There is a problem putting up the shop board and the incident is frustrating, that’s because we share the same contractor with other shops, we did the same things and the other shops already have the shop boards on except ours. Something is definitely wrong with the authority, so we may be going to see a minister to see how the issue can be resolved.


It is really sad that parents don’t see the need to migrate. Why are they willing to waste time with Singaporeans? Because they are senile?

Anyway, it’s not really my problem since I don’t tend the shop.

Gigi Leung’s marriage to a pale dick Sergio has stirred a small storm as the media condemned Sergio because he is poorer than Gigi. I don’t really understand why can’t Gigi choose to marry anyone she fancies? Is it because the public desires all women to be inclined to choose ‘ugly but rich’ dicks that we have to accomodate to such storms in a mean manner? It’s afterall their private issue; it’s sick to think that Gigi’s cunt must stick to social norm as well. Nevertheless, I am reserved with their relationship since… I doubt true love has been involved. Is Sergio really a variant gigolo leeching on Gigi? Who knows, who cares.

Jackass Neo is going to have his new movie… I am definitely going to boycott it… as usual. I really don’t see the rationale to waste good money to support a disgusting fatso’s junk film.

In my honest opinion, Jackass Neo is a fake, pretender, whatever… And he was once the most popular Singaporean; that’s so Singaporean. Completely idiotic.

Decided to do a CGP for Fallout: New Vegas.  And I particularly like to take Rose of Sharon Cassidy around in the game. There is something wrong with my keyboard. Some keys are extremely difficult to type. Such as the alphabet ‘P’. Maybe it’s time to change the keyboard. Yeah, there is a ‘light’ issue in the CGP, I consider that as a beauty of defect… or simply blatant laziness to redo.

Fallout: New Vegas is loaded with bugs, and it’s disgusting. I can only look forward to Fallout 4, since the DLCs don’t run properly as well. What I hope for in Fallout 4:

1. Bigger map with more adventures in every segment; more random encounters generated randomly everytime we visit the segment.

2. More recruitable NPCs who CAN die as in Fallout 3, and one or two can rap. Also random town folks can be killed at one segment only to have more randomly generated after some time at another segment. Global population should be set a maximum as X and minimum at Y over a period of time.

3. There should be thieves raiding your wallet and random robbery and guards for homes, including locks and safes that only store a maximum of 10 most important items. There hence should be a lost and found or guild to buy the stolen items back.

4. There should be a stock market with whatever benchmark, there should be a cinema where video clips can be watched if player buys the ticket. The movies can be course of actions chosen by the player, or in-game promotion of other games, or game guide.

5. The player should be able to build a home, there should be shops selling furnitures from cheap to expensive.  We should have random town folks walking around the shops.

6. There should be a town where there should be a court. This court will be where the player pays fines and applies for divorce. So there should be many NPCs for choice of spouses. And every spouse will have classified speech lines and perks for the player.

7. There should be more places without markers, and randomly generated villains for the court to issue bounties the player can hunt.

8. There should be a plane so that player can visit a land untouched by the nuclear war, and where there are thugs but killing is forbidden by law, and you can break the law and the police can come after you.

9. Since the timeline of the first Fallout game, it is unadvisable to drag further down the timeline so that it is about time even the communities should be around to rebuild America.  There should be rain and snow as well.

10. There should be much more quests in Fallout 4 with a longer storyline.

11. There should be weapon and armour factories which are attacked at interval by super mutants or raiders that the player can help in the resistance, that once a factory is taken the stock goes down and the price of items shoot up since supplies come from black market thereafter, and the quantity of (eg) ammo for sales will drop. The player shall then liberate the factories, again and again.

12. Item pricing should be decided by how much has been sold to the shops and the stock market on global basis.

13. There should be a bank to store money so that theft at home can be prevented. The bank hence can also be robbed by the player and earns global hatred. So the bank must be heavily guarded with long defended passage to the vault. There should hence be a black market for everything at exobitant price.

14. There should be alot more levels as in Fallout 2. And there should be a clear list of what have been shot and hunted.

15. Karma will decide who can be spouse, and a donation of 200,000 caps is possible for the map to install a new orphanage in a waste zone. Karma will also decide the ease of pickpocketing.

16. There should be a class of very very very tough enemies in a specific segment and missions (check out the way game ‘Dark Star One’ offers missions at ports, Fallout 4 should have such thing as well).

17. Casinos and gambling dens are good ideas to lose and win big. (as the player’s money grows, prices of items and certain services are inflated accordingly to a max of a factor)

18. There should be tax collectors… who can be shot dead, so that the court will issue a bounty on your head in turn. The sentence for killing govt personnels can be reduced by quests involving brible wasteland authorities… (that means a way to spend big money) Judge and anyone can be shot dead as well, and town securities will come after you or bounty hunters and contracted mercs will do the same.

19. Adultery exists in the game, and the player has the chance of knowing the adultery and shoot man and woman involved. Adultery can be decided by karma and allowance given to wife (at interval of days) , player visits to home and talking to spouse will be counted and checked. Spouses who act as followers will have no chance of adultery. A random period of time be generated so that the spouse will not be at home but with the lover so that when player comes home, he/she will discover spouse not at home.  If a wife is ‘outgoing and adventurous’, the player can check gardens and nearby wasteland for her and lover, if wife is discreet sort, he can check the motel and cinema or shops, if the wife is reserved, he can check homes of others or… So the wife’s behavior is a wild card known only by the daily speech line. If all the spouses are killed, that means you are not a good husband… you (eg) don’t spend enough time with wife. If player doesn’t kill the spouse, the court can be used to divorce and opening the slot for another spouse. Which is… every spouse will have a potential lover. After divorce, the spouse and lover will move in to stay together. The lover will be generated only when check decides adultery occurs.

20. In Skyrim, it is an idea to invest in shops with a return, in Fallout 4, we can allow the player to set up shop with a push cart whereby the player will also have to deal with random gangs who come asking for collection money. There could be X gangs in the game, that if player resists will see a wave of gangsters trying to burn down the cart. The burning has a value, whereby every raid by the gangster will attempt to cover a value that when reached, the cart will be burnt. That means gangsters will come fighting with flamethrowers and grenades… It can be scripted in such a way that a shop is set up, a random remerk is broadcasted to the player that tomorrow a gang is coming to collect protection money and the shopkeeper has paged you. The item for sales will be the loots the player deposits with the shop. The player will be hiring 1 or 2 NPCs to serve the shop and guard against the raid.

The problem of Fallout: New Vegas is mainly not as well organized as Fallout 3. It is more boring and fun elements such as random encounters plus talon companies are all removed. After following the main quest, you are equally left dry. Given that the DLCs are bugged, I only attained the max levels of 30… even with Dead Money added.

The key to succeeding Fallout: New Vegas is to note that Usanagi will upgrade your SPECIALs, and if you need the money, go Central West of the map into Fiends’ territory and hunt them down. Then head to the gun runners to sell the items. The mutants at Black Mountain have the equipment for sales too. Buy all the ammo to convert into various ammo types at reloading benches if shops don’t sell enough of any one type. I personally prefer to get the home at Novac the suite at Lucky 38 is not only too big but also not convenient as you need to go through more loading screens.

Many glitches exist in Fallout: New Vegas whereby a great Khan advisor can disappear after a subquest and need the console to enable her back, and the deathclaws are extremely lethal and almost impossible to deal with singlehandedly.

The trick of dealing with deathclaws is to sneak upon them one by one with the help of two followers, saving and pray for critical attacks made on them. The quest at the Quarry cost me about 400 rounds of .357 magnum.

Since my favorite companion is Rose of Sharon Cassidy who is talkative and not like a zombie (Boone), I literally obliterate Silver Rush. Killing both Crimson Caravan boss and Silver Rush folks and resolving Sharon’s issue the ‘peaceful way’ will earn her both health increase and damage threshold perks. But heard that the health perk got a bug as well. Arrrgh~

With regards to weapons… Chinese assault rifles are no longer around in the game, the next best weapon would be Cowboy Repeater which is a sad alternative. The assault carbine might have higher DPS but the whole point with regards to combat in New Vegas is about making criticals.  So while the carbine burns clips faster, it usually doesn’t score critical hits as the repeater. The real alternative to the repeater would be the light machine gun that is powerful outside VATS.

And no matter what you have done for the Powder Gangers… it’s very hard to be idolized by them. So…

All in all… I am now looking very much forward to Fallout 4 and hope it’d be grand. Afterall, if Bethesda’s contract is to make a last Fallout before someone else makes something else… … Do it with pride. As Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas’ boring plot makes replay rather tiring. Skyrim is ridiculous in that levels can be reached not by attacking but by skills increase. Hence I have given up on Skyrim. Yeah… I am a gamer. It’s probably the mark of 21th century, thanks to technological advances. I hope Fallout 4 would be something more or less… insatiable.

Seriously, the map should be much much bigger than the two Fallouts… with plenty of targets and surprises.

♦♦♦   ♦♦♦

[8 Jan 2012] 他们说二舅妈脑死了。早上五点左右,家里来了电话,还以为是老妹家出事儿了,想不到是二舅家……兰表姐过去常帮助我,但由于一次吵架我们有了误会。出于生辰避忌,迷信的母亲初时不打算让我去看二舅妈最后一面,但后来她还是打电话来让我到场了。我便开车赶到现场……二舅妈听说当时已经脑死。我面无表情。其实我根本都不知道该说什么,所以一声不吭,就这样随波逐流着的感觉周遭的气氛。还听说这些年二舅妈的胆固醇情况已经越来越好,想不到一夜就回魂乏术。