Girl said she was in love with a guy, she told him, and he was undecided. Her boy friend told her she was a girl, this is not love, she should move on, love is a commitment… bla bla bla.

I laughed.

I kpo-ed.

Love is NOT commitment. He said what then should I tell the girl?

Simple… Let the girl feels, experience and allows her a chance to mature. Before the girl got the feel, mature and understands her feeling… who can say this is not true love? Who can say this is not a mere crush?

The boy is definitely trying to define love. Will he be responsible if the girl misses her true love? Like how? Fuck her? Besides… will a girl really listen?

They are too young. Boy didn’t realise in most cases, love can fade… where love is defined by the girls. It’s never true love, but… the excuse will be commitment. So… Commitment is not love, commitment is merely an excuse to a bad decision when love is merely a decision. 

There is never a right or wrong answer… and yes… the girl can end up loving two guys. Why not? I have cases like that. Nobody knows about tomorrow; what will happen to the guy? What will happen to the girl…

Move on. Like how. Love is, as Scope always says… love is not a switch, you switch off now then you switch on again, then you switch off later…

If he is who she desires… the boy said too much. So leave it to fate.

You only live once. Don’t tell the girl to move on… and on and on and on and on and on… Let her have a taste of love, let her grow.

Well… would the boy listen… not my problem. I only know I had said what needed to be said.
I feel the heat… but there is no fever. Perhaps it’s serious inflammation… I have been coughing badly for a couple of days already, and the sore throat… the kind of sore throat that reminds me of the time in Beijing… And the eczema flared up again… and

Been to a Fiona Garden’s blog… nice. I like the feel and the style of those shot. I tried to take some shots on the streets without me in them but… what’s the point of taking those shots without me in them? Dad once said… “…there is no point taking photos without you in them…”

Dropped by at THB’s to check out her blog and twitter entries… and left. I didn’t leave a comment… not because she’d appreciate if I didn’t. Usually at this point, when a girl’s lifestyle is to change drastically, when she is embracing the unknown, when she is to officially sever an emotional attachment after so long of investment… It’s a process she best goes through as alone as possible. Like I said, she’s got many friends, but her heart will always be lonely. She is… with the wrong crowd. She got an ex-husband who really doesn’t bother much about her… and she has been pretty much alone as well.

I have been reading funny stories of such relationship cases in the recent papers and… why the fuck did they marry in the first place?

A guy got infected with HIV in 2007… still married to a woman who doesn’t love him anymore. A woman married to a rich guy… if not for the physical torture and such probably won’t even make news divorcing and fighting for a few millions bucks of assets… It’s so funny. On the other hand, we got a woman who married a guy with cancer when she knows he only got 5 years to live… and we got a madness in Kerin Peh who jumped because her husband jumped… actually Kerin Peh’s situation was really she junped due to mental disorder and despite of all those ‘friends’ and her ‘caring’ family… no one seems to take PROPER care of her. Kerin’s death was avoidable…

So to be fair, we got relationship cases of all sorts of extremes…

Of course, we also got Maia Lee’s, and I sure hope she’d meet her decent dream guy soon. It’d be interesting to know who that would be. And there are those crazy women in Singapore Bridal Forum… and EDMW as well. Those people are morons. But thanks to them, we have a crap society hence the stories. I am hoping that woman who married that cancer dead chap is truly a case of true love… at least 1 among the many crap cases… means hope. I am aware of great girls in Singapore, but they are really the super minority.

The rest are like spinsters who are ‘aiming’ for this and that and that and this… and they can wait long long. Or they can, as what Kate did, get a bui bui and married herself off and leave me sobbing.

I am definitely not after the majority readings, it’s too weird to embrace a stats where most local girls you will aim will be stupid EDMW-defined ‘Golden Cheesepies’ and girls whose illusion of love is purely illusional and delusional.

Come October end, I’d do one more HIV test… if it is still negative, I’d get a copy of ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ as a reward to my now STD-aware dick.

I guess a love song needs some lines…

我的影子一页一页 翻阅着过去现在
现在的感觉 真是空白
难以想象 惊涛骇浪后还能向往真爱

它 原本就不在
她 还没有过来
我 依旧在原地 徘徊
就像影子 那么 无法实在

它 也许不知不觉就会来
但她的吻我却未必敢 烙印在我的心中
因为害怕再次失去的 抹杀的 痴缠的
宁愿寂寞 也不能相信它的存在

无法收拾的 是怎样的心情
难以控制的 也无法去说明
若重来 能不能 不要 那种开始

简单的不够疯 疯狂的心碎忍不住泪水
如何 去等待 一个 没有开始的爱情故事
如何 再相信 一个 谁都不了解的坚持
也许这就是 一辈子最美的真实

那就是 在邂逅时无法控制

总在下雨天一点一滴 回味着那时的无知
对爱情的梦想 无法释怀
难以想象 有一天哪一天还那么执著

它 原来一直在
她 一直在徘徊
我 怎么也无法 明白
就像美梦 那么 无法自在

她 也许莫名其妙给我爱
但那一刻我却未必能 牢牢捉我的手中
因为害怕再次失去的 抹杀的 痴缠的
宁愿寂寞 也不能相信她的存在

无法收拾的 是怎样的心情
难以控制的 也无法去说明
若重来 能不能 不要 那种开始

简单的不够疯 疯狂的心碎忍不住泪水
如何 去完结 一个 不要结局的爱情故事
如何 再相信 一个 谁都不了解的幸福
也许这就是 一辈子最美的真实

那就是 在得到后已无法去控制 《摇篮中的爱情》