[It’s a blur. Point is… What are you staring at? What are you looking for? Why… am I here? Stare harder and I’d chew you into pieces. I am not a bad guy… despite how I am looking here.]

Sometimes it’s a mad decision that’d change your life forever.

After 3 long days, I took another look at her facebook. It’s definitely not because of the women who encourage the knight to rescue the Queen from the beast; I realise that there is no way that I could care less for her, even though it seems impossible this life to have her by my side. Unless… … Her marriage is a mortal law of a mortal presence on this planet, love and relationship however answers to what’s beyond. I do not answer to mortals… but I can neither meddle with free will. Since the knight can no longer fight for the Queen, the Queen must break free of her own locked cell.

Kathryn doesn’t understand love… She’d have to be awaken on her own accord.

Hopefully, she will be in her slumber forever.

It’s just… a fault on my side that she’d know of my feeling for her still burns the same after all these years, because has the order of encounter being seeing that… man first, she’d never come to know. I would have left quietly… leaving her in her slumber. She mustn’t feel young again…

I should be jealous of my younger self. Those were the days I could always see her and I was a guy with her phone number. I was too shy.

[I took these three shots… with NO freaking MOOD at all. Scope, put up with Scope for another once. Obviously, this is the ART of slacking. LOL~]

♣♣♣   ♣♣♣

[I Want Nobody But You] I only yesterday watched Wondergirls’ performance. Sexy and good taste… makes anyone including Scope wants to be dancing among them. Maybe I should sign up for dancing. The point is many wishful artistes or starlets entered the entertainment industry without realising that for individuals’ interests, it is always the ONE song… ONE movie… I have usually seen many stars listing their whole portfolio of involvements in drama series…

The issue is, what’s the point?

The so-called 7 princesses is said to be left with only 3. If the news is true that Joanne Peh is heading for the red carpet soon, that’d be technically only 2 princesses left… Well, we have still one Queen Tay who should be leaving but still just won’t move. And a Phang has also left to start one drama entity with his wife, Tracy. ‘I want nobody but you’ makes 5 ordinary girls sexy and now selling to the world like hot cakes; that’s competition. Quantity is not important in this industry, quality is. Talent is. So what even if there were 1000 princesses in Mediacorpse? Do they have even one who can make it big?

Jesseca was one. But she goes nowhere.

Even if she stays… with Mediacorpse’s capabilities… “I want anybody BUT you…” It’s a general problem in Singapore. It’s not that this tiny island has no talents, but… gabbages usually thrive. I can’t give credit to the government for such meritocratic situation. They seriously want the money, and seriously don’t bother about talents… They have no respect for talents or human resource management. So… simply, when someone seems to make it, pay the gold through the teeth and try to dig the foreigner over. But Gong Li showed Singapore the way… Singapore is too weak, too lousy, too pathetic, and please… too defensive. In how many local drama series have you seen Chow Yun Fatt, Jet Li, Gong Li…

This is not an insult. This a result.

[Sometimes, I am wondering how wild things can go. Scope looks into the blank and for a moment, he feels lost. There she is, there she isn’t… not anymore. If I were to be 18 again… Alot of things would be different. You must click this image to feel the effect. It’s an illusion trick with file compression.]

[Ironman 2] I need to go off later… precisely because of this pile of metal returns. Good presentation but silly plot…

[I am not someone who believes in commitment without real love… because I’d dry up without love and romance. Women of the cultural desert… please avoid me. I’d kiss and hug you every morning, and tell you ‘I love you‘ every night; you’d either love it, or you’d not. It’s like the opera thing.]
[Not Thinking Straight] Scope landed in a forum recently; it’s a forum full of weird thinking problematic people… too juicy to miss, because there~ so many specimens to pick up. A woman was going through a lesson in marriage or her love life; and the forum was going bonkers trying to justify the judgement for their support of a woman against his husband… totally out of balance. Other than carrying out a simple procedure to extract the confusion, I have found pretty nasty readings. No matter, this forum is going for a ‘fair’ judgement denouncing me who points out the glaring issues with personal attacks while the voiceless husband is undergoing the mudslings based on the wife’s one-sided and… apparently at times  hilarious accusations and claims over her husband and the marriage.

Note that the wife has a baby with this husband.

Infidelity is the keyword in her pursue to free herself. Despite their ridiculous behavior, that was a forum and I have to inject something else to balance the totally skewed ‘discussion’. Firstly, I do not think the woman was looking for options right from the start. She started the thread with glaring issues that surprisingly the low-IQ forumers happily missed and supported her while throwing stones at the husband. I cannot conclude that the woman or the forumers will learn from such a lesson. This is typical of SIngaporean women. Don’t worry, I shun Singaporean type women; I don’t mind confess that they are ranked generally to the rock bottom for love interests and least for commitment.

Looking at the way those forumers conduct themselves show… I cannot accept a low-IQ partner whose major trait is to be refusing to confront her own problems and simply pushing every fault to other people. This woman, from psychological point of view, wants divorce right from the start of the thread, and she was like hoping to make herself look legitimate as though there isn’t another option. She doesn’t really care about her husband or the marriage or her own role or responsibilities for the whole thing right from the beginning of her choice. She blames her husband’s infidelity for wrecking the marriage… it’s as if she has no part of it. Looking at her response towards her own psychological results and my straight-to-the-point leads, as a counsellor put it, this woman… if I were to be her husband, I’d have regretted marrying her from what she shows me.

In my view, she wants the marriage with total ownership of her husband while giving him minimum love and wanting to be a mother in order to conform to social norms. But since love is, as she’d suppose, not the ultimate basis of marriage because of something more… important than love, she took the vow without hence the basis on love… so her husband cannot be said to be loved. THB said of the same thing before, the only thing is… Mr HB has not married her yet. See why this specimen in this forum is interesting? These women desire marriage much more than the love for their men, if there is even love to speak of in the first place.

Obviously, this forum cannot react logically and cannot think straight; yet they accuse Scope of not being logical and cannot think straight. How hilarious. Here the woman is going through her lesson, and none of them would learn anything from it but to yell like ignorant low-IQ elements… basically ignoring the fact that doing a divorce  means that the baby will become fatherless when the mother shalt gain custody. I am not offended by those assholes. Their thinking on relationship is like doing a balance sheet statement… without even the need to bother about balance. And many strange assumptions about myself come as a result.

Totally entertaining.

Typical Singaporean mentality. And one silly forumer even questioned me about this woman not being a Singaporean example… Is she a nutcase asking something without going through the brains? But I still answered her out of basic courtesy. Frankly speaking, these weirdos are simply trying to shoot blindly and even blankly… even to the sorry point of twisting what I said. A forum with no self-respect is quite normal. In a way, given such maturity of them, when they are going to face what lesson the woman has faced… It’d be highly interesting to observe their reactions. The woman’s husband’s true love appeared… the test from heaven comes early enough when there is only one baby. Imagine Irene Kang has to face a sex monster with four babies, heaven has been kind to this… incorrigible woman; she will not make a good wife in my opinion.

In my honest view, she’s trying too hard to be too smart.

I advocate a divorce in this case, for the sake of the husband. The woman has chosen to marry someone not out of love, she has chosen a man to have sex with and to carry his baby without seeing the need to fight for this man; this man can’t be too important… even being a father of her child.

People said, Singaporeans are conservative. Nosense. During the 60s, many couples lasted for a lifetime…Do you think they had not faced such issues? If the modern couples are conservative, what about the ‘ancients’? This is not conservative, this is just blind faith to a blind pursue, stubbornly ignorant to the basis of relationship… where the importance of elements have been all a messed-up. Divorce rate is of course high… with such conservative lots. I myself don’t really see much in marriage anyway.

In a relationship, if there is true love between me and somebody, we’d be together forever and ever.

If there is no true love, even without infidelity, for some any other reasons, a marriage can also be divorced. A billionaire who becomes bankrupt sees the wife taking the children leaving him… Actually common issue. If a woman loves a man, as in the man who married a Malaysian and a Singaporean’s story, the woman will risk everything to keep the man… not having extra resources to hire private eyes as the Singaporean wife did. If a woman loves a man, even if he is married, he’d be more than marriage. Marriage is merely a ceremony, a mortal creation to heaven’s fated will. That’s why I hope Kate will forever be in her slumber; she doesn’t deserve a genetically superior knight with the humiliation she offered in return.

The wife obviously values the infidelity or whatever else much more than the man she has chosen to have a legitimate sexual relationship with. She doesn’t understand the need to woo her man back. So be it she chose divorce or to ‘stay and suffer’… both paths are wrong for her. And she’s choosing the fate for her baby as well. She has the responsibility hence not of merely a wife but of a mother. Yet the entire forum suggested she ‘live to her fullest’ via a divorce. Weird.

If she cannot even live through this lesson that is much more easier than what heaven has bestowed Irene Kang with, how is she going to live to her fullest? She’d face the same risks, she’d likely to be stuck with more babies, and… she’d be getting too old for more options. As I said, she will either know what is real love from this lesson, or she’d never embrace it.

I was reading about THB’s recent claim of her great love towards Mr HB… in her latest rant online. How interesting. They are having an issue because of some silly photos of Mr HB’s ex-girl. What is love? What is real love?

Let’s just ask yourself, would one ever expect my feeling for Kate to just die off merely because she is married? So what’s about a few photos? What’s the most important thing in a relationship? It’s the one you love.

The woman in the forum is fighting for divorce, she did not lose the man. The man still wants her as a wife. In her relationship, marriage is like marriage for marriage’s sake. Pardon me for being so inhuman to point out so coldly… Actually am I the one who is inhuman? Instead of woo-ing him back, she chose… and her choice reveals that she has been honest, love is not the most important element in her marriage. I wonder what THB would do… LOL~ So what about a few photos? So what if HB is hugging someone else? So what if HB is married?

Without the basis of love, relationship is all but a fragile dream… marriage or not. One can only pray that such a test from heaven comes early or such a test shalt never come.

Why do you think Scope shuns Singaporean women? I am seeking true love, they are suckers for ‘commitment’. I don’t care what Jinny Kay or THB or whatever funny women will like to say, Applemag… these are Singaporean women. Nothing about what childhood trauma, this place is a cultural desert… the ratio of such women to those worthy women will be too radical. I am still trying to locate the origin of such ‘Trauma’; somehow, there must be a big source or troublemaker somewhere around the lives of such stupid women in this cultural desert killing all the love and bloating all the greeds towards blind and hollow commitment. Perhaps the source itself is merely due to the cultural desert.

So what about ‘conservative’? Are Singaporean women really conservative? They won’t understand why Romeo and Juliet died for one another. They won’t understand what Scope is driving at. But I’d rather be the nutcase than to conform to such stupidity. What you don’t love, you’d lose.

Another forumer comes to the forum with her own issue. She’s worried about sigma, because she has not yet divorced but was in the course of separation, and she met her ‘love’… or simply, another man. And she wanted to have a baby with that man, or simply… they are having sex already, she is probably pregnant and she’d be a pregnant bride… The counsellor is suggesting to her to properly end the legitimate relationship with the ex-husband before being indulged with this new love. When has man being his own God? If she has met her real love…

Scope says…

Fuck stigma. If he’s the one, just cheong! At least she already knows the ex-husband is not the one… Fuck whatever reasons why she and ex have married in the first place, if this new man is the destined one… Why wait? Why wait and another woman came into the picture, and things become more complicated? This is her life, this is her happiness, this will be her choice to make and to be responsibile for… at least she displayed maturity from her lesson. If she loves the man, she cheongs… Scope wishes her all the best, but… try not to lose. So I hope she really knows that this new man is really the man a match made already in heaven for her.

The plus point, this woman has like waken up; her faith for marriage is weakening, she is now fighting for love… She is now getting straight to the point. She knows what she wants. And I don’t think she really cares so much about stigmas. Women who care about stigmas won’t usually come to the public and expose the stigmas…

Despite the nosense from the forum, it’s a wealth of specimens. As for myself… It’s a lot more simple than those women. I am so inhuman, to me hence, I love you means I love you. Period.