[Went out and loitered. I’d litter this posting with a couple of the day’s shots… if I have the mood to. Walking is good for health. Anyone likes to join Scope in this eternal loitering?]

If you cannot love, why choose?

I have absolutely no idea how to go about blogging.

I deleted one plus one postings both because of creativity-gone-weird and because I don’t feel like inserting more CGPs and I am also not in the mood to see so many words with no images. I just don’t feel like it, that’s all. My back couldn’t be straightened on Wednesday so I got my personal masseuse to deal with the pain. And I should curse the specialists at Jurong Medical Centre for their incompetency in getting SAF to downgrade me permanently. My personal masseuse is a young pretty long-hair yet tiny girl, and she knows a bit of diar-da (跌打). So she fixed me up after 2 long hours, and I could walk straight again.

Singapore should give masseuses like her formal credits when they can fix problems than those useless specialists who are just useless.

But I need some specialists to write the letter/s to SAF medical folks, masseuses can’t write those letters for the system. Just big fuck situation.

I have no surprise why there were so many casualties because of medical situations in SAF.

But it’s not the time yet to visit Mount E to get the letter. Besides, with she around whenever I’d need her, what’s the big deal?

I suddenly realize that… if Cat were to leave, the vacancy should be filled by someone who has such massage skill and every night before I sleep, I can get great massaging! For Cat… there is no urgency for her to leave, and I decide that it’s safer to have her within my sight as long as she wants to than to let her stay elsewhere in Singapore. If she’s leaving, I want her back in China, not loitering in Singapore. June, she told me she wanted to leave in July, I told her to stay put at least till end of this year… July, she told me she wanted to move out in August…


What did I say about women?

The main issue is still about Dad… not the great search for love. Women are not hard to find, but love is. Local women are a challenge to sanity in romance, in general. It’s a good time to let my heart takes a break. Perhaps that’s why I was led back to Singapore for; it’s great to settle with Cat and know Kate has already been married… … And I am not looking for love currently, technically speaking. Dad’s the main concern, and my coming plans will have to be taking him into consideration. If everything goes well, I’d expand operations, increase the profits and hang around in Singapore for a few more years…

Otherwise, I’d stick to old plan… When they are gone in this world, I’d be gone from Singapore.

Today, rain came… I was like driving through a tiny pond. It was flooding again. I drove out into the Bukit Timah area and I was driving while thanking my luck… I could fuck see the mirrors, and back windscreen was totaled with vapor. I was driving at 80km/hr and changing lanes and thankfully, the vehicles behind never were problems. I was so fucking pissed people were driving at 70km/hr and lesser even under sunshine using the 2nd lane! Mostly… women drivers. Were they nuts? Why didn’t they just crawl on the 1st lane with those smoky trucks?

But I like the rain when… recently, I drove Cat to work because she was quite late. She asked, I’d cheong… and the vehicle did a drift into a sharp corner. The tyre won’t be so badly exhausted on a rainy road condition. I don’t actually like to drive her to work… She always cursed me whenever I tried to aid her, and so pissing I had to shout “Enough!”, and then… every time she needed me, I’d help her and get pissed off again… Imagine me speeding for her among fucked-up vehicles and I had to entertain her constant havoc…

Not to say, I don’t actually like cars. Chicks like cars, especially the superficial ones. I don’t. Cars are depreciating assets… nope, liabilities. OK. Most women are also depreciating liabilities.

Hence I am looking for the ‘assets’ among them.

♣♣♣   ♣♣♣

[When this photo was taken, the left eye was already scratched… but I probably overlooked the injury. And the next day… I rushed myself to A&E SGH… I am glad I did. I love walking… but hardly find anyone who can join me for the distance…]
Lynn msg-ed me out of the blues… I didn’t understand why, and I didn’t understand how she’d have my number. She doesn’t understand Cat and Scope, so I wasn’t mad at her. Cat probably gave her my number. That little girl… not-yet-a-woman… msg-ed me, and later suggested I ignored her since she was getting emotional. Can a little girl be really so emotional to msg me because of another woman? What was she replying to in the first msg…? Weird. Lynn may be reading this blog… Fine. I didn’t load and shoot the hookers in Geylang; but why not? Those Thais were model-looking juicy!

During the lull before lecture, I was loitering about Geylang in the morning. I could count the hookers with my fingers… 4.

I met an old auntie… Mom’s friend she is. She told me there was a raid just yesterday night and many hookers were caught. Maybe I shouldn’t have blogged about them coming back in full force… and deleted the posting. I miss the old days when the entire Geylang was flooded with babes even in the morning… and all the rubbish was there for a good show. That was Geylang… now Geylang is like a loose balloon. Nothing to see, businesses are affected and nothing to entertain me. Old auntie and I talked for about 15mins…

I don’t distaste hookers. Nowadays, there are always the condoms.

Technically speaking, if there is a blow job with condom on, it’s like having a marker pen in the mouth for those hookers… and if condom is worn, it’s like masturbate with (eg) a sex toy. And biologically speaking, if they do so too many times in a day… they won’t even feel much poking. That’s as far as how I figure about hookers nowadays; and that’s big easy money if the guys bath properly, without bad breathe… and ain’t heavy like pigs. For them, it’s like masturbating while money falls from the skies~

I usually walked past the hookers, and they usually grabbed me by the arms. Not surprising… Even if it were to be masturbating, they prefer someone else than banglas or ugly fat oily uncles. In my observations… I felt sometimes sad when bangla workers hit upon the fair China hookers; watching the hookers leading those dirty bangla workers to the hotel did make me feel sad for them. But when it comes to marker pen… black or white or yellow… it’s still the long big pole thing. But bangla workers do smell, which is bad news.

Lynn is probably the only girl among her peers to know a lot more about Cat… and even the extra kitten; but her understanding ends there. Lynn won’t understand how destructive Cat actually is. And I am not really intending to market her on such ideas. For a girl-not-yet-a-woman, I really hope she continues to be a friend and that’s all. Cat had her chance; she chose. That’s all Lynn should know. And I have always let women choose. Everything I do has a good reason.

Coming enjoyment… Eclipse.

I rather watched those condemned in love and fighting for love than that video clip of a CHC cute girl telling the world she’s misled by Kong Hee fucker. She trusted CHC and talked about going to heaven… Was she out of her mind? She’d be heading only for Hell, not Heaven. How many suicides in Jurong could have been averted if those pastors don’t hoard money to such extent, don’t try to challenge God in creating a better home for Him? Fanatics… … If God needs a better home, He’d create one himself. He creates everything, and He sees mortals jumping into Hell while Sun Ho lives a lavish lifestyle… Big money. Jesus could also have personal success being what son of God…

But he served the mortals.

My deep disgust for such stinking assholes making excesses by exploiting religions, and my sincere pity to those misled ‘sheep’… that their blind faith only opens the gates to Hell, not Heaven. In the name of God… too many nonsense happened. New Creation Church should be the next. God loves his children… How could his children love other men jumping into Hell while they sing the praises of personal successes and prosperity? Watching the Cullens… They are the condemned, but they are more godly than ugly mortals.

I rather watch hence Eclipse than that video interview at CHC talking rubbish. I have talked to other Christians, many are also disgusted with CHC no less than with Jack Neo.

Little girl… Heaven is meant for the enlightened… you go to Hell.