[I have enough of those noises… from both camps… from ALL parties plus the ignorant crowd. Exactly how can they handle the governance? But if the incumbent can’t offer anything… they will be removed by the people. Then a vicious cycle is kicked in. Who to blame… Can’t be helped, though I respect Mr Lee KY… if he has been vigilant in human resource management, weak oppositions won’t ever rise like that. LOL~ Yes. I sort of blame him for this happening.]

Love to me is all important, there shalt be no bargain till the very end.

My heart is stirred as she told me her son and his family are working in Dalian… The urge to migrate boils again. I know opportunities are in China… but I also know the socio-politico issue is boiling over there.

I wish to leave Singapore.

Singapore has to be changed. There is no doubt about this, and I have no confidence in the PAP for any change. Staying in Singapore permanently is not an option. Neither do I have any confidence in the existing oppositions for a meaningful change. But the rise of opposition is definite with the decline of the PAP. I am waiting for… the next Lee Kuan Yew to appear, to assemble a new team… and to take over the rein if this is inevitable.

Yaw decided not to meet up, I didn’t insist. Basically, I was hoping to find out more about the respective opposition camps from him… To be honest, I’d like to check out Nicole Seah, but I am… not very sure about this little girl.

In the post-PAP era, if Singapore must stablise, a group of talents must inherit the ministries… powers… and the headaches. Workers’ Party is now consuming support based on PAP’s weakness, but if it cannot govern… it’d end up as the direct threat of other parties when it comes to election for being too large. With new people flooding in for the 80 over seats, politics will be like gambling since the people will have no clear direction to vote. Which is to say, a single opposition party will have to risk many corners’ fight soon enough unless everyone gives in to Workers’ Party…

But who will oblige?

If Jee Say, Jee Say II and Cheng Bock III all form new parties… it’d be too crowded, and WP will be easily overshadowed by ‘ex-MAS executive, ex-CEO, ex-PMO sec, ex-big shots’, whereby anyone is deemed more superior than Yaw or even Low Thia Khiang. This is a game so lucrative that nobody will back out from. So PAP might be declining, the coming era of multi-corners fights with more and more sensing the decline jumping in will generate a random game for PAP in its favor.

I am waiting…

For a girl like you…

To come into my life…

[Yaw doesn’t want to meet up, that doesn’t mean I don’t need to find out more about the opposition situation… LOL~ Basically, this is only the beginning… As in the end of colonial era, first the Plen, then Labor Front, then Barisan Socialis, then PAP… What I am looking for… is the next PAP. Parliament seating is not my ultimate goal.]
I am waiting… … for the elements which created PAP in the past… Where aspiring talented people came from all walks of life…  gathered, and were able to handle Singapore hands on. The super A team… that could win any multi-corners’ fights.

However, I envy those who can relocate outside Singapore… and the urge to leave grows ever so stronger.

How long must I wait… …

♥♥♥   ♥♥♥

[In Singapore, nobody really cares about love, because there is no cultural support, so… local women married for alot of things, so when their ‘ugly’ husbands met fresh meats which are mostly more attractive than local women… between a silver ring and a diamond ring, which would you prefer? Is love not important? Are all Singaporean men short, ugly and arrogant? Who cares? The problem is still the Singaporean women. They married for eventual divorce. LOL~]

A PUB singer from China has declared that Singaporean men are “arrogant, short and uglybut she would marry one of them for their money, reported China Press.

The daily quoted The New Paper report which interviewed Zhang Miao Yu, 26, from Zi’an, China, who has been working in the republic for the past five months.
Zhang felt Singaporean men were “arrogant and short” and not as handsome as men from China. But she said she still wanted to marry a Singaporean.
She felt the men might be workaholics but they would “compensate” her by giving lavish gifts and take her out in expensive cars.
A dating company supervisor said foreign women would criticise Singaporean men but they would still marry a Singaporean because of the financial stability such a union offered them.
He added that many women did not mind being mistresses as long as the men were rich. (http://www.yousaytoo.com/spore-men-short-arrogant-and-ugly-but-marriagble-due-to-money/1128913)

What can I say?

In China, women have no choice but come to Singapore and be fucked by ugly men for money; in Singapore, Singaporean women married ugly men to have their men taken from them by beautiful mainland competition. Singaporean women are pretty cheap… cheaper than mainland women in this fashion.

And Singaporean losers’ excuse…

“Singaporean women have other things in life to pursue than love…”

Why marry in the first place?

Big irony… isn’t it?

For Scope… it’s still love.

Singaporean men are generally short, ugly and arrogant… Singaporean women are generally ugly, materialistic and think they are very smart…but they are mostly just high class hookers, cheaper than mainland competition because… one has no choice, but one has a choice.

After the mainland women got the money, they will mostly jump into the arms of handsome mainland men… who will remove them of their clothes… and money, and the cycle goes on. I’d have none of those…