Ed said she is engaged. Well… Love is not a commitment, but marriage is… by laws. The thumb rule is she should be happy with the coming marriage only if she fancies the guy. The next issue is, of course… I think they are way too fast. While love is not a commitment, love is what fuels the commitment called marriage. I hope she is sure she is not going to be left with merely commitment and no love into the relationship. If need be, it’d be better to have no marriage but everlasting romance.

But women will age, women are usually insecure creatures, so they need a label called ‘wife’.

I shared my piece with Ed and wished her all the best.

But the point is… if he is not the One, since the One has not appeared… marriage might be a good thing to help her matures… to understand what love is. Besides, I’d be around whenever she needs help. I have been always around, but it is mere friendship.

Assuming Maia Lee‘s One had appeared… but she went on fucking lousy men and ended up with two kids… It’s humiliation to her One. But without the experience… she probably won’t see the need for a decent guy.

As for her parents’ issues with the guy… … Ed should know who she fancies. And that’s the only important issue because she only lives once. And yes… fighting to be with the one she fancies than the one other people think is better makes the relationship glows. She either marries to be happy or she marries to conform to social norms…

Ahem… besides, there is something called divorce… if her One shows up later.

She is definitely growing up.

Good for her…

But romance is one thing, marriage is another. Unless you are ready to commit forever… If you are ready to commit forever… Will your love be forever…?


Chanced upon a Fiona Garden’s’blog… I’d like to… be able to produce photos like those in her blog. But I have my limitations.

Never mind, I’d try to break those limits. Rules and limits are meant to be broken.

Haven’t been to EDMW for a while, so took a peep last night… Super boring it is. It’s a forum of creeps… moderated by creeps, so girls beware… lest you aspire to be Maia Lee II… I don’t feel like landing in Flowerpod forum… Read some of the forum articles and… arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh~

Bought ‘Esper‘… It’s… so… lousy! I can’t believe we have such an wonderful idea being shot into trash like that. It’s not even suitable for 12yo… So S$5.90 wasted.

Participated at REACH’s what townhall chit chat… I find Amy Khor… she doesn’t seem to be that bright, and can’t understand simple things. But she is a doctorate holder, and was my cousin’s tutor. But we are the high IQ group, so Amy is still considered normal. Scope’s IQ is over 190… I scanned through the participants’ ‘views… mostly rubbish and anti-PAP and defensive shots…  That was going nowhere.


How can Singapore progress like that? A dummy government facing an island of dummies… … This is a dummy era. LOL~

Bo-bian… must endure when one is in Singapore. I really prefer the peers in China… They made sense, they had visions, they could handle issues and I don’t have to waste brain cells like “Wow, what the fuck you like so stupid…”

In Singapore, we will never be able to meaningfully discuss what we discussed in China… The middle east chaos, the financial crisis, the military efforts… This is Singapore, a well of toads… Baaaaaaaaaaaaaah~ They talked like toads, think like toads and work like toads… And these toads’ response to progress-calls will be…

“If you don’t like what you see, leave lah…”


Sometimes I find them real entertaining… but most often, I am sad I am stuck with them.  They will never cease to be toads, I’d never be them.

Amy is a doctorate holder and a politician… I think she should realise that subsidises and taxations are… only two parts of balance sheets and there are tons of ways to balance without taxations. And since she doesn’t seem to know finance… why is she talking about the coming crisis? LOL~

Well… this is the government I’d have to deal with. Really… it’s like the blind trying to lead the awakened… But Amy is definitely better than Tin Pei Ling… But I have to keep the level of discussion disgustingly low if I have to participate in the coming townhall chats… with those ‘leaders’ and smart alecs protesting. Aiyah~

It’s like that… They don’t have the calibre, they mess up the situation, but they got the powers, and in order to deal with the situation they are messing up, we will have to deal with them… Relatively, Amy is still an ok MP.

Pathetic, yes. Reality, right… No choice. This is Singapore, where… meritocracy has it that no matter if you are a retard, you get your As studying like a nerd, finish your university courses… you are labelled a talent, and you can fuck the world called Singapore. So meritocracy is about idiots leading the smarts… the not talented leading the talented to me. That’s why Singapore has become a global joke.

To be fair, again and again… the oppositions are no better.

Singapore’s environment is really pretty barbaric… ridiculous and yeah… it’d be very hard to reason with anyone productively here. Anyway, internet is merely an entertainment to me… afterall, we are the batch of chaps who started since XT088 times. I’d continue to offer my views if anyone likes to have them, if not then just go elsewhere. The real effort in changing this stupid well is… afterall to physically go into politics.

No choice.

The people are going to throw out the incumbent… Singapore would have a chance to reset and make things right again. I mean… how can we have such a flood of fools and critters in charge in all corners of Singapore!? Everyone says change… but without brains, you can change 10000000x and what can you expect? You can expect the same old shit in all sorts of packages. Singapore’s situation dictates that we cannot have inferior leaders… Lee Kuan Yew said so… yet… … … …

“No matter how bright… nobody could see it coming…”

Whenever I recall this sentence, I’d laugh.

φφφ   φφφ

I tried doing some videos, uploaded one to test out Youtube’s quality and stuff. Problem is, some personal shots of myself were affected by my sore throats and bad coughs… And yes… I am not sure if this is HIV or not. The initial uploading was shit… It couldn’t be loaded up into youtube. But since Scope seldom gives up… eventually it works. It took about half an hour to load a piece of 1.2gb rubbish, and the quality comes out pretty standard.

Then I realise that the cheap video editor I got requires me to CALL the company all the way in Britain or something… to register. What the~

I am NOT calling in this age of emails and automated registering online. So I am not going to work with that editor that always hangs after I said no to registering.

When I first started out doing photo-editing, the real issue that helped me through was discovering that I had always have one simple but very powerful editor… that I am using now, and using it at times with Photoshop to boost the effect. Seriously, I don’t need something that complicated to start video editing; I am afraid I’d lose interest… …

There is this notice at my home… Premas is looking for admin staff…

Not applying. Cos I don’t trust that company.

I find it very hard to trust those lalas in Singapore… … especially those linked to the government. Premas is one such entity, it seems. It always reminds me of a United-Premas thingy… that I find gross. Better safe than sorry on this one. But decent employers are hard to come by in Singapore. So…

So I still prefer to have a life overseas. Seriously, this society is suffocating.

Make a wish and hope it’d come true… I wish… to land in a wonderful career overseas.

§§§   §§§

Researchers make older beta cells act young again http://www.breakthroughdigest.com/medical-news/researchers-make-older-beta-cells-act-young-again/
October 11, 2011 by admin
As a person ages, the ability of their beta cells to divide and make new beta cells declines. By the time children reach the age of 10 to 12 years, the ability of their insulin-producing cells to replicate greatly diminishes. If these cells, called beta cells, are destroyedA—as they are in type 1 diabetesA— treatment with the hormone insulin becomes essential to regulate blood glucose levels and get energy from food. Now, longtime JDRF-funded researchers at Stanford University have identified a pathway responsible for this age-related decline, and have shown that they can tweak it to get older beta cells to act young againA—and start dividing.
The work, to appear in the October12 issue of Nature, provides the most complete picture to date of the molecular and biochemical mechanisms that bring beta cell regeneration to a near halt as beta cells age. These findings may help pave a path for developing strategies to restore beta cell number to treat both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

In their work, the researchers, led by Seung Kim, M.D., Ph.D., of Stanford University, found that a protein called PDGF, or platelet derived growth factor, and its receptor send beta cells signals to start dividing via an intricate pathway that controls the levels of two proteins in the beta cell nucleus, where cell division occurs. Working with young mice, Dr. Kim and his team found that PDGF binds to its receptor on the beta cell’s surface and controls the level of these regulating proteins allowing cells to divide. However, in older mice, they discovered that beta cells lose PDGF receptors, and that this age-related change prevents beta cells from dividing. Dr. Kim and his colleagues further found that by artificially increasing the number of PDGF receptors, they can restore the ability of the beta cell to divide and generate new cells.

The researchers also show that this age-dependent beta cell proliferation pathway is also present in human beta cells. Similar to the findings with mice beta cells, the researchers found that juvenile human islet beta cells proliferate in response to PDGF, but adult human islet beta cells do not due to a reduced level of PDGF receptors.

In the past, researchers have used other techniques to trigger older beta cells to start dividing, but they have been met with challenging results, explains Dr. Kim, who is also a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator. “You can get these cells to grow but they will literally lose their specific identity as a beta cell,” he says. “They will either stop making insulin, or they’ll grow just fine but they will grow uncontrollably or into other cell types.”

But with the advent of better genetic tools and the completion of the human genome project, that era has come to pass, he explains. “With these advanced technologies, we are now able to get a comprehensive viewA—at the genetic levelA—of the changes beta cells undergo as they age, and we can track these changes and study them in a systematic way,” he adds. “By understanding what genes are turned on and off in a young beta cell, we can try to recreate that genetic environment in older beta cells such that they divide in a desirable, controlled manner.”

By better understanding the mechanisms that control and govern pancreatic i¢-cell proliferation, researchers could transform treatments for diabetes. The cascade leading from PDGF binding to its receptor on the beta cell’s surface to changes in protein levels within the nucleus could inspire scientists with new ideas on how to discover new drugs to safely promote beta cell regeneration to replace those lost in diabetes.

“A major goal of JDRF’s regeneration program is to find ways to preserve and restore functional beta cells as a cure for type 1 diabetes. One of the challenges is that adult beta cells do not readily replicate, and these new findings provide key insight on how the body regulates beta cell growth and replication,” says Patricia Kilian, Ph.D., JDRF’s scientific program director of regeneration research. “Based on these key scientific insights, we hope the new findings will help enable the discovery of safe therapies to promote beta cell regeneration.”

That’s good news. It seems that if we can make old cells in all functions behaving young again… if we can produce ‘multi-proteins’ to make this work, then the big crap about the elixir of eternal life will be possible. So the problem is really… where can we find those proteins to ‘eat’?

I totally welcome this news, and it’s looking like not from Singapore again…

If we can reverse the process of life, we may end up kids once again… grow old, become kids again, then grow old…. but even if that is impossible, at least we’d be disease free. And death can be cheated… Yes. Cheating death is no longer looking remote an idea. And then… bringing the dead alive will be the next goal… 1000 years down the road.

I mean… if the body is a complicated system of bio-mechanical issues… why do I have to die?

Ok. I forget… I am already an immortal.

To be honest, I am way more interested in these developments than those craps in parliament. The real issue is… yes, we got the cure… and can we afford that? Seriously… I am totally encouraged by this outrageous development overseas… and they set my brains thinking again. That’s the good thing about internet.

ξξξ   ξξξ

Man linked to Temasek Review arrested, now on bail http://sg.news.yahoo.com/man-linked-to-temasek-review-arrested–now-on-bail.html

Joseph Ong Chor Teck, linked to socio-political website Temasek Review Emeritus (TRE), was arrested last month for offences under the Parliamentary Elections Act.

A police spokesman told The Sunday Times he has been released on bail pending further investigations but said it was inappropriate to comment further as investigations are ongoing.

Ong was arrested on 3 September for conducting a general election exit poll on the TRE website, previously named Temasek Review, asking people to share how they voted, the paper reported.

It is illegal to publish opinion polls during an election and exit polls on Polling Day before results are announced.

Ong was previously reported to be the founder of TRE and its predecessor, The Wayang Party. TRE, which has been suspended since last month, is known for its articles critical of the government.

If found guilty, Ong can be fined up to $1,500 or jailed for a term not exceeding 12 months, or both.

Last October, Ong was warned by the police after a smear campaign against Member of Parliament Lee Bee Wah.

It’s a law he broke, a law that even Scope isn’t really aware of. Actually, I am aware of election laws, but I NEVER really know them since this is not where I am interested in. This is one of the chaps behind Temasekreview…  There will be more to be dug out from TRE and TOC as well. Mostly smartalecs who have the money to fool around… taking the government head on. Heroic, but usually I’d also look at those heroes’ characters… I am totally neutral to this doctor Joseph Ong.

In real, these netizens cross over to EDMW and TOC and many of them think they are the kings and queens online… they think they rule. LOL~

If internet is like some sort of Super Mario 7 to Scope and you think you rule internet, you make me laugh.

But honestly, TRE had done a great job pissing off the government for years, and has been a better platform than TOC. But to Scope… both are purely entertainment issues. And of course, both are fighting to ‘dominate’ this well of toads… and the fight goes on.

What would really turn Scope on is new aspiring parties… not the so-called platforms where indian chiefs spring out to play mountain kings and queens and… what the fuck use are those talk cocks sing songs to do with progress?

If we must have platforms… we must have one that is really ‘governed properly’ by good people so that news and discussions or voices are fair across the board.

The current ‘media’ is merely one pot-shooter mudslinging against the others… So I never really took TRE nor TOC seriously.

Life goes on… …

It’s the same as how Scope deals with Amy Khor, if she likes to listen I’d talk and talk and talk until her panties got wet, otherwise I’d just find something fun elsewhere… This is the internet, there are tons of interesting things going on… You can read about a blogger… and her breasts and her cunt herehere also got another embracing sexuality… Girls love sex… Men love girls…

Ladies and gentlemen… this is the real cyber-world.

Self confession… I am really very open-minded to those things, provided those girls ain’t whom I love, and of course… they are not my type.

It’s the same when I spent time at Orchard Towers admiring those beauties… It’s one thing to drool at them or even to fuck them and another to want to marry them… It’s the same as sex… sex and love are two different things… to different entities. There are some girls you can just lust after without love in the bargain; there are girls you will want the love and the sex in the package. In a simpler fashion, there are people who can be friends of benefits, they are people who can’t.

Talking about Lee Bee Wah… I also don’t know where the hack PAP dug her out. We have limited seats, we have limited resources… how come we have unlimited funny MPs…??? OK. What is Lee Bee Wah known best for…

Her petty mud fights with a mainland coach… twice even after Dr Vivian tried to smooth things out. What an old woman… …

I don’t understand… I just can’t understand it’s like we don’t have talented true blue Singaporeans and we have to resort to placing that old woman as MP in such a time of need; and that’s good governance? This is like some sort of human resource plague in Singapore… … and it’s definitely killing this once almighty (snobbish) PAP. And how many still remember we do have a team called P65 MPs… We have a team of P65 MPs whereby the younger generation is like going to revolt in the coming elections. That’s hilarious.

The message from Scope is… Please be serious with politics and serve us seriously, many fuck lives are at stack. But it’s really like telling Kishore to think when he wrote ‘can asians think’… Arrrrrrrrrrgh~

So after playing catching with TOC and TRE… what next?

Meritocracy… (Scope dances around in room naked… and laughes out loud)

Heard this doctor is pretty horny too… … But who isn’t? LOL~

Suddenly… I imagine this doctor Joseph meeting Glenda Han, then they go for a handshake… and Glenda instead caught hold of his dick… LOL~

Yeah, Scope is very naughty lah~ Now you only know meh?

Imagination is not a crime.

Here’s a poem…

I got great balls,

But I’d bang her and her and her…

But not against the authorities…


Because authorities are ugly bitches…

I’d shoot the fountain of all sperms…

I’d shoot at the stars…

I’d shoot at the women I love…

But I’d not shoot at the system…


Because there are too many holes at one go,

And I am but one great dick.

It’s true. Heroes die first, but real heroes finish last… Politics is not a competition of who to be the first matyr… but who to be the last mohican. Dead men can change shits. Smart alecs can change nothing. Aspiring to be a political leader means your dick wants to enter Glenda Han but your brain wants to enter the parliament, and you listen to your brain.  And when the opportunity comes, then you can change the world for the better.

Let us… download a porn and start jacking off to TRE…