[Never expected her to be online. Fuck… … Very fair… I break women’s hearts, a woman breaks mine. Restored Scope’s facebook account, go on blogging… sorting things out. Totally lost when it comes to her. IQ drops all the way down to zero, and after a decade… I did something stupid again. There is only one way… die, then reborn. She is the destined… destined punishment ie. … … Something is so wrong with me.]

Nobody cheats love and deserves commitment.

This girl has a problem… http://the-hb-diaries.blogspot.com/2010/03/until-they-became-part-of-my-story.html A problem many bloggers would be facing with. And I am surprised she is facing this too. As for Scope, he fuck care.

You asked, why do I prefer to share my problems here? It’s not like I did not voice out our problems. You chose to ignore and I am merely seeking second opinion. Most of the time, it is a better way to demand actions on your part.

You asked, why do I hesitate to let friends know what my activities but willingly share it here. Strangers make better friends because strangers does not dig and bitch and claim I live off men.

Men I was involved in never had problems readng my blog until they became part of my story.

So, I am not allowed to write about my life especially my sex life anymore? I am my own writer. I am my own editor. It’s not like I post pictures of you and people recognise you off the street.

You should not brag about dating me in the first place because I do not appreciate such attention. FYI, I do not like exposing my face on national paper because I value my privacy all this time prior that. If I knew it involved exposing my identity I’ll never agree to it.

This place has always been my problem sharing place and if you have issues, stop reading. If you do decide to leave, never visit this place ever again because you are not welcomed to my life anymore.

The underlined section is the main blogging problem… in Singapore. Especially in Singapore, because this place is a cultural desert, so if you blog about flying while having sex near the atmosphere with Superman, people will probably believe you. What Ministry of Love and Justice has for her is pretty straight forward…

Consider your boy’s stance… if his friends know your problems too much before he does… and know how sexual you are more than him…

There is nothing wrong to share… but cyberspace isn’t a good pastor.


I sometimes share my thoughts online… but many private stories (the relationship part, the girls’ part) are made up (or not, people must think and consider for themselves).

If your bf’s frens know about your blog… better be reserved in your sexual interests and those other things…

For me, it’s ok. My bedroom is 24hrs empty but me, so I can fuck any issues and tell any tales I want. Nobody has the rights to bother me on (eg) telling anyone I fuck an alien or lust after a chicken…

My suggestion to you is think through… Which is more valuable. The hits, or him? You still lust after this botak, right? LOL~

Blogosphere is a flux, there is no such things as definite or credibility that while many described blogs as online diaries, fact is… they are also people who used blogs as credible sites selling news. And fact is in online diaries, pigs can fly while in some online diaries pigs can’t fly. Ministry of Love and Justice cannot stressed enough that virtual reality is NOT necessarily reality after all. While the pretty girl has made her blog her problem sharing place, the problem is still: real or not? In a way, we have talked about this…

[When your beloved is peeping] Online diary or physical diary, they are subjected to people’s ‘illegal peeps’. Insofar a nature as such, there is no basis for defamation. But the real headache always comes when your boss, your colleagues and worse… the ones who matter alot in your life play smart and take a peep. And the game also goes like reading ‘She is a girl’ to evolve eventually into ‘She was a gay’ regardless how the original idea should be. And worse… A lousy jackass fucking doing a human reproductive function called sexual intercourse with Wendy Chong will give you an impression that he’s the most suitable candidate to market family values to the pigs via his blogging. Perhaps he is. Perhaps he isn’t. Such a blog to Scope, to you, to him, to her will mean different things accordingly to your IQ levels, for instance.

Using logic to read a blog is hence necessary.

For instance, logically speaking… if Scope is blogging about having sex with Hirosue, it’d be not just shiok but begging the logical question of how can he do that? Simple. He has no restrains. Unlike this TeeHedgeBee, Scope answers to no one. And very often, I won’t be surprised if I date this TeeHedgeBee, she may be the most covered-up shy girl who is totally allegic to sex… And no points for discovering that the most beautiful girl you have chatted online with for months turned out to be a man. Who is cheating you?

Cyberspace is just virtual reality, and who has forced you to believe in anything virtually real?

However, people whom you may have known in real life may be reading… so watch out if those big mouths are also the ones who will never be interested to talk to you or know you but are very eager to share 101 about you… and in this cultural desert, that’s so common. TeeHedgeBee is protesting… is she really protesting? If she is, and she is a she in the first place… does she love her blog more than that guy she’s fucking lala with? We can comment, we can judge, but the truth is…

This is virtual reality!

So the courts must be aware 101%.  You can get some ideas from blogging, read about other people but… please don’t be stingy with your pinch of salt.

[Real Vs Unreal] A person’s IQ level will help determine how one will decide with processing info. Using Ministry of Love and Justice as example… from the blogger’s depth of wide-based knowledge and acute grasp of issues, when one read hence the ‘written rules’, what should be one’s reaction? Observing the style of writting, the depth of his cultural enrichment, one would form a more or less logical insight of what are behind the rants. Assuming that Scope tells you that he is the god of political science, will you believe that? If Scope tells you that his IQ is 194, will you believe that? If Scope tells you that he is very poor, will you believe that? If Scope tells you his stock purchase in one trade is by the 100lots, can you believe that? How many girlfriends do you believe Scope has currently?

If I tell you it is Zero… will you believe that?

If Scope tells you he is a good guy, will you believe that?

Actually, other than the photos… as in all CGPs, they are telling you one thing about this blog, it’s just for fun! Only the Scope in the CGPs is real… and absolute, everything else you’d need to think. Really, nothing is really real in virtual reality.
[Tell me, what’s more important than sleeping in peace and dream about the sweetest things you so desire? To wake up and continue dreaming.]

Confession Of Dragon Balls.

Cindy Crawford was right… I really was in love with Kathryn, but I faked drunk as well. I cannot be drunk, see? Those Shan Xi wine-folks couldn’t get me drunk, how could anyone else get me drunk with one tiny silly long-island tea? The red heart at her facebook indicates she’s on relationship or perhaps married. It’s ok, I can take it. Because I am moving elsewhere to start afresh… Actually, it is because I don’t have a choice. I have to accept the turns of fate, and must observe the honor to respect a woman’s choice. Kate had broken my heart more than a decade back, it can’t be any worse now. The reason why I will be avoiding her is really… She is the most lethal weapon to hurt me.

And there is something else she can hurt me on…

Cat used to be the most damaging, but ever since she left and has her own kitten with a stray… while I still love her, I am totally pissed with her family who is seriously bad influence… and I am now pissed with her for her ways. She has been hoping to return to China… when I perceive that she is not readied to. I had flown all the way back to tend to her, now that she has recovered she is flirting with the idea of leaving my protection and get herself hurt again. I have warned her months’ back… if she is going to be so silly, it’d be her irrational and stupid choice to make. But it is unlikely that I’d fly all the way back to hurt another in order to care for her again. I have made too much sacrifices for her willfulness. I have given her the world’s time to change…

I am so pissed that recently, I messaged Hilary that if that should be the case, I’d have to let her go… and leave for Europe. I need real love, I need to realise my dreams, and I don’t need a cat with so many stupid ideas. How in the fuck can she survive and raise that kitten without a decent job that pays like what she’s getting in Singapore? If she can piss me off, she has totally recovered from her ordeal. I do love her, but it is almost impossible to go on like this. I don’t mind the kitten, I am so unhappy with her family and I am so tired… But I am more than happy to keep her in her own room, see her everyday than to let her go free fall.

I know how stupid women are… I know men better.

Then I uncovered Kate’s facebook these few days ago. More frustrated. Because she’s definitely the so-said destined school mate in the prophecy done by two ridiculously accurate fortune tellers.

However… I don’t really trust fortune tellers, if not for them to have been so accurate by now.

But I cannot condemn them yet…

I myself… if that facebook must be in real, would have plenty of ‘red hearts’ as well. So how in the fuck can I go so soon to condemn their misfortune telling?

Maybe that facebook is a setup. But logically speaking, no logical points to support that logic. Before she cursed me in another decade for not remembering her, I have sent a hello msg, then an SOS msg for Project S.

[Left 4 Dead 2]  I know Cat and her friends could be reading these rants, so may Kate and Hilary… I won’t change the way I am blogging, but I’d change the game that I am having fun with. Please… life is hard for Scope, his love is leaving or hugging another, so I need to vent my horrible karma… Instead of massacre of the entire city, you get to blow off the heads of every thing that moves in ‘Left 4 Dead 2’. Yup~ I am on ‘Left 4 Dead 2’. I like the sniper rifle, and I like to encourage those who are forming a team with me to please go steady.

We have to cover everyone, and being alone with a fucking Smoker is sure death, And everyone is dashing while I have to do catch-ups. The good news is, for a sniper as Scope, during the final fights such as at the concert scene, I automatically snipe at the Specials from a great distance at the back to the walls while the rest efficiently killed those waves charging at us. Feels like good old days…

[Money Mind] As I have blogged, I am increasing my holdings in local bourse for the 3000 points cheong. Report season is coming, and this is the most play-safe year so I expect many companies will start painting a rosy pictures doing their accounts right to get the most of the pink economy. Even donkeys know this is the time to convert useless money into useful papers… So my local wealth level increases by pumping some liquidity into Singapore for my personal game. If you are some pussies girls, don’t play with heart attack following my reckless investment style.

Just like those magic stunts, the reason why I last minute did not invest a cent in JAL is because I cheated… You talked to the right people, you know there won’t be a 7th time for JAL, so plans off.

The ‘Bunch Of Pigs’ has their plan already on the table, NEC is there, restructure fees paid, market capitalisation is now like a big fucking balloon… Notice a huge hand is on the counter. Hopefully the CEO will work wonders pushing the prices up high high asap. What else…

♥♥♥   ♥♥♥

I am not in a good mood now. Too many private issues generated by uncontrollable sources. This place is like some sort of bloody desert, I am going to swim. Scope has a habit as that Percy demi-god joker, I love to be immersed in the pool and listen to the flows. Fucking paradise… I have tried. I must let go, again.