[Yet another that you must click to see the embedded message. Scope is cooling down… Kathryn’s humiliation is too much to swallow. Please don’t let me encounter such women anymore. Send them anyone, anything… not Scope.]

Pray that the angel shalt not be humiliated by whom he loves again.

There were visions when I first met Kathryn; then now… I am certain my curse over her is broken. It seems that for the very moment I have decided to return to Singapore, heaven has already prepared the mechanism to break this spell. If I really love Kate, I’d end up seeing that… choice of hers that seems a remote chance of such sight; Upon seeing the spell will break, because I’d never accept myself to be humiliated in the honor of love to such obviously ridiculous extent.

Even hookers generally won’t prefer such a man…

She was the only Singaporean whom I’d consider to be an eternal love interest, no more local craps. Perhaps he’s really rich or something… Just as Liv said, no decent girls go for money.

[These are the true ways of reading… Fuck care the storms…]

I was prepared to wait for her to be free again, and even prepared to take her away when she’d call… but after looking at this… … man… I can’t bring myself to war against an oversized balding clown for a humiliation. I have always thought Kathryn would seriously have found someone much better genetically than myself… I just can’t believe what I saw!!! He was far far far from my wildest imagination… and beyond anything I could have reached. To be exact… if I were to be him, I’d hang myself.

God has the path set out, Scope is real towards her he’d dig Mr A out, and… Mr A is the key to break the curse. All along, the naughty God has made the arrangement for his game… The moment Kathryn gave herself away to such a man, the key appears. Once Scope passes the test, I got the key to free myself.

Why I hate Singaporean girls…

But I don’t think I have much more time to bother about seeking love. I have… other issues to switch my attention to. My Dad has made his first million long long ago… he is now old, anytime now… he’d finally be retiring. And Scope is the only heir… in an environment however totally not easy to make it as in his time would be, but who knows? I am observing the situation closely. I have always wanted a girl who will fall in love with me because of me… If I were to take over, I am sure Cat will change her direction of struggle… from to leave to to stay.

Which unworthy woman doesn’t want to be a tai tai?

And if I were to be stuck in a crisis, such women will only leave… making it even more impossible to overcome the crisis. What is an income of $8,000 a month? Just a pile of insignificant shit in the eyes of Scope. I can made $400 a day, $10,000 a month by doing sales for other small companies. I played golf during college, went to fancy high class restaurants during college, could afford to buy a car with my allowance during college… I could even buy a country club membership. Whenever people flaunt their wealth in front of my frugal self… Go ahead. I have lost my taste for those food, I don’t like golf because I tried and never think I’d know how to land a ball in a tiny hole, I don’t like prostitutes… not even starlets. I like honorable people, I like honorable girls who treat love seriously, I like beautiful minds.

I thought I’d love Kathryn forever. She’s not worth it anymore.

[Read in your dreams in perfect peace…]

Is there nowhere… where I can find somebody who’d really love Scope for who he is… and in times of difficulites shalt stay faithfully and fight alongside with me? Is that unrealistic? Is that naive? Being a son of an entrepreneur, I know one simple thing: A woman can aid you to the highest of your potential or can destroy you. That’s why I am kicking Cat away… Not because I don’t love her, but because she’s the destructive type. In face of crisis, she will not hesitate to give me more problems for her own idiotic willfulness and petty reasonings, and she’d betray again, she’d leave again, she’d never even try to be one bit constructive to my survival. She’s plain stupid.

Here’s a shoot that can grow to the skies… yet she is busy digging the roots for as many ginsengs…

Lynn said it is a pity that I am not keeping her… What the fuck does Lynn know? She had two chances… she never treasured any. If I take over Dad, with my investment skills… and make it big, I am sure Cat will crawl all the way back without me asking. I do not trust anyone, not to say to believe in women who won’t make the mark. Business is not for fun. She doesn’t even care about my investment… It’d be too dangerous to keep her around when I am struggling to keep things afloat.

I don’t want to make a daily profit of anything under $1,000 if I take over my Dad. If I do something, if I dig something, I want results, and I’d go all the miles. I went to Beijing… even prepared to die in some mishap, and met Hilary. Such a pity, there won’t be forever with a woman who couldn’t trust her man. I am the type of man who doesn’t bother to be poor and be called a loser by the world… if and only if the woman I love love me so dearly. The world can rot for fuck I care…

I am a good guy, I deserve a good girl.

She doesn’t have to be the most beautiful, she doesn’t have to be rich, she doesn’t have to even be a virgin… In fact, I’m prepared to accept Kathryn if she were to be free again. What I look in a girl for… is very simple: Real Love. And  the easiest way to know a girl is when you are struggling, when the world calls you a loser, when your eyes are keen on the girl… and watch her every move, every heartbeat… of how much you will be meant to her. A handsome guy will age, a rich guy can fall, but if a guy can meet a girl whose feeling for him will never change… sounds unrealistic, but that’s the ultimate one Scope has been seeking for.

Understand how the curse over Kathryn is broken…? She obviously doesn’t understand… real love.

[Ignore everything including death… I don’t understand. The curse should be broken, but why do I feel… I don’t understand.]

But before all these… current issues still need current attention. What’s the use of high IQ if you can’t deal with them? Scope needs to find something to sell… so with his energy and wisdom level back after the curse is broken, he must start doing market research. In any business dealing… never pour in your own capital. See? The first rule of a frugal miser… You must go into the society and convince people to open their wallets to pay you for each thing you want to do; selling something is the most direct method.

I am reading about Tang Wei (汤唯). A respectable girl who doesn’t want to sleep with filthy rich… Scope has deep admiration for such a female specie. Find yourself a man you’d love, and a worthy man. If I were to be acting in China, I’d probably woo her with everything I got. But of course, if I do act in China… wooing her will only mean the end of my career. LOL~ See? That’s the entertainment circles… a huge political playground based on sex and money. Scope cannot fall in love with a girl who doesn’t care to respect herself… no matter how beautiful she is.

I seek true love, not merely sex.

And I am not prepared to lower my standards.