[There is never a worthy girl for a liar. Wendy Chong may have ‘loved’ Jack Neo… when so many other guys in town are out of love. She is the epitome of why it is such remote prospect of searching for real love among the retards. I can love a girl for centuries hoping she’d find someone who’d love her more than I am. But when can you ever expect a girl to make rational decisions… Hence, girls always become women due to the guys who just want sex… and everyday, we hear them saying girls want real love. Who is the liar?]

Guys want sex, girls want love, Scope wants both.

One side effect of Jack Neo’s unwashed fight is now the seemingly large interest in the coverage of local entertainment scene, which is what this blog is talking cock about. They tried to cover Eric Khoo who had like no comment and Dick Lee who laughed off his pants, and there are talks about how local agencies being professional and clean… And actually if a rich wants to fuck a local star the whole night, the general price is about S$10,000, and that is… of course, not the scope of such reports. It’s pretty interesting as I laughed reading the article… When Jack Neo was promoting family lifestyles and such, do you expect him to tell you he was sexually harassing the girls from Thailand to Singapore, and was busy fucking Wendy Chong? Can you even believe he was only fucking one Wendy Chong?

His dear ‘son’ Ah Nam has the answer, making Jack Neo a Jacky Chan of Singapore.

I decide not to bother with my views from my time having fun at TCS then Mediacorpse as a calefare with regards to this nosense. Frankly put, Jack Neo wasn’t like that. So was Mark Lee. They just changed. And I won’t bother to believe that article though I am seriously keen to know what Eric Khoo has… or what those reporters could have dug out from this chap. There seems to be no comment from him, but I did hear alot about him that is why I am so interested. And don’t expect Scope to share anything here. The reason why I could have almost confidently pinned down Jack Neo’s scandal as real quickly is simply because I had heard enough of his rumors years back.

And I don’t think he is thinking of repent.

Now that he is wiggling out to the open again, even to be promoting his latest junk film, what about Mark Lee’s intention of a new setup? Be meticulous, spot the interesting point. The old pervert is slamming those who have claimed to be sexually harassed by him and now out declaring he is making more junk movies to come. And what about Mark Lee’s declaration of a new team of his own? And where are the two tight slaps?

Young girls and their beloved parents, if you choose to be naive nobody can stop you.

I am not worried for this PBM. The government has plenty of money to make him fatter, plenty of contracts to favor him just as the Health Board is what… collaborating to feed auntie Zoe Tay when there are so many other better choices than this ‘queen of a molehill’ who should have long disappeared from this ailing sector to be auntie housewife. And it is probably true, many crooks in Singapore are resorting to legal threats to silence people, as the one reportedly refused to suck the cock of a desperate director mentions. Naturally that Andy Ong is not that creative to be original with legal threats. This is the world Singapore has become. Period.

I don’t trust Jack Neo, nor Mark Lee, nor Mediacorpse, nor all those Dick Lees and Khoos. I only trust my Project S, the perfect hobby that no Singaporeans would support. Fine. The moral high ground is too high for most, if not all, Singaporeans. And while Jack Neo can’t be trusted, I totally anticipate a huge cache of womanizing scandals hidden within his asshole in his capacity as a PBM… and that I believe. Whatever nosense the Neos are saying, I simply discount any talks as shows. I am no Minister Yeo, I know too well to bother with Jack Neo’s nosense.

And Foyce is like preparing to confront Jack Neo’s slamming… and she is like said to have the handphone records. Marvelous.  Allow me to, on BG Yeo’s behalf, call for rallying behind those sexually harassed or abused women who are confronting a cunning but low-IQ Christian movie director who has no shame raising simpletons such as that Ah Nam… Why are crooks in Singapore related to the government always have such similar traits? Shameless and raising a whole bunch of simpletons… I seriously admire the courage of Wendy the slut and those girls. That includes Maelle’s mama. However, they are disguested with Neo on senseless social norms, I am disgusted with Neo’s shameless fucking only because he is a plain love-less dick. If Wendy and Neo love each other, am I supposed to attack either of them?

I can’t. See?

Scope is more like an ally of a different course. Women… Maelle, you are of French origin, if Wendy loves Jack truly and Jack loves Wendy truly, would you split them up? Or would you attack either? And Jack is an obvious immoral monster who now is eligible by law to be sleeping with Irene Kang every night for at least another 20 years… Will you sleep with such a monster because you are still legally married?

Many people have too naive a thought that Singapore is a simple place. With PBM like Jack Neo and supporters right from the cabinet… how innocent can it be? You heard his beloved simpleton… in Singapore, men fuck women for fun is normal. Why didn’t Scope think of that? I don’t mind advocating him if he allows me to have fun with his wife and daughter. They will certainly have more fun with Scope than an old dangling sausage, which is only normal an expectation.

There are just too many assholes out there in tiny Singapore. It’s just so crappy! And I urge more girls, who are perhaps also threatened, to stand out… not just to pin down Jack Neo, but those who are fucking you for fun that is ‘normal’. Please don’t be sex toys. Your beloved parents deliver you into this world not to be sex toys of those disgusting monsters. But Foyce is not on her own, Scope supports her crusade. Win or lose, without folks like you there is no hope for a better world. She is not the only one who has a disgusted impression of the entertainment circles… Obviously, Scope is another. Which is why I don’t trust anything else than Project S. And I am wondering why she is signing herself to Taiwan. Taiwan’s a complete mess… with magnitude no lesser than Singapore’s.

I don’t understand why she has to apologise to the Neos earlier. Look at the shameless SunShine Empire duo. What is there to apologise to shameless couples? That duo go around cheating people’s money of a scale relatively that of Madoff in USA and they still can be presented by a Subhas Anandan. I know this jokers’ management… and those issues, and the rich in Singapore is a privileged group… since for many, God has spared them no shame. How would MAS deal with this duo will be highly interesting. Many people don’t seem to realise, this is the real high profile fight in Singapore. And whoever defeats Subhas Anandan will claim the fame and Subhas would be denounced as assistant to the devils. As compared to Jack Neo’s scandal… before Jack Neo really becomes an MP, his scandal is ikan bilis to SunShine Empire’s. Rumor is, of which I don’t mind to share, that SunShine Empire has political involvement in the backing. And MAS has the PM right behind.

Strange… Why does Scope know so much about every major scandal…

No matter what, I still must call out to those eligible and aspiring talents who can get this message. Project S needs quality people, we need to get the people to go after steady sponsors, and if you are or you have any pals interested in entertaining the world with no intention to (eg) suck my cock, be drilled by my penis or taste my sperms… I need you to volunteer, to be part of your dream which is also mine. Be a team that focuses on quality for the long run and not politics, and we can blow a hole right into the Chinese markets in constricted Hong Kong and China.

Scope doesn’t go to pubs or Geylang for fuck. So if you are seriously into entertaining the world, please act decent, and NO smokers. I seriously encourage people to quit smoking. Which is, Project S will help you dump your cigars if you value your dreams more to a rotten pair of lungs. I am against alcohol, against gambling addiction, against smoking and against addiction to hookers. Yes. It’s sounding like a life of little fun but… you have all the movies to make in this lifetime, so no problem kicking those devilish fun.

I am also calling out to the government not to anyohow fund scambags’ operations and to steer clear from them. But I know I’d be likely talking to the walls. Instead, they should have poured money here!

The only way to make this industry real hot is to respect this industry for its real worth.

There must be some rich white knights out there who can sponsor Scope. Actually, I don’t care where you are from… Europe, Africa or America. As long as I have my people and I got the funding, we can start the game to grow it big… bigger than Hollywood. Well… Hollywood is probably running out of cash soon. Why not? It can be done if we start soon.

In this whole scandal of Jack Neo, my sympathy goes for Mdm Kang. But I also think she is too lax with Jack Neo… to the point that I am starting to doubt her personality. For the least, she should encourage her husband to visit those brothels in Geylang instead of preying upon naive girls. I can’t imagine how she would be confronting that same old dick every night, and I know betrayal can be pretty tough to handle. I can’t say I am not that disappointed with her on her ‘wish’ to be with Jack for another 20 years… since women with kids become plain stupid most of the time… especially old women. Which was probably the reason why I couldn’t bring myself to confront Kathryn at the wedding and unload what I have wanted to tell her directly for about a decade.

I am probably so scare of disappointment… not really due to rejection, but to find out the real her.

Local women… I am hardly optimistic with their qualities to handle love affairs. Mdm Kang is one of such women. Still, actually she is now free to search for real love as long as she doesn’t break the fucking law. What is a woman without romance…? But if Mdm Kang still loves Jack, it’d be a choice of her own. As mentioned, Ministry of Love and Justice cannot condemn any relationship based on real love… even if it is so labelled as extra-marital; and will condemn any relationship without real love, even it is a legally-binding marriage. 

I could have told her that… I really would have loved to see her in the long dress at prom years back, and I really shouldn’t have missed it for anything in this life. And that’s a truth.

Reality is, in this world there is never really something as reality. Now people know Jack’s a pervert, but would it be reality that he only fucked Wendy Chong? Would it be a reality that Dick Lee is as clean as he claims to be? Reality is what you actually believe in. That’s all. You are real, alright. Which is actually why in love life, keep things simple because relationship for low-IQ people usually gets very messy. If you love someone, you love someone. And girls, don’t fuck guys who don’t love you. Your hormones will later tell you you are heading for a big mess.

Maelle, right and wrong… the only rule in a relationship is you simply really can’t cheat love. You can cheat only yourself.

Take it easy with betrayals… Real love will overcome anything. If a man loves you, no obstacles are too big. If you love a man, no obstacles can stop you. So for Mdm Kang… if Jack Neo still loves you, he’d stop being a pervert. But my curiousity would be… what if Jack Neo really loves Wendy Chong? Mdm Kang… what if… Will you still love Jack? I mean…

It is always so easy to denounce other people’s love towards the one you love, where in another’s case (eg. Wendy), if she claims she really loves Jack that she’d likely to denounce your love for Jack. So let’s face it… In such a case, what at work is not love, it’s just plain selfishness. Scope doesn’t know what the church preaches, but I don’t bother with women’s own selfishness and label that as love. Ridiculous expectation. Which… is why Hilary didn’t make it. Wasn’t because I was loving her meant I would stop loving another. Order doesn’t matter. Order never matters.

Why does a woman love to speculate on love of what they never really want an answer of?

Which probably explains why women are more than willing to cheat themselves and to get stuck with disgusting men all because of social norms. This sort of women… they are not qualified to expect too much from their holy lives, not to say to even belittle the other souls seeking true love. Because I myself don’t want to spend a lovely night with Yun only to find her telling her next mate that she has only love for him, and no one else.

Silly game for silly souls.