking bunch of craps.

THB told me she was fine when I feel that she is still somehow stuck in her previous relationship. I feel for her somewhat because of my feelings for Kate. In a way… THB and I are ‘enjoying’ similar issues with the hearts. Emotional attachments… of memories and hope once so dear and close, and she didn’t want a divorce and forced herself to face an error she has committed. She is a pretty strong character, perhaps to the point of being quite naive. But she is a woman now.

Blogging is a pleasure, and this blog deals with not just rants… but creative rants in a very special manner. I use this to entertain myself, and I don’t care what the world fuck thinks. To be honest, will the world really care for me? No. That’s it. Why should I care for a world that doesn’t really care for you? That’s probably the most retarded concern in blogging. This is my blog, you’d see my faces all over the blog, it’s only nature. Whether people like it or not, or however they think, or what trashy conclusions they have for the blog…

They are not me. I don’t need them to visit this blog. I don’t care. They have no say of what I should and shouldn’t blog about and in what manner. And in my blog, I have my rules.

I don’t really like Singaporeans. They score very low for culture, they are unexposed and they can’t assess things with common sense.

I don’t really care about the Blog Queen as she won’t care about me. In the Ministry of Love and Justice, this world is detached from the ugliness beyond. LOL~

Silver Ang, Qiuting and Xiaxue… I scanned  the piece Silver blogged for Qiuting and wondered why she didn’t simply call Qiuting up instead. Unlike what Silver has declared, I don’t blog for anyone else other than almighty me. LOL~ So I don’t really care if people think I am an attention seeker or what. As usual since the days of XTs… computer or internet, they are all tools for entertainment. It wasn’t till in the 90s when internet became heavily commercialised and then… blog happened after forums made their way into our lives. Increasingly, commercial blogging has become a media industry by itself that…we have now more or less an ‘industry of online fame seekers’ or professional attention seekers. It’s actually quite a remarkable process because since my first XT till now… it has been only about 20 years for a brand new industry to take root.

Needless to say, the craziness of cyberspace during this period escalates. When money is involved, alot of things can’t be helped. Politics evolved and new media comes to stay. Everyone including idiots has a say. And everyone yearns to be heard and favored.

This is the perculiar era where the start of many things started many things and Scope’s blog was started… for Scope’s pleasure only.

There is no such one as Scope. It’s a creation from nothing to something, and a blog that roots to only cyberspace… without the need of any mortal credibility. Without the need of credibility, it simply can’t be sued. See?


This is no socio politico blog. For fuck?

During the years of blogging, I have tried many things, and sometimes… I was at a loss of what to blog… how to blog till I feel what normally shouldn’t be. I don’t want to go the usual stupid factual line, nor do I wish to do a sex blog. I want to make Scope colorful.

Nowadays whenever I read about death… I frown. If it is a day that will come to all… to my loved ones… I know I’d feel horrible for them, I know I’d feel heartbroken, I’d miss them. So… everyday I see my parents… I look at them hard, I hug them, I know I should when they are still around. I know I care. I want all of them alive.

How long more will we be together in this dimension?

And Kate#2… She’d face death too. I hate this thought. It’s disgusting.

I frown upon life… Why must there be such an end? What is beyond death? From the day I was aware as a baby I wish I could break this mystery. I had seen ghosts… but yet I still cannot accept afterlife… I still cannot understand afterlife. If a personality is a combination of physical energy, reincarnation should be possible. If the universe is really revolving itself… the right combination of energy will bring me back… but trapped in a body… or… is our soul merely the working brain? Physically speaking, anti-matter dictates that if my soul is a combination of energy order, if this order is somehow repeated in a body, it is called a soul… and I’d live again… as a random creature. Given the working body… our identity is our soul, our soul is meaningless without the body’s functions to bring about awareness… or what we call life.

This is also the basic understanding now used in teleportation whereby if… you can break down a person at location A and reconstruct a person at location B, you will be ‘reincarnated’ at the new location… or you call that teleportation. But… why in the first place do you break down a person? Why can’t you not break down a person but ‘reconstruct’ yet another you? But is that new you the old you?

If there is a reincarnation… if you travel back in time to a previous you; while you are the reincarnation of that you, but you are not that you. Simple. He will not control your limbs, you can even eat each other.

So… This is the challenge of anti-matter… that if time travelling is possible… you are adding to an equation another similar set of variables– you, that by right with time he’d die… and be reassembled to be you at T+t. But you can go back time… You will be disrupting equilibrium; You will be forcing anti-matter to rebalance the universe… Which is, at T+t, you must be removed as you remove yourself to time T. Which means… T to the power of infinity makes time travel possible, theoretically speaking… because you behave in a set of time not in time T itself. That means you possibly exist in the summation of T.

Which is… the only way to travel back time… T(You1)+(T+t)(You2)=Summation of T. That when Summation of T- (T+t)(You2)=T(You1), when it means you are a function of T.

In time travel, using anti-matter, we see a very simple relationship… When the summation of T=0, you never existed. Summation of T is matter state. If you at now plus you at six hours later plus together, your existence is summation of T. For time travel to be possible, you have to keep (T+t)(You2) constant while lessening the substance called Summation of T. Which is, how? This has been puzzling me for quite some time. This expression is you at now is always part of your existence, which is… if You2 (You now lah) is a constant energy consolidation called matter, to equal You1 (you back then)… neutralizing the energy equation of the function T…

I am stuck at this point.

Actually time travelling model is made possibly easier by realising  anti-matter doesn’t just exist in time T but in the summation of T. If anti-matter exists in T and T+t respectively, you will never see yourself. This understanding also helps explain the universe… that it is neither expanding nor contracting but is a definite mass across T. The universe is travelling… not fluctuating. The reason is, anti-matter. A reordering occurs when movement occurs. It is likely that the universe itself is rotating and the entire systems are rotating together. If there is a definite mass, if there is a rotation… there is a limit. Yes. Universe has a limit.

What contains the universe… I have been asking myself ever since primary school times…

Our existence is so strange… I might have an IQ of over 190, but I don’t have the relevant training. It’s not possible in Singapore. This place sucks. This retarded population… nobody can understand what I am driving at.

Physically speaking, immortality is possible. However, it is near impossible. Becausing biologically speaking, we have no controls over the other mechanics… namely, the ‘souls’ of bateria and the mechanics of virus. The DNA maps a path my body ‘travels’ similar to my Dad and Mum’s. Which is, the code changes accordingly to a stimulus and so that it always equals 1, a constant. Figuratively speaking, eventually in order to balance, a -1 will come so that it becomes 0… death. So that’s how our genes are switched on and off… constantly changing in an order. And what we gain, we lose. There is no way we can control the factors. Hence physics shows immortality is possible, but… near impossible.

Which is… if your genetic mapping decides that at forty years of old you will die, in order to switch that off, you MUST know the key! And you don’t. Because nobody at now can read the codes constantly. At certain age, the thymus retires… While our brains are aware, yet we cannot switch it on or off. It doesn’t work that way, and death is imminent. The only way I figure out how my body works is… It kills everything as much as possible. Resets everything… reboots everything. But that, you will have to secrete the right enzymes or chemicals; and you have no control.

The first step to stop death is to stop aging. The first step to time traveling… is to quantify everything. So… accidental time travelling is indeed possible, especially if the universe is indeed rotating together. There must exist a point of ‘conflicts’. There is no such thing as together forever… there must be a point of conflict, thus opening up an energy flux… a gate to another time. It must be a tremendous conflict… And it is beyond man. Gosh… Or maybe it is within man’s power.

What is the catch?

Hmmm… … Do you have an idea?

#1 The maid left, a new maid is replacing her. It seems that she has said not so nice things about us which are not true… Well… I don’t blame her. She will of course paint herself white. Why not?
#2 Sigh…