Everyone is a saint before they met the demon.

This is making news online… It’s about a pretty chick#1 and a bui bui… … Really, is that a hooker or true love? The story, however, makes me feeling apologetic towards Kate… Maybe hers was true love, and love is blind. Hmmm… … was he her only choice? There are tons of speculations but… To be honest, in entertainment circles of the North, this is nothing unusual. Gigi Lai is one of such examples. Most of these girls aim to marry powerfully rich chaps… Vicki Zhao is another. Relationship matters ain’t so straight forward… Multiple partners per girl is common.

Come to think of it… I still can’t get used to Singapore. This place is ridiculous, as ridiculous as EDMW. LOL~

Rather than X chemistry, I rather believe it’s fate.

You dreamt of a prince… that prince ends up a rich toad. It probably can’t be helped. There is a ‘WhiteRat’ at EDMW, her ‘prince’ is also rather ugly. Alot of girls in the past remarked that I am too 花心, I have too many girly attention, and they felt insecured. I laughed. I have met many girls… but only a very few made it into my heart.

I have always been pretty serious with my love affairs. I suddenly find it too tiring… It’s not really about how many girls can you grab, fuck or own, but this idea… is deeply rooted into the crap society of Singapore. Love is a beautiful thing… maybe the mainland couple are match made in Heaven? Who knows… Who has the right to criticise them? You don’t love the girl, you just find her ‘chio’ (Singlish: Pretty) and you just want to fuck her… you don’t care about the guy… what gives them the right to criticise the pair?

If the girl likes the bui bui so very much… so be it.

If Kate loves that bui bui so very much… so be it.

If I love Kate so that very much… so be it.

This is fate, I also don’t know why I fell for her back then.

 The only thing I know is… when I become an old man, I touch my heart, I can feel something about the women. The romance in me will never die. Well… although I am an immortal, I feel so old already. I am feeling very tired for almost everything. I read the bashings at EDMW… I was entertained. They mainly made fun of my looks… I can’t be bothered about the world, what makes them think I care? Kate probably knows… I can’t be bothered. They are merely trying to sabo someone who can’t even be bothered. But that’s very amusing to me.

Why so mean, STOMP asked… Because those mobsters are losers. 

Their agenda has no impact on me… if I were to enter politics. I am too experienced to be bothered by such minute displays of childishness.

The only people who can hurt me are people I do care… See? I have no concern about a crap society, I have no concern about the world… Kate can hurt me, Cat too… Hilary too… not the millions or billions of people out there. I feel nothing. Of so many deaths… I only feel for three who are innocent… There is nothing illegal about taking their lives… but I am always guilty… till now. That’s me, I am otherwise a very cold man towards the world.

After I have relocated… a whole list of deaths will be inevitable. I have seen too many corpses so far to feel much about them.

Love is what I seek… in this forever winter of mine.

I will only feel guilty for the innocent souls… And how many souls in this world… are not guilty?

Kate has something that belongs to me, it’s my heart. I am taking it back.

I am beginning to wonder if Kate has found her way here. Girls… always want to appear good. Ever since she changed her avatar at facebook back to her usual one… the one taken in a studio, there has been nothing new. My file has more updated pics of her showing her speedy aging process. No matter how expensive the garments are… age is the number one enemy of women. Once she is starting to become ugly… there is no stopping. I find this idea very cute, somehow.  The problem about she being my destined woman is… even if we were to be together, we won’t have a boy because of her aging. So…#2

Jinny doesn’t really understand what I am driving at… There is a reason why Kate is special. It’s not about loving one and one loving back… this is not a transaction. I don’t feel like explaining to her. She is preparing her wedding so… It’s not really my problem, it’s just fate. Singaporeans… it’s very hard to communicate with those in the cultural desert. She reminds me of THB… though she is not the same as THB, so her coming problem won’t be the same… despite it’s still relationship problem.

Make no mistakes… I do like women who argue to high heavens… as long as they are not mine. There is no kick telling them about the hurrican if they don’t move themselves into it, see?

Let’s talk about love one more time…

You don’t decide on love… on who you’d love, who would truly love you, and how it ends… if it can end.

I have no mood recently for shows. So I slept and slept and slept…

The photos are not CGPs… but… I like the messy hair style… very Japanese, but very much my feel now… messy.

I don’t know what to blog about… I am losing interest in many things. It’s the downward spiral… again. And I decided to try pull myself up by myself. This can go on for years… Cat showed up and pulled me out from 2 years of spinning down back then. Probably Heaven will have another girl coming but… Cat is freaking me out. I don’t want another booby trap from Heaven.

Well… If I were to seek again, I’d find someone in her 20s. It’d be hard because I demand maturity. I prefer ang moh. Local cunts are really freaking me out…

I am reading THB’s twitter about her ‘I do’ and ‘say yes’. She is still emotional.

I am going to visit Cat later. I have to buy her some things and bring her laptop along… I hope she is ok all by herself.

It is going to rain… I was hoping to stroll down the beach of East Coast later.

I frequently miss the streets of Beijing. I wonder if I were to be back now… will I still remember the route to Hilary’s place. Beijing’s transport sucks big times. But Beijing is buzzing with life as compared to Singapore. Plenty of activities, opportunities and backdoors. I envy those who have jumped into the wagon a decade back. It’s too late now… Singapore… forever a loser in this game. Or rather, Singaporeans are forever losers… And I am still in Singapore browsing stupid Mediacorps productions. Things will never change, or improve. The current government will not change either. The people are too stupid to change, and are too comfortable in this declining system.

Although this results in the rise of oppositions but…

Current oppositions are like craps.

It’s a… rather ridiculous era. Everything looks calm on the surface… but huge turbulence below.

I am hoping a new government will give me the platform… to compete with those overseas. I have too many things to do than wishing for a slow transition. But looking at the oppositions… Actually a crap opposition would also be good given that if incumbent is getting discarded by the people, if a new government were to be formed… the current weak opposition will be easy for a new workable party to break the barrier and spring out of the egg… Hatched.

Guess my interest… other than guns and bullets, would be in the arts. In Singapore… even the advertisements are done in crappy fashion. In Singapore, alot of things are very funny. The taste… For example… this is a contestant for Manhunt Singapore 2011, or just go to http://manhuntsingapore.com/contestants.php to look at all of them… This is the standard of Singapore… ‘manhunt’. Shocking. This is another hunt

In Singapore… ‘men are generally short ugly and arrogant’… I can understand this from a mainland pub singer’s point of view because the taste of local girls are very indeed ‘special‘.

But local girls are generally uglier than those I have seen in Beijing. And the acceptable range in Singapore is definitely lower than those in China. Many babes in Singapore are either from China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia. So there is somehow a match, and given that the ‘taste’ for men in Singapore is so much more different… so most of the Chinese stars hailed are from the North, and I suppose local women adapt by marrying ugly Singaporeans. Then of course, for the cash… these local cunts will be losing their husbands to foreign competitions. There is no love in this ‘food chain‘.

I am so sick of this society… …

Actually, I am still trying to get over the shock of seeing Kate’s man… …

Really, the more I know the more I am shocked. And it’s bad for health.

♣♣♣   ♣♣♣

[Steven Lim] For the sake of fun… I find it very funny some children placed me together with Steven Lim. I can never be as wild as him, nor am I as HANDSOME as him. He is the world’s most handsome man, and Scope… Scope’s just a blogger blogging for fun. Remember, I get no profit from Nuffang and bla bla bla ad services. And my face isn’t coming as close as his. And I am not hire-able for your personal pleasure. LOL~

Yeah… that’s so fucking funny. I have NOTHING against Steven Lim. He provides entertainment. The only issue I can think of with regards to Steven Lim is… He’s much too wild. I can’t imagine myself wearing an underwear, lay myself on the table and have the food placed all over my body.

They think it is funny… I find that fucking gross.

Our styles are different as well.

Basically, there are a lot of things I won’t do for money and there are alot of things Steven Lim will do for money.

#1 Seriously… other than she trying to be sexy with the boobs… I think the girl is really just… average.

#2 If she is indeed the destined girl… we are running seriously out of time. Otherwise, it’d be ‘Claire and Lorenzo’ (in ‘Letters To Juliet’). But… I want a boy… …