[As one can see… My left eye was  injured. Never expected a tiny guy could have such raw hurt delivered. But it has been mostly my fault underestimating the wound… Luckily I rushed myself to the hospital in time because the infection could become grossly serious. And I had to enjoy being pissed off everyday while my immune system was hoping to cut the craps… I know it’s about time to leave.]

The eye infection was crazy. I could feel the discomfort with the left ear starting with the infection spreading while the red eye dominated during the recovering phase… The anti-bio would also hurt my system being depressants to DNA of cells; but I had no choice and to trust my organs (especially the kidneys) to take it. The bateria attack will run through the system  from the bloody system alongside with the anti-bio eyedrops… I felt so dead. This injury made me more particular about vira and bateria issues… it’s significant because Scope is for one…  a super bo-chap individual who from young ventured into forests and dirty corners, and entered into fights with bullies and once a runaway criminal. What was the harm? Scope’s wounds heal faster than normal people…

Even a doctor was surprised at the rate I recovered from a surgury back during college. I could still remember the pain… It was so horrible that whenever I closed my eyes, I would think I had slept for an hour… and it was only a few minutes passed. My endurance to pain was remarkable; my resistance to drug including alchohol is better than normal people.

My organs are failing… With my eye recovered, the most important thing is not blogging… but to increase my metabolism rate. Only that will my regeneration capability be rebooted and bursting through… and renewing my body.

It’s a ‘good’ time I got such injury… because the Cold attacks whenever I remember her are gone. It won’t do the immune process good if… … whatever.

It feels so good to be alive.

I know… I am dying. I have many regrets in my love-life. But I am glad I sleep well and eat well because I have been a good guy this life. Despite nobody truly loves me, despite my love-life has been grossly disappointments, it’s still life. It’s at least not something empty, the fire burns wild, I can feel the strength and my soul. My body… including all the vira and bateria, they are one… they form Scope. Everyday, we are exposed to all sorts of diseases… and everyday, we don’t know when a virus or bateria will ‘evolve’ or mutate. But one thing is always true, we are the hosts, we have the electric signals and they are part of the responses to our decisions. Can the naughty and harmful  be tamed and be a contructive entity in our bodies? Can we help to remake a virus to aid us, can we help a cancer cell or bateria to evolve into a harmless part of our body?

I was sitting at the newly bought ‘electric’ cushion… the electric current will shock people brushing my skin… the current is in my body, in my veins, in my nerve systems… or is it not? But if the current is affecting my cells… how about my heart-beats, my nerve system and… my memory? #1 And what about the virus contained in my blood? A bateria or virus can travel from the wound in my cornea to other parts of my body via the blood and the nerve paths, can the current reach them? Can the anti-bio reach them?

So I sat there… stretched myself a bit, and thought.

During my wait at the A&E, someone with HIV infection walked past us after a doctor… I looked and thought… Is there a way to have a secondary immuno defence to be built and be installed into his body? The virus would have rendered the primary white blood cells useless; the body would not produce more such cells in order to maintain the ratio of red ones to the white. But is there a way to install a secondary defence system? Or is there a way currents can help the affected white blood cells to be reprogrammed again or to evolve yet again? Trees have the ability to evolve their poisons to deal with predators which are immuned to the usual poisons. Why can’t men? What will induce our body, our cells to evolve?

What would it take to reprogram (eg) the HIV infected white blood cells? If there is a device that such electric current can penetrate a portion of blood vessels and constantly reprogram the white blood cells as the virus works to infect more… the young man won’t need to suffer. If there is a way a frequency that can reach the entire body and only affect the sensitive virus… then every virus and bateria will be killed. Or the virus count in the blood cells will be significantly under control.

Biology… comes in handy. LOL~ 

There must be some ways other than relying purely on the immune system to combat as in the case of Chicken Pox… since the body cannot handle HIV,  it must be externally dealt with. There must be some ways we can send the signals to those simple-structured vira and make them break up or evolve. Ie. other than just fight, search and destroy… if we can control our cells… Sorry that I don’t have a lab, and impossible in Singapore for people like us to start the research. UV lights can induce or stimulate virus attacks, some diets also… that means, the virus and bateria can respond, and we know that they can evolve.

Just like the larger pile of cells… the human boy… he can evolved into a good guy, or he can become… an asshole.

It’s been ages since I last visited my thoughts of cellular expertise. Scope was someone who was interested in the anatomy down to cells of the living… and dead. It’s a pity that Scope is also born in Singapore. Cell or virus… both obey the physics of this universe. And the power of energy such as electron flows and light pulses… cannot be underestimated on them. Too much energy, men melt. Too much energy, virus can die. Now what is the frequency that men can tolerate but not vira?

But then… saving men…

Virus is not the main killer of men… but men themselves. We kill the virus, we save the killers… LOL~ How entertaining…

♥♣♥   ♥♣♥

[If I watch the monitor too long, the cornea scratch still feels hurt. Specialists at SEC said that’s due to eye too dry during recovery. I am using the artificial tears thus. Talk about virus… I still have yet watched ‘Eclipse’, however I am doing a Left4Dead 3 poster with… vampires dealing with zombies! LOL~ Enjoy!]
The cornea infection made me revisited my biological instinct in this field once more in such crazy doses none would have imagined. Humans are made up of ‘strategic joints’. It is possible to radio-waved a specific part of the body, blasting a frequency harmless to the body to an extent while the red blood cells as passing through and be ‘converted’. The issue is, since all blood roots to the Heart, what will be the frequency the heart can take? Or in layman’s thinking… what is the amount of gammar radiation or electric shock a heart can take and for how long? Cancer cell is heard to be able to be treated by radiation…

So much for medical talks…

It’s the same with James Punk, the shameless Sunshine Empire  fucker who got a private property and a maid by harming the daft people will be fined a VERY BIG $60,000 and ‘worked in jail for 9 years’, the legal process to subsequently claim his ill-gotten wealth.  James Punk should make Scope think about the justice situation in Singapore. I thought someone said long time ago… no one in Singapore should be profiting from crime? Or maybe I heard it wrong; He would be an old man by now. It’s no wonder people can sue to silence unhappy consumers nowadays, such as Scope. Look at Durai that fucker… and his golden tap.

If you work honestly for nine years and donate $60,000… if you are as diligent as my parents are, no matter how difficult parents they are… how many can afford a private property and a maid as that fucker in 9 years? Not forgetting, he’s going to work in the jail for nine years also to have her wife ‘donating’ another $60,000 to such justice system. That’s considered very cheap, you know… Because most people who honestly worked for 11years won’t even be able to afford half of the property, nor to even donate $100,000. It’s not an insult to Singapore’s talented justice system.

Look at those Indians in India? Many in poverty purposely committed small crimes to go into jails to be fed.

Sunshine Empire shows Singaporeans a simple wayto be successful  or truth in life in Singapore… Crime is profitable.

After 9 boring years in one of Asia’s most conducive jails, our James Punk will be laughing all the way to the bank… while you honest chaps will be struggling to pay the fees and taxes… and squeezing yourselves into a tiny 3-room flat each. And you’d be serving James Punk’s will and fancy when he eats in your restaurant and telling you he’d complain you to your manager… This is Singapore. Why should I be in Singapore? Why should I be James Punk II?

But… can we afford not to be James Punk II?

Tell me. Who wants to be Scope? Who wants not to be James Punk?

I never doubt, as Andy Ong said… When you are rich, you can have any women you want… But I don’t want to be him, nor do I want those ‘any women’. It’s just the way in life, the need to tolerate all these nosense in Singapore… before we move on. Singapore is going to celebrate what 45 years of nationhood. Tell me… what is there to celebrate? Some people’s cars are crushed, lives are lost, and anyone could be next. Those shops at Orchard are also waiting for the next flood.

What can I do?

Can anyone tell me?

Or should I donate my underwear till Kong Hee’s dick bleeds to make God a better home, then people will love me? Then my luck will change for the better? What kind of men do you want to be? I am glad I am Scope. That’s all. I love myself, despite… all the disappointments.

I am dying…

I won’t a die a monster.

#1 I was reading this http://www.rife.de/radio-wave_cancer_therapy.html many days after doing this entry. Although the world ignores this doctor, since I am one of those who have the idea of using current or radiation to deal with cancer cells or vira, I think Singapore can investigate his application. In real, all forms will react to a certain frequency at times pretty unique to their abnormal selves. That’s because atoms are charged, and they build up the structures of human cells and even vira. You hence either use another atom or chemical to activate a virus and remove it, or you simply resort to finding out the right frequency to deal with them.