[Little Lynn woke up early in the morning, probably staring at the celling or playing with Facebook. Scope is no big girl, so he ventured into the night… or morning. I am in no great mood recently, and I like to be alone. I don’t like this bloody world, but the serenity suits me well. I sure hope that the world will never wake up…]
Never will I understand why some girls will say Scope is a bad boy, it’s not as if they have known me for ten seconds to pass such motion judgement. And why so many are like telling the world Jack Neo is any better. #1 Firstly, I have never raped any pussy subjecting them under any forms of threats or pressures. Secondly, none of my girls complained so why should anyone else sweep a judgment in like that? I respect Kathryn’s privacy, I have never forced my dick on Hilary or did anything bad to Cat, and I am still very concern about Lih’s condition that before I go…

Lih, where in the fuck are you now? #2

Scope has totally recovered from the shock that Kate has been online. #3 I miss her so badly that I am prepared to miss her for another decade or two. I won’t grow old, she would. I never thought she would be on facebook. Her world is about good job good money and my world is about being a good man then goodbye. I have come to realise this long before I met her again, that… she’s not a woman for high romance. She won’t love watching the cheeky  moon smiling at us  and count the stars to the end of the galaxy with ole Scope, she’s just not the type who’d dance with me whole night long round and round and round. But she’s the type who does look wonderfully attractive in long gowns…

Yet she is not the type who will tolerate the other women of Scope. #4

And I am not the type who’d sms her “I miss you!” and try to do her in a car. I’m the type when my parents have left to be poking Jackass with my prized Uzi. And I am glad that Jack Neo is now condemned into hell and no more news to blog about since… Look at all those typing done just for a 50yo oldie pervertous dick who just refused to give up. Foyce did a good job, and she deserves a kiss from Scope, with bad breathe as complement. I have sorted out in just two days. #5 I am the type who would have folded each and every star and loaded up a jug, she’s the type who has little need for romance.

If she’s the destined school mate for me by heaven’s will, the fortune tellers are all wrong. She’s… just incompatible.

Scope is a drop-dead romantic, she’s a…#6

[Nobody can see the path ahead. My best estimation won’t be better than that dead leaf because it was ahead of me. Point is, I need to seek my fortune elsewhere… and I can only do what I have to do. I am seriously fed up… but I was already prepared to be so fed up when I returned to Singapore. This city… a host to some of the worst critters and running foul in almost every corner due to money and sex.]
But still, I finally did myself a favor by locating her online. I had mustered up some courage to engage her before. Yes. It was a big mess. That was way a long way back. I never regreted that attempt because just as I calibrated my long-neck, I couldn’t shun how I felt for her back then. So in spite of  a total failure, and becoming a laughing stock to Cindy Crawford and duo, I considered that part being a good growing process. Years later, I was actually proud of myself since that showed that Scope has not been a Kentuckey Chicken after all. A man has to do what a man has to do. If I haven’t been embarassed, I’d never had an answer, and that’d be yet another regret of my puny life.

So how can any girl says that I am bad?

I am a pig that actually flies.

While I’d never get to taste her lips, I am glad to know she is still kicking and alive whenever her facebook vibrates a little. Superman does say it is still very safe to fly, but he gets to say that because he is there to land that cock-up plane. She’d play her facebook and I’d fool around in my blog. And yes, Scope is back to normal again. So let’s roll on. I got my answer at least more than a decade back from her. I wish her all the best, with love.

A man must always be prepared to respect a woman’s choice #7, no matter how heart-breaking it might be. That’s how you become a real man.

Forget about all those bulls during NS telling you all sorts of nosense of how to be a real man. Major Jack Neo is not a real man, he’s 50yo, and he’s a jackass. Trust me, when you can let go as easily as you can hug women, you’d have become a real man. I am not here confessing anything she doesn’t already know. So let’s move on.

Who knows what’s next in this box of chocolates? #8

[Scope has no love for pubs, for those wines and… he is so disgusted with those sexy girls who are there for the Davids and the Tiens to poke and make a record out of. Sluts will never fit into this garden… Something got into my eyes when the camera made the shot. No eyes to see… Tell me again, people are seeking commitment without the basis of love, I’d just laugh it off. That shows they ain’t even know what commitment is about. Isn’t this world beautiful without those silly women’s big talks… about things they obviously no know?]

Dragon Balls In A Tiger Year.

Time is 2.02am, piano tune fills the air with romance and once again, we are back in business. Thank you for reading Scope’s nosense. Everybody loves nosense, why not you? In another few hours’ time, I have to step out of Singapore again. I have decided to increase my holdings to fish the STI 3,000 cheong of the year, whereby it is very likely that a madness would come end of 2010… which would be a perfect time to pull up your pants and run for the cover #9. 2011 is a very dangerous year for Singapore’s bourse. Luckily, this world is not only about the stock market.

The ‘Bunch of Pigs’ doesn’t rebound, that is sad news. With a S$7m restructure fee paid and a new CEO, the share price is still like shit. But this counter is different in its own category, and the restructuring exercise is planned beyond 2010 right from the beginning. If the positive P/L doesn’t work, the market capitalisation should be large enough for an extension. Know why I have been holding onto this counter? It is like some rehearsed freak show… Even the warrant was planned for end 2011. And this counter usually shoots up drastically every one or two years. Assuming NEC is really doing its job and the restructuring goes through, earnings per share will fly through$0.105~ Won’t be a great profit, but it’d be educational. This counter would likely be a big surprise towards the mid year of the Tiger.

The ‘Buddhist Robe’ has a problem with SGX with regards to the annual report. But there were two dividends paid out just this year. And as compared to stinking counters such as drop-dead Eagle, its current price is fucking dirt cheap! It should have become more than $0.10 as STI breaks into 2,800 and now heading for 2,900 (breached). This one will be the surf board to ride the bulls. If some people are frying the counter, you can expect the low free float counter to hit even $0.20~ This counter should benefit from climbing prices for property counters.

As for 2nd Chance, the major disaster in the 50% loss of profits is mainly due to revised valuation of the properties during the slump, while their earnings actually increased. Given the current upswing, the share price is threatening the 40cts level by the coming financial report. It is likely that the properties would be revalued back upwards.  The warrants should be worth no lesser than 4cts. So anything lesser than 3cts is a bargain. Once the share price hits 40cts and beyond, the warrant will go beyond 5cts. It’s like sure-make. I had a whole chunk of warrants at 1 ct sold for 4cts…

And I have more for the bullish ride up.

The big picture is looking up as credit expansion is pulled up another notch with USA and Japan both killing themselves by blowing up deficits and releasing liquidity into their systems. That means huge money to be coming to the growth markets in Asia. If this is not the time to load up on penny stocks, I don’t know when is. Singapore minister Mr Mah seems to have nothing more in his sleeves to control the sky high prices on the loose, which also means more liquidity to come on books to be channeled into the local stock market. That means the market is going to collapse… but that’d not be before a mad run up. Scope advocates Mr Mah deserving a good pay hike for his empty sleeves.

Since Obama is increasing the deficits to increase employment, it’d be pretty difficult to expect them to raise interest rates significantly anytime soon. That means the dollars will be raped in a way. Increased deficits is about the same as blowing up the inflation balloon in a very extreme faulty resource reallocation.  But that would be an issue for the year 2011. Find those low volumn low free float stocks and prepare for the big waves of liquidity to come!

And toast to the year of the Tiger!

I need a fucking hair cut. Any beauties up for the job? #10

#1 It seemed that lackeys of this Jackass were calling for Wendy’s death and trying to slam Foyce as hard as possible. Keep your head like Scope, and ignore their bulls.

#2 The old hero is still very worried about her… Her body condition after her operation had been most shocking. Joke books ain’t my only interest, they include biology, sociology, psychology, finance… anything excluding politics, which is what Scope’s weakest on it. Can I know you are alright just before Judgement Day, Lih?

#3 I am not just experienced in corpses… she has changed the Education perhaps from the Junior College to her Secondary School. If a classy woman doesn’t wants her privacy intruded, a vampire simply stays out on the doorsteps. It’s a battle of the sexes I am more than willing to go on a truce… forever.

#4 I don’t care what sort of girl she belongs to, she’s just not the type who’d love me. Bad news.

#5 I must give myself a pat on the shoulder, if any of my hands can do that… Anyway, I am definitely improving. I am alright now. Look, if I can recover so quickly on this lass, no other girls in this world will be anymore a shocker.

#6 It seems that she did a quiz on herself in facebook yielding that she’s a ‘classy’ one, the type of girls Scope usually will steal a second glance on. Long legs, long gowns, great taste of classical music like myself, the appreication to everything to cleanse your fucking soul, and if she’s a man she’d also be anti-hookers. I have never cheated myself, I see one I know one. Which probably explains why I still feel strongly for her. It’s like the right key to the right keyhole. What does turn me off is for a classy woman, she has joined MINDs… trying to educate the low IQs… IQ 160 are bad news… trying to educate IQ 30 is… so hard to comprehend. No wonder I never run into her in town… she’s busy doing useless things, Scope never does unnecessary things. What I did for her, however, was pure retard… maybe she’d have volunteered her assistance to me. Look, I am not against helping people… But is that the best use of resources? One must be most efficient in allocation of resources before we try anything funny. Knowing this is useful, I’d keep myself updated with MINDs’ events, and avoid those places.

#7 Make no mistake, women are great in making nosensical and irrational and some of the most irresponsible choices you simply must give them credit for using the breast to think… But you have to respect their choices. Just like retards, it is very difficult to change their minds when they don’t see things the way you do.

#8 I simply don’t understand how the ‘prophecy’ will come true. This is one of the two prophecies I enjoy having a disbelief in.

#9 Running for cover doesn’t mean the storm has crushed down upon you… but the red alert should be on. So don’t get me wrong.

#10 Dear ladies and gentlemen, it’s Wednesday again…