From the blue moon, Eastcoastlife appeared in this bo-chap blog featuring nosense wishing me a happy birthday… and she wanted to ask something else. Honorably so, the Ministry of Justice and Love  shalt not reveal what she has come for and what she was interested in. Do a smart guess. It’s probably like “Scope, you are my hero~” or “Scope, I am so in love with you~”, but “Scope, can I borrow $50…” is no no. The only thing is, her content amused me. She should have checked other online sources in the first place. As the Chair-woman of Association of Bloggers, Eastcoastlife, I expect you to be more understanding to online issues as such.

She wasn’t hostile, I presume so. In any case, rather than to ignore her, I have entertained her. Ministry of Justice and Love boasts solid hospitality even to spammers… And we don’t delegate customer service to law department. So feel free to shoot, and take it easy here. I know many online have great distaste plus distrust towards her, especially because of her appearing with the PM of Singapore in her blog. Scope can’t be bothered. The one thing that I have to remind her here is that nothing in this blog can be taken as credible source because blog contents differ between that done by California Times’ blog and that by Tan Ah Kow’s blog. One can be based upon for credible use, and the other cannot. So citing a fictitious character is meaningless but inspiring nonetheless.

Entertaining to curiousity always kills the cats.

I am only too glad that it wasn’t Kathryn dropping by. I know very well that there is a high likelihood that she’d kill me… if she reads this bloody blog. While dying in the hands of whom you have an indefinite crush on is really so romantic, too many beauties will weep and that won’t be so romantic after all. Hopefully, she’d drop by this blog when she turns 99yo… ie. before I get fucked for this, she’d get an heart attack reading… reading that Scope would be still so young in appearance and she’s seeing her last breath drawing her last wrinkles… Alright, practically put… by that time, I’d be away in Europe and she can scream all she wants in Singapore. Provided when she is 99yo this tiny island has not disappeared in the rising water.

Hopefully, she will be screaming something like, “Scope, I love you too!”. So much for romance in her last breath…

Kathryn will grow old… Scope won’t.

Eastcoastlife calls herself auntie… Ann Kok is becoming auntie… So sad for her. Totally wasted. Jesseca Liu too… her radiance fading, which is a much bigger waste. Madness. Kathryn by now would be an auntie as well…

Recently, somebody saw Scope.

“Gosh! You are looking younger!”

No. You people are getting too old, aging too fast… that’s why. Last year, I had my cells checked. The result: Cells condition resembling a 24yo male. But my body structure is growing definitely. If I have no sex, perhaps I’d stay even younger. If I were to take up modelling now to shape up my body lines, without cosmetics and sex, I’d look much younger. I am killing my metabolic rate very carefully so that I can expand it later on. The easiest explanation is in the scientific result that people who absorb too much carbohydrates have shorter life span. Actually, the brain requires a high level of sugar, so Gods’ direction is Scope has to lower metabolic rate at a time in order to expand it with cellular expansion later to balance out the aging process.

Hard to understand?

Look at Scope’s super boyish face… Why can a turtle outlast so many, living on for hundreds of years being active in the sea…?

Many assholes are trying to find ways to boost their own metabolic rates without realising that they are making a shorten ‘capacitors’ to their cells. When cells evolve into shorter life span due to huge amount of wear and tear or exhaustion, the code will be very difficult to reverse. At around 35yo… Scope will start to moderately expand his metabolic rate, to restart the body from ‘near death’ condition… to become more active and replace the aging cells in a faster manner. All my organs which will be naturally failing from 30yo onwards must be repaired by a surge in cellular activity. This will also bring about a hormone surge supplemented by diets designed for this ‘mission’.

Which is… similar to how a turtle works.

What is the point of exhausting your body parts and increasing wear and tear so that cells evolve into short-life-span versions when you totally have no need to? Keeping a minimalist metabolic rate while old cells go to their fullest life spans and increasing metabolic rate to replace old cells later will do the simple trick… while maintaining a high suger level for your brain. If I am not wrong, many atheletes who have over-exerted themselves for their moments of glories and feel of power… often end up with organ failures and over-aging problems.

Of course, there are other keys needed for this ‘mission’. Which is probably why Scope is looking relatively younger as compared to my peers; and will be much younger when Kathryn were to be 50yo. If your cells’ life span becomes short… Your organs and you won’t last that long as well. So… before you try to be that fucking champion, think twice. The reason why a female usually outlives a male is precisely because while she has no understanding in biology, her cells exhaustion is usually lesser. Males need to have sex, and every ejeculation is a big waste of stem cells.

But without ejeculations, the body may lose the ability to create that level of stem cells…

Yes. Man has to fuck. But do so moderately. You are programming your cells everyday… And the last thing you want is to re-program them into a shorter-life-span. If you want to stay young, you can learn more about it by offering your life savings. What is all those wealth if you don’t have the life to spend it? I am… beginning to feel the effect of slow metabolic rate while insisting a certain body function.

Somebody called me a ‘youngster’ the other day… Hilariously, he ended up a year younger than myself.

Shoot ‘Em Up!

This movie… I have to remind myself of its name since everytime I was on the streets hunting for it, I couldn’t remember. Hopefully, it isn’t the wrong movie I am talking about. The gun fight scenes are juicy. No freaking way Scope is going to miss this movie. But this section is not about this movie, so… …

Neither are we talking about sex either. Sex is such over-sold topic for blogging.

Just to illustrate the point of blogging…

Shoot shoot shoooo…

Don’t feel the mood, got to sleep.

Cyberspace is full of nosense. Being part of this nosense, stay nosensical. The only conclusion is nothing is conclusive in an ever changing environment as the cyberspace. You can try to control it as if trying to catch water flow with your hand. You got yourself wet, the flow still goes on. You either know how to surf along, or you got drowned eventually trying to catch the water.

Do good, and the reflection will be a kind man…

Do evil, and you’d see the water reflecting a demon.

You can build a dam. But your talents  must hold water in the first place. To be honest… No. I am not worried or even bothered even if Kathryn is reading this blog. I remember her, she remembers me. We’d never be together. The truth is, we only exist in real physical life, and never online. She can be mad at me, laugh at me, but it’d be still the monitor the madness and laughter will enjoy. Too many are trying to control the blogosphere. The basic point must be observed, keep virtual reality virtual.

If I were to kiss Kathryn, I’d never be able to do it online. Illegal operation.

No way you can make a girl pregnant in virtual reality. Moral of the story is very simple… Once the server shuts down, nobody belongs to nobody in cyberspace. Ministry of Justice and Love doesn’t advocate legal involvements in blogosphere because it’s simply illegal to base on justice on incomplete basis. No state can claim legal sovereignty over cyberspace, much less that of the courts.

But as Scope has told Mark before… a powerful beast will go amok for all sorts of reasons regardless in the name of whatsoever.

Decide not on what you do not completely have; or lose what you already have.

Anyway… Today, I didn’t enjoy life in Johore. A babe insisted that I joined her for a swim… I protested. I felt so lazy to get wet, but we ended up hugging each other in the pool… so that when the erotic moment ended, I was so completely sick trying to chew on those sushi-ssss, and that soft-shell crap… Gosh~ I simply have enough of Japanese food! But to make girls happy… making yourself unhappy is the trick, that will make them feel important, feel happy, feel like a princess. Which is… When you are not happy paying the bills, they will be very happy.

The plan to watch a movie folded… As another babe suddenly needed my attention. I told babe A that I needed to go to babe B, so… for the later part of the evening, I was hugging and kissing babe B. And now, I am alone in my bedroom… perhaps I should resume MSN. But my MSN account was hacked into before… some CGPs were stolen. Luckily no sex videos or penis display in the files. It has been a pretty tiring day of hugging and kissing, Japanese food and driving. Yun wants a date tomorrow… I am so fully booked tomorrow. Diana will be coming back, I got to prepare the roses to sting her… Women love thorns roses. Beats me. Just as Yun and the rest, Diana looks marvelous without cosmetics and why… why the hell do girls love those chemicals on their faces? The only reason why I am using a Shiseido chemical is to help my eyes relax. It’s a need.

Pretty girls need not those chemicals on their faces, nor clothing. Isn’t it the way?

Diana sounded very excited over the phone. She has a new bra set~ And she’s eager to show me how great she looks in them. Well… I am already preparing some sweet verses for the occassion. Do you know… for a pair of lumps of fat, women will spend their entire monthly salary on bras… expensive bras. No wonder women’s money is easy target. But they mostly will look much better without any bra at all. If anyone were to be in my shoe… you’d know the exact intensity of women’s libido in full blast. Given beauties’ lust for sex to such magnitude…

I really don’t understand why there are so many local men screaming without a mate.

My back is screaming a slight pain. I really need to get a Mount E specialist for this. Look… even the God of Love needs a break. Tonight, I’d have my break. Taking a break is for the extra miles… When I saw that s;ecialist in Jurong, she wanted me not to carry so much load to recover. Frankly, I haven’t been carrying any load for months…

Anyway, Diana wants to show me the bras, baby Elaine wants to show me her weird collection. I am very interested in Elaine… not because of her cup C or big eyes or beautiful voice. For a beauty, she is not keen into perfumes and such as the normal girls. I won’t say something is wrong with her fetish. But she simply sucks after condoms. Horrible girl. She never gets the size right because she is always after designs, and she even makes herself a skirt out of condoms?! Adorable looking girls can have very very very strange hobby. She is a very interesting lass, and pretty willful as well. Diana knows about Elaine, and she finds her most weird but has to admit that Elaine is really pretty without needing to put anything on her face. The grace of Diana is most respectable.

As Eva Mendes, one of the girls I know love to be naked indoor. Yun usually walks around in her undies showing her full bottoms rolling everywhere she goes, but babe G goes completely naked. She doesn’t like me blogging about her, so… But names… who will know who from names? I like the way babe G moves; another cup C with completely flat stomach standing at 1.69m with no need for push-ups, long hair long legs. When I first met her in the library, I knew I had to buy her lunch. She’s extremely confident with her beauty, with her attractiveness, and she chooses her partner as if the best jewel must fit the finest of crowns. The pride of such naked-walkers… I am totally mesmerised by the air of elegance about her. She looks extremely attractive in gowns. Perfect.

She is a queen.

Hmm… Side-tracking too much. But their beauties should have a place in history.


How long can this peace be maintained? I have not known of modern females been keen in sharing. I am good and kind to my women… to be exact, I pamper them as best as I can. I’d do whatever I can to protect them, to make them happy, to make them feel like princesses… I am a devoted lover to all of them… which is in Chinese: 我很专一……对每一个美女都很专一。Whatever… a successful lover must start thinking of how to praise Diana’s display of self-confidence later. Look… It’s ridiculous to just kiss her and exclaim how professional she has become of a shopper. Perhaps a bottle of champagne will help in my presentation, alongside with a dance.

Come to think of it… She just wants to illustrate to me her mighty attractiveness with a tool as I want to shower her with appreciation with another tool.

See? Great minds usually think alike.

So logically, the job is not about telling her how great those bras look on her… but how perfectly would it be to remove those pieces from her… so that she’d giggle and we’d all be happy. OK. I appear to be improving. I should be rewarded. Love life… everyday is a challenge. I am a good guy, I actually make so much effort for such silly things to make happiness out of such events. I want my girls to be happy, to enjoy the sweet little contents in life. One day, they may leave me, but perhaps they will remember all the sweet things they ever had in life. That there was ever a guy who really tried to make them happy.

Alright, when was my birthday again? It is within the next 365 days… not hard to guess… …