Scope loves babies. They are innocent… playful and heartwarming to see, and when they make noises it’s heaven. Other than Wen, I am helping Mom to babysit Leon, the Blow Kiss Baby. Leon is smart, active and super naughty. He started playing tricks on Wen and the adults when he could crawl, and… He didn’t cry when he was delivered. This cunning baby is the perfect challenge for us babysitters. LOL~ In contrast, Wen is more quiet and manageable. Leon is very fast. He walks and runs in a very adorable manner.

He is too wild and too brave for comfort, but it would not be till he is 3yo that the rod will be brought into his life. So… enjoy for now, you little rascal~ LOL~
When he was 1 month, everyone thought he was a baby girl… and everyone thought Wen was a baby boy. Leon has many toys… but his pattern of dealing with them is simply to throw them everywhere… He loves to laugh, and his chuckles melt our hearts. And he has a sexy pair of lips… beautiful eyes, nicely shaped nose and…
Actually, Leon loves to go outdoors more than staying at home with his toys. While he is very cheeky and active… he is very cautious when he encounters strange things and persons.
Leon will grow up to meet his destined lovers, to live through the sweet and pain of this brief journey of mortality. But for now, he’d have his childhood. I hope when he grows up into adulthood, he will still have some innocence preserved somewhere in him, that he remembers his root so that he won’t get lost in the mess. I am sure his parents love him very much. Leon, you come to this world so beautiful, grow up and be a beautiful soul. Whenever you have forgotton the beauty, just look back.

May true love guides you back to Heaven.

∞∞∞   ∞∞∞

It doesn’t matter what the world thinks, but between money and love I am seeking the woman who’d prefer the latter. There seems to be hordes of women seeking money… or higher class hookers in this society as a matchmaker reportedly suggested, but I  know one woman wasn’t like that, and it’s my mother. That’s why father has everything he needs… Finding someone who’d appreciate you for who you are is really the main aim in relationship.

In Chinese: 男人有钱就变坏,男人不坏女人不爱。 No translation for this one…

But the fact remains… while most girls would fall for bad guys, I rather be the odd one out waiting for the odd one out.

That’s why I find little Lynn disturbing back then… She kind of condoned Cat’s betrayal and such. Sadly to say, I can’t… when she doesn’t treasure the chance given to her. But while Cat and probably her friends think like that, I can’t be bothered with them. It also shows Cat is not going to repent, and she’d be hence gone from my life. She can go to the arms of better someone… I have enough of her plus her friends’ nonsense.

I am really more interested in that special someone than those cunts the money can poke.

I am aware such babes exist, afterall… not all girls aspire to be toys of the rich.

From that Chinese sentence… girls are the reason why men aspire to be badasses. LOL~ It’s kind of true. Joke aside, I am looking for a proper, faithful and lovely girl… a girl without a price tag, ie. If you expect me to last forever with you till you are old and ugly without paying for dates with other younger and more attractive babes, you have to show me what you are worth. Some people said… smart girls choose money… Smart guys won’t waste all their money on depreciating assets. So how smart are those girls really?

I was reading Maia Lee’s on the news a few days ago (again?!)… Well, she is growing up, but whether she’d be a good girl from now on is still farfetched. It’s not about the unwillingness or a leapord trying to change…

But she is definitely sounding more mature than those girls in EDMW, including mommy Amulet and tons of silly and crazy women in Singaporebridal Matters of the Hearts forum.

Let’s give Maia a test… Simple… Maia, what do you see in a decent guy?

… …

… …

… …

There is only one answer for this sort of question: He loves me for who I am.

It goes both ways. A decent guy also wants the girl to love him for who he is. Other things are not important.

Maybe it is a hoax… maybe she is just doing so, talking about getting a decent guy to make the transition to be a writer… … Maybe she is really too tired to be just a cunt to the dicks, who knows? It’s all fate. How many decent guys are out there looking for their Ones? How many of their Ones are with them? Love is not at the right time, right place… It’s always fate. She chose to be merely a cunt to the dicks. She now chose to be a woman. What next…?

As for Scope… … I know how tough it is to be a decent guy, especially if his One were to be a Maia. LOL~

How many decent men can tolerate their Ones to be incomplete? It’s not really the hymen… It’s the honor.

There are no short of great decent lovers… but there is definitely a shortage of pure princesses for the romance story of a lifetime. It’s just something that no amount of money can buy…

Let’s download a porn and start jacking off… … LOL~