[A typical feeding day in Singapore. It’s seriously just eat, shit and sleep till I seek prospects outside Singapore later on in the year. So freakingly boring…]
Evening with a beautiful bloody sky with us window shopping around Somerset, and I was pulling Elaine’s hand while using the other to fondle her ponytail. I like girls with neat tails, very sweet. I was going to whisper something to her left ear when somebody called me from behind. It wasn’t the happiest face despite being honestly pretty that I’d love to come across…

“You are Diana’s guy, right? So why are you flirting with her?” And I was wondering who she was, Elaine was looking at me as I was observing the new pretty face. Her big eyes were getting round with a very adorable pair of lips. But her choice of earrings made her looked much older… which was just poor taste.

“Pardon me, but… do you really seriously like those earrings…”

She was about to burst when Diana walked up to us from the ladies, so I was holding Elaine’s hand and Diana was grabbing my arm, and this girl… I didn’t know what she was thinking. We let Diana talked to her, and grabbed the movie. It is more economical to make arrangement to accompany more per trip than to take them one by one to the cinema. Pat was already waiting for us at Bugis.

“Why are you people so late, we’re going to be late!” Pat’s real problem was she hated to wait.

“Come on, sweet, we got held up. We’re going to miss the ads only.”

Pat literally stared at both girls… “Are you sure it’s not Scope being late again?”

“Dear, we’d be missing the opening if we just stand here and talk. It was a cousin, she saw us, we chatted.” Diana said this while her grip on my arm apparently tightened.

I literally faced Pat’s interrogation that night as she was exploring the truths… nothing but the truths since I had not asked Diana what was her cousin doing there. Pat was clearing her leaves, a break from her lecherous boss. Naturally, both of us don’t like what Jack Neo had done. Her boss likes to tease women’s breast sizes and talk about her choices of stockings, which are totally not work-related. Such topics are only shared with her man in the bed. The movie was ok, then we went to Carl’s Junior… so reminding me of classmates’ gathering. Pat’s job is stressing, she wanted relief and stayed for two years before she kicked her current boss into dirt history; I first met her in tears when I was strolling aimlessly around Funan.

Many guys walked pass this long hair weeping lass, and then she got an offer to wipe her face… I was the only one who offered the tissue… cheap 50cts a package for a girl’s attention of a lifetime. Worth it. Pat is normal, no fetish no speacial ‘hobby’. Her ex of 4 years dumped her for another and… I told her she looked like a clown since her make-up was soaked in her tears. Strange enough, she didn’t kick me into the river for that. Perhaps she was intending to do it alone, so… next thing I knew after a month, we were seeing each other alot. Pat needs plenty of pampering, and in the bedroom, she’s queen.

Frankly put, she has been complaining about me spending more time on Yun and the rest of the girls than on her. Irrational complaints… as she is also the queen of OTs, so that makes her pretty unreasonable for trying to monopolise.

Anyway, her opinion is Irene Kang should have dumped Jack Neo. It is not exactly the most original sentence on this scandal so far.

“How can she face her husband? He’s such an asshole… he just wanted sex with all those girls.”

I sealed her lips for a moment… enough to make her breathless for the night. I slided my finger down her spines triggering a burst of laughter. Women are most itchy around the waist area, and they’d become big cats rolling all over… roaring when you do that.

“Dear, a woman will always have to make her own choice…”

Then her eyes lingered on my face for a moment… wanting to say something, but instead she kissed me. I refused to guess. Even if you could accurately tell what she had wanted to say, it would not be what she would necessarily do or want, or to be even coherent with what she’d say next. Point was, she was there in my arms. The next thing I knew, she was already asleep. I swept her long hair for a spot on her forehead to print my kiss. I didn’t tell her that I intended to go to the beach at 5am for the sunrise. It was already 3am plus. I picked up her undies and dress, folded them up and placed them on her dresser.

Yun was away in Melbourne. I sms-ed her to find out when I could fetch her from the airport.

Morning drive was usually a pleasure… no jams, and fresh air. I am the type of driver who loves his window open and feels the thrill from the gusts, a preference of the classical romantic soul on the run. Jack Neo has fucked Wendy Chong for two years… but I doubt he’d feel the climax of life everytime he ejaculated. A very simple reason of why Scope rejected ugly rich women is simply because he detested the sorry feeling of hollowness. Jack Neo’s psychology is a big problem… He doesn’t need sex theraphy, he’s not sick. Fucking is a man’s natural instinct. What he needs is love theraphy. He is immoral, he viewed women as cunts, not women. His only pleasure with them is just to poke everyone of them with his sorry sausage, and he’s guilty… and the more guilty he is, he’d fight on and on and on in a self-denial that he has completely lost. His illusion of a victor in life was shattering as he found his exploits crushing down on him.

Who really missed him?

Wendy Chong? The Wendy Chong he himself has never loved?

Or Foyce…?

Why’d he be missing a Foyce he’d end up slamming against just years later?

His game was breaking down alongside with his illusion… An old ugly fat pitiful animal suddenly found a mirror in the public and struggled to deny who he really was. Other than his J-team, how many in the local entertainment sector supported him and how many more condemned him? So begone… the most ‘popular’ director of Singapore. In reality, after so many years… he is really a much hated personality. Reality can be pretty cruel. What he needs is to be realistic with women. Women want love.

Jack Neo, nobody will really miss you.

I drove all the way down to West Coast, settled on a swing waiting for sunrise. As a boy, I liked to load myself on a swing… and I liked to watch the blue seas. It was a feeling I didn’t understand then; it’s called ‘romantic’. I met Lih, I watched the seas alone. I met Kate, I still watched the seas alone. I met Cat, I still watched the seas alone. I met Hilary, I still watched the seas alone. I met Yun, and the rest… I decided to watch the seas alone. I am too used to watching the beautiful seas becoming a golden bed alone. Nobody who I shalt meet in this life is around, I am destined to watch over the seas alone.

Sunrise is beautiful. It has always been a few hours of majestic pleasure mankind has been blessed upon which is both free and serene. During my college days, I usually stayed for the precious view, then cycled like crazy to college… The reason why Jack Neo’s movies are junks is because he himself is basically hollow a vessel. His junks are more like those noises in those socio-politico sites… sounding very chim, but pretty hollow.

Someday, perhaps everyone I love will accompany me on the swings and taste the marvelous beauty of mother-nature. Very romantic fat wish indeed.

Everyone loves me, but none loves me… none of them will know where I was.