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I browsed for the eye injury but ending up browsing into more and more medical issues over the weeks. Since a child my immune system isn’t that great… but I practised a kind of Qi Gong (气功), and was able to direct the Qi to a level; this sort of Qi Gong was not the hard type, it is the soft type and it came with super flexibility required for Qing Gong(轻功). The Qi is usually a brain induced abrupt surge in frequency of an energy non physical but important in enhancing organs and blood circulations. It also helped in immune issues…

In a way, it’s like a body’s natural way of passing higher than normal electric current, and oxydizing (or energize) the body… and it helped in dealing with all sort of virus. Soft Qi Gong is more than Zen and Taiji and induced perspiration in pretty quick fashion… merely by sitting and breathing, and directing the feel to every part of your body. I have stopped regularly doing that during NS. Bad move… but to revive my metabolism rate, it has to be resumed now.

It was very strange that when I was a child and did not know about the human reproductive system and means, I already figured out how I was created. I began to understand what a body really is… other than DNA inclined building and behavior, it’s all about your conducts. You can suppress your organs against the normal routine of DNA instructions, you can change the way of injury and pain by physical cheating, you can use Qi Gong to vitalise your organs and increase the impact of your physical training.

I was browsing and realise the medical world is beginning to explore scientific data for Qi Gong’s use in fighting virus and even AIDS.  This is the secondary immune defence before a physical and external means to erect one God has blessed mankind with. At the age of 34yo, it’s time to resume my regular Qi Gong practising. I tried yesterday midnight… Today, even my eye feels much better, and my body… I sense the soul burning up a little. After all, I am not a basic level Qi Gong practioner. Higher level of (eg) Shaolin Qi Gong techniques includes biting in breathes while even sleeping. I can’t do that… LOL~

The human body is always so amazing. You never know what the designer could have in store for you.

Just when one is predicted to die of cancer in X days, the will with the right ‘power’ will actually help remove the cancer condition totally in known cases. Human bodies, as all vira and bateria, can evolve. Human bodies started out with all sorts of germs… over the years, the bodies got ‘immuned’ or evolved to co-exist. The soul remains unchanged, but the existence does change. And it needs to change. This is the ‘right’ of existence earned through evolution.

I am Scope, to people suffering out there…

Don’t give up. Everyday, you are fighting with something, except your ancesters would have aided you with their own fights passed down in DNA or… you will have to fight a new health war for your children’s survival in this ever changing world of evolving bateria, fungi and vira. You either fight to co-exist with them, or you fight to kill them. You have a brain, they don’t. Problem is, they evolve faster, so you cannot be slower. Qi Gong helps in accelerating your body’s potential for changes. 

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I am glad I am a Chinese. In this world of dieases and particularly for an active boy usually engaging in rough activities especially basketball, I was exposed to Qi Gong from very young… hilariously, due to those Gong Fu movies. Since I was also a bookworm, I came to realise that Qi Gong is not merely an exercise. Exsercising builds up your muscles, but kills your cells faster. It leads to early aging and for those ‘chronic cases’ such as marathon champions… they are stuck with high risks of heart attacks starting from late middle age. In a way, Singapore NS’s way of dealing with the body is hence very destructive, but current mortal understanding will not be able to comprehend.

Many grossly excited at the expectation of killing their cells muscle building exercises.

Qi Gong also expends cells but at a more normal rate. It makes metabolism rate and builds on it as the entire body upgrades. Marathons help your lungs work harder, your muscle more adapted to usage, but kills your cells and induce weaknesses to other parts of your bodies. It’s the same as boxings, you win and grow (temporarily) stronger at the expense of direct injuries. I came to realise that if I cannot be a bo-chap and if I practice Qi Gong right up to a higher level… it’d be destructive as well. You need basically two things for Qi Gong… Fresh air open environment and your mentality and attitude.  If one practises Qi Gong to higher levels and go non-stop, it’d end up in a condition called 油尽灯枯 (depletion of body resources).  For the hard type of Qi Gong, it’s actually a direction of pushing your physical limits as marathon runners are doing.

I hence picked up the soft type that is resembling practising magic. And the highest level, it is recorded that it can create a surge of energy that can direct an attack at a distance. And like those Indian monks, you can suppress or close down your organs for years and years… without needing to feed. That was how grandmaster Da Mo (达摩祖师) could have hidden in a cave without motion for days… without food or drink. If you can reach his level, you can shut down that organ for years if it is under attack. A woman who had an implant saw her original heart started pumping stronger than before after the heart rested for 10 years…

This is how organ works. Organs also need to rest.

So… while immortality of deities may be a myth, but super longevity of a few hundred years in the wild is not. Combined with surgical advances today… what do you think is the potential to  live? Sadly in Singapore, we do not have the ingredients for such longevity. But China used to have such an environment. Every other few decades, the deities should have suppressed their organs without drink or food so that their organs rested for some time and they reboot their functions. That probably explains the stories of deities needing no drink nor food. They aged very very slowly because two organs could not be suppressed, namely the heart and the brains. Even if a person comes with two hearts, you only have one brain each. 

Which is… if the world can figure out how to maintain an energizing of the brain while you shut it down for a rest… you can theoretically speaking, live forever. Sleeping is one condition. But the heart cannot sleep, but only to go so slow a beat… to near death condition, then it reboots. So that’s why I have been suppressing my own metabolism rate, and now, you need to reboot it. This is cheating. LOL~ Because I have not reached the level of shutting down my organs at will.

From a recorded document I came upon 20 over years ago, the chinese record did show that Qi Gong was used to ‘expel’ virus attacks and condition. But those remained an option for the top level practioner. It is not hard to believe when current medical world finds vira counts in the blood lessen significantly with Qi Gong. But hundreds of years ago, it would be considered a fairy tale… a myth. If the environment is right… I can end up an immortal. Anyone can end up an immortal. The good thing is, now you also have cultured bateria in Yakult and Vitagen. Those deities would have envied us for getting their missing puzzles… as we envy them for having the right environment without our advances.

In this entry, I decided to explore a new scope of subjects. But frankly, medical ideas ain’t for sharing because I know it too well about such a world where advances are stolen and any form of subsequent sharing will come with huge price tags. Which is, profiteering or you spend huge money to snatch with (eg) military means.

Since we have touched on the flood, the earthquakes and many other catastrophical issues, I don’t actually want to touch on them again while at times I did typed alot and… half way I deleted them. What’s the point? 


I was reading that silly forum… All of them shouted pain pain pain, but most only wanted pain-killers for temporary remedy and to continue down the path of craziness. I find it so ironical that it becomes so equally entertaining. Everything seems upside down, and they called it wisdom. I roared out in laughter reading those insults and rubbish, and… that was the peers of Kerin Peh.

How could she have survived?

Her family doesn’t seem to understand, the wrong peers can kil. No one was there to guide her in her development. Her ‘good friends’ could only reinforce the care and concern that denied her critical mental treatment. I can spot some risky cases of possible chronic depressions. But I cannot help them. It’s not hard to understand, they chose.

Angels and demons made a pact, mortals must choose. And mortals easily succumbed to trashy influences.

Sad entertainment is still entertainment; just like watching a romance drama where Juliet and Romeo had to die…

To those devils in that forum, without culture as a backup, this is their wonderland. As I have lamented, even if it were to be Kathryn… I could have not stopped her. It is fun to watch those stupidity and craziness… to laugh at their beliefs and mockeries. After all, they won’t be the ones going to Heaven. Stuck in a group, they form a society of individuals… influencing one and another, reinforcing one another.

Why do I need to pay attention to ‘local attraction’? Kate is a special case… Most likely if I date them, their message to me would be ‘fuck me’, and relationship is a decision… I’d probably and highly likely and almost certainly say yes to one decision and no to another. Having sex with beautiful is of course a Yes, having a relationship with crazy and stupid women… is of course NO. After all, relationship is only but a decision.

So what those crazy women reject me… I don’t need their love. What is their love? They don’t even manage beyond their high doses of self-denial. Typical class-less beauties are like those mesmerizing hookers… I am not a player, I’m not going to promise them a serious commitment in order to fuck them hard. Relationship is relationship… it’s the matter of the heart.

Nor will I care even to sweet-talk them.

To them, even the Ducks or gigolos could be the Ones… the One whom at marriage who can become not the One after marriage. They even redefine ‘the One’. Amazing. In any case, I give the forum a nickname: The Upside Down Forum. When I am feeling bored, it’s a great place to make me laugh. Times as such I am recovering from an eye injury without much other options to entertain myself, reading this forum does help.

The Applemag Trauma mystery is solved by this forum. It’s an eye-opener indeed, where folly is wisdom and where science is unintelligence, and where self-denial is the reality of the day.

Scope doesn’t hate local women, but it’s crazy to want such women for serious relationship.