No astonishment that there are so many sex blogs around cyberspace and I was browsing through some of them. Look at this (This link is rated, so kids should refrain from clicking), I was about to leave a comment on the chat box simply with this: Why prostitution given the pool of beauties when you can assemble an Hollywood out of them… I have nothing in real against prostitutes#1, but I didn’t actually submit this naive thought because… I am aware of what could be behind prostitution. Many of the girls belong to rings with armies of pimps and#2… Whether these beautiful hookers do enjoy their jobs, I am sad for them. I really am.

The girl in the link is simply gorgeous, but she is a hooker… Yeah… …

Despite my difficulty in understanding what these girls are thinking… Yes. I am so puzzled by their… superb sexual awareness, I find the topic of dating in pretty interesting. But don’t click on the subject because that’d link you elsewhere. There are also blogs of whores and one is even Singaporean in nature. I can figure that this naive London girl and her supporters would probably mock at Scope for being a dumb or a loser, but… seriously speaking, my exposure to ladies are maintained… to ladies. Most ladies don’t have their breasts or cunts published online or openly declare their libido to have you done them. Though, I do have experience in knowing such women do exist.

Are they really really for real?

Prostitution in China is raging hot, controlled by gangs… or simply involved by government officials. Similarly, many hookers are beautiful. So beautiful you will never understand their need to hook. I visited Geylang recently and the hookers are back on the streets, but will disappear suddenly with a massive handphone warning… since I was watching the girls chatting and leaving altogether in a hurry. Of course, a big hand is behind all of them. In less than half an hour, all the the beautiful Chinese hookers disappeared. Many pimps are from Malaysia, and checking the rates of hookers I managed to come out with $50 for Thai basically to have one ejeculation, and beyond that… it goes by 1 hour or for the night. I never checked further. Use your brain, it can be gauged.

These blogs are hardcore, hardly a stinct of creative writing which is fictitious.

We all have to share space online with them, and it is very easy to blur the lines among the blogs. If I am not wrong… there are probably freelance prostitutes among them, and that would have included students from NUS or NTU. Tertiary education doesn’t teach moral education, it’s just skills for making money; and sex skills do make plenty of money for desireable girls. Is it a social problem, or is it Scope’s problem that he cannot mature to such an extent? To those girls, sex is just like having breakfast and lunch… Penis and their fingers are no different in pleasure. They probably mean no harm…

But the society cannot go into a free-sex regime. There is no self-respect in sex-crazy relationships where people can just fuck around without appreciation for another. It is one extreme against the extreme of a marraige document binding people who can’t love one another. I am sadden seeing so many beautiful faces necessarily trading their bodies and self-respect… Fallen angels they are. Beautiful, but wasted. Such are the many facets of life. And when I was strolling down the lorongs in Geylang… old men in respectable ties in branded cars are patronizing the brothels. They are definitely not the peers of Scope, but which is why they made thrilling addition in such rigidity.

Sex blogs… Ultimately, these moral-less blogs are mostly out for money. And who are really behind these blogs? The future CEOs in high class parties with the cocktails and the big donations many organisations would be craving for… Irony is the wonder of life. Just as the crusaders , they didn’t want their faith, they just want the wealth of the middle east. I have seen enough of these… ugliness. But no doubt I’d have to encounter more.

Just a word for the girls out there…

No man who really loves you will ask you to sleep with another for money to help him.”

Man who really loves you when he is in financial difficulties will go rob and steal and fight pirates for you. How would they try to convince you to sleep around? To betray their love for you? Only man who doesn’t love you will treat you as commodity… exchangeable for gold. Love is a moral subject, it will never be built upon immoral intents. But let’s not denounce sex blogs… If you know what you are reading, no harm reading. There are many things to ‘learn’ in such social behavior. Shutting them down doesn’t mean the end of hypocrisy or the demise of all evil.

Frankly put… evil is in the eyes of the beholders.

Singapore Tiger Woods Affair.

A couple of years back, Scope had blogged about Jack Neo’s affair thing#3. That was deleted since it was simply rumors within the entertainment circles up North, it’s not even in Singapore, ie. I personally believe Jack Neo has more than one fucking experience other than with a… what? You call that a model?! OK, I am quite used to the kind of standard these lusty old dirty assholes hold for their shooting past-time. This chap, Chen Jian Bing in Singapore, also fucked a younger woman who happens to be his assistant, and not pretty as well. Jack Neo in his 50s fucked a 22yo… not pretty as well. Gross mega love affair for Jack Neo… He was like wanting to jump into hell in the photo showing the three in negotiation.

Actually, what is there to negotiate with?

Jack Neo is ‘fugly’, you can’t expect the young girl to be mesmerised by his charm. The wife is so old already and they have children somemore, do you expect her to say, “Come, take Jack Neo… and his millions of wealth with you, I’d go.” Go where? Chen Jian Bing divorced his wife with his affair exploded, Jack Neo can’t divorce his wife… His wife can divorce him later, and claim half of what Jack’s got. Many of us were msn-ing about Jack Neo’s affair years back, so while this news will get Singaporeans hot… it’s old story to Scope.

People might wonder why is Scope sounding so nasty towards the Neos… Remember years back, SM Goh of Singapore… other than having Durai the social leader, Ming Yi the religious leader, PM Goh was reportedly suggesting Jack Neo to enter politics…  If PAP does have Jack Neo’s dick in parliament by now, wow~ Hotter than volcano eruption! Nothing nasty, hence.

And of course, nobody will call Jack Neo a gigolo. And if I am not wrong, his movies make millions, his foreign partner/s will get a cut. Singaporeans are perhaps daft…

And Mark Lee is reportedly wanting to give Jack Neo two tight slaps… That is threatening to harm in public! Alright, that’s a joke.

There are many things Singaporeans don’t know. In politics, such womanizing… forget it. And I am not talking about Singapore politics… not necessary so. This is the major issue of why Scope is trying to start Project S. Do you think Jack Neo really loves that not-so-pretty model? Do you really think that model really loves Jack Neo… when she was busy going to the media and making herself the star of this affair#4? There is obviously no love involved. It is just sex. Just animal mating… where the ugly old male animal used brute force to ride the young silly female. This model by the look of the rumors back then, is not probably the only lamb ridden by the old dirty rich animal. What does the model want of Jack Neo? Love? Charm?

Jack Neo only got money and opportunity for ‘starlets’. Yes. Disgusting.

And the wife… the wife’s major concern is probably not really her love for Jack Neo but if Jack goes around fucking those starlets and other rojak women and some of them got pregnant… Jack Neo is not as rich as Jacky Chan. So girls, watch out for men with ‘Jack’ in their names…. No love, just sex. Jack Neo, you should try Geylang instead. Those women just want your money in Geylang… Other women also want your money. Look yourself in the mirror, you are not just old but also style-less. Even if you become a local MP, people will vote you out. If Durai, Ming Yi and Jack Neo forms a PAP GRC…


And if you think Scope is disgusted with Jack because he is fucking more than one woman… Yeah yeah~

It is not just men betray their spouses, so don’t be naive. In this world, it’s not mechanical. Relationship isn’t an official balance sheet. Which is why I did not condemn Cai Lan for his reported talk of having many girlfriends outside his marriage. Jack Neo’s case is obvious. Everyone knows Jack is married, and if that model really loves Jack… she’d have stayed quietly around Jack and not… look at her vengence, the vigor she went to Jack’s place, went to the media, showed those sms… She doesn’t love Jack, it’s just her own interest for the sex she expects to derive from. Cheap, ie. And Jack doesn’t love her. He can’t face his wife. It’s just SEX.

People must understand the relationship implications behind the varied cases. Jack is using his director capacity to hook up on cheap girls who also would want something in return from Jack. And when delivery fails, the girl made noises. Women… are not known to be always devoted. Men’s betrayal is socially known… but do not be naive, because women’s betrayal is times more serious. And at times, women will even have kids of other men… If men don’t love their women, if love is just a marriage cert, it’d be a complete mess. When Jack was penatrating this not-so-pretty model, there is no respect in Jack for his wife who has hoped to trade eternal loyalty for Jack’s monogamy.

Which is… his wife is now free to go. Don’t slight this aspect… Scope himself used to be devoted… I mean, if I have a girl I only have a girl for every affair, but that was long ago. Pretty women… cannot be trusted. Because women are irrational, and the more beautiful they are, the more nasty men and errors they will draw to themselves. But still, that doesn’t mean I don’t love them. I have been rejected and betrayed, but I never hate any of them. Love as it is, you love them because they are lovely. When you love your women, you want the best for them, you do as much as possible for them. You won’t sue them as John did to Jean, you won’t hate them for rejecting you or betraying you. True love surpasses all. Instead, you will still do as much as you can for those beloved who have betrayed you to the extreme, to protect and assist them. This is the self-respect in love affair one must attain for this Ministry of Love And Justice.

Hilary doesn’t understand why I must leave… to take care of a silly woman. Only because the latter needs me more, and Hilary doesn’t understand that love is not just selfishness. Just because women betray men doesn’t mean we can let the beloved wither and die. Just because you love A now and meet B later, doesn’t mean you can claim you have no love for A and only for B. Ridiculous. Illegal operation. I was a happier man with Hilary, but the will of fate is so… naughty, and I have to break her heart alongside with mine. When a woman’s perception of love is the selfish claim of one, we’d have a problem. Which is why almost all my women know about the others’ pressence. It must be very hard on them to be sharing… but their man does love them all. Consider this, they can have a man each, but of whom they will never be in love with… they will end up just sex machines, baby-makers… This world is not so simple.

You cannot use one ruler to measure everything, it’d be too short for anything.

I feel very disappointed with Jack. His movie is still below standard, his 50yo dick is still so over-excited. This chap obviously doesn’t know what is relationship, that given the way he handles relationship… if he got more women pregnant, his wife will be devastated. The wife may have won this round… by holding on to her marriage. But let Scope states the obvious… Once Jack Neo has any children outside of the legitimate household, even when the local laws don’t accomodate inheritance of anything to those children other than Jack’s old DNA, but Jack would need to share his wealth to the children, to take care of them… Or he will die an animal. He’d be condemned as Jacky Chan who won’t recognise his very own daughter. Jack will become an utterly irresponsible animal.

When Jack was having his fun fucking the not-so-pretty model,  he probably doesn’t understand that if he is not prepared for the relationship with a cheap woman who doesn’t love him, why not he and Tiger Woods resort to Geylang? Fucking beautiful hookers are there, cheaper and hassle-free for your selection. If it is just a business of sex, the brothel will lose much business if these people who should patronise choose not to.

It is in my honest view that, nonetheless, given his track record of raking in millions for movies of such standard… Jack Neo, don’t worry, money will still come in. Singaporeans have been really quite daft. But visit Geylang next time. Think for your wife. I don’t think Mdm Neo can accomodate to nth illegitimate child one New Year all coming to her doors for Ang Pows.

To all the men out there… if you don’t love the girl, don’t fuck her. And to those silly Singaporean girls… remember Sara and those fucking soccer-Mr-Cools? The old rule applies, if the man doesn’t love you, don’t fuck him. Love is basically a moral-based business. There is no limits as to how many women or men who will love you or of whom you will come to love.  Be honest, don’t let your sperm-dripping dicks do the feel. You should be going for quality in relationship, not quantity. In this dimension, to be able to encounter a lovely other is the grace of fate.

Can you see the local MP standing in support next to this news-making-dick?

This MP happens to be one of whom commented on the Edison’s affair to bring concerns of single-parenthood kids… He is really too young#5.

I was loitering in Geylang#6 recently, and a man proudly told me that he was fucking women since 17yo… and the number of women he has fucked has reached over a hundred. I respectfully expressed my astonishment for his accomplishment, and… I asked, “Wow~ So many women you have fucked, that sort of money can get you a two room flat or something…”

It is just his choice of life. I cannot blame such men, since on the other hand are also those willing hookers. Even if they ain’t labelled hookers, no money no honey… Women expect men to pay for everything, or they expect men to pay with their lives… If a woman fuck a man that their version of love is for the man to eternally be with her like a dog, to pay for her expenses… then the math is simple, why not pay less and fuck more beautiful women in Geylang? So how can I blame such men? All I can confirm is, after his score-board of fucking over 100 women, he was with a guy that night to share his accomplishment with me. Of the three, probably I am the only one who have more women who love their man in spite that my fuck counts in Geylang is at zero.

Get the drift? Respect love and get a life. The man spent an opportunity cost of a flat to fuck 100 women… and is left with nothing. While Scope has all the most beautiful love stories in his lifetime with beautiful and lovely love ones. I was in a bad mood that night… and wanted to be alone. And then, one of my women called… and another. They wanted to know I was safe. This is relationship. I want my women to care for me, because I’d also call them and want to know are they safe and well. Those who want to leave, they must choose for themselves. Those who would choose to love Scope, I embrace them in open arms.

Here in my arms is heaven, and women can giggle and call all men are pigs for all they want in my arms.

Like I said, venus is a sucker for pigsty.

Love in Ministry of Love and Justice is actually pretty straight forward. Got means got, no got means no got. You can only cheat yourself, not love. Sweet justice, ie.

#1 I can swear to any gods that I don’t despise prostitutes… I just feel very bad for them.

#2 It is not unknown that many social sites are laced with… you know, Mafia and such.

#3 The issue about Jack Neo, who happens to be what big fuck PBM, is that this dick was like any girl will do type. Very the hungry… That was the rumor spreaded within the circles years back in China. I suppose Mdm Neo would be already prepared for this sort of things. Many directors’ wives even cook for those mistresses and… in China, the wives of directors are more or less used to such things in the circles. Unbelieveable? That’s because you have been in the ivory tower for too long… I have to believe this ‘model’ or the state-owned papers for this. One MP calls to forgive Neo… 1st, few people listen to MPs nowadays given their superb talents, 2nd, does he expect the people to forgive Ming Yi or Durai? Get real~

#4 Can you believe her explanations on the papers? Don’t make me laugh~ This girl has been planning to go to Jack’s place, threatened Neo that she’d talk to his wife and so on… Tell me she really did want to cover their affair up for the sake of Jack~ You think Scope is plain stupid…? Tell me you are not on revenge? She doesn’t trust even Jack Neo, she reportedly even get reporter to go along for the negotiation. There must be something she had wanted for letting Neo penatrated her. So the question is what.

#5 This MP… can he stop interfering the culture sector of which he obviously doesn’t understand!? For the sake of the government, ie. People as Scope obviously knows something and kept relatively quiet, an MP who doesn’t know anything… just play dumb is always better.

#6 If you want to see the beautiful hookers, you’d need to drive. It seems that they will appear in an army only towards 12am and they will take less than 15 mins to disappear if their handphones ring… Observe the last train or bus service.