My life is currently filled with sorrow.

I watched the Japanese version of ‘My Sassy Girl’ again. My eyes were wet… It was very touching. Well… I am a romance freak, I simply love the lines. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi is definitely a good actor. And I fell in love with Tanaka Rena. Sadly… it’s a drama, it’s not real. Such romance is hardly possible in the context of Singapore. But I need romance.

Yes. If love can fade naturally, it’s not love… …

If there is an alien threat… There is one common language between me and the aliens. It’s love.

Will Earth be united against an alien threat?

I find humans a huge threat as well.

[White Gold] Saddening, I read about the woman who jumped with her baby daughter to death… I read about their migration causing her to be jobless in Singapore, and another who no choice but ended up a nurse instead of a Chinese sensei after he came to Singapore… Fact is, there is also a case of a Singaporean lady with multiple tertiary certs who wanted to commit suicide because she can’t find a job after she returned to Singapore.

This is the meritocracy in Singapore. No one is going to change it. Unless you change the government, there is no hope.

The government is not going to change itself.

Me too. I returned to Singapore and there is nothing here. I have to be entertained by entertainment that is not entertaining. And there is nothing I can do about it.

Land of opportunities… At least the PM was trying to be humorous. But the joke is not funny.

♦♦♦ ♦♦♦

I like the feel of this picture. I fuck care how people think.

Gamers have cracked the mystery of HIV enzymes… I welcome the development. Cancers are caused by virus. If we can stop the virus, we can stop cancers in a huge way. I hope they deal with HIV fast… so that I can start to have one night stands with peace of mind. Relationship is too painful. Sex is relatively simple.

[The Rise Of Vampires] This is a funny article… Somebody claims Nicolas Cage is an vampire. Why? Because there was a photo of another man a long way back then looking very much alike to Nicolas Cage, and he wasn’t identified.

I laughed.

There are many mortals acting as Mao Ze Dong in Chinese drama series… with faces aliken to Mao. So… how many Maos are vampires?

Maybe it was a reborn. Maybe Nicolas Cage is an immortal… like myself. We age very very very slowly.

But there is a giveaway that Nicolas Cage isn’t that man… the way they are balding.

I kind of realise immortals do exist… the genetic variance to it is… How should I put it. Immortals have to handle the wear and tear on Earth as well… They will die as well, but… if they get what they want… they will stay alive. Most bodies ain’t built to last. But an immortal’s body is built for internal deaths… Cite you an exmaple. I had some deep wrinkles on the forehead a few months back. But they are subsequently ‘digested’. Now there is no wrinkle. It’s a form of… ‘allegic’ reaction whereby the body eats itself up… and regeneration kicks in, making sure the cells are new. Just like me.

During the sec school days… If Siping still remembers… my face was dotted with tons of awful pimples. But they were periodically digested by what I now simply call an allegic reaction. They were painful process… No specialists my mum brought me to understood what happened. My regeneration speed from a surgery shocked the doctor.

There is nothing secretive about immortals… to me. As long as we are not ‘externally’ affected… we eat up our own body, making sure new cells inherit us… The only problem is… we cannot regenerate hair. That is the only giveaway. The only regeneration of the hair is the color.

If people saw the photos of Scope… and observed carefully… his hair is a proof of mutation. Scope never dyed his hair.

The intake of live antibodies to replenish one’s own as the thymus fails with aging by drinking the blood of young maidens…. You see, blood cannot be digested by the body, but white blood cells can be transferred from one body to another’s by drinking. Given the older times where the plains were green, the air was fresh… if while the thymus rests for decades a body can inject itself with external white blood cells to assist in the immune function, one could probably live for a very long time indeed. Besides, those ‘vampires’ could be victims of a certain virus infection that also affected their sights and skin condition when exposed to sunlight.

Which is… they are really ‘sick’ people… not some mythical beings.

[An Invisible Entry] This is a coded entry. Want to try and crack it?