[While the online losers whined for all I care… I went for lunch. The point about engaging the cyber-weirdos is… they are NOT mature lah~ So fuck care their whines, it’s still man-style here. I am still the man, and I am a fucker. Well… I am made to feed, to sleep, to play… and to fuck. What am I? I am a decent man.]

I don’t care what the world says… when I only care about you.

Maia Lee made it to the news again for wanting to remove her tattoos, but months ago the news was out and…  http://www.divaasia.com/media_photo/12520. I managed to read Maia’s most current entry  http://starblog.stomp.com.sg/post.php?blogid=1809. The tattoos are still there and what I noted is she has moved to writing for SPH… That was my dream job when I was younger. How could she have passed the system? Simple. Connection, must be. After all, the journalist world in Singapore is now a dilapidated world of funny weirdos, and standard much lower than the North’s but taking a much stable pay. If decency must apply, I don’t know how to… for such a situation.

If she is hoping to remove those tattoos merely to source for a decent man, I can say ‘forget it’. I am saying this from a decent man’s viewpoint, because a mature decent man loves the woman and that includes the tattoos, and no decent man will bear to see the woman he so loves to bear the unnecessary pain of such removal. Which is, Maia’s talk shows she is not decently mature yet. A decent man is a mature man, Maia. Simple. The man who’d love you beyond the social stigma will be the man. The man who cannot loves you merely due to the tattoos… decently speaking, how far can he go to love you when you age?

Is this love?

What is unacceptable of Maia is hence… she is not ready for a decent man due to her mentality and attitude. She is still very much superficial. She had her fun. She used to be good. She chose… and a woman’s choice can be very ridiculous. Thank god she is not my One. Though Kate’s situation isn’t really better. Kate might not have tattoos… but she flung on the attitude and mentality side as well. And Kate’s aging means she doesn’t have much to flaunt about… as compared to Maia’s beauty.

Maia’s unstable, but her personality and beauty would be a sexy choice of a mate. But to a decent man… she fails. As a mother of two, she needs to grow up still.

For Scope… Scope is a decent man, but he is out to hunt for love. Though sexually powerful, he won’t be the type for THB. THB needs sex in her relationship, Scope needs love. That’s why it won’t work. Maia wants a decent man to settle down, but Scope needs love. It won’t work either. I need someone mature… not meaning she must be married or old… So Maia may have her desire, but she will unlikely to get it. I also have my desire… but true love is near impossible to find as well… it needs maturity… culture… I can fuck THB everyday till she is so exhausted and sore, but that is not the point. All relationship must be based on true love.

That’s why Cat failed seriously too. Hilary also didn’t make it.

Without true love… women are only about cunts… …

[If people really want to know… That’s how I think and how I react to ‘flammings’. You expect better reaction and more efforts towards something so silly? People won’t stop the world from rotatation… what makes me care about their childish ways when I got a life to enjoy? Entertain me, Singaporeans… … be as ugly as you can, and I’d laugh and laugh and laugh~ Then the time shalt come when I’d migrate from this well of toads… as if I really care. LOL~ Look at me, do I look like the type of guy who can be bothered… … with alot of nosense? ^.^]
While I wish Maia the best since her wish is decent… but she is most unrealistic. Yes. A decent man will embrace her tattoos… her children and her past… but she is not ready yet. Yeah, I know there are many looking decent but horribly disgusting folks out there… Maia, she has to search for her One. And whatever she has done have hurted the One bad enough to be losing him. The more he is the One the more it hurts. So her quest will not be easy, lest she is grabbing another decent looking man for the ‘job’.

Assuming Kate turns 60yo… maybe her husband left her… then we met again. I will still love her no matter what would have happened, but I cannot be with her. Because I am not a spare tyre. There is no honor, and love is an honor. The purpose of Maia’s beauty had been to locate the One given the test of all the other love interests… She wasn’t making her job easy. Imagine her One having to be reminded again and again of her past with the two kids… He’d accept the kids… but the thorn in the heart won’t be easy to deal with.

Because the One isn’t the spare tyre. Maia must be aware of this before she gets a third kid… Gosh… each kid has three fathers at least… … Amazing.

But her choice now is also more simplified. Other women don’t understand the role of the One… Maia should by now. She has to seek him out, because only he will be empowered to embrace Maia. But she will have to justify her worth for God’s ultimate card for her. Do not settle down for the sake of settling down… If you don’t seek true love… since it is a matter of two, he will suffer as well.

If Maia ever reads this and she laughs at this… She is finished. LOL~

♥♥♥   ♥♥♥

[I have nothing much to say than… I like the feel of this. After which, I have to rush off for chalet at a country club. I am not really sure I should feel this way cos… secret. But a smile is better than a frown. Just watch ‘Hanna’ yesterday. Well… it could have been done better. I feel a ‘hole’ in the plot… to be made more exciting. And I need my libido back…]

It is not simple for Singaporeans to embrace true love without a solid basis of culture. Poor women… poor me. Men as myself cannot accept anything else but true love. It’s not just the immature morons in EDMW… I find Singaporeans basically weird when it comes to relationships. So divorce is very common, Jackass Neo and Irene’s persistent union is also very common. Gosh, I can’t accept a loveless life with a nagging zombie.

I suddenly find myself losing libido… having no interest in women.

Though recently, unexpectedly so… my sexual function was still operating normally, and pretty powerful still despite feeling empty. Maybe I am just feeling lacklustre about things…

I just finished another Japanese drama series ‘Boss‘… Initially I read the story… “OMG~ Fucking police tales again…”.  So I never bothered… till I watched it proper. This is an amazingly well-done piece of work, got style got great aces onboard and the flow was done neat enough. ‘Boss II‘ seems to be out in Japan, so I’d be all eyes for it. Good job. Amami Yuki was really a beauty… it wasn’t just her face… something about her just feel so right. Maybe it is just the mature feel in her… something that wasn’t so Maia-ic. I am drawn to such elegant women… So~

Watching Japanese drama series almost always make me remember how pathetic Mediacorpse is… and Singapore is letting those foreigners to insult Lee Kuan Yew by being the one to produce what ‘1965’… After all those money and time and opportunities given… (eg) to auntie Zoy Tay, and after Lee Kuan Yew’s best efforts… this is the standard of daft Singaporeans… What a big bunch of carrots in this well~ Pathetic.

So many talents are wasted and rotting in Singapore… I just no have eyes to see. Lee Kuan Yew has failed lah… if this movie really were to be produced, it’s just his personal humiliation. Sad for him. Sad for Singaporeans too. Singapore has no pride, so be a good ‘carrot’. Didn’t Singaporeans become good ‘carrots’ when Jackass Neo was raping Singaporeans for the money with his junks and junk crew? What a load of daft ugly souls… rallying behind the smelly asshole of a jackal. LOL~

It’d take Scope in politics to change this silly and ugly society… …

I am personally not very happy with things happening in Singapore. This place is a junkyard… …

There seems to be a blogger contest in Singapore. I am reading it from Alvinology and guess I’d never be around such an havoc bunch of souls. I prefer to be alone and I prefer serenity, not to mention I find Singaporeans weird… Perhaps I have been exposed to outside life too much. It usually took me months to adjust back to the lousy environment in Singapore whenever I returned to Singapore. Many things just don’t make sense. Guess I should have stayed out and I’d lead a fulfilling life out there.

If I ever leave again, I’d make sure I’d not return. There is basically virtually nothing to do in Singapore!

And there is so much nosense I have to encounter coming back.

So give me a decent god damned reason why I should be coming back… …

I have seen Kate, I have given Cat a chance, and I know my parents will never change… if I leave again, I really see no reason to be back. This can is full of gabbage, worms and… you expect me to read nosense from the papers and be ‘entertained’ by a mediacorpse that is totally not entertaining and will be like this forever! I should be the CEO of the local productions~ or I might as well go swim in the coming flood for branded stuffs floating in Tanglin Mall… Life in Singapore is getting more and more ridiculous. It’s not just those scumbags in EDMW… it’s just so Singapore!

And this is meritocracy. Kiss my ass~

[Amami Yuki has made her way into Scope’s sacred playground~ She is attractive in a way, someone I’d call a beauty and not just a babe. I especially like the way she carries herself… Fucking elegant. And she is 40++… She is the sort of beauty worth fighting for. LOL~ I am looking forward to ‘Boss 2’. Hopefully, they have done a great job.]
My desire will come true… I have been preparing all my life for such a day when I can be a proud ‘quitter’ and away from this island of nosense. China used to be a good place… but now it isn’t. The move into Europe will take good efforts… I should have stayed in China, gotten a great career, then moved to Europe rather than wasting time entertaining the nosense in Singapore. But I would not be able to see Kate again. Well… if that’s the price to see her again, I might as well suffer for a while, and leave when parents ain’t around… My business in Singapore is done. I don’t see myself belonging here. This place doesn’t need a talent… this place needs shits. The only way I can stop complaining about the low shitty standard (eg) of local productions is to stop being exposed to them. Simple, right?

I should be the one to sue ERC and not Andy Ong to threaten to sue me when I just landed back in Singapore. What nosense is this?

This whole place is upside down! I don’t even trust the local legal profession. And CASE is a virtual doll. It won’t stop all those nosense at Sim Lim as well.

Where do I fit in in Singapore? Unless I enter politics and change everything… … then Lee Kuan Yew will think I am trying to steal his jar of sweets… …

This is one decent desire to leave.

I deserve a better woman than Kate… I deserve a better environment in a town somewhere in Europe… I feel the urge, I got the dream at night… Local women are failures, I am not going to marry some zombies and face them every morning so un-romantically speaking… and kiss a dead robot and dry up my passion in love for some nagging old chicken who can’t even cook properly… Why? Why must I waste my life on local women? I find local women pretty sick. They can’t think. They are toads in the well. And they infested Singapore! They multiply their sick mentality and attitude… …

And… I am stuck in this can of worms.

Yeah, I don’t belong here. But I can’t ask my parents to die… they are more important than those sickos out there. Though as Singaporeans… they also can’t think. If they can think, they would have migrated and been enjoying life out there as landlords. Of late I couldn’t even feel like moving out… I hate those casinos… They are destroying so many daft Singaporeans’ lives in the name of providing no real good jobs in bulk… many of those juicy jobs are done by foreigners, and Singaporeans are conned big times again… I heard the PM is taking responsibility for the casinos… What can he do?

He can do nothing… as per usual. Big talk only…

This is meritocracy… Ha Ha Ha~

Get real… and flood yourself with common sense, baby~