Sometimes I’d wake up very early, then… I have to prepare for another bo liao cycle… …
Washing the face is merely about getting your face soaked. You check got any pimples or wrinkles… Then after there is moisture, you want to go out. So you go out lah~
Dong dong dong dong dong… the lift will take you anywhere… if only it will take you anywhere. Nobody in lift this hour~ Nobody nobody but me.
Then you read the stupid newspapers for stupid things happening in this stupid world. Otherwise you go online and read what the jokers have to say.
Since only about 6am… no shops were opened. I sat at the empty pool and stared into the skies at the stars and wondered what to do next? OMG~ I am bored.
I like the feel of water. I can drench myself in water for a long time. I like the seas. I like fresh air. OK, I like babes too~ But nowadays, babes’ brains all filled with stupid cash… the filthy root of all evil. LOL~ Playing with water won’t hurt, playing girls can be very tiring. Later must walk back to change the shorts again.
Art is a play-thing, I simply love this feel… We just celebrated Blow-Kiss-Baby’s birthday. The entire room was flooding with balloons. All work no play is bad news… I felt too sianz to burst those balloons. Next month, seems like Sis’s baby girl’s birthday is coming as well… More balloons!
Here starts another day… only one day and the moustache is visible already. I usually shave every few days.
Let’s smile and prepare for another day of life…

I am recently reading the ‘opportunities’ at the Classified… Bloody hell~ Compared to China’s ‘opportunities’, Classified is really boring and relatively very limited.

♣♣♣   ♣♣♣

Blow-Kiss-Baby just celebrated his birthday, and I am glad Lynn and Jeanie could make it and I heard it was Fiona who bought the cake. Very nice little girls who took so much pain to join us late at night till very late at night after their work. Wen’s birthday is coming like in a month’s time…

I went to watch ‘Captain America’. Nice show… but it has not been shot to its maximum potential. The feel is… something is somewhat lacking, and it is the element of excitment and probably Steve Rogers’ incomplete love story is making everything hanging mid-air… Well, Captain America does wake up some 70 years later but that woman with an incredible breast-size would have to be about 90+ yo woman by then if she were to be still around. And… I just can’t imagine how slack will those huge boobs become.

OMG~ Those boobs are sensational~ Too huge!!!

Harley Atwell can breath with those melons hanging like that?!

It is a fine movie. Given the big name of Captain America, I have never really known him till this movie. And I am seriously disappointed that other than being another muscle man, he can’t resist bullets the way Hulk and Superman can. All he can do is to jump slightly higher, run slightly faster… I mean, he couldn’t even catch up with an old taxi in the 40s so how fast can he be? But the good news is, unlike Hulk or Superman, he can’t age. After 70 years of sleeping, he may not be able to catch up with the new version of taxi, but he never ages.

I presume that the real power of such a serum is to create immortals… not soldiers. LOL~

Given the way this movie is made… I suspect they have already planned for ‘Captain America II- Loving An Old Lady’. At least Steve said he still got a date… But the date is already that old, and Captain America is so power… Have people ever imagined how the hell Superman can make love to a human journalist to produce Superman Jnr? Imagine the thrust… the power, the speed, and then… those semen shot by Superman into her will be somewhat like plasma shots hence blowing up Lois Lane’s womb! Although Captain America is not as power as Superman… But if he manages to grab that huge-boob aged Peggy Carter, Agent Peggy is going to be broken up during sex.

And imagine the boobs of Lois Lane and Peggy Carter grabbed by some of the strongest hands during orgasm… Super gross~

So the moral of the story… Girls should not go for super heroes… LOL~

“Pick someone your own size~”

Know why super heroes such as Superman will forever be a myth? Because there is simply no scientific backing that Lois Lane can accept penetrations at the speed of light, and there is no way Superman can shoot anything into Lois without really penetrating her body the hard way ie. Try inserting a woman with a shotgun and banging off~

So I am just glad I am a normal guy. LOL~