[Here’s the best team for the toughest situation… Which makes things really too easy. With these 3 around, your real job is to loot behind them as they quickly cut your ‘suppliers’ down and out of business.]

If you want the best results, you must get the best to form the orchestra.

Scope got his copy of Fallout 3 from China at around S$12 with discount with all the add-ons from The Pitt to Mothership Zeta, the pirated copy would be less than $2. Fine, they have done a great job where I had honestly been cynical about the new engine. The problem is, I really think that they can expand the game further way beyond Broken Steel and even link up New Vegas with Capital Wasteland. And yeah… Mothership Zeta is loaded with horrifying and deadly bugs#1. But the trick around it is probably loading up the add-ons before you start a New game, and learn to save in different files and check constantly for the ‘new objectives’ flashing in green. Once a wrong objective happens, reload…

And keep your computer memory good.

Seriously, I’d welcome more expansions to the Fallout 3 experience, especially in increasing the variety of the random encounters, and Point Lookout can be even better than what we have now.

Assuming you are playing the game fair, you can have probably Three companions: Dogmeat, Sydney and _____.

At high level (towards lvl 20) Dogmeat is virtually invinsible as Fawke would, due to a glitch. So don’t worry about the two dying easily. They will probably need tons of Mutant Overlords blazing away with energy weapons or an army of Deathclaws to overcome them. With Broken Steel added, your S.P.E.C.I.A.L can be boosted with the perk ‘Almost Perfect’, and you can decide when you want to find your bobbleheads which will add 1 to your stats; just note that for Luck, the Lucky Eight Ball from Big Town will count as a natural +1, so remember to remove it when you add the perk for Luck.

Beginning of the game, the fight will be calibrated to your low level and you’d encounter rotting targets… with lousier weapons to loot from them.

Looking for a companion will be very handy in getting your targets shot and you staying alive to gain the experience by inflicting the target with at least 30% of damages done to your foe while your companions will deal with the rest. Frankly put, you can’t expect to survive with a Mutant Overlord toasting you with tri-beams and you try to take it down with your chinese assualt rifle… VATS or no VATS. You’d need to do 31% damage and your companions will cover the rest and you’d claim the 50 exp for its death.

Unless you are an idiot with no love for fun… you’d go and cover the original path just before ‘Take It Back’ quest to enjoy hunting around in this fucking huge safari…

3 Dec 2012, I have started a channel at Youtube with the gameplay. Enjoy!

[Here starts the epic battle against the scorpions, and Albino Scorpions are one of the toughest bastards with Broken Steel added. But how tough can it be? You got the best helpers…]

[Sydney: Blazing Sidekick] You will hence have two choices: To be Evil and got to choose Jerico at Megaton or Clover at Paradise Falls, or to be Good and choose Charon from Ninth Circle in Underworld or Paladin Cross at the Citadel. Fawkes will be available only towards the very late part of the game provided you have saved his sorry ass. You can get Dogmeat at the Scrap Yard and Sydney from the National Achives. Just remember, Sydney is very competent in dealing with petty foes, so getting exp with her special submachine gun drawing those bloods will be a ‘competition’, but Sydney will die easily whenever a car explodes nearby or you are fighting anything tougher than hardcore raiders… Sydney will not recover on her own as the rest of the companions would and need to be fed stimpaks to maintain her health.
[Basically, my real job is to be a photographer… so that leaves only two chaps on the job since Dogmeat always stay close to the player. You can see Sydney’s multiple flashes of bullet trails as she rushes in on those critters. She’s too good, so you’d have to compete with her to gain exps. She’d kill a raider in a flash~]

Dogmeat is great because you will hear it groans  as if it’s having a constipation whenever some shits are around, and that’s important before you find Sydney lost… and dead while you race across the wasteland for sightseeing. Once Sydney is dead, you need to recover her super duper weapon from her corpse, and you will lose a big ammo merchant if you finish ‘Stealing Independence’ without her. Sydney will be selling ammo at Ninth Circle after the quest. And trust me, she’s better off a companion than that stupid quest… You’d get tons of ammo from that crazy woman Mdm Panada at Point Lookout and Harley whose repair skill will edge towards 100 with every visit you have made him. At higher level, Sydney’s rapid fire will help deal with Deathclaws’ ambushes or a Mutant Overlord as Dogmeat distracts them… just make sure you feed her with stimpaks all the time.

Assuming you are fucked with an ambush at Clifftop Shack by a couple of Super Mutants with miniguns and a bunch of raiders, you’d usually have one Mutant Overlord… Imagine what life will be without Sydney around.
[Typical problem with having Sydney is she’d edge in on the target, sometimes making herself the central of attacks, and she’s not tough for a lady. That means she’d need plenty of stimpaks, that also means you must raid more raiders than going on unprofitable hunts. With me usually fighting alongside, Sydney’s chance of survival is pretty high. I am not worried for Fawkes… I am a photographer in this ‘drill’.]

I always play one with good karma… So first thing I’d do is to get Charon. Charon is worth 2000 caps, so be ready and you’d need to blast your way into Underworld to get him. So you’d need Dogmeat then get Sydney, together… the three of you will be more than ready to pack a punch. When killing Super Mutants and raiders is no issue, you’d have all the weapons for 2000 caps in no time. With Charon around, you’d get a funnily solid wingman who shoots his combat shotgun at long range as if he’s triggering off assault rifles. And he is not bad a mule to carry your ‘loots’ to trade around for caps; Sydney can’t carry anything for you nor Dogmeat can.

If you accidentally found Vault 112 where ‘your father’ was stuck in, you might as well complete the original path till you gain acess into The Citadel and hire Paladin Cross. If you don’t, you can still do very well with Charon. There is practically NO NEED to learn how to wear Power Armors in Fallout 3. But if you do get into the Citadel, you can start equipping your companion with Hellfire Power Armor by slaughtering those Enclave fuckers you encounter in the Wasteland… Look out for the noises of helicopters buzzing by… Hellfire Power Armor is the BEST armor for your companions since Tesla Power Armor and Power Armor Mark II can be traded for ammo at Fort Independence (But NOT Tesla Helmet… Funny~).

Charon should be equipped with Blackhawk Pistol running on .44 ammo obtained from old woman Agatha, and you’d find Paladin Cross toying with Heavy Incinerator like slinging out piles of  shits… which is fun to watch, so give that to her. Basically, the reason is you have no real need for .44 ammo and fuel… see? If you got Sydney’s special submachine gun, you need the .10 ammo, if you need the scope to see far ahead you will need the .308 ammo for sniper rifles. And… if you need your best weapon, you’d need your EC charges. No point giving other energy weapons to Paladin Cross when her range weapon is a cool laser piss-ter. She’s fucking accurate with it, and I usually sell energy cells for caps… Energy cells are basically… useless.
[This is home sweet Megaton home. I prefer it here with simple folks than those snobs at Tenpenny’s Tower. And this is my team. Can you imagine those assholes who recruited all 8 followers in the game plus Dogmeat plus Sydney and perhaps even those ‘mungos’ from Big Town and pack them into this tiny space? WatsWorth is going to tell you that you are the joke.]

[Equipment Fallout] There have been many talks about which is the best weapon to use in the game, and many have pointed to alien blasters… Bullshits.

The most powerful weapon in Fallout 3 is none other than Vengence. Fat Boy is cool, but not so cool when its ammo is at least 200 caps per piece, and it can blow you and your companions out in one clean critical shot… and if you miss… that’s it for you. EC Charge is about 1 cap each, and a Vengence is loaded with 240 rounds. When a Chinese Assault Rifle packs an damage of 102 in full condition and with all the perks in, Vengence packs over 300 points of gore!!! While you can only fire it three times in VATS, it almost definitely kills everything in one series of tearing at your favorite freaks…

For instance, at Mothership Zeta… an alien can come with a fucking body shield of 100 points DR… you need less than 50 charges of the 240 magazine to dispose off an alien; which is… you’d kill that fucker within one VATS; At Point Lookout, you can reduce a Bruiser into ash within one VATS… and you can fry a Mutant Overlord way faster than it toasts you with its tri-beam laser. And you don’t need to worry about cleaning up your companions’ bodies as you would using a Fat Boy. And the cool thing is, with a full load of 240 rounds… you can deal with multiple targets without even needing to reload! And it has a fucking long range with critical hits somemore!
[If you take jet and wear Reily’s Combat Armor, you probably can fire Vengence four times per VATS. But usually it’s three, and it’s 345 X 3 amount of damages you are offering others… We haven’t taken the critical shots into consideration yet… So what’s the best weapon in Fallout 3? Don’t bullshit me with Alien Blasters. Whatever the blaster, when you run out of ammo, it’s basically just junk. Vengence’s EC packs are plentiful in the shops, cheap, and per magazine you can load up 240 rounds… continuously firing without a break… Look at the ammo and caps I got… You’d get the point.]

The issue with Vengence is… you will need your full army of Dogmeat, Charon and Sydney to go into the Deathclaw Haven and be prepared to fight those fast and furious creatures; Dogmeat’s warning will usually be too late; and before you have Mutant Overlords carrying Gatling Lasers, you’d need to invest in Canterberry Caravans for them to repair better or venture into Harley’s shop in Point Lookout which is… not tactically beneficial because you won’t be ready for the full prowess of this weapon, and the opponents before you have Mutant Overlords can be easily disposed off with other weapons… Considering the repair cost vs the need…

Fucking pointless at low levels.

Unless you start off with Mothership Zeta first where you can have plenty of Epoxy to freely fix your Vengence… And don’t bother giving it to Fawkes, he won’t use it. And since at high level (late into the game), he’s virtually excused from the doors of death. Fawkes can even kill a Mutant Overlord with his bare hands given his ridiculous amount of hit points.

So forget about those alien what blasters… It’s not like you can find limitless cheap supplies of ammo for the weapon. The atomizers and disintegrators merely serve as ornaments in my home in Megaton. So when you venture to Mothership Zeta or Point Lookout, take Vengence with you, and prepare about 5000 rounds of EC charge packs. And how much is 5000 rounds? It’s definitely much cheaper than your nukes, and definitely in abundance than your silly alien modules… Most shops sell EC charges in bulks of at least 100+, usually in 300s… Easier to load up than 0.10 ammo and even 5.56mm rounds at Fort Independence.

At lower levels, Sydney’s submachine gun is the deadiest dream ever comes true… with low APs needs, high damage per shot and fucking fast reload speed and a nice range… What more can you ask for? But unless you want her dead or gone as a companion, the best weapon you can run around with will be a sweet chinese assault rifle. The reason is really because most shops sell more 5.56mm than .10 ammo and then… 12ga.

But when you encounter Enclave suckers, especially when you are escorting those jokers led by ‘your father’ to the Citadel, your best weapon is really the Combat Shotgun. You can easily dispose off rushing Enclave idiots one shot into each masked jokers… Yeah, so much for the hype about power armors… Heavy, worth shits, and that’s how protective they are~

With regards to armor, there are many suggestions online… But really, the best armor is Reily’s Combat Armor… with plenty of stimpaks and being a good chap in the game.
[The best armor in the wasteland is never for show because you are wearing it. So what you’d see on display are usually for decorations… useless in short. There are two combat helmets here, the right one belongs to an oversized but tiny brain Talon Company Boss named Mr TCB… No wonder their mercs grab any types of contracts… they have smaller brains. And they actually come for Scope… to get toasted. It’s good to be the good guy here since Talon mercs provide armors to repair my Reily’s Combat Armor. Who doesn’t like free stuffs? LOL~]

The T-51 armor or what fuck power armor including Hellfire Power Armor are great… only for your companions who will never wear their conditions down and out, and they don’t need the -1 to charisma for the helmets; not to mention, it’s easier to find spare parts to fix Reily’s Combat Armor than to spend big caps on repairing your power armors or taking an heavy white elephant around for spare parts to repair in your travels. Reily’s Combat Armor is lighter than Talon Company’s Armor, and the latter can be used to repair Reily’s Combat Armor alongside with other combat armors… and even if you have spare caps, it’d be cheaper to repair. Not only that, Reily’s Combat Armor gives you 2 main advantages: +1 Luck and +5 Action Points.

If you are a Jet junkie, those extra action points are deadly to whoever stands in your fucking way. +1 Luck also helps in enhancing your chance of delivering a critical shot. So the best armor is really a pair of Lucky Shades and a suit of Reily’s Combat Armor. For those who chose the minigun… Why, when there is a big shot Vengence? Reily’s Combat Armor is so much lighter, and that’s nice… for looting purpose. And it makes alot of difference between crawling from Raven Rocks to Megaton and fast travelling…

And don’t forget, Stimpaks have no weight count! Besides, no matter what Power Armors you are wearing, in the face of Mutant Overlords and such, you’d still get fucked… So Reily’s Quest is the first few quests you must do in the game, after you have gotten Charon in Underworld, just go to the sick bay and start the Quest…
[Inspired by one youtube show, I decided to decorate my home with spare weapons in full condition. But I can’t dump things around the way he/she did in youtube since we need to walk around and you’d bang those items into a mess. I don’t like a mess. With the 20 bobbleheads shown… yes, I have just returned from Raven Rocks. Check out my fridge too… Typical junkie’s collection. Typical wasteland economy… big waste with plenty of excesses. Big caps and no place to spend.]

[Economy Of The Waste] Once you have gotten Dogmeat… Money becomes a small issue. Once you have gotten Sydney, big money is no issue. Once you have Charon as well… you’d end up with tons of surplus… that before you know it, Alistair Tenpenny can sell you his backside if the game so allows~

What you need is to start out from Vault 101 with repair, small guns and explosive as tag skills. Basically, you need repair to fix your merchandise for higher value, and you need small guns to shoot your ‘suppliers’ who are basically critters and mainly raiders… but you will need to at least find Dogmeat first. Then you will need explosive to get yourself a home in Megaton, unless you intend to send the entire town to heaven with a big mushroom and stay in Tenpenny’s Tower… a very lousy choice of location no matter how great the graphics are with nice walls and better music than Three Dog’s mundane selection of… Arghhh~

The point is, Capital Wasteland can be basically divided into 4 segments and each segment has hunting spots and selling points#2, and Megaton is in a favorable central position since your favorite suppliers usually take 2 days to respawn. Not to mention, Fort Indepence’s location makes Tenpenny’s Tower a super lousy choice of home when you cover the segments getting supplies and overloading them for sweet caps. And unless you want to live with ghouls and a ridiculous ghoul leader in the end… Megaton is the best choice for home.

Otherwise, if you blow up Megaton and let the ghouls into Tenpenny Towers, your best choice will be Super Duper Market… You can doll up the Market by clearing up the bodies, cleaning up the junks and packing the entire place with weapons, teddy bears, buttercup toys and tons of other stuffs. It’d look like a huge Super Mart… but there will never be customers visiting. Not to mention, you won’t get the Lab and Healing Station and such in the Megaton home.

Personally, I hate the snobs at Tenpenny’s Tower… that’s why I personally won’t want a place there. In fact… if not for the juicy trade opportunities with La Chic and that Guard Captain, I am so tempted to pepper all those fucked-up residents with gunpowder love… saved for that Dashwood chap. And after Roy Philips murdered those humans in the tower… I was so angry I simply shot him~ and fucked off from the tower forever. Which is why in the second run of the game, I haven’t decided to let history repeats… or not. Snobs are bad… nuisance. But kind murderers are heinous for their deeds; you can’t just kill anyone because you don’t like their faces… And Dashwood was killed too! So I simply shot Roy Philips in the first run… Indiscriminated killing is pure senseless tyranny.
[You will probably realise that… you can actually take Sydney with you to Point Lookout, plus the Pitt. But in real, given the devastating shots those swamp folks have… it’s better to leave her out of Point Lookout battles. She alone without cover from Dogmeat and Fawkes means easy death for her. This is the House Of Wares at Point Lookout island. This crazy woman will satisfy your every need… Don’t be dirty minded… But her shop really worth it ‘colonizing’ the cursed island. Harley’s shop is in the North, and you can see his repair skill ‘getting better and better’. If you visit Harley’s shop, it’s better to bring Vengence along.]

In terms of economy… especially when you have 100 for barter skill, you’d need a better haunt… And you’d need Point Lookout. It’s like colonizing for the sake of trade. You’d need that funny woman’s House Of Wares and Harley’s store… They are carrying freakingly huge supplies of ammo for 12ga and .10 ammo… It’s impossible not to turn to Point Lookout with your Vengence when you have tons to sell and so much caps to make. And I really wish Fallout 3 has an expansion/add-on for the ‘super rich’. For instance, you can allow player to get someone to build you another floor for your Megaton home, get more fanciful items and themes as in the SIMs 3,  support a Rivet City Education program to build a school or hospital (and remake a rot building into such things…), and to buy a town that will be constructed and populated next to Olney in 24 days…

Or even to sponsor arms to Big Town residents#3, or remake one of the vaults into an underground city… and sponsor troops to fend off random creatures from the city so that we can even (but not necessarily) collect protection money from the residents.

Basically, the whole Capital Wasteland is huge, but many parts… not filled with ‘opportunities’. And more add-ons will be a wonderful idea. Instead of fast travelling, we can even have buses (or fund such an operation) in certain routes, and we can even have slavers trying to invade Megatons… so that we can protect our homes… or rebuild the homes which will need money. And we can even have a stock exchange #4, or a bank…

Once you have left Vault 101, your first issue is to get well equipped. Sadly, you have to run all the way past all the critters behind you to Megaton#5. The pistol Amata gave you won’t be really of much help. The best initial weapon is really a baseball bat for dealing with molerats and those flies. If you have any military training in real life, you’d realise that without stimpaks, the best defence is to be able to kill things faster than they kill you. Since everything outside you consume almost definitely got radiation, your first priority is to find a bed. And Megaton has a Common House. And also, some raiders will attack the guarding drone with Brotherhood Outcast Patrols passing by… if you are smart, you’d follow those Outcasts… If they are killed, you take and sell their equipment for better armor and weapon to make it to the Scrap Yard. If they kill any raiders, you loot the raiders… if your explosive is high enough, get the atomic bomb disarmed… and get your home. You can also follow the caravans around for lootings… This strategy works very well in the beginning when the caravan guards are relatively much stronger than the generated foes you will encounter, you can even travel with them to Rivet City and help take out some Super Mutants who may carry hunting rifles which you can fix and sell. If you travel with the good doctor, you can also loot and sell things in exchange for stimpaks.

Running behind Caravans when you hit level 10 and beyond will risk the demise of the merchants, running behind caravans when you hit level 30 will definitely send them to hell when they encounter rockets from raiders and Mutant Overlords along Alington to Rivet City. Take note that Caravans once killed will not be regenerated.

Trading-wise, the last place to sell your wares should be The Citadel. That pretty but boring quartermaster is bad news for bartering.

Importantly, do not open containers without maximum luck since some may be ‘random’ in nature and may depend on luck roll.

If you are super carefree, just run direct to the Scrap Yard with raiders shooting behind you then run all the way to find Sydney… But remember, without simpaks, never subject Sydney to OT. She’d die, and you’d lose a good gunner. But with her around, those raiders are chicken feats, and their armors alone can fetch enough stimpaks for her. Or if you don’t mind seeing innocent people dead, you can get Burke to kill Lucas Simm at the Saloon in Megaton, you’d get armor and weapon right away…

But what’s the fuck use when your small guns would be really lousy in the beginning… and when you have enough experience running around with Sydney, you would have no use for those items when you’d have better armors and weapons to choose from. So, it all depends on your personality.

[Combat: Angel Robs] The best weapons can be obtained from the toughest foes… Bullshits. The chance of getting anything useful for your ammo use and weapon deterioration for Ghoul Reavers, Bruisers and a slew of top-craps is usually economically disasterous. Not only that, you’d need to buy stimpaks when a couple of bruisers and trackers chase after you and you run into a couple of Ghoul Reavers… Unless you have Vengence with you, you’d likely to be killed in such an encounter without stimpaks and with no companions.

Fighting in Point Lookout, you’d get a boost if you have the ghoul mask from Roy Philips after you get him into the Tenpenny Tower. Simply draw those swamp folks to the Reavers and let them fuck among themselves. Fighting Behemoth at GNR, you don’t really need the Pride from Brotherhood; All you need to do is to shoot from the building next to GNR and watch the Behemoth running around like an idiot… basically, it is an idiot with big loot and a lousy exp of only 50, a totally non-profitable event if you ask me. If you have companions, you MUST have Dogmeat and you MUST be at least level 20. You’d enjoy watching that idiot bashing Dogmeat again and again and just when you think “Here goes my cutie pet…”, you’d see doggie snapping back from dead and distracting that idiot while you shower the Behemoth with your love. Otherwise, make sure you leave your companions deep inside the building…

If you are fighting Mutant Overlords, you’d need a team or Vengence or… keep shooting at the weapon and make its weapon drops so that the monster will turn round and round to try regain the weapon. But in this way, you waste the weapon and the condition sucks when you pick it up. Not profitable~

If you need to fight Ghoul Reavers, they are fast and make sure you run backward and shoot, and you’d do best in third-person view. Fighting Mirelurk King is chicken feat, simply runs round and round and round and keeps a distance. If you don’t have a Ghoul Mask and you need to take on those Bruisers and Trackers, make sure you bring lots of mines. They are quick, and those who shoot are accurate and seriously damaging. Especially when you try to retrive the book from the ritual site, you’d need plenty of mines, and jets… It’s not advisable to bother about Point Lookout at levels lower than 15… meaningless. You’d just waste ammo and weapons and exhaust plenty of stimpaks for NOTHING big deal.

On board of Mothership Zeta, the initial fight will be a brawl, and always go into VATS. If you bring your Vengence, you’d literally find yourself invinsible throughout the game… This is the only time you’d be encouraged to use Hellfire Power Armor, that’s only because you won’t like to find your helmet quickly down to condition 0 in a long fight especially during the final push. Although the cost to repair the armor is lesser and there are spare parts around, but the helmet and armor are too weak against alien attacks. So no choice, I have to choose the tougher Power Armor for the show. Make sure you bring all the loots to the fending positions and store them in the footlockers since after you beat the game, you won’t be able to return to the hanger and such to retrieve anything. You’d find your skills with robots helpful by activating some idling drones, but you’d need to loot the drone key somewhere in the robot assembly sector.

Basically, like one of the holotapes said… those fucking aliens are weak if not for those shields.

Street fighting can be hazardous because if you are near a wasted car, the AIs usually shoot at the car and it’d go exploding big times… and that usually fries Sydney. So you have to make sure she’s still alive whenever battle ends. You can also shoot those cars, but… seriously, it’s usually just for fun than for actual combat purpose because your main objective is to take out one gun at a time and those explosions may or may not work well, and you may be looking at your last ammo or a wrecked weapon… and it’s really messing your focus if you are out of APs for VATS.

This is a great tactic when you see Enclave Helicopter just about to land and you begin damaging it so that when it offloads those bunnies, you can blow the Vertibirds up alongside with those clowns…

This is especially true during your invasion of Adams Air Field.

Be also very careful when fighting on elevated staircases… because your companions with exception to Dogmeat can fall to their deaths.
[This is your bedroom and home office. You can see the Wasteland Survival Guide, and skill books piling up on the table. Some of the best perks can look pretty useless in this game, but will be crucial in making your life harder or easier. But if you never have them, what you don’t have you never know it’s lost.]

[Perks Make You Special] I got a dick, since men are known to think with their dicks, I literally play a hero in the game… with my dick on. I can’t believe it… even in toilets, my dick has no use and we have to drink from toilet bowls to restore health… I can’t understand how pissing off anything can restore health, that is.

The first perk you get must be Lady Killer, then get the extra 50 pounds of load perk, then all those perks which will increase your damages… to others except Nuclear Abnomally. That one is basically shit. Might as well blow yourself using a Fat Boy. The most important ‘attack’ perks are that one Zimmer has for you, and the one at Point Lookout where you can up your damage with ghouls (due to a glitch, every round to anyone you shot off will be +5, ghouls or not), you have to get it from the ‘safari’ mentioned by the ferry fucker.

There is one non-attack perk you’d find handy, especially at Point Lookout. It is one that helps to reduce Radiation bit by bit over time. The other powerful perk is also obtained at Point Lookout given by helping Desmond.

After all these perks, your chinese assault rifle will fuck any assholes in the wasteland in full condition at 102 points, Vengence that fires serveral rounds each VATS will register no lesser than 300 over points… (That means, without taking into condition of criticals created, you are staring at a cool 1000 points of basic damage special delivery to your target!)

Don’t waste your time on mysterious stranger and ninja and child-at-heart and animal friend and Mr Sandman and trying to make nuka quantums from nukas… Basically, you don’t have many children in the game to have a heart for, and those animals such as those scopions carry valuable loots to sell and you need to kill them. And when you are God Of War… why kill people when they are sleeping when most won’t really be sleeping when you encounter them. You ever seen a sleeping Deathclaw or Enclave nutcase dreaming of you approaching on field? And why do you need mysterious stranger when your Vengence can kill just about anything in one VATS series?

But Sneak-Running is a must as sneak attack delivers super powerful critical hits…

One perk that helps reading gains 2 points is also a must because it’s one of the fastest way to make your repair and gunning skills hit top, and not forgettting lock picking, science and medicene will be needed to gain the perk from Zimmer and the Lucky 8 Ball from Big Town.

Some people said Lady Killer is basically useless because ladies are almost non-existent in the game… That’s basically untrue. Many raiders are ‘ladies’, many of those tribals in Point Lookout are ‘ladies’, many mercenaries and smugglers are also ‘ladies’, even Clover is a ‘lady’… if you decide to wipe out those slavers. And if you bomb the Citadel during the end of Broken Steel, Lyon’s daughter who will shoot you is a ‘lady’. And you can even sweet-talk Agatha with this perk.

Iron fists and most perks which claim to add points to your skills are useless. Unless you are ready to take huge amount of damages running towards a reaver or a mutant overlord beaming at you… stick to your dick gun.

Puppies is a popular perk… for people who cheat. Frankly, if you like to cheat so much, why not just edit the fucking codes? Puppies is a perk used to kill Dogmeat so that a coded space will be created for you to hire more permanent companion and hire another Dogmeat to kill to hire another and another… But frankly, try going into a cave with so many ‘companions’… and try moving in your tiny home with so many folks crowding there with ‘What’sWorth’. If you are not looking to stuck yourself with a party, you really don’t need so many mules and ‘stuckers’ for yourself. Besides, Dogmeat at level 30 is virtually a super-dog… It’d take the end of the world to make a hotdog out of it; what is the use of Puppies if Dogmeat simply can’t die even if you send a Behemoth crushing upon it?

In my personal view, only idiotic players take this perk to cheat or exploit the loophole… It’s sure nice to see so many followers running with you across the wasteland… but just imagine you go to Point Lookout and needing to return those clowns to your team… or after you need to chase after James to Rivet City… or after you come out of Raven Rock…

Seriously, what’s the point of having so many clowns running behind you, making you the biggest joke of the wasteland being the head of clowns…

One known useless perk that helps make your chem usage lasts longer is actually pretty useful. The irony is this… when you have +5AP and taking Jet… won’t you want to fire your weapons a bit more times and make sure that your target expires faster and so that you don’t need to take so many jets for that feat? It’s the same for Buffout when players wait for ‘Near Perfect’ with a strength like only 6 or 8. But I have this perk really for Jet usage so that I can have another critical shot made on yet another bullet sucker.
[Here’s the add-ons… The footlockers here on Mothership Zeta will help store your loot when you return. If you are happy, you can also make the ship your northern home. But it’s fucking stupid since it enjoys the location crap as Tenpenny’s Tower. The only main attraction making the ship home is you can watch the stars… day and night. LOL~ You can also see Sydney at the Pitt with you. The ‘slave’ is still ‘considering to help you revolt’ even when the war is already over… but here’s the ammo press.]

[The Pitt] Have you ever wondered which side to take when you are in the Pitt…?

I do.

It’s very tough when you know a man has to enslave so many people to build a city up and trying to create a cure for those suffering from the disease when the cure is his own baby… when you have to choose to help snatching the baby away so that someone else can liberate the slaves and experiment on the baby for the cure…

Ashur is basically a ‘branded’ soldier who decided to build an empire for himself by building a city from scratch. He has good intents basically for the people, but in order to succeed, he’d have to resort to methods without discrimination. Wernher on the other hand mainly intends to cure the people with Ashur’s baby and… in doing this will eventually make him helm of the people… if he were to be successful in time.

On the surface this is a morally gray matter… it challenges the moral or wisdom of the player. There is no such thing in real as gray here in this matter, nor lesser evil or bigger evil.

There is only one morally right choice: To help Wernher.

Although it is featured as if Ashur does have a good reason and he is really a good man, but if one thinks carefully… What will happen even when the city is built and a cure is found by Ashur? He is a ‘monk’ without mercy, a priest who will sell his heart to the demons, and an angel who kills innocent people with the claws of the devils… He no doubts loves his baby, but many slaves are also people’s children… many killed recklessly by slavers and raiders employed are also innocent. And why is there a need to build a city in a contaminated place when there are many places out there in the wasteland for a new city to be built such as Megaton?

Basically, the Pitt needs a good leadership and a cure. I do not know if Wernher will be a good leader, though we know he harbors the ambition to replace Ashur as the leader. That while Ashur has his beloved wife and many scambags to support him, Wernher has a lovely and kind Midea who is pretty influential among the slaves next to Wernher. With Ashur, the people shalt suffer and die even without the disease… With Wernher, the people can make their choices with Wernher partnered with people who have a heart. Ashur’s city progresses with heartless means dealing with deaths and sufferings and imports from outside to be exposed to the disease, even if the city is built… the raiders will never give the people a good life, and they will be the council of Ashur… and the people shalt suffer and more slaves will be needed as there will never be enough… You’d need bigger and bigger city, bigger and bigger wealth, and more and more and more and more slaves with Ashur’s management style.

Recall what holy man Ashur said: “So as the city grows, we’d need more ‘workers’…”

So basically, there is only one right choice… Fuck the raiders, fuck Ashur, and liberate the slaves. Only by then, will the ‘foreign import’ cease… Assuming the cure fails, it’d kill only that many people if we help Wernher, but we’d kill endless number of people enslaved and sold into the Pitt if we aid Ashur.

Hence… I made a choice… and guess what the fuck choice is.

Is this really a morally gray choice after all?

To end all these ‘imports’, deaths and sufferings of innocent people, and end the promotion of raiders and scambags… Ashur must go. So… I shot him.

Do I even have a choice when I want to be an angel?

[Pitt Logistics] The venture into the Pitt is first warned by the game about how scarce the resources are and how tough things will be… That’s the big crap.

That’s a rule in Fallout 3 that stealing from crooks won’t cut your karma. And Wernher has informed the player how the situation is like in the Pitt. It’s run by crooks from guards to shops… Basically, the points to note before you venture into the Pitt for the first time are:

1. There is nothing really that special in the Pitt to loot.
2. Your toughest opponents in the Pitt are nothing comparable to those raiders and Albino Scorpions you’d encounter in the Capital Wasteland.
3. Hence, you don’t even need special armors or big fuck Vengence.
4. Bringing anything valuable into the Pitt grands you the trouble of finding your things back. Can be done, but why the fuck hassle?
5. Weapons will be readily available when you need to start the favorite past time of blazing away in the game.
6. Initial fights with the trogs need no ammo in real, but if you need ammo for later fight simply steal from every shopkeepers and raiders.

In real, you’d be overloaded with merchandise before halfway through the adventure. It is advisable especially for those trying to find ingots to exchange for more items to find a location close to the exit and store them. After the Hole, you can sell part of them. You don’t really need those items as they are more like souvenirs. It’s not as if you’d really choose them over the more powerful weapons you have left outside the Pitt. Ashur’s armor is one of such items. You can take it or leave it.

[Escape From Paradise] The only reason you’d need the Pitt is really the Ammo Press found in the Mill where Brand is first located. It helps change your vast quantity of 5.56mm to .10 ammo for Sydney’s submachine gun.

I never tried that but when the troys flooded uptown and killed the raiders alongside with Ashur, you can try turn the Flood Lights back and see how. Basically, it’s a program… and turning those lights back in the middle of the trog-rascals fight probably won’t make the trogs flee.


The way to enter and leave Haven is really pretty simple, even if you are not that high level chap, but you should try all the add-ons when you have max-ed out your character. When you are just outside the Haven, you’d find two clowns talking away to each other. They both got big guns on them… missile launchers. If you are smart, you’d of course steal them as what I did. And you do so for every fuck guard in the building. and return to Downtown to store those things… because after the actual escape or trog-rascal fights, there are plenty to loot. Do so before you touch the ‘cure’. Else you’d exit with those slaves hostile towards you. After you have grabbed the baby, run straight to the elevator and you don’t even need to worry about the security gun.

Starting a battle with Ashur is basically an idiotic thing to do since the trogs will kill him for you later. And his wife is a good character… that makes kidnapping the baby a little… tough due to the heart. It’s better to leave the job to the trogs.

Escaping Uptown after the flood lights are down is not difficult at all. After the trogs killed Ashur, your options are:

1. Waste your Stealth Boy. Just note that if you are planning to loot Ashur and such, it won’t last that long.
2. Blast your way back to the Mill, that’s what I usually do. Those trogs are fast, but you don’t need much ammo to deal with each of them.
3. Or run all the way into Uptown with those trogs chasing you. Just note that once you enter a new location, the trogs may follow you in. So before that happens, RELOAD.
4. It’s not necessary, but you can plant mines along the path you plan to escape from Uptown.

The truth about the Pitt is, resources are aplenty since there are all laying around for grab or stealing, the going is chicken feat… since your toughest enemies will be taken care by the trogs and you should be already used to a life of hunting raiders. I ended up with no lesser than 600 pounds of merchandise, ‘walking’ all the way with them to the exit, and store them in a locker at the train-yard. It took two fucking trips to migrate those items back into my lockers.

The Pitt is basically about a quick orgasm… in and out. It’s really a small map with nothing worth picking up, just fuck, done… and leave the girl alone.

[Final Showdown] Essentially, this guide or rant or discussion will show you how freaking easy to survive in the wasteland, and for the details there are no short of fan sites and even a fallout 3 wiki to help deprive you of a good sleep. So don’t complain you can’t find Agatha’s music sheets or where the fuck is Vault 112 or even developer’s many bugs#6… A big game such as Fallout 3 will usually come with plenty of bugs especially when 3D engines are involved.

The biggest challenge in this game is really Post-Original-Path.

There is nothing virtually to do. We don’t need to raise the level caps to high heavens, but (eg) when we travel to a place and this man was found to be shooting at a robot, he will always be found by fast travelling there shooting different scrap metals… and will go hostile with you over Enclave Technology, which is really a piece of scrap metal worth at most 10 caps in Megaton and perhaps with a few ammo appearing for the loot… The only difference is the type of junks he makes out of the robots. This scavenger is obviously ridiculous because his intelligence and fighting skills can’t be higher than a level 30 lone wanderer, and what the fuck is he trying to get out of junks than scrap metals with his pea-size brains? And he’s not even using energy weapons to justify the loot. And a protectron fetches only a miserable 5 exp for the ammo expended.

It would be really great if the developer can provide add-ons with more interesting random encounters littering all over the Capital Wasteland. Many encounters or quests can be revolving with some great ideas such as slavers battling slaves en route to anywhere… or you end up meeting another lone wanderer from X vault in Alaska telling you he will be making a home in downtown DC and what fuck… You can see him with his pet intelligent deathclaw (a reference to Fallout 2) and a Super Mutant… He can be randomly seen fighting bandits or Talon Company assholes. You can also visit his home and he’d invite you to join his ‘quest’ against raiders in randomly generated positions to rescue a random creature.

There is no need to max out all your S.P.E.C.I.A.L to be a top rated killer. Agility, Luck, Perception and Intelligence will be max-ed out. Unless you are planning to be the last action hero charging a bruiser with an ax, you don’t need so much Strength for melee; you need a mule. Nor hence would you need Endurance beyond 9 since your mission is to deliver damages to send your target back to high heavens not you taking damages… At level 30, you can piss off almost anything in the wasteland within a VATS.

Fallout 3 promises a very weak aftermath gameplay once you have completed the super easy and few quests for the main storyline.

The stats of kills should have some effects, but you will only get to enjoy your numbers alone.

So what you finished off the Enclave and provided Project Purity to the people? Nobody cares afterward… It’s as if you are non-existent and Enclave and Project Purity are taken for granted. At least we can have people making fun of the Enclave with raiders shooting at you with Enclave Officer Caps on and shouting “We stopped the Enclave! You pay us now!” sort of rubbish. And at least the taps in your home will be running with Aqua Pura…

You can also have random encounters of Tenpenny Ghouls or Feral Ghouls running about hunting men and creatures alike near the Tower.

Yes. After you completed the quests… it’s usually like useless doing so.

You should be seeing a lot more Super Mutants fighting Brotherhood  in downtown DC after the main quests are done, and the other lone wanderer with his companions can be seen joining in the fights, and even the Citadel is seeing a rush of Super Mutants invasion as if Big Town. “Possibly the green stuff is being kept within the tin castle…”

“They must have the green stuff! That’s why they are so super!”

“We make the Brotherhood of Steel Brotherhood of Us!”

We can also have add-ons with random encounters at Raven Rock with Outcasts hoping to find a way into the base to retrieve technology and fighting scavengers and Enclave remnants… or simply Outcasts telling you: “What the fuck have you done! You block acess into Raven Rock base for goddame sake!” or “Lyon must be out of his mind, you too! You buried everything we need in there!”

“We’d find a way into the base.” If the Outcasts survive any random encounters. “Have you heard, Lyon has built the Tesla Cannon?!”

You should also see Brotherhood and Outcasts fighting at Raven Rocks trying to occupy the site with Outcasts shouting, “You protect those tribals, these technologies are ours!” And we can have a Brotherhood outpost nearby to collect holotags and buy back the power armors.

A mad scientist with three high level guards should be seen walking in Deathclaw Haven fighting deathclaws after you have gotten the bobblehead from the location. The mad scientist can tell you, “I have heard of stories that some deathclaws can talk…” He is looking for one to find out if deathclaws can be hired for labor in future towns and cities. If all his guards are killed, you should find him hiding in Olney with a notice: “Hiring Guards for adventure!” of which he’d tell you he needs guards to exploit outside the Capital Wasteland. The next time you see him after one week, you should see him with two guards fighting a randomly generated deathclaw. If one survives, talking to the guard will tell you that the scientist is leaving soon. But you will find the scientist roaming around the wasteland with his guards fighting super mutants and slavers. The scientist should be considered as ‘essential’.

In addition, the add-on (be it done by fans or developers) should include a massive party to celebrate the end of the Enclave… and after a few hours of celebration with Three Dogs as the DJ, three Behemoths and a slew of Super Mutants appear at the party. It signals the beginning of an end; the location of this happening can take place anywhere in the wasteland with Three Dogs broadcasting the event and a mail sent to the home of the lone wanderer. This add-on pack should include post Broken Steel encounters and events such as “Our hero lost his home as debtors come after him for outstanding loans/hefty losses in shares speculation!” whereby the lone wanderer will need to ‘trade extensively’ over X days to service the debt and regain the door into the home with everything intact or… failure to pay up means all the stored items less junks will be moved to (eg) an auction house in a black market location (newly created), and the home enhancements are all removed. There will hence be a revolving quest in locating the black market and buying everything back…

There should also be some Talon Company folks who upon engaging the lone wanderer after Broken Steel is done said, “This contract is just impossible, he/she even destroys the Enclave! Who can stop him/her?” Or “Here you are! If we take you out, we’d be the number one killers nobody will dare to mess with EVER!”

They should also be a lone Enclave Soldier hiding in one of the abandoned shacks the lone wanderer can hire after the Enclave is destroyed.

Vault 101 should be remade and be opened up with the demise of the Enclave regardless whatever outcome due to ‘Troubles At Home’, and Amata should be able to join the lone Wanderer as Sydney would. “I really think it’d be better to make contact with the other cities with the Enclave gone, can you show me around?” She can still be the overseer with the lone wanderer as an escort though she is merely a follower as Dogmeat is. And with Amata around, Vault 101 can be acessed anytime since she’d be updated on password change. Randomly when opening the vault, a couple of raiders/Enclave remnants can appear rushing in.

“I told you they are the tickets into the vault!” or “This vault will be the new base of our operation!”.

[TIP: You can still move into the suit at Tenpenny’s Tower WITHOUT destroying Megaton. Just steal the key from Allistair Tenpenny, travel left along the balcony to arrive at the backdoor of the suite to enter from there.]

The vault should also be able to provide trading service, and a third choice of home (since he and James originally has a room in the vault). There should be an heroic welcome for the lone wanderer with vault security saying, “With that kind of prowess of yours, we can only wish you don’t wipe us out.”

Little Lamelight should also have some kids running around playing but well armed to the teeth. It’d be fun to see those kids killing random giant mutants generated… and giggled, “I bet Big Town will be the fort of the wasteland~”

The Brotherhood would tell the lone wanderer to hunt for Super Mutants after the last quest, the Pride should be seen fighting with Behemoths and Overlords in random encounters. After every random number of Super Mutants killed, the citadel will be confronted by a horde of angry Super Mutants or one peaceful Super Mutant will appear at the gate saying, “Why can’t you people just leave us alone?”.

When the conversation is over, he’d either leave or being attacked by you or the guard upon which he’d flee and a Super Mutant leading a few Behemoths (At least 5) will return to ‘find their retarded friend…’ (you’d meet them near the Arlington Library), at which you can tell them his fate, or send them going to Jefferson Memorial now occupied by a special class of raiders… or simply attack them. If Fawke is in the team, a speech challenge can convince them their friend has gone looking for an Uncle Joe, and they will turn and head towards the west, otherwise they will proceed to the Citadel and crush with the guards to avenge for their retarded friend. And 3 more Brotherhood fighters will be generated from the door to deal with the Behemoths. If the Super Mutants win, they guard the entrance into the Citadel until the Pride returns X hours later to try clear the path.

The Raiders should fill up the area near Jefferson Memorial and from then on, Vertibirds will drop raiders in Power Armor Mark II randomly across the wasteland. There should be a note “Watch out for this man/tomboy (refering to the player) during your raids, he/she usually has a dog around him/her and he/she is NOT just another scavenger!”

In short, it is so wished that a final add-on with plenty of surprises will come and make this great game complete. I mean, if there could be a Restoration Project for Fallout 2, why not a Completion Project for Fallout 3? Why not add the map of New Vegas to Fallout 3 whereby the ferry can be used to transport the player… In this manner, the entire model of New Vegas can be transferred over with only new elements added. And the lone wanderer can visit NCR as well… Fucking grand. The lone wanderer and the courier can have different experience in New Vegas… why not?

#1. It is very crucial you save in a distinctive file before you teleport the entire team to the deck where you can later watch the death ray fires off. Random error may occur anytime due to memory allocations such as the entire team may run off to ‘neverland’ somewhere in the ship and all of us get stucked onboard forever! Or the game pronounced objective completed before you completed anything… One has to be watchful constantly for such green error message, and reload so that the game can go on as per normal.

#2. The first segment deals with Little Lamelight and Paradise Falls, the segment right to it deals with Canterberry Commons and you can even make 700 caps from the Republic of Dave, and you can sell to the Family hidding in Meresti Trainyard; then below this segment is basically town area including Underworld markets, Rivet City and the Citadel. The segment left of this will include Evergreen Mills, Tenpenny Tower’s shops. There are scavengers littered around the wasteland you can trade regularly with. The ‘supply route’ also includes the highway from near Greyditch to Red Racer Factory to Arlington Library and up to the Citadel.

#3. I definitely feel that there should be more add-ons for Fallout 3. Such as Big Town, ever since you trained those folks, there are never any more attacks even from slavers… This is funny, and there is no Super Mutant passing by Big Town. The game for Big Town can be modified simply by frequent attacks of which another doctor ‘mungo’ arrives and whoever got shot down simply be transferred into the clinic and be healed up after 3 days when constant attacks happen everyday… The Lone Wanderer can drop by to help heal a max of 2 fallen Big Towners everyday and help fending against the attacks with random opponents generated… The Lone Wanderer can hence choose to stay for a few days till all out-of-commission Big Towners got healed and back to the defence, or when all the Big Towners are down, they can be rescued within X days from German Police Station or from Paradise Falls. If not, Big Town falls… This sort of loops will promise some sort of everlasting quest with random opponents in random numbers and random outcomes. When Slavers and Super Mutants attack at the same time, you can imagine a big fight among the three factions… and may even include other randomly generated raiders or passing drones and such…  Such add-ons will be wonderful.

#4. The easiest way to lose big amount of money is via gambling… and the Exchange can be pegged randomly to values of commodities traded vs the number of raiders generated or the number of death within the last X days, and a derived super high bank rates in lending and horribly low rate for deposits can be based on the Exchange’s fluctuations. We can have Raider’s Shares, Rivet City Shares, Megaton shares (based on Saloon trade X no of molerats, etc) and even Talon Company’s shares (based on how many generated and not yet killed…), Caravan shares can drop to nil if killed… Three Dogs can announce the player is going broke or becoming the richest man or there can be a chart of wealth rankings including Alistair Tenpenny, Lucas Simm, and fictional names…

#5When you begin to run from Vault 101 to Megaton, any pursuing low level critters including raiders will be expectedly shot down by the drone guarding Megaton…

#6. One fine day, I was hugging Sydney strolling in the beautiful wasteland with Charon watching all the way and Dogmeat wiggling its tail behind when we encountered this crazy Enclave Angel in Hellfire Power Armor right there in the sky not moving and my darling and that silly Charon started opening fire at that Angel… Ok, me too. But no matter how many times we VATS-ed him, this divine fucker just won’t rise back to meet his maker! Such bugs are common, such as flying Deathclaws, moving corpses… But the way to that is simply reload, and with that the joker was back to earth and quickly decommissioned. Come on, how long can one lone Enclave Elite Trooper last with Sydney and Charon pumping projectiles at it? The hilarious part was… Dogmeat didn’t fly to bite that Angel… LOL~