[The big boy in a tiny pond called EDMW… Well, it’s my style, my way, my life… and I am happy with how I look. That’s why I am a man. You’d either like this man or go the childish way. I don’t see why I need to explain anything to anybody in a nobody’s forum when I cared less to do so in a much larger environment in China. That’s my personality. I bochap the imps… anytime.]

I’d never find another lover… better than me, better than meeeeeee….

The house rules have been very simple and long stated in this site with regards to the movements and usages of the contents and the nature of the contents. Only I myself have the authority to handle them beyond this site. People can feel free to mudsling in this site without even bothering the scissors here. However, SPH owned EDMW forum probably disregards its own Section 4 for the terms and condition in terms of 3rd party content usage… Amazing especially for a professional group in Singapore’s media industry, they have no respect to materials handling. Data collected and computed over the 48 hours have yielded true strength of the forum to be around 500~1000 with a total hits of about 3000… a figure matching with initial hypothesis and surprisingly small as the government is seemingly much concerned about forum activities since the last election.

If this is the number enough to change a policy… It’d be grossly inaccurate a representation of the public sentiment. An estimated 80~90% support for the opposition done with a sample group in EDMW is against the 60% support for the incumbent in real life electoral battle. Moderation capability for an SPH owned forum is rated ‘low’. In fact, WordPress’ support team has the highest ranking so far… The rest of the job would be to investigate channels for possible events, and submitting IPs for tabulation and tracing at HQ. It’d match the IP per blogger’s database thereby digging out the real blogging network.

Research is wrapped up within the time frame within the expected course of function for a Singaporean forum. But EDMW size is much bigger than the other forums investigated so far. It used to be about the size of Ping.sg at its peak. Ratio of influence per household of Singapore is neligible.

Psychological barrier was successfully erected and secondary objectives covered. This forum is an extreme bad influence, a social nuisance… and owned by SPH, which is the significance. Prior records have been registered and shall have no need to be repeated. In comparison, the social reach of EDMW is similar to that of Singapore Bridal Forums and clone forums.  

I have seeded and tested the forum and concluded that (eg) Khaw Chun Ting’s incident is normal within the havoc, and the immature ‘netizens’ are results of a prolonged culture-deprived environment, and changing the government is useless in elevating the status of Singapore in this decline mode.

Ridiculous populace. LOL~

Attention now is directed to (eg) facebook environment such as Temasekreview where identifiable participations may disrupt initial hypothesis and other readings.

[This is apparently not Tony Leung. But I find this theme intriguing at this point of time… So, I made it available.]
Despite the mockeries, disregarding the flammings occured, there is no deviations on my side.  Scope will function as per usual. As if he cares anyway… This is the usual issue arises in a sub-branch called ‘Cyber Bullying’, or simply harrassment or forum nuisance where the ‘criticisms’ are merely zero credibility product of a nosensical agenda. Typical reaction to such display of immaturity is simply to ignore. Channels are explored and exploited only to guard the integrity of the rules and reserving the rights for later events.

In real… while making fun of Scope’s look, Scope is interested in how those people really look like as well. From past data based on the outing profiles and other profiles, female populace does generally seem presentable but male populace… is seemingly not so presentable. Such critical comparisons by participants of EDMW on Scope’s look is of course taken as non-events. LOL~ It is discovered that many of the participants displayed type 3 personality disorder… possibly due to the environment for the past decades where culture and materialism corroded the previous copies of normal personalities and conducts. And this troublemaking group is actually the dominant group in moderation and forum participation.

Highly worrying. Parents are advised to cut acess to the forum for their children.

♠   ♠

[I simply love the feel of this shot… with the white white white background… It’s so bloody holy. Fine. It’s a lazy take again. But at least I am trying something new again as well.]
I am not Khaw Chun Ting, I don’t lock the blog because of such minor havoc. Handling with publicity had been a ‘job’, so it has been nothing really of such minor disturbances. While it is disgusting for them to have forced a little girl to lock up her blog, this is also very much an headache: http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/singaporescene/singaporeans-dying-away-home-134247626.html. Her father literally yaya-ed away 5 precious years when he should have done something about this… I know of many who can’t even handle the children’s expenses… how are they to handle the parents’?

And many ministers are now struggling to stay afloat by appearing as less incompetent as possible… The government’s religious faith in ABCDs or so-called academic performance to raise an army of real trolls is now under severe challenges… because the one in position of the PM is practically facing the onslaught… helplessly. And the people are eager to tear him off from his throne since he is an utter useless chap when contingencies are smacking Singaporeans’ lives. For me, I am only bothered about SW CDC’s performance…

How is this PM going to remove all the rots his father and his predecessor have done him into… It’s like asking Minister Khaw to jump into what Mah Bow Tan has dug nicely for him and survive. There is a way to do it… but why should I do anything? I will not be rewarded since by Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s way… only the ABCDs will get the resources.

Politics… It is more than democracy… It is about the people in real. And passion is nothing as compared to a huge rojak of problems and you have no capabilities to deal with them. So what the incumbent is torn down by the oppositions? Low Thia Khiang’s WP is calling for de-privatisation of transport… and probably education and health care and even MediaCORPSE, is that so simple? I find it extremely insulting to have foreigners doing ‘1965’ to celebrate Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s good job… when after his best efforts, Singaporeans are like shits… and the job needs to be done by those bloodsuckers…

But Mr Lee is right, he did say Singaporeans are daft. And they are… In order to encourage the smarter race to produce more… I urge universities’ placements to be denied from the ministers, civil servants and the foolish Singaporeans but to myself… What is the point of Khaw’s daughter taking a degree when I don’t think she’d have a clue to balance up her father’s current equation. And what is the point of having Mr Khaw assigned to housing woes… PM should just sack him right away and save taxpayers’ time.

I am not attacking Minister Khaw. He should know he is as stuck as Dr Vivian. And Dr Vivian is as stuck as Mr Gan Kim Yong. Somehow… I kind of want to support Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s policy that fools’ children should enjoy lower chance of university placements… We are just wasting good time with yet another generation of fools.


The coming elections will be a good time…

I come to realise a ‘Adelhette’ in EDMW has a soft spot for Glenda Han. I can’t even acertain if Adel is a guy in real… or if she is Glenda Han herself. If that was Glenda Han, her brain must be screw loose somehow… LOL~ But ‘she’ was fun. Her work hours… seem to be coherent to Glenda’s pub business. But all guesses only. Oppositions have been hoping to use the internet… it’s free and everyone is using it now… except that…

It doesn’t matter really to most people when it comes to politics online. What matter to people is still how the PAP performed, how their lives are stucked, and how to get rid of something huge and useless… at what timing.

Internet is basically helping to make PAP’s underperformance spreading faster to the ears… and eyes. But what about oppositions’ capabilities?

All whines, nothing concrete.

I am a moderate, anyway. The type those parties should supposedly be wooing… … I’d enjoy being pampered… Glenda can give me a kiss if she so loves to, before she hits 40yo.

And Kate… sigh…

Whatever it is, I don’t want her in this fray. She’s crazy… she shouldn’t be in something so serious. Whenever I saw those two names at Temasekreview’s facebook… I just feel like… “OMG~ stay out, baby…”

This era is now somewhat one of intense fighting for power. And it’s a man’s job. Fine, Glenda is gorgeous when she last made her speeches… touching her hair in sexy fashion. But politics is not about a woman’s cunt…  And I don’t want to see Kate’s nails around.

What if Adelhette is Kate…?

Possible… …

What if only… as long as she doesn’t get into my way… it’d be alright.

I only have this much time to settle some backyard issues…