[Since Scope is politically clueless, it took me some time to check out and did this CGP. I fuck care you like it or not… It’s the designer sovenir to remember this GE where history is made… Nay~ Not Aljunid GRC’s loss, it’s the fucking babes! LOL~ Xiaxue’s all interested in balding BG Yeo and perhaps his pet Jackass… Me’s only interested in the babes. LOL~ No offence to ANY parties, and no indication of Scope’s political inclination… if any at all, it’s easily guessed… Babe babes babes! LOL~ Top from left: Tin Pei Ling (fucked), Khaw Chun Ting (Theoretically poked), Tay Peng Hui (Fucker), Yam Ah Mee (Android), Foo Mee Har (Fucked); Bottom From left: Angela Oon (Never checked status), Ryoko Hirosue (Fucked), Scope (Fucker), Glenda Han Su Mei (Theoretically poked), Nicole Seah (Possibly Virgin). I decided to use old profile pics for including myself. And there should be one more CGP coming on this theme… Sleezy or sexy… just wait and see. LOL~ For best effect, click to enlarge. I’m setting this as my wallpaper to stare at the babes for a while… Kekeke~]

Fate doesn’t give much choices… yet mortals are defined by their choices… Fuck you~ hard and sore!

Finally, the fuck election is over.

Just read Jesseca Liu’s blog. Haiz… nothing new. Seems like none of the babes entered Parliament, suddenly no shiok in politics. I have no inspiration to blog about anything, and no mood to take pictures. Life goes on as the politicians talked cock and made all the empty promises and here starts another 5 years term. I don’t see much to celebrate as I read about Xiaxue cum Qiuting’s craziness over a balding man… Church fanatics people… Reminds me about Kate… My love for her brings nothing but pain and humiliations and… I am feeling great feeling-less now.

Some people want to know how Kate looks like… LOL~

Fine, here goes: https://scopettg.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/gospels.jpg This is about how she looks like; Since we are made a pair, there is a certain resemblance. Use your imagination~ No more asking stupid questions.

I am applying the brake on this madness.#1

Instead of a red hot burning love, I suppose if we’d meet again… she’s in for a red hot burning slap.

She’s married for 9 years, pregnant, and still doesn’t understand true love nor how to handle me… what else but a sizzling slap?

Since I am not taking over from Dad… I am… taking a break overseas#2. I don’t expect a decent career from SW-CDC… but let’s see how they perform… after election. LOL~ To be honest, I dreaded it thinking of working for a Singaporean office. Local employers are rated among the worst sort of critters in the world no thanks to the cultural desert. But with parents around… leaving is not the preferable option, yet… whenever I hit the limits, I’d just fly off. When they ain’t around… Fuck care this sickening mortal world.

I did a HIV test this week. The Mt E nurse told me it’s still negative. I suppose I have to check for Hep C… perhaps I got Hep C, hence a HIV late seroconversion.

During my overseas trip, I want to do alot of things… Fuck women… fuck virgins… fuck small girls… fuck whatever.

I don’t know how long will this break be… but a break is a break.

By the way, fuck small girls overseas is considered a penalty in Singapore… Luckily, a crime with no evidence is considered non-event. LOL~ The fucking of laws…  I am bringing a whole box of condoms free from DSC clinic for the actions. Nice~ And I welcome people to read this, give me many hits, or best… spit and throw eggs at your LCDs for fuck I care about your jealousy either that you can’t fuck them or you ain’t fucked by me. You can always fuck yourselves…

I discover a Mr Aa blogger said I blog very the funny#3… and he laughed at my powderful England. Hey~ Come on, you perfectionist moron~ Write two sentences of course no England grandma problem… you tried writing  100,000 2 sentences and see how not to have expression problem? Want perfect England, go to Utopia blog lah~ My GCE English exam is A one, my A Levels English exam also A one, my blog England standard of course A one…  Seriously, I fuck care grammar errors… my pimple problem? My asshole got shit? My nose got black gold? Can’t expect me to go around hunting for small minute ikan bilis issues for this great super duper bo-liao blog that… when I blog I blog to release pressure, not to add on to workload by finding farts along the lines.

I got many expression errors, cos I no know what to say… and then you ‘shut up sit down’.

If Mr Aa read this and no like this blogger… my fucking problem? I am not into gays… LOL~ So unless she pretty girl, MAYBE I consider listening.

Recently, this blog many hits coming… many thanks to Glenda Han and Nicole Seah, because without so many dicks lusting after their cunts… I won’t notice the search results can fly higher than an erected dick… Frankly, compare to Xiaxue, her daily hits is like orgasm comes true to Scope’s in relativity. But… since Scope never bothers about orgasm for women… he doesn’t bother about hits either, so Xiaxue can go about her blogging orgasm while I simply fuck off and be done with a quick ‘shiok~’.

Election is finally over… now the big erection begins… But I still need to thank Glenda Han and Nicole Seah… because they show local men are really walking dicks… Luckily, I am not a local man… I am just an avatar. There is no need to worry about me getting a ‘reaction’ from Glenda Han or Nicole Seah (though no guarantee)… I prefer ang mohs. Local girls are too not romantic, boring… love-less.


[Calm but lurking… it used to be a remark that Scope… has a pair of predator’s eyes when he concentrates. This GE is interesting, but the real fun probably starts at the coming one. Well… more babes coming, please! LOL~ Nay~ I’m not aiming for Nicole Seah’s sexy underwear… GE2011 saw the first GRC being eaten. And who took it? I know it’s a WP… but… Whores’ Party? Wee’s Party? Whiners’ Party? Wet Panty? Wacko Party? What Party? Scope has to google for it, cos I know more about the babes for the 2011 erection than the political organisations involved. I am totally clueless about politics, so please pardon Scope.]
From hardwarezone forum of which I recently only once in a blue moon visited, they are talking about a local babe named Khaw Chun Ting. She is said to be the daughter of Mr Khaw Boon Wan, our… $8 minister of Singapore. Argh… It seems that she is the ONLY babe in the Khaw family. And she has locked up her blog because some assholes went and downloaded those pics from her blog. Scope wants to condemn this fucking childish rotting bo-liao behavior of those internet sicko pests… This is a girl’s blog hor… How can you do such a thing in such wild disgusting manner? Even though her father is that joker who preached about the rubbish $8 health care cost… and emm… not very the handsome lah… but it’s very ungentlemanly to stoop so fucking low. Please give that boliao girl some privacy.

So I no publish her wordpress blog address here…

Now the clarifications…

Chun Ting is not Scope’s type. Very simple… I also no know this Chun Ting baby. She holds two bottles of beer in a pic, I have no love for long-island-tea girls; I don’t like this sort who banged pubs, clubs and nightspots… So no need to guess about Scope’s lusting about this cunt… No way~ I can’t stand girls ‘socialising’ in pubs, taking fuck beers and… whatever. But people… girls are girls… don’t splash ALL their pictures online and mugsling them. I fuck care her father health mini-ster or what, you no want your daughters’ pictures in underwears flying around online, right?

I don’t understand Singaporeans… don’t want to bother also.

It’s very clear-cut why Scope’s search for love is ultimately challenging in Singapore. Fuck… this is a bloody cultural desert. LOL~

The maid is doing ok… I guess. So I think for a while, she should be around… helping Mom out. I don’t like maids… cos I usually do my own washing and cleaning and such… I told the maid I’d wash my own clothes… she ‘yes yes yes’ then went and washed… I sometimes think… Aiyah… young little girl, Myanmar version Zoe Tay, comes all the way to Singapore to work without holiday… but… when I told her I’d do my own water filling… she ‘yes yes yes’ and use the condemned water container to fill my personal container up, I’d feel disturbed especially when I end up no water to drink. I am very particular about water…

Never mind.

Mt E auntie told me she THOUGHT I have no cancer#4… Mom said she is as accurate as the scanning machine… So I have to trust her. Seriously, she is the best in this field, my Chinese sensei is also the best in Singapore… and Chun Ting’s panda-looking Dad even cut ribbons with him. With these two chaps around watching my health… I want to protest also cannot. Not to mention, my personal massage machine also holds a doctorate in her field. LOL~

I sometimes lament to myself that if I die, I’d die because of fuck meritocracy…

To be honest, I hate blood test… the poking I mean… Luckily, Mt E also has some of the best ‘pokers’… No pain and drew three whole fucking tubes of my precious blood… OMG~

The good thing about doing HIV test with auntie is… after one day, you get your fuck result. But I heavily also suspect I got what autoimmune fuck disease… Then Roger told me I got hypochondriac disorder. But what if I really got something?

I am thinking of going into election so that to help Mr Cow to retire. He should work harder with his aging wife for a son. How come fuck fuck fuck… all daughters??? Too bad, Scope doesn’t know anything about politics. This election shows very well… I got the chance to vote, I also don’t know how to vote properly. I looked at the contestants, no pretty faces… no interest… sianz one half… Can Nicole Seah 2016 come to my GRC to fight? Sure shiok… Too bad Glenda Han by then already 40yo auntie… After this election, think she can find a dick and get pregnant liaoz. My GRC is Ganjong Fuckgal GRC… next election maybe my minister MP so old has to campaign at Chua Chu Kang cemetery liaoz…

Nicole Seah, come to contest in my GRC… You no need to marry Scope, he doesn’t need to vote for you. LOL~

And guys… STOP searching if she virgin or not#5. Till she got poked, then you know. Besides, the poker mostly not you… What kind of question is this???

OK. Osama dead… But that doesn’t mean Scope can touch on this topic… Firstly, I am not Obama. Secondly, I am no terrorist. Thirdly, no pretty babes involved. And most importantly, respect the deceased. I think Osama can rest in peace… Ahem… if I don’t think like that, then how? I am too adorable for terrorism, too sexy for their love, too bo chap to even care… May the world be in peace, so that I can fuck in peace. If you want to shoot, do it with a dick. If you want to go crazy, love madly. If you want to blow something, go for a blowjob. If you want to be a real man, fuck women… If you want to go to Heaven, that one I cannot help you…

[I walked that evening, then OMG! Got a NSP rally nearby, and Nabei Shiok Party got one Nicole Seah baby… then I went through all the wet muddy field… scanned scanned scanned… Chey… Where the fuck got Nicole Seah? Then one friendly guard told me, she went up first, talked cock, finished, fucked off… Never mind Nicole baby… got fate we’d see each other everyday later~ LOL! It was a crowd nonetheless, as more and more were gathering. NSP eventually lost in this GRC. One good reason is, no babe is contesting… so the old tee-koh-pehs (Singlish: leacherous men) no honey no steam no voting… That’s how Scope sees the election. You see WP? So many young babes… Of course they fared better lah!]
As Low Ah Khiang won Aljunid…

Let’s go Geylang release pressures… then go to City Harvest confess to pee-shop… “Dear fucker, I just fucked a woman…”

“You shall be forgiven…”

“I fucked another women…”

“You have repented every fuck, you shall be forgiven.”

“I just fucked another woman non-stop…”

“We’d have a new branch at Geylang for you…”

I know why Worker’s Party has Ass team to take Aljunid… I think Low Ah Khiang likes the durians there… cheap cheap and taste great. Good taste, Mr Low. I also like Geylang durians. Know why BG Yeo no win Aljunid? That’s because maybe he doesn’t like makan durians. No worry, BG Yeo… When Low Ah Khiang likes eating snakes, they will go Mandai Zoo to contest with Ah Meng’s daughter. And people no know why Tin Pei Ling got elected instead of Nicole Seah? I tell you the big secret…

If I tell you, then no more secret…

Time for my bird nest… Mom better changes the menu… Everyday bird nest… …

“You always eat heaty stuff lah, must drink more…”

Yeah yeah… I’d be a happy like fuck man if one day I can stop drinking bird nest but something else. I am… developing a phobia disorder drinking a cute birdie’s home…

#1 It seems that she has grown into a condemned; we may have to war against each other in the end after all… I decided to, in a feeling-less state, go through her entire records, 100+ photos, her associates… what has she become since we last met…? What is she getting herself into? Destined woman… She now stands on the side of the devils…? History could well be repeating itself again… I can understand Henry’s poisoning of Arthur and Catherine after they married, why Henry initially refused to marry Catherine… why he flared up and banished Catherine into the void… Many people misunderstood Henry… he was the good guy, Catherine was the problem. I can fully understand why Henry would go even against Catholic faith to banish the woman he loved… and yet, refused to behead her. Catherine married without true love, consummated with Arthur and lied, Henry hence was denied a son… and he banished Catherine with his raw power… yet, he was unwilling to order her death. If this were to be our destiny… I shalt banish her again. Choice… defines a mortal. What choice do I have? She has lost her soul… and indulged in divine infidelity. She chose… evil. Reading her hubby’s records… is a major headache. What am I going to do with these two… one was the One, and one… an arch-enemy. According to history, Henry’s rise must wait… but he ended up unstoppable. Her sins are unpardonable… just as Cat’s. Did Henry really defy God when he muscled his way against Catherine of Aragon…? Catherine’s blindness in giving herself away to power and wealth… had been a problem. She’d marry anyone she deemed by her faith and the dutiful inclination without the need of true love… To be honest, checking Catherine of Aragon’s records… she didn’t know anything about love, nor… how to handle Henry. Hence, she pushed Henry into the ultimate fight she was destined to lose… not because Henry didn’t love her madly… but precisely she forced his love into the ultimate weapon against herself… by banging directly against Henry. She summoned her political prowess to defend her status… that irked Henry even further… Not aware of Henry’s divine mastery of politics… Catherine eventually lost everything when Henry went full force, so powerful was Henry that he forced his way through the might of Christianity and… removed his beloved Queen. This piece of history must be corrected… Do not fool around with your One, Kate… Kate is about wealth… Henry… is about raw power. The fight between power and wealth is always ugly… no matter who wins. Instead of wasting time fighting fate… I might have to consider preparing to fight the One… Whatever she has done… has pushed everything down the cliff. I have vowed not to hurt her… to protect her… But… no angel can protect the devils… once the soul is lost to Satan… the vows vaporized. I don’t like what I see…

#2 This holiday trip should be fun. I definitely and desperately looked forward to it… Hopefully, CDC will have the career ready when I returned to this… land of opportunities. Baaaaa~ “We’d serve you, we’d help you, we are the only one to this and that…”, after election is the best time to see ‘this and that’. LOL~ Hopefully, I have a most beautiful encounter with a babe on the trip. ^.* I can’t live without romance and affection… This is just so Scope… Any place is nice than Moscow, because you can’t rely on Russian maps to go anywhere. And I don’t like getting lost. LOL~

#3 Yeah thanks~ This is the beauty of an entertainment… during this lull. I am blogging to kill time ONLY. ‘Funny’ is the good word to describe this blog…

#4 Well… if auntie said so… then OK lah… I believe her lah… unless I die, she is still the best doctor money can buy in Singapore… so no point arguing with her. Mt E is where I go for treatments since a kid… for sprain, for my stomache and such… and for my ‘official’ ticket to be sent to the rich kids’ camp during NS. But I never really liked the other white horses… Brats… and they thought they were soooo great. Just a bunch of low-life bullies… But we had our lunchtime not in the canteen… but in fanciful restaurants, and I usually went home for my naps during office breaks in the weekends. And I never washed my own uniforms even during BMT. Never fired a shot as well… but I was a marksman, great with rifles and pistols… NS and personal hobby with firearms cannot be mixed. And when I left BMT, an officer would fetch me and drive me home. Seriously, other than those asshole officers and those bullies… NS was really more like some holiday inn… I remembered this fucker… I so sick but he always bullied me, then… I called someone and got my transfer to the rich kids’ camp. Those people are low-lifes… crazy, fuckers… and watched porn, smoked and drank when I was on duty… I hate them… if not the promise to my uncle that I’d be low profile… … (Grrrrr…) Those ‘brave’ hooligans were merely chickens… so they got stuck in that once-armor-always-fucker hellhole… and I kissed them goodbye… to be my lobo admin clerk… Exploiting loopholes for Scope was no big deal… I knew the laws since a kid. LOL~ Making use of those low IQ officers to have my way… If they didn’t oblige, I’d ‘give them ‘extras’. I remembered the sorry look of my platoon sergent… Ney ney ney boo boo…

#5 If you want my real opinion, I’d bet she’s still a virgin. LOL~ The glow on her face… on a girl’s face usually indicates she still has her virginity. So… Nice mouth, Nicole… don’t worry, I am not her fan, her mouth won’t serve a blowjob for me lah… But I like the way she chuckled… cute. Too bad, she’s just a mouth. Glenda Han is the real babe… BUT I hate smokers and drinkers… and she has to own a pub… Scope hates pubs, night clubs… So don’t worry, I’m the last person to worry about for her fans… Khaw Chun Ting also hence isn’t my type… I HATE beers…  She drinks, she like partying in those clubs… Not hard to guess which types of girls Scope is into. ^.* I think I’d have a better chance getting a decent babe for all time romance and daily kisses outside Singapore. No more Kate… She has really grown into… a class of nightmare of her own. Luckily, in my current position, I don’t need to see her to get what I need to know. LOL~ Who says money is better than power? Catherine of Aragon stands for money; Henry stands for absolute power. Perhaps that’s only because I have never the need of money… In real, I inherited Mom’s frugality. Other than food, I literally don’t like spending money on anything else. Even condoms… I’d get them free from DSC clinic, read free newspapers, wear brother’s slippers… till it is spoilt and yeah… I bought a $14.90 because I couldn’t find the $3.90 type when I needed a change… I am easily the ‘cheapest folk’ strolling at SICC and eating out at fanciful restaurants… because I like everything cheap cheap. It’s hard to find a companion like my Mom… How could my father become a millionaire in such a short time without my Mom’s support and most importantly… her frugality? Cat always blame this and that… but she doesn’t know her own problems. You got a great tree, instead of growing it bigger, you cut it for woods… and you complain now you have no good fruits. LOL~ Fuck off, Cat… Time to restart my life. I don’t really hate Cat for destroying everything… To be fair, I myself made the wrong choice. OK… that’s really because I’d end up rich anyway… and ‘wealth’ has many definitions to varied people.