[I am not sure about the quality issue of the CGP, obviously this is a bigger file… much bigger file than needs be. OK, it’s inspired by ‘Boss 2’ poster and I decided to do something closer to Singaporeans. I guess there is no need to introduce the characters. LOL~ Just for fun. I wanted to slot in Yam Ah Mee but… no room for him. Enjoy!]

If we want to crack the brains, we’d need a crack team; real change comes only with great vision.

It seems that Xiaxue is pissed off… http://xiaxue.blogspot.com/2011/08/so-you-want-this.html I am not sure why so many people are seeking ‘fame’ by being reckless, such things are uncalled for, and I suppose we have no short of crazy people around. As for me, as long as you don’t move my contents out of this blog without my consent…

I can’t be bothered if you like me or dislike me. My problem?

I can’t be bothered about those accusations as well. Those people are toads in a well, and you can’t be too bothered about their ‘judgements’. One even said I am TT Durai when EDMW assholes made the offence, something is definitely wrong with this SPH owned forum. No standard at all. And I was reading their hoo-haas on ‘MissUmuch’  and I am not sure why she is talking about support… Internet has become pretty crazy these days. Alot of opposition ‘workers’ are online influencing people against the PAP. For me, I personally find PAP’s future a hopeless one based on its political human resource.

So I am exploring the opposition parties… But in these days, not with the incumbent doesn’t mean you are just ‘oppositions’. When the incumbent is not doing a good job, you have to work with the government from the outside and it is ‘another type of opposition’ that is within the goodwill; it is not party politics, it is just that you can’t agree with the craziness of the government and seek to change things for the better. It will still be power fight, but we set the grounds on governance and not who has the biggest punch or hatchet. To be honest, I personally find the curses and radicals not healthy… and that is one type of opposition.

In truth, it is impossible to believe PAP can change internally, and it is more likely that PAP will become the opposition soon enough. Obviously, if there should be opposition within PAP, it is not working.

Scope may be joining one of the parties… as a moderate. I don’t support opposing for the sake of opposing.

My thinking has always been very clear-cut, I want a team that can work, can handle policies, can govern…

If BG Chan‘s leadership means raising questions for the public… then my type of leadership would be dissolving his questions. If he wants answers and I can provide, I might as well take over power. He is dangerously resembling another ivy league joker called Mah Bow Tan. The fall of PAP is imminent. I still can’t believe in that crucial election, PM fielded such talents.

I’d date Nicole Seah for the purpose… not that I want to join NSP, but I do see something much more in her. I have also explained my stance to the old man. Actually, I know the old man knows the problems of PAP better than he sounded. Singapore’s condition and contingencies won’t wait. PAP will take forever to erect itself.

As for the presidential election, I’d be supporting Tony Tan despite the noises and the massive anti-PAP situation online. Given the situation, if there is a 4-corners fight and oppositions have at least 39.9%, Tan Jee Say may end up the president depending on how much oppositions’ support is diluted by Tan Kin Lian. Tan Cheng Bock will mainly dilute Tony Tan’s PAP votes, so this should be a fierce fight and one that PAP will take as a bearing to the next general election.

Politics… Argh~ Scope is not good in politics one… That’s all, and let’s talk about something else.

♥♥♥   ♥♥♥

[I like the style of the men in ‘Boss II’, pretty cool. It seems that I’d have a chat with Yaw; I may join him at WP if deemed so appropriate. Well… Maybe it’s time. OMG~ Yaw doesn’t want to chat. LOL~ So be it.]
I see… ‘Boss II’ is already in local market. I didn’t grab ‘Boss’ when I could at S$7.90, what a waste. Actually the cost per DVD is really very cheap… So I’d wait for a promotion or… watch it online or buy at Johor Bahru.

I am recently very tensed… I am worried for Hilary. But I must confess… there is nothing that I can do for her. I know what is coming for her… but I can’t persuade her to leave Beijing and settle elsewhere. I am still checking my cards hoping I can end up doing something for her.

I gave Cat a slap recently and she jumped on me violently. After all those years, she has reached the limits.

I am applying for a bank job. I don’t know the outcome… I can’t be bothered about the outcome. I am thinking of restarting my life and finding a new chick. But frankly, I don’t like to interact with Singaporeans, and they are not the usual crowd I was with. They are just small people in 24hrs routines… Their mindsets are dead, otherwise crooked. And Singaporeans are well-known ‘hornets’ who are judgemental with no basis of culture. Pretty hilarious, pretty sad.


So… Carina Lau had also been fucked by Edison Chen. I don’t really blame Carina for her lust, and she lives a woman but… that’s only because I am not Tony Leong. Divorce is not easy… even if you know the laws to do it yourself paying nothing, the emotional challenges will be tough, especially of a companionship for so many years… it’s something like suddenly the need to remove a cancer by force. I can understand. But marriage can be dissolved, love can still hang around, so maturely speaking, I am not sad for the couple. They still would have a relationship if they choose to.

If Carina can be fucked by Edison without marriage, she can be fucked by Tony outside marriage. It’s still the pleasure, the man is still around, the love is still there, only the papers ain’t.

Cecilia is also divorced, so is Christy, I heard…

“Do you want to fuck?” That was the ‘challenge’ Edison had for girls and women.


Quality sex is hard to come by and how many years does a girl have before she misses everything lust can offer?

For me… I am more and more finding it hard not to see girls as pure cunts. There is no reason to see girls as girls, there is hardly any love to explore for.

Women are crazy. At least most women are.

Finding a job… mingle with those tiny Singaporeans who have never really seen the world… Am I still able to stoop so low when my usual associates were army generals, senators, ambassadors, high profile agencies, ministers and envoys… the topics we chatted were definitely not about  making money, and err… what PAP and bla bla bla. PAP is nothing in the bigger world, not even as rich as Libya or as powerful as Iran in the middle-east, nor more exciting than USA’s congress. I used to examine the armed forces in China… now I have to subject myself to a bunch of funny thinking natives… It is going to be very hard to fit in.

But choosing to come back and getting myself stuck in private matters for the few years…

Serve you right for coming back, Scope.

Outside of Singapore, nobody cares about Singapore. People think Lee Hsien Loong is just a boy scout… nobody gives a dame to Lee Kuan Yew, and nobody cares about Singapore’s crazy mentality and attitude when we are enjoying the violence in middle east and eastern oceans. Singaporeans are crazy… boring, minute and defensive. The government is unrealistic, average, hopeless and like to waste money. People don’t understand why Singapore’s overseas ventures usually ended up in huge losses or humongous scandals. Why? Because nobody really think much even about NUS… very few at the top even knows NUS exists. Singapore is really a small dot unless it strives hard to glow again.

So that’s the point about politics. Look at temasekreview on facebook… An Erik Seeto said we can start a beautiful friendship when I am honestly expressing my displeasure with the government’s reckless ways; but we can always be good friends IF and ONLY IF they stop being radicals and such. They have to realise half my life are exposures to serious people and serious issues. I don’t come to what politico-socio facebook page to just dump shits and arrow the government. It’s ugly and I don’t want to make it uglier. The point is, if we are going to glow again and make people look at Singapore seriously, we have to work… real work real work. Work the real work really.

We can’t have sotongs such as BG Chan, and people who wanted to rally behind PBM Jackass Neo or that silly Lui Tuck Yew… plus a clueless ‘Cow‘, technically ignorant ‘Vivian‘, and now Gan Kim Yong is basically aiming to try the impossible… when he has not the calibre. That’s why I have to join an opposition party… not to oppose, but the route to anywhere is blockaded at PAP, and only junks climbed to positions. It also explains why I can’t click with most Singaporeans, and I find Andy Ong downright disgusting. I am not even sure if the word ‘cronies’ ain’t fitting in for the Singaporean scenario.

So you think Malaysian politics is bad enough…

That’s why I don’t like to dive into local politics in this blog. Besides, this blog doesn’t deal with politics but entertainment. Though, I am really short of what to blog about.

It’s the same that I don’t hate Lee Kuan Yew though he definitely could have done much better. There is NO USE to curse Lee Kuan Yew, and no use to just attack attack attack… like a bunch of blind die-hard hornets. The only way is to work really then we can change Singapore for the better. Else, no use. It’s wasting so much energy to fight people when you have no awareness to fight the condemnations. It’s like expecting me to waste time bothered about online craps… when I’d rather just give Nicole Seah a visit…

My ambition… is to do what Lee Kuan Yew should have done but have not done. And this cannot be possible without a right ‘orchestra’. You want music or noises?

Something entertaining nonetheless at those socio-politico sites…

[I don’t really care what the 99% think… I am who I am, and I like myself. Am I handsome? Where? When have I said I am handsome??? This pic says it all… I can’t be bothered. LOL~]
I never said I am handsome… where? When did I say I am handsome? And a Pan Roger joker claimed to me that he is more handsome when… I don’t think he is even considered handsome. Well… it is a very strange thing in Singapore because… how they judge beauties is very… strange. At times when I read the papers with the mention of this who-ah-who was pretty, I got a shock. Then when I looked at the candidates for hunks and babes…

OMG~ When will Singapore ever make it a Ms Universe? And the ‘hunks’ are mostly just about muscles… I’d bet my father will win those ‘hunks’ hands down if he got the muscles. The local thinking is ridiculous… doing CGPs is a healthy hobby, not really attention seeking. But just as Dee Kosh Vs Xiaxue… my problem? I don’t need 56,423 likes for myself. Impressive figures… fuck use? I don’t even have Nuffang or Adsense? So why should I need that many hits?

For fuck?

I just enjoy fooling around. LOL~

And why should I close my blog or set it private because of some childish online nuisance? I am not Khaw Chun Ting. I don’t care about those silly socio norms… or anything silly. As such I am similar to Xiaxue, saved that I don’t need the hits, nor do I crave for fame. If I were to be famous… I want it to be (eg) I shot a great movie, people can be proud of me. That’s the fame I’d want. I am more decent than those weirdos online.

♥♥♥   ♥♥♥

[I am definitely thinking of Kate but… I am definitely happy that I have kept myself from her so far. Let’s do it… forever. Less the time I am leaving Singapore… I hope she is doing well. Fate… I hope next life, she’d wait for me.]
I just took a peep at Kate‘s old photos… Gosh… she is now so old… … I could see the contrast, that… silly girl now ended up an havoc. I felt sad. Yes. She is no longer young, she has never been a beauty, at least in relative to the girls I have met in my life, but… I just fell for her. Strange. Beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder. Love really has no reason… Now that she has married… she is looking worse. Knowing too much is not exactly a nice thing, especially when the timing is all wrong. It’s just fate. Maybe it is the memory… But she is lost, forever.

I don’t mind a divorced woman, but I’d mind her. Hilary is a divorced babe… I am beginning to hate all these… even to find Kate at times disgusting. Well… she humiliates me big times with her choice.

She is the worst of choices for love. But I think I am getting out of the blues… After all, I am Scope… I am never really short of women. Cat is also a bad choice… Maybe I owe them from the previous life… …

I guess there is someone for you no matter how you look. She married an ugly bui bui, I am fond of her and she is not a babe, so if you think you are fat and ugly and you are hopeless… You are not. There will still be girls whose standards are pretty low and will enjoy sleeping with you forever. This is the truth. I experienced that, I have seen that in Singapore too often. There is no such thing as forever alone. The problem is, are you really a good guy.

I usually go after good looking ladies only because deep inside, I know the most fundamental thing is… if I want a genetically superior offspring, I can’t fuck an ugly bitch… I don’t want to sabo my children. I don’t want them to grow up to be like those in EDMW, always bothered about being bui bui or ugly or lusting after AV stars and going bonkers over fucking girls, or like Xiaxue or Dawn Yang going around doing facial distortions. I want my children to have beautiful moms, grow up heartbreakers… and have a life each with their natural instincts.#1

Besides… I really can’t wake up next day to open my eyes to stare at a bui bui undesireable girl… and to do that for the rest of my life.

Actually ugly girls may also find handsome guys. It’s all fated. Of course you can choose not to accept the fated partner if you feel insecured. But the point is, all men’s dicks function similarly… If you have no confidence because you are ugly, just know that the babe will also grow old and ugly, and even if she is an immortal, there is no excitment fucking the same woman again and again and again. So insecurity should not be an issue when an ugly girl is finding a partner, love is. There are many types of guys… Guys who will love you, guys who will not. Just because you got a guy doesn’t mean anything either.

Alot of people asked about Kate… she is really only an average#2. There is no need to know who she is. And I don’t even know why I fell for her.

The whole point is, beauty is really in the eyes of the beholder. And fate will decide who you will be fucked by. Kate is a very good example. If I show you the pic of her immature-looking bui bui husband, you’d get a shock. But I have noted too many people online being too bothered about such things…

“I dream of a prince…”

Dream only lah~ You never know who God has in mind for you. You’d never know if your prince really is handsome or another bui bui unless you move out and check things out. Well, look at Irene Kang… She should be pretty when she was young… She married a bui bui jackass… from a church, a fake christian who went around fucking other people’s daughters. LOL~ Love is very personal, there is no such thing as THB said… some women stayed for the money… or sex. This is not relationship. If you are an ugly woman, there is NO certainty in who you’d meet. Don’t trust social norms. It’s a set of bullshits.

Xiaxue is real smart when it comes to choosing a mate. Xiaxue was fugly, we all know that… but she somewhat… has that confidence and married a handsome pale face.

Fate, my dear… There will always be someone for you. So don’t give up, and don’t feel frustrated. Fight for your happiness… sulking in one corner goes nowhere.

I hope those fat bitches out there who think it is the end of the world thinks this is the beginning of paradise. Courtesy from Scope.

Who never got heartbroken? Chey~ Big deal.

#1 People spent huge sums cum the agony to get new faces… it can be as easy as fucking the right women to save this money altogether for your children. LOL~

#2 And she doesn’t know much about making up… But I just love her. Why?